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  • shabdon_ki_dibiya 39s


    Ishq aur chand ek jaisa hi hai
    Dono mein kami hai par khoobsurat hai

    इश्क़ और चांद एक जैसा ही है
    दोनो में कमी है पर खूबसूरत है....

  • travelholic_beast 3m

    कान्हा की बंसी

    कान्हा की बंसी से खिले गोकुल नगरी सारी
    राधा ने पूछा क्यू है आपको आपकी मुरली प्यारी
    कृष्णा ने कहा की इस पावा जैसा है मनुष्यजीवन
    बजती तो बासुरी है पश्चात स्वर और जान मैने ही किया है अर्पण


  • lunatic_pen 10m

    I thought...

    the best world of education sarcasm ��

    after I graduate
    I thought "Goodbye EXAMS"

    when your upgrading your LICENSE


    HÀHAHA the best face slap��

    who can relate? raise your middle finger��✌️

    #mirakee #love but I #hate exams ��

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  • soft_y 34m

    मुस्कुराते हुए दुनियाँ से चली जाऊँगी
    तुम याद मे मेरे चुपके से रोया करना
    सपने में आकर तुझसे फिर वही वादा लूँगी
    तू शमशान में आकर उसको निभाया करना

  • lunatic_pen 35m

    in the BUSINESS world
    freelance is the best 'SOLO' but

    "no man is an Island" ��

    corporate �� mode ��

    #mirakee #love but I #hate it

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    at the end of the day
    I just want my own peaceful vicinity with coffee


  • queeniedoll1924 37m


    I felt a little flutter just today. You did it again before I could say..."Touch just here! He's moving now!" My body stunned as I stood to bow. I wonder to myself just how this blessing of hope could be, that it could be a dream come true again for us, you are me. I feel your touch right through my skin. I've fought so hard for you to win. I jump again as you sway about, my heart as it pounds so loud from inside, it must be thunderous to you. I'm sorry sweet baby, I'm so excited to meet you. Dance sweet love and kick and stretch. We're almost there just a few weeks left. I'll gaze upon your lovely face I'll hold you in my warm embrace I'll sing to you sweet lullabies and bless you under moonlit skies. I'll calm your each and every cry, but today all I can focus on is the flutterbies.

