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  • akksshitaa 10w

    Unexpressed thoughts

    Patience has a power to change the game of your life.

  • akksshitaa 12w

    Awaiting happiness

    One does not need reasons
    One does not need a place
    One does not need a good mood
    All you need
    A conscious mind to be happy.

    Happiest faces
    Sometimes are the sadest ones
    A peace of mind
    What we all have been looking for
    And thus
    We still wish for happiness.

  • dharshinisg 12w

    Imperceptible Paradoxes

    Life and Death,
    Heaven and Hell,
    Appetite and Hunger,
    Love and Hatred,
    Trust and Betrayal,
    Angel and Devil,
    Victory and Defeat,
    May seem unrelated but without one the other is nothing.....!

  • akksshitaa 12w

    Every phase is temporary.

  • akksshitaa 12w

    Please share and support ����

    Let's grow together ❤

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    My version

    I laugh at times
    I cry at times
    I felt stronger at times
    I felt exited at times
    But all of them
    I learned
    And thus,
    All times makes you
    The best version of yourself.

  • magical_words24 12w

    Foreverness ♾️✨

    When things gone wrong
    you just hold my hand &
    smile n smile .... :-)
    say nothing to me
    just looking in my eyes️
    and makes me understood
    that I am not alone.
    You give me a
    a hope , yes a hope
    which somewhere I just lost.

    You are the sunshine of my day,️
    the wind of my windy day️
    which makes me realise that
    I am not alone....

    You are the shining star☄️
    of my sky night,
    which twinkles bright n bright
    and remove the darkness from my life.
    And makes me realise that
    I am not alone...

    You are here , you are there,
    You are every every where....
    which makes me realise
    I am not alone ....

    If i am rain which always be stormy ️⛈️
    then you are my colourful rainbow
    which covers the sky with colours
    and bring happiness on faces
    & realise me that –
    "I am not alone" & never will be....♾️

  • saakshi1107 31w


    मंज़िल मिल ही जाएगी, तू आगे तो बढ़,
    हौसलों से बुलंदियों को, स्पर्श करता चल। 

    मेहनत से अपनी, हवा का रुख मोड़ता चल,
    हर रास्ते पर सफलता के, बीज छोड़ता चल।

    मंज़िल मिल ही जाएगी, तू आगे तो बढ़। 

    गहराइयों में छिपे हैं मोती कई, तू बस डूबता चल,
    हर मुश्किल होगी आसान, तू अग्नि पर चल।

    फासलों के चलते, तू धीरज भी धर,
    मंज़िल मिल ही जाएगी, तू कोशिश तो कर,

    मंज़िल ही जाएगी, तू बस आगे बढ़।।


  • zaidhussain 32w


    Rukte hai kadam jab bhi kisi darakht ke saae mein
    Toh uske shaakh mein baitha parinda mujhe ek sabak de jaata hai

    Zindagi mein agar chaahe jitni bhi unchi parwaaz kar le koi
    Har mausam mein use bhi ghar badalna padta hai

  • writerbaba 33w

    Woh kehte hain Aisa lagta hain,
    Ki main Ghalib ka paigaam laya hoon..
    Wo yeh jaante he nahi,
    Ki main toh Dil mein jaam utaar Mehfil ko aaya hoon,
    Aur Meri baato par woh waah-waahi Diya karte hain...
    Yeh jaante he nahi,
    Ki woh saude mein mujhse mera gam liya karte hain,
    Aur Unki taaliyon mein mujhe Unki cheekh sunaayi deti hain...
    Woh yeh jaante he nahi,
    Ki jab woh saamne baith Mujhe Sunn rahe hote hain,
    Unki aakhon mein mujhe apni duniya dikhaayi deti hain...


  • aparna_hurtis 39w


    I went about minding my own business,
    Whiling away time being me at the background,
    Hoping to go unnoticed, oblivious to the world,
    I went about doing me,
    But, to my suprise or rather delight,
    It wasn't just me minding my own business,
    It was me walking around with a spotlight,
    Well, it was invisible to the mighty rat race,
    But managed to shine like the sun,
    I secured my spotlight,
    The day I decided to shy away from the crowd and its expectations and,
    BE ME!
    The spotlight didn't choose me rather I choose the spotlight,
    Invisible to many but shines bright when I need reminding that its okay to be me!

  • donnadiaries_ 40w

    What is reality beyond our thoughts.
    I wonder.

    I wonder what time really is...
    the clock is ticking - i'm counting
    I wonder what ocean really is...
    the waves are peaceful - yet i'm drowning
    I wonder why words are created,
    to love? or to share? most likely to hurt.

    I sometimes wonder,
    why we're blessed with gift of sight
    but people are blind,
    not with the art of museums, nature,
    music and oceans -
    but blind with the truth.
    I wonder what life would be
    without colors - just black ;
    can we see the absence of light
    or seek the beauty in darkness?

