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  • nexxtasy 3w

    My unhinged lovers cast crimson flames that surround my aching heart.

    The toxins leak from their manipulative hands seeking devious ways to enter my withering lungs.

    Constricted till they burst
    Refueled by lust
    I can no longer trust myself to find a true connection ever again.

  • thisweirdgirl 23w

    Love affair

    The sun and the moon and the stars
    A love affair of a lifetime
    The heartache of being so near
    And yet so far


  • mariateresa 34w

    Second chances, God's grace....allowing it to grow from a space of pure love. What will be will be. Open mindedness and open hearted.

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    Waves of uncertainty

    Waves crash upon the shore to the beat of my heart
    Thoughts scatter and drift away as I ponder the opportunity for our love affair to restart
    Is our love strong enough to carry us through
    Remaining fluid as water allowing what will be to leave a clue
    Answers unknown, detachiment from the outcome
    Turning my face to the Sun as it cleanses mind, body and spirit, experiencing a complete overhaul
    Taking the hands of trust and faith as I feel hope swell in my heart
    Purity of love shall lead us together creating a bond that can't be torn apart
    Our soul's connection is the sacred contract and creed
    Universe supplies Divine destiny, powerful indeed
    Believing in whatever is meant to be, will be
    Understanding what I feel in my soul has finally been freed

  • kas2ri_d 57w

    Hi love,

    I don’t know if I can call you that yet.

    I hope you are not busy. Can I have a few moments of your time? Okay, for I have a few things to say to you.

    I know you have heard me say this often. And I am sure you are tired of hearing it over and over. But,

    I am sorry.

    I am sorry I tend to overthink and over-analyse a situation. I do try not to. Believe me, I do. It's not like I enjoy replaying conversations in my mind over and over again. It's not easy being stuck on a Ferris wheel that never stops turning when you have a fear of heights. Sometimes, I want my mind to take it slow and give me a moment of peace. Up to now, I haven’t been able to find a way to make it quieter. It sounds like thunder when all my thoughts gather up to destroy me.

    I know I tend to disappoint you quite often. But I promise I don’t intend to. But I am scared. I am always scared. I am constantly battling my own demons. And these demons, they are not very kind. It’s like living with a hot rod pressed against your heart. A little push and I would bleed to death.

    I am sorry if I tend to want reassurance. Because, believe me, “Maybe” is worse than “No”. Your innocent “Maybe” takes me down a spiral of thoughts, a spiral that only gets tighter, infinitely. My thoughts are like a black hole. Sucking me and my soul in so deep and finally destroying me.

    But for now, I can only promise you this. I would love you with every bit and speck of me. With all the good and bad parts of me. For you are someone I have chosen to be vulnerable with. You are someone I am not ashamed to show my demons. You are someone I feel safe with.

    So, I ask you just this. Please be patient with me and please don’t run.

    One fine day, Maybe I will be okay.


    But till then, would you hold my hand and help me be me?

    -The girl with anxiety.

    #anxiety #mirakeewriter #loveletter #mentalillness #loveaffair #love

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    A letter to the one I love.

    For you are someone I have chosen to be vulnerable with. You are someone I am not ashamed to show my demons. You are someone I feel safe with.

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  • blackgingercoffee 68w

    Our minds stranded in a muddled swamp.
    We already know the truth about Us.
    As we wanted to be close to each other in the beginning, now we just far from that...