  • pari_soul_wanders 47m

    कुछ दीमक सा था
    वो मेरी ज़िन्दगी में,
    खा ही गया
    कतरा ,कतरा ।


  • shayanaaaaa 1h

    The last Goodbye

    The hardest thing to say. “I hate goodbyes I shouted at him”, he calmly said “beb don’t worry I’ll be back as soon as this situation will be calmed”. I was crying hopelessly because it was the first time we were unable to see each other for months. I was at my home and he was at his but the constant fear of having COVID was so panicking. I use to call him at least 3 times a day to check weather he’s going out or not. For me my morning started with a “good morning love” and ended with “goodnight beb”. The feeling of being in love is so special, the understanding, being in love very deeply and not letting both egos to clash. I was indeed the luckiest girl because I had him and I knew for a reason I’ll always have him in my life because he was everything I dreamt of. I was very grateful for the person I had and I guess he was too. The lockdown was very harsh though we use to have phone calls we weren’t allowed to meet each other. But little did I knew that 2020 would take everything from me. He came here finally (the place where I’m staying with my family) because his relatives were also here. Sadly we couldn’t meet each other. That was okay though, because slowly the lockdown was about to end so I was extremely happy. He came here on 25th of June and was going back on 29th I called him and told him please don’t go, your this week horoscope is horrible love please I beg you stay here (I use to believe on horoscopes) but he didn’t listen to me. I told his sister she told him as well but now he had to prove me that horoscopes weren’t real. He became stubborn and there was no other options for anyone than going with him. We had our fight on 28th June at 9:47 pm because I was constantly telling him not to go but he was being stubborn. He switched off his phone and didn’t turn it on. I was worried I didn’t sleep whole night. The next morning it was 29th June he called me at the morning saying that he’s going back to his home and he’ll prove me that horoscopes weren’t real. I was crying and I told him if the horoscopes which I have seen will be fake then I’ll be the happiest human and I promise I’ll never check them again in my life. He said for sure but right now I need to leave ok bye love I’ll video call when I’ll reach home and yeah today please drape a saree It’s been so long since I haven’t seen you in saree. I said okay because I always knew saree was his favorite. I got ready he had told me he’ll be home till 6, I got ready at 5:45 and started to wait for him. I called him several times the phone was off. I was worried because I was unable to connect, my hands were trembling, my heart rate was extremely fast, I was sweating but the call didn’t came. The next morning at 8 am, my phone buzzed I thought it was him, but that was unknown number I picked up the call and that call made me numb. That was his sister who was calling me she was crying very badly I asked her why was she crying and after 4 min 47 sec she told he is no more. That phone call made me numb, my tears were rolling down my eyes, I didn’t had any word to say. But I thought that was a joke because they were about to prank me. I asked her once again, “Is this joke?” If yes then I’ll never talk to you she said Shayana this isn’t why would I joke on something so serious. My chest was paining but I wasn’t supposed to cry because every one was outside. So I decided to hold on, I did it the entire day but after that when I came to my room, I cried my heart out. We didn’t had chance to say last goodbye. Since that day to now I’ve never been happy like I use to be, never saw horoscopes ever again, never moved on and never stopped crying. As he left, he took a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a chunk of my mind and all of my happiness. I miss you🥺❤️

  • ladywillow 1h


    If love for you is a hug
    I'd give you a never ending cuddle
    If love for you is touch
    I'd let you invade every inch of my body freely
    Just to show you how you mean to me

  • lunatic_pen 2h

    over and over again
    again and again
    I'd say I'll be okay
    I'll be alright
    but the real thing happened
    it's all got worsened
    the hard thing in my life
    which everyday
    I fight and it's getting
    worst and worsen
    is that... it's hard to move on
    it's really hard to move on
    if I'm the only one who lifted myself
    encouraging myself, motivating myself
    YEAH people are around
    love ones are around but..,.
    still I don't know what i want and same thing they don't understand you but they keep on telling you that they do understand your situations...
    is that really how complicated I am in this life?
    yeah you're a GOOD writer. you can write whatever you want
    you can spoke what you want through your bleeding words but my question is, does everyone read it? does everyone knows what your trying to say through your words? Nah! see it from myself dude... see it.... people compliments are just a surface for everything what you feel... okay i said it again I'm done... and my worst denials;

    I'm FINE...

    #mirakee #love but I #hate it

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    my worst denials


  • brownbones 3h

    Beautiful dilemma

    What can I say. I enjoy the blackness of a tainted soul.
    The hotness of the lava within your being burns me alive, but the pain is relaxing. Not a diagnosis of an illness but I'm sure to the faint of heart it seems wrong but the joy of being burned is thrilling.
    The ethereal blackness that envelopes me is welcoming yet the small light that my existence brings creates a beautiful dilemma. Fireworks even. Two colliding opposites. Creating a magical combustion.
    Yes... Unnatural it seems. But the mortal soul is attracted to the difference of their own identical being.
    Attracted to the mysterious.
    It's an Ikarma desire.

  • gotoark 3h


    உறக்கம் கலைந்ததும் தாயைத்தேடும்
    குழந்தையைப் போல..
    உனைத்தேடி அலையும் இந்த மனதிற்கு
    எதை சொல்லி ஆறுதல் படுத்துவேன்....

  • sahil_poet 3h

    Pooch leti hai

    Pooch leti hai Aksar
    Vo haal mera
    Jab maush saa dikhta hai
    Ye Chera mera,

    Na jaane
    kese mere chere ko padh leti