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  • words_from_my_silence 4w

    Lots of thing to talk

    Yarr... Bohot sari bate krni he teresang..
    Kya, kyo, kese, kab...Sab batana he tujhe...
    Ki kese teri yad satati he mujhe...
    Bohot se yadon ke panne khali he..
    Wo bharna he mujhe tere sang..
    Yarr... Bohot sari bate krni he teresang..
    Baaten bas itni si he ki shayad ye jindagi bhi kam padjayegi...
    Bohot lamba chalega meri baton ka ye silsila ...
    Toh bata, kya tu meri hamsafar banpayegi ...


  • the_etched_soul 7w

    A man

    Smoky Meghalayan hills on an inky night.I was up for a random stroll and then those glittering eyeballs grabbed my attention. As it came closer, the clouds slowly unveiled the full figure, LOVE in the form of a man!! Our glances met and I got freezed!My brain suddenly transferred the control of my body to my heart.I couldn't resist looking at him.The gentle wind was caressing his silky jet black hair and then I heard his captivating voice. We began to talk.
    He was a wanderer just like me.We sat at a nearby tea-shop, sipping sizzling hot tea together.From usual hi-hello to weather to cricket ,our talks gradually drifted towards the beautiful subject of love.
    His intense miraculous eyes,his sparkling smile,his chiseled physique and his lovely heart.He was the epitome of perfection! His eyes glistened differently when he talked about his dreams and aspirations.I wished I were a part of his little bright world.He recited some of his literary creations and they were simply alluring.It started to drizzle and we receded under a shade with our talks not ending.He took out his flute and started playing the mellifluous tunes.
    The sight of lush green hills clad with steamy clouds, the rhythm of falling raindrops,the cool ,gentle breeze,the scent of moist soil and his heavenly presence, all of this was enough for me to fall in love with him.
    Through our conversation, I slowly discovered that his hunky build enclosed a little child who deserved to be loved and nurtured.His carefree, jovial nature hid a very emotional yet responsible human.His flirtatious talks hid a man who could love profoundly when needed.

    It continued to rain, we continued to talk and I continued to fall in love with him; with every word he spoke,with every joke he cracked, with every time he laughed, with every time he blinked and with every time his lips transfigured as he took my name.
    His intoxicating aura was taking me over. I wished I could dive into his world and give him the kind of intense love that his heart longed for.I wished to behold him and cherish him till eternity; if only his heart permitted me to do so.
    The dark night was getting brighter for me with every passing second and I kept on wondering, was he an angel ,or a dream or actually.. 'a man' !?


  • pallavi4 20w


    She was the daughter of a wealthy man
    And was beautiful and serene
    He on the other hand was married
    To a short tempered woman who was mean

    They’d known each other since they were children
    But had somehow lost touch on the way
    Thanks to a wrongly send text message
    Accidentally they got chatting one fine day

    They realised they a lot in common
    As they spent more and more time writing to each other
    They forgot that the world expected them
    To act like they were sister and brother

    Others would never understand so they quietly arranged
    A clandestine greeting behind closed doors
    It simply made them realise they’d fallen
    Deeply in love thus complicated things even more

    They continued to exist in halves
    As two shores that would never meet
    Two lives torn by obligations
    One without the other always incomplete

    An outsider would say how irresponsible
    They had been to let this pass
    In unison they would’ve replied
    Love is never in one’s grasp

    Neither did they stop loving each other
    Nor did their future together look bright
    This went on for years them reducing them to
    Secret meetings in the shadow of the night

    So twisted was fate in their lives that they never
    Wished to be together when that could’ve been done
    When it became impossible they were left praying
    To one day come together and stay as one