  • amcart1221 70w

    An affair ended

    Wow, It's been a year since we first met! A whole year that just flew by! A year of discovering you, getting to know your quirks and personality. A year of sharing and enjoying your body. A year of kisses and hugs and countless "I love you's". And a year of revelation for me. Discovering who I am apart from J- when I love someone else. I never thought the day would come when I could care for someone as much as I cared for him. You showed me how wrong I was. You showed me that I can love again. Wholly and unequivocally. Giving myself, my body and my heart to someone whom I'm vulnerable to and for me, it was beautiful. Wrong or not, I'll treasure you all the days of my life. You told me the next time I call it off with you for me to be sure because your heart can't take the back and forth. I'm sure by now you know what this note is. I promise you I haven't made this decision lightly but, this time, I'm sure. This past year has also been a year of envy and jealousy; of guilt and confession; of forgiveness and redemption; of loneliness and trying to find my worth and value. I've never wished I was someone else more than this year. Wishing I was someone more prominent in your life rather than a shameful secret hidden in a secret folder in your phone. And I've NEVER wished I was born anywhere else like New York or New Jersey but, this year I did, so that perhaps it was me that met you first. But life happens as it happens and here we are. A girl in love with a boy who she can't have. I started this journey with the mindset of wanting to find someone to have a relationship with that led to marriage. Instead, I found you. I don't know why we have this connection between us. All I know is that it's intense and really REALLY hard to walk away from (you'll never know how hard). When I'm away from you I tell myself that I made it up in my head. That there isn't possibly a connection as strong as I think it is. And then I see you and it's like the world stops and everything slows down. I'm aware of nothing outside of us and yet, my senses are heightened. It's just me and you and no one else. My mind that is so cluttered and confused and constantly daydreaming just stops and clears out and you're all that I see. You're all I can think of even while I'm physically with you. I'm consumed by you and your presence. But that consumption doesn't stop for me once we're apart. I think of you constantly. Always wondering what you're doing. Are you smiling? Are you dancing? Are you eating chocolate? Are you tired? Are you singing? Are you thinking of me too? I thought that I could see you until I meet someone else but, once again, you showed me how wrong I was. I'm stunted by my love for you. You see, in thinking of you constantly there's no way that anyone else could possibly have a chance to win me over. How could they? They aren't you. They don't compare. They've lost before they even begun. But I desperately want to grow with someone. Plant roots with someone. Have inside jokes and car rides with the windows down while we listen to music and hold hands. I want hugs from behind while I'm standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I want naps on the couch while we hold each other. I want late night talks and early mornings of whispers asking "are you awake?" I want someone who I don't have to be a secret to. And I can't have that and keep you too. I have to choose. I have to walk away from you. Please know this isn't easy for me. If this were a letter then the ink would blur from my tears that are falling. I'm sorry for sending this after seeing you. There's no way I could've said all this to your face. I would go silent and it would physically be impossible for me to even form the words to tell you goodbye. I'm afraid I would be highly emotional and crying violently. And I can't see the sadness in your eyes, let alone see you cry. It would break me and make me want to call it off and say "I'm sorry I'll never leave you!" But, my love, that's not fair to me. The only way I can do this is like this. I know you asked for me to allow you to "release" me but I can't do that either. I would never go through with it. I could never walk away from you. Instead I have to slink away as one unseen. As a secret that no one knows about. A chapter ended in a book that no one knows you even read. But, when you reflect back, I hope that this year has been as magical and revealing for you as it has been for me. I hope you find satisfaction in your marriage K-, I sincerely do. I hope, in the end, that you're happy. This life goes so fast and so suddenly and before you know it your children are grown, the house is paid for, savings have accumulated and you're grey and a little more worn down. I hope you're able to look back fondly and feel gratitude for everything that you've experienced. I hope you look back and feel proud for the man you are and will be. And I hope you know how amazing, talented and exceptional you are. You're the sweetest man that I've ever met. I'm so proud that I got to meet you and I feel lucky that you saw something in me worth loving. I thought I wasn't worth loving from a good man. But, again, you showed me how wrong I was. Thank you for that. I needed that lesson. Because of you I know I can require more from someone. That I can hope for a man who is funny and sweet and loving and who wants a life with me. And try as I might, I'm sure I'll see you when I look at him. That I'll see you and what could've been. That there is no him without you. Because you were the sacrifice that had to happen for him to happen. I'll be thankful to you and for you always. Thank you for what's to come and thank you for loving me. I needed that.

    All my love -

  • varshamohan_ 74w

    Stealing a couple of minutes of your voice notes each day,
    that's how I'm surviving these days


  • santely_27 81w


    He saw a part of the truth, and that's when Ms Jealousy came in to say hi and posses his mind. Poor guy, now he's dead, he still thinking his boyfriend is a d*ckhead..