    I sometimes wonder why do we exist?
    And why is the universe conscious -
    is there a parallel truth backwards in time?
    I wonder.

  • kay_amore_mio 41w

    Inspired from "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost


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    Confusion occurs when we reach that fork on the road- about which one to take and which to let go. Imagine how dull life would be, if there was no uncertainty about what lies on the other side of the road. And then when we decide the path of our choice, we still crave to know what would have happened, if we would have taken, the road not taken!

    So boy, close your eyes when you reach that split, breathe in and out, fold your hands and sit! Use your reason gifted by God whislt your creation. Even the angels will cheer when you overcome your fear.Take your time, but decide quick. Choose the road walking on which you would not regret or wonder about that other; yes, that one, the road not taken!


  • rutuja_vasave 51w

    You see I wrote you these love love poems,they were all stamped with your name.
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    You are a poetry
    and I plan
    on reading you
    all night long ,
    ravaging every page
    with the hunger of mine,
    insatiable just for you....


  • _harmony_in_the_dark 52w

    "And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in." And that's the purpose of it. It teaches you what you needed to be taught and it goes away. It always goes away. So take care of that fire inside you until the storm passes. Don't let the passing storm smother it. You're an angel. Don't believe anything less.
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    When the light seems to be fading away,
    And the weight becomes heavier to carry,
    I ask you to take my hand for a day,
    And keep at bay all your worry.
    The night falls but the stars still shine,
    Don't let anything smother the fire in your eyes.
    Your resilient days are the ones you'll hold dear,
    As you walk towards brightness with me and things start getting clear.

  • navyapc 54w

    എങ്ങോട്ടൊക്കയോ ഉള്ള യാത്രതൻ വഴയിലൊരു,
    പൂമരമായിന്നു നീ മാത്രം..


  • ellie_b 56w

    Some days i wish to read each and every words scribbled by every single poet,
    If i could quench my athirst soul, i would drink all these emotions sip by sip,
    How every poetry holds pains and cries of millions of hearts,
    How the ineffable sufferings find their rest within these pages of our withered abode,
    How my dreary heart finds slivers of repose in these books woven with soul
    Oh i wish!,
    If i could read all these reserves of ardent poesies..

    #poetry #poesy #loveforpoetry #write_to_express

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    Oh i wish!,
    If i could read all these reserves of ardent poesies.

  • meerajagadeesan 58w

    You and I
    Wrapped up
    In each other’s arm
    Dreaming dreams of one another
    In our alternate universe

    I couldn’t recall anything but the love for you.
    I couldn’t recall loving anybody but, you
    I couldn’t recall any tender soul as you

    What if I say, I don’t have a dream
    If there was one
    It is only, you
    Just for a momentary bliss

    Still, here we are,
    Never drifted apart
    Despite all the odds
    And, this is enough
    We don’t have to name it

    If those verses aren’t for me,
    I will hang on
    Until you write one for me

    If those verses aren’t for me,
    Let me hang on
    Until death comes along and
    Take my breath away.

  • eulogylover 60w


    Love is a beautiful jinx,
    That leaves us all in a terrible fix.
    She is a dazzling beauty who walks in with grace,
    Her tiny wriths carves a chord of flush on my face!

    I hanker her soo much,
    That I often get ennobled by even a small touch.
    Everyday I live with the hope to see her reciprocating my love with a brim,
    But the extinguishing of the hope with the setting sun makes me glum!

    This solitude pines my heart and this isn't something new,
    She is the door that doesn't let me crawl past my twilight blues.
    Her crescent like figurine splashes an amount of syrupy everyday,
    With my buoyant eyes looking for her arrival that would convert this drudgerous lifeinto a heyday!!!

  • the_ardent_rhapsodist 60w


    Like a dry leaf wandering off in a storm,
    Like a dead fish flowing with the waves,
    Like the ashes arising from the fire,
    Like a vagabond treading the earth,
    My heart was going astray with the pain.

  • _iniya_00 61w


    Unki kati-lana aadaon pr hum ghayal se ho gaye
    Unki nigahen humhe ek aesa nasha de gaye
    Ki aaj tak bhi hum us nashe m choor hein
    Bss unki ek hassi pr hi hum unke ho gaye

    Unse jitni dafa dur jane ka chaha humne
    Unke aur kareeb hi paya kudhko humne
    Aur khushnasibi to dekhiye hamaari
    Unke man mein bhi wahi tha jo chaha tha humne

    Ab unki muskaan ka didaar hume roz hota hai
    Ab humara unke sang hi savera hota hai
    Pr jesa sochte hai wesa kahan ho pata
    Hamari khushiyo ka bhi toh aant bura hi hota hai
    Hmari is khushi m apno ka saath kahan hi hota hai

    Or issi tarah voh sarre pal ,khushiyan ,rishte ,hmari kahani or sath mai soche hue sapne adhure hi reh jate hai

    Kassh ..! Voh sari chize sach hopati...