    10th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 22w

    Victoria and Albert

    She was born a British royal, an important one at that
    He was aristocratic but had little impact
    She was to rule so her upbringing was very strict
    He was forced to search for some royal he could trick
    She was an heir, the only one in the land
    He was a son to a royal but fortuneless man
    She was controlled by her mother and her manager too
    He was a puppet who was told how to talk and move
    She had family but was lonely all her life
    He was told that his only mission was to snag a wealthy wife
    She was unaccustomed to attention and to praise
    He was sent to woo her lest anyone else learn her ways
    She was fond of music, of dolls and dogs alike
    He claimed to be the same, erking her with the slight
    She halted his game from being played the minute they met
    He stopped when he discovered there was more to her than had been said
    She grew fond of the person she found under the shell
    He on the other hand fell in love and came under her spell
    She, slowly but steadily learnt to trust him more each day
    He wandered from his uncle’s influence and turned happy and gay
    She grew to love him for the person who he was
    He remained a gentleman and waited till for him she called
    She surprised herself by falling for the man chosen for her
    He grew to care for her more than diamonds and furs
    She told him of her dilemma and wish to be his bride
    He couldn’t believe that she wanted him by her side
    She finally found her match, her one love true
    He married her wearing white, wearing a brooch in sapphire blue
    She went on to rule ,to be queen, her majesty
    He brought to the tired aristocracy more modernity
    She outlived him by 4 decades and wore black all her widowed life
    He, once dead was mourned each day by his dear wife

    Their story is one of finding great love
    One that transcended space and time
    Their story will forever live on in the form of
    Their patronages of both art and science
    The way they changed the course of history
    Is still an order very tall
    Their love story is one that touches my heart
    The greatest real life love story of them all


    1st of July, 2021

    Pic credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 22w

    Love Story

    He climbed up the cliff till he could
    See the meeting of sea and skies blue
    Heaving and huffing he sat down at the edge
    There was pain in every breath he drew

    As the breeze from the sea touched his face
    And tears welled up in his weary eyes
    He couldn’t understand why it needed to be this way
    Why was there so much hurt in goodbyes?

    She was my other, my half, my mirror
    My love, my friend, keeping me sane
    With her gone, there shall never be another
    Happiness now can only be feigned

    She was a part of my soul, my life
    We were one beneath the blue sky
    My heart in pain is a heart ripped apart
    I no longer wish to be tied to life

    Without her I can see no rain, no clouds
    Life has lost its tune, it’s reed
    Without her I am all but lost
    Never again to be free

    With that he got up and stood
    With his back to the cliff face’s edge
    Jump he did refusing to live without love
    In the end keeping his pledge

    Some love stories are long epics
    Some a tale like Juliet and her Romeo
    Theirs was a love story like no other
    For they were one in happiness and in woe


    29th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Talisker Bay on the Isle of Sky by Jack Anstey

    Thank you for EC @miraquill 🥰

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  • words_of_lasya 22w

    Parallel roads!

    We can see each other everyday
    We can talk to each other every day
    We can walk on same way everyday
    We can love each other every single day!

    Just like 2ends of roads,
    Fate has brought us together,
    We can be together and forever!
    We can never meet each other!


  • a__lost_soul 22w

    Start of winter

    "Hey do you like kdrama????"another notification popped up.. ohh it is about a post on SWBS (strong women bong soon) a popular drama i commented on.. Clicked on her profile...a pic picked from google , a girl in the dark with #shy_girl #bts_army.. some couple of hundred followers and 1000s of posts abt kdrama and bts... Stay tuned.... 2/n

  • sp00ky_rain 23w

    These are my OCs Azazel(who I've posted about before) and Charlie. Charlie is human and suffered a lot when he was younger because one he is black and two his family left him to fend for himself. He doesn't really know much about love but he think he's falling in love with Azazel. <3 Azazel is gay and openly has a crush on Charlie.

    #mlm #love_story #characters #character

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    Azazel and Charlie sat in the junkyard, side by side.
    Azazel sighed happily and looked up at the starry sky, "Sure is beautiful tonight."
    Charlie looked over at him, "We're in the middle of nowhere, sitting in a junkyard and what you're thinking about is how pretty the sky is?"
    The vampire chuckled and looked back over at Charlie, "Nah, I'm thinking about how much prettier you are than the sky ever could be, but I bet you're counting the stars, huh?"
    The tips of Charlie's ears darken, and gets all flustered, "Wh-what? Pssh, no." He pushed Azazel playfully.
    Azazel laughed and put his head on Charlie's shoulder, "Its pointless to count stars, y'know?"
    Charlie leaned his head on top of Azazel's head, "Mhm and it's pointless to count freckles but I know you have 24 freckles on your left hand."
    Azazel's face instantly turned bright pink, he didn't say anything.
    "I'm sorry-" Charlie started but got interrupted by Azazel sitting up and cupping the others face in his hands and kissing him.
    "Don't be sorry, I think it's cute that you know that.." Azazel smiled, and kissed Charlie again. Charlie was flustered at first but hesitantly kissed back with a smile.
    After a moment Charlie pulled away with a worried but happy expression on his face,"Azazel I think I'm falling in love."


  • sp00ky_rain 23w

    This is just my OCs (original characters) Jared and Maxwell. Comment if you would like to see more content with/about them.
    #royalty #king #prince #gay_love_story #mlm #love_story #love #pride #character #characters

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    King vs. Prince

    "Bu-but you're a prince-" Jared stands, and adjusts his box on his head..
    Maxwell chuckles, "And you're a King."
    "Not technically, it's j-just a small community of people who look to me for guidance."
    "Exactly," He smiles softly at the other and gives a slight bow. "Your majesty."
    Under Jared's box his face is bright, "Pl-please you don't have too-"
    Maxwell looks at the other, "I know, but I want to."
    Jared's eyes dart to the ground, "I-I should get going."
    Maxwell sighs and nods, he hopefully asks, "Alright.. will I see you around?"
    Jared nods slightly and races away without saying anything.
    The Prince stands there hugging himself, with a stupid lovestruck smile on plastered across his face.


  • pallavi4 38w


    Having said goodbye to my fellow
    Serrated glossy leaves to meet
    My beloved stream -
    No longer was I a chartreuse sapling
    Growing on a strong elm tree .
    No longer did I need to look down
    And wonder how it would be
    To float freely on the stream
    I’d grown up watching everyday.
    I lovingly pressed myself on her
    Cool and refreshing waters
    Happy in the knowledge that no one could
    Ever separate us for I was
    Not attached to my fellow compatriots
    Anymore , not bound to the fate
    That most others would face -
    That of withering and be pained
    When replaced by young saplings.
    I was free from this vicious cycle
    Of life and death,
    Free to be with the one I loved
    And spend my last days knowing
    That I would die happy and liberated.
    We were one after what seemed
    Like the longest wait of my life.
    She had patiently waited for me to
    Grow up and be independent to
    Make a choice -
    Whether to stay attached to the elm
    And wave boldly in the wind
    Or to break free and float along
    The stream alongside and see the world
    Beyond the grassy parkland.
    I had floated leisurely for several days
    Seeing so much than I could’ve
    Ever imagined .
    I never could’ve comprehended that
    The world would be so much more
    Than other elm trees and my beloved.
    Days went by and I began to wither
    Slowly developing brown sores -
    The stream however nonchalantly flowed
    Simply carrying me with her
    Alongside other debris.
    I was to learn a lesson in the days to come.
    The fickle waters were not what I’d thought ,
    They were vivacious and agile and
    Seemed to be more interested in meeting
    Their end rather than being with me.
    The very capricious nature that had
    Drawn me to the stream for years ,
    It seems, would be the very death of me .
    Today is that day .
    I’ve reached the end of my patience.
    I’ve seen the world and fulfilled my purpose
    I’ve loved.
    The stream has picked up speed
    And will reach its end in a day
    Deposing me like I never existed.
    As my sore body begins to crumble
    Under the pressures of the waters
    I’m horrified by the fact that I will most
    Likely drown much before
    I can meet my end naturally.
    She gradually swallows what
    Remains of me, almost lovingly it seems
    Making me one with herself .
    I perish knowing that I may have loved a
    Selfish being but I will have died
    In her arms , forever united with her
    For an eternity.


    8th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • kiran_jyoti 59w

    Ae dil tu thoda sambhal ja

    Ae dil tu thoda sa sambhal ja...
    Duniya k bhid me khokar
    Aur akele me yun hi ro kar...
    Bar bar tutkar yu na bikhar ja....
    Ae dil....tu thoda sambhal ja....

    Muskile bhari yeh har ek rah hai...
    Zindagee zina isika to nam hai....
    Haskar har gum ko tu bhul ja....
    Khudko samjhna ajj tu sikh ja....
    Ae dil....tu thoda sa sambhal ja....

    Chalte hue har ek rah pe....
    Milenge khubsurat se kai gulab...
    khusbu bhare pankhudiyon ko dekhkar
    Kanto se bhare phul ko yu na chute jaa....
    Ae dil tu thoda sambhal ja....

    Ajj sham k iss andhere rat se darkar...
    Yu na tu hakikat se chup ja....
    Kal ki suraj nayi roshni layegi...
    Bas thoda sa intezaar aur...tu kar ja...

    Ae dil...tu bas thoda sa sambhal ja....


  • deepak__kumar 65w

    बेखौफ है अब मेरा दिल कुछ खोने से,
    जो खोया उससे किमती कुछ ना था

  • divyasegar 65w

    Once i was sitting on the impressible sand of the sea shore,
    I was totally traumatised....
    The tears from my eyes were falling as crystals in the sea water,
    And suddenly your hand tapped on my shoulder,
    It felt like a mother feeding her baby when the baby is starving,
    And said i will be with you and love you eternally untill you find those crystals of tears you left in the sea..

  • cerulean 70w

    This is my fairy tale, and he is my prince ��
    Who cares about this meany world
    M happy with my imaginary boyfie
    The person who teach me to love
    To accept the honey it brings with..
    Love you forever n ever��
    My purple king �� Borahae✌
    #BTS #taehyung #V #Kim_Taehyung #My Love #my_prince #my_purple_prince #love_story #honey_dippedLove #mirakee_story#bts_is_love
    #word_game #word_play #love_within #imagination #fantasy #fairy_tale

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    PurPle LoVe

    Seizing her quaking hands with his slender fingers
    Pinching a little, sloping a bit
    That crimson haired prince snuggled
    Nuzzling her fear, gave a sly, ardent smile
    Chiseled nose, a mole on top
    Alluring boxy smile and eye of almond
    Honey toned nimble tilted forward
    His raspy voice lulled &
    "Hey Love!! Lemme be your man,
    Lemme keep your pretty heart
    Lemme love you more than yesterday
    Lemme make you my dream"
    He promised a LOVE of PURPLE
    Means to keep her Forever n ever!!
    With a content smile she gawked and rocked
    Wrapped the Red thread for the
    time eternity sealing the deal with
    a moist chaste peck

  • shubhampaliya09 70w


    wo mujhy dooniya ki nazro me ghirana chahti thi , pr use kya ptaa ,
    usne jo v shikha wo sb ka sb , kitaabo aur apne dosto se
    aur humne thokaron se

  • m_syed46 78w

    Imperfect love:
    Perfect story!

  • mr_selfmuser 79w


    Just a smile, all it takes,
    Rigid person gets swayed,
    In her love, her thoughts, her memories,
    Marches on to impress her, facing every adversaries,
    For her, He opens the shackles of his love, door of his happiness,
    He falls in love with her, sinks in the madness,
    They talks, and story goes on, gradually,
    Days, weeks, months, gets passed, suddenly,
    He is in deep love, may be she might've also felt something,
    No, he decoded all the signals wrong, he had to be left lonely,
    She acted as "just-friends", the boy was dumb, who falled in love with her,
    Her gestures were clear, like Delhi's early morning during winters,
    He goes on, to her, to get everything resolved,
    He returns with, everything more ruined up and unsolved,
    He waits for her, in the hope, someday she'll also feel something,
    No change, she is busy with her other friends, partying, playing & roaming,
    Once who talked every time, now says I am running out of time,
    Once who who used to meet every day, now meets hardly., in an year, may be thrice,
    He lives in her hope, she lives in hope of another,
    Someone more interesting than him, with whom she doesn't feel bothered,
    He cries, remains sad, everytime, everywhere,
    Asiding the Enormous pain inside his heart, he decided to move on, from there,
    He suffered, bursted out, was forlorn everytime,
    Nothing helped him other than his inner conscience,
    He finally moved on despite of rock-solid pain,
    Now he doesn't get hurted, so what if she is standing infront of him with his boyfriend

  • grotesque 90w

    I was wrapping the thorns you gave me.
    The world wanted to know the secret to
    My smile. The smile had your perception,
    Your spark, your essence. The smile was
    An outcome of how the thorns hurt me.
    The more I hugged them the more my smiles
    Were visible. Perhaps, not all love have a
    Reason to cry. I always had many
    Reasons to smile in stead. I love you...


  • sarahholmes 91w

    Love Story

    For years I was abused, trashed, exploited and embarrassed.
    Felt like a doofus and dolt, hence reclused myself with a wall.
    I was stressed and this, until now, have never ever confessed.
    Like the angel from the heaven, there came you, my wrecking ball.

    A stranger, a classmate, a friend and buddy, thus we travelled.
    With you I sensed, what it feels to be adored and admired.
    Suddenly, you my dear, disappeared and left me enthralled.
    Thank goodness! You aren’t just a friend, it later transpired.

    Yes, this is hard, cause we are apart, and we struggle a lot.
    At times, my precious, it might feel like the stakes are high.
    But trust me when I say, my love, this gut-feeling I’ve got.
    I’m certain and can almost feel that the time of us is nigh.

    You are my obsession, possession, destination, and hey, Madhu,
    my haven, on my birthday, it is time for me to say, “I love you”.


  • biswajitdev 93w

    Dear Wanderers of Universe
    Drop a ❤️ if you
    feel Love deep within verse .
    Any suggestions are welcome .
    ** Hues may fade away
    but she is exquisite art
    on canvas of heart,
    won't be driven away .

    Words may fade away
    but she is piquant poesy
    on stratum of soul,
    won't be wiped away .

    Fragrance may fade away
    but she is graceful wildflower
    on isle of life,
    won't be withered away .

    Flamboyant moments
    emblazon the tapestry of time,
    In voyage of Universe
    our love story will bloom & shine . **

    * Exquisite & Graceful - Extremely Beautiful, Piquant - Flavorful, Stratum - Layer, Flamboyant - Colorful, Emblazon - Decorate, Canvas & Tapestry - Thick fabric, Voyage - Journey

    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #Hue #Art #Canvas #Heart #Word #Poesy #Stratum #Soul #Fragrance #Wildflower #Isle #Life #Universe #Tapestry #Time #Voyage #Love_story
    #ceesreposts #julietscorner #pod #writerstolli #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee

    Picture credit to the rightful owner
    -- WallpaperUP --

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    Hues may fade away
    but she is exquisite art
    on canvas of heart,
    won't be driven away .

    Words may fade away
    but she is piquant poesy
    on stratum of soul,
    won't be wiped away .

    Fragrance may fade away
    but she is graceful wildflower
    on isle of life,
    won't be withered away .

    Flamboyant moments
    emblazon the tapestry of time,
    In voyage of Universe
    our love story will bloom & shine .