  • japsjk 92w

    Love affair with Life

    Life is alluring, a beautiful fantasy
    Embrace it's personna in all ecstasy
    It holds within all that you lusted for
    With lips trembling drink in the celestial liquor
    Dig in your nails, hard into the skin
    While you face the furore with uplifted chin
    Let the powerful sensations overwhelm you
    Enriching you with the freshness of morning dew

  • beatificvibes 96w

    Life sucks is something I can't say
    But the whole thing seems like a bad day
    Always someone else with way more pain
    I try to be thankful in life and not always complain
    Until I get hit and drug away by a train
    As I got back on my feet, I saw a dream while awake
    I know how crazy I seem, a contradiction
    but wait...
    I can explain!!!!
    A beautiful smile on a gorgeous face
    Eyes has me lost consistently forgetting what to say
    A personality so strong and genius brain
    She makes my reality amazing and everything great
    Every day she is an awakening, a reminder to be patient and wait
    But now I miss her,
    so ill just sit here
    and write her a poem for when she is awake
    .....hurryyy upp though!!!!


  • aphrolighte 97w

    OCD Love Affair

    Holy holy holy
    Hold me hold me hold me
    Closely closely closely
    Solely solely solely

    Roll me like that dice
    Roll me don't be nice
    Roll me in that sugar spice

    Ocd ocd ocd
    Doesn't make me
    But you're what I see
    Three times on repeat

    Feet, toes and neck
    I think you're perfect
    But no one knows
    I want to tear down
    Your pantyhose

    Close the door
    But I'll knock knock knock
    Make me want want want
    You even more

    So tell me
    Do you think of me?
    Do you think of what my lips did
    In those late night sheets?
    Do you?

  • ishqeehsas 105w

    वो हंसती भी है वो रोती भी है यूं ही ख़यालो में खोए खोए,

    कोई जा के कह दो उनसे यूं ख्यालों में खो जाने से खोया हुआ इश्क़ हासिल नहीं होता।

  • ishqeehsas 105w

    अधूरा आसमान


  • ishqeehsas 105w


    के उन दिनों जब तुम मुझसे मिलने के लिए मेरे पास आया करते थे।
    के अब भी हर वक़्त मुझे तेरे आने का एहसास हुआ करता है।

  • mustafizray_ 107w

    I am sorry for yesteryears

    I cry in the night

    Those memories that are too short to last

    I cry for the time we spend together

    Swinging under the stars some yesteryear ago

    I weep as I sing those two words you never meant to me

    You will never leave my sight


    Those people never understood our kind of love

    Our kind of love never stood the test of time

    I hold the letters that you wrote to me as I weep

    Maybe not today

    Maybe not now

    Maybe someday

    We would get a chance to say nice to meet you again

    See you later

    For now.


    No time to get hung about

    Those memories are still there to tear out

    Those nights are over

    Those days never come about


    Nothing can ever be fine

    Nothing can ever be good

    I lay in your clothes

    For I don't know how to be

    Without you.


    Maybe someday I would cry more

    Maybe someday I would hope you be beside me and hold me

    Hold me please.


    May I lean for your touch

    May I hope that you would be there

    I don't know what to do

    Can you please show me the way


    No time to get hung about

    Nothing can ever be fine

    Those memories keep coming back to tear me out

    Nothing good can ever last

    Those nights keep coming back to me

    For I don't know I maybe lost

    Why those days never come about


    Why they had to take out a pair of scissors

    And cut through my heart

    Why does my heart bleed out so much

    Is it because I dare to close my eyes and held my head high


    I cry in the nights

    For those memories that are too short to last

    I cry for the time we spend together

    Swinging under the stars some yesteryear agos

    I weep as I sing those two words you never meant

    For our love is too big for this world to hold still


  • saurabh_sanjay_suman 108w

    Story of a time when a bride to be, who spends the night before her marriage with her life long friend... #saurabhscribble #extramarritalaffair #loveaffair #promiseoflove #promise #couples #friendzone #love #truelove #marriage #breakup #friendship

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    “Shhhhh….What are you doing idiot? Do you wanna wake my mum & dad up?” Shruti whispered frantically as I struggled to get on a ledge near her balcony. “I’m 30 feet high in dark, hanging on a cold wall with this stupid bag…why don’t you do it next time?” I reverted back with a sarcastic smile. “Like I haven’t done it…remember Kojagiri? Huh? If it was not for this damn Mehendi. I would have done it twice by now. HURRY UP! Watchman kaka is coming this way. ” she growled in a syncopated whisper.

    I climbed over the balcony and we hid beside the wide charcoal coloured sofa which was complementing the beige interior of the balcony. I was little perspired as watchman flashed his torch onto the balcony. “Don’t worry, it’s 2.30 am. He does that out of habit. He can’t see us” Shruti comforted me as she was scoping him through the surrounding ferns.

    “You little psycho, fact that you know this, worries me a little,” I whispered as I scooted over to make room for her in our corner. She smiled teasingly at me and pinched my cheeks “Awww Batsy, Batsy, Batsy. You have nothing to fear. This is our spot. This is our night”. “Ummm Harley ki Bacchi, it hurts…let it go or you know my next move…” I said smiling devilishly. “You promised no tickling. OK, that’s not fair. I will wake up the whole colony,” she started giggling already. I shushed her with a wave and she hugged me. “I can’t believe you came. I was freaking out!” she said in a broken breath.

    Chilly wind of December was teasing the violet flowers surrounding us. The dark night was warming up with warmed dimming lights on the wall. The silence around us was melodious with the symphony of crickets and harmony of our breaths. Finally, we were alone, away from hustles of the world in our own little dimension.

    “Come on! We should sit inside. You are freezing! Wait! There is no one inside right? Manu? Friends? Minty or monkey...whats your nephew’s name?” I asked her cautiously. “Relax Dumbo! Not my first rodeo” she replied candidly “Manu is in her room backside. I told you my friends are in the hotel. And Monty is sleeping downstairs. Just don’t make noise we should be fine.”

    She rolled those big doll-like eyes at me while she closed the door. She was rocking greyish white sleeveless top with ‘Vixen’ written on it in the wavy font like she was making the statement; which cross-matched perfectly with cherry red pyjama which was having white designs of little flowers all over. As she was turning and tying her hairs with her henna laced pinkish palms, I lost myself.

    “Oye Hello! Are you fucking high? Or you are sleepy?” she snapped her fingers and continued while opening my bag pack, “Did you get corona as I asked you specifically? FUCK! Kingfisher seriously? Dude I told you specifically…Ugggh...F-U-C-K it yaaaaar. You ruined the plan. And what is this crap in your bag ...chips? Didn’t you have dinner? Don’t talk to me. Ok” She was furious.

    “Shruti, I tried but corona was not available in this small ass town. I’m sorry. I will make it up next time”

    “What next time? Tomorrow I’m getting married yaar. I’m stressed as hell. From morning to evening everybody was yapping around me. My head hurts with all the fucking rituals and my cheeks hurt with this smiling bride shit! First, you said you are not going to come, now this! You should have told me na…I would have asked my friend to bring…” she was ranting.

    “I get it yaar…I’m Sorry ” I interjected apologetically.
    “You don’t get shit! This marriage thing was a terrible idea. Everything is gonna change. It will be a disaster” She burst out with frustration. She sat down as a tear rolled down her cheek.

    “Shruti, listen up hey…don’t be like this please.” I wiped that tear off her cheek and continued in a comforting tone, “I get it. Tomorrow is your big day…rituals…relatives…responsibilities can be overwhelming. I know you will be great because nobody knows you better than I do. I remember when you were a little girl in a yellow frock who used to steal flowers from my home even with a dog in the compound. I remember when you used to play cricket in all boys team. I remember when you teased Thakrey sir in 10th class. I remember how you helped me in meeting my first girlfriend…what was her name Saadhanaa? I remember my first beer with you after my break up. I remember how you handled your shitty relationships. You are strong, independent and beautiful you can handle everything, what life throws at you. Anybody will be lucky to have you in his life. Trust me! Now please stop crying otherwise I am not gonna give you your wedding gifts.”

    “What gift?” her eyes sparkled like a lil girl in the kinder garden.
    “Ok Close your eyes and no peeking. Otherwise, our friendship is over.” I ordered. She nodded like a kid.
    I kept wrapped up present in her hand. And she smiled like rolling pearls on a rose bed. She tore the wrapping paper and looked at it. She smiled nostalgically and slowly the tears dropped onto the photo frame that I had given her. “You kept it?” she asked.
    “It is our first picture together. Look at us kids, life was simple back then.” I sighed.

    “But I remember I tore it up when we had that big fight. Remember? You had a problem with how Sanket was treating me.” She looked at me with confusion.
    “I tracked down Sunil Uncle…that old photographer…I found the negative he had!” I smiled.
    She hugged me tightly as I carefully kept the frame away.

    “Promise me even after my marriage you will be there for me as a friend. Promise our friendship will never change.”
    I was all choked up. There was a lot I wanted to say. Keeping it all in, I replied in heavy heart “Yes, Promise.”

    “Hey, you forgot about your second present!” I tried to break the emotional tension in the room. “Again close your eyes…No peeking.” She obliged.
    “Now open,” I said jovially. “JOINT….Yessss….” She was ecstatic “You rock…seriously…you are the best friend I have. Thank you so much.”

    “Wait this is the last time. Ok? Take lite… you have to wake up early tomorrow. I’m gonna light it up now” I offered the joint to her. “Congratulations babe.” Finally, she was relaxed, we both were. We were beyond the limitations of space and time. She was enjoying herself, I was happy. I forgot about everything else. She was near me. Suddenly I felt like this is it. This night was all I had. I didn’t care about time, place, marriage or anything. I looked into those deep stars tucked away that nosy hair on her cheek behind her ear and I kissed her. She didn’t stop me. We were lost in each other.

    While we were getting high we forgot the smoke from the room travelled across other rooms. And…

    Before we realize what happened people gathered outside the room. And they pushed open the door as we tried to hide everything in the bag pack. It was Shruti’s sister Manu and her cousins. They were looking all confused and angry. Before I could say anything Manu asked “Jiju? What are you doing here?”

    I was too high to formulate a valid reply, so I smiled at her and turned to Shruti, kissed her on the forehead and whispered in her ear “See you tomorrow Wifey!”



  • dingir 114w


    Far from your sea
    I still don't find myself,
    the passion burns in my dreams,
    and you are always there
    as if you were really the one
    who dreams of me,
    and you don't let me run,
    and you return me to your sea.


  • karis_oxano 115w


    Soft gentle nudges
    Feathery strokes of intimacy
    Subtle ambience of agape
    Flustering hearts
    Beating as one
    You complete me
    As I You
    We are ONE
    inseparable duo

    Heart Alarm!!
    The timer inside that never goes off
    Heart Sick!!
    The heart was born sick
    Sickened by the absence of it's creator
    It strayed far away from purpose
    Far back as Eden
    Now Eden's seed yearn's for reconciliation back to Agape.
    Heart Surgery!!!!
    Gone under the knife time and time again
    I lay myself naked and bare
    Open at the mercy of thine hands
    Cut me through and through
    Let me bleed till all of Mine is Gone
    Transfuse me with Agape
    Let it course through my veins and arteries
    And as it gets to my heart
    Let it heal Me .
    For at thine hands my heart finds its home.

    Heart Transplant!!!!
    Incredible beats
    What a Heart exchange
    Yours is now mine
    And mine yours
    Our hearts intertwined
    With the same life source coursing through our being.
    You complete me
    And I You.

    Sweet sweet spirit of Love....

  • mythos 119w

    Open letter

    I don't have the willpower to let you go but I hate to see you lose all of your hope. I've been surviving grief and depression all of my life and if I can save you from yours by leaving you be, I'd do anything for you even if it destroys me. I don't want you to sink into depression, it's hard to come out of. Gasping for air above the sea of despair. I don't like seeing you broken and crushed. That's not how we came to be and that's not how I want this to end between us.
    I'm not sure which direction you're going in, I'm hopeful since you've been here you'll be back again, I know you're worried, it's all you do. I'll be fine after some time, I just don't want to see you hurt any longer. Change isn't easy, it comes in waves and I'd gladly ride them out with you if that's what you wanted, I'd do anything in this world for you to be mine and I, be yours but If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.

    I love you, that I always will.
    I don't mind to mend you back together, I know in your mind you're at war with what you've always known versus something that could be. It's a scary thought but you deserve more than being a bird trapped in a cage, of that I'm sure. I'll hush for now and I'll do of me what you need me to be, my dearest, love.

  • mythos 120w

    As the sun recedes behind the orange veil of the horizon, the moon steps forth as does she; in my arms once more as the sky fades to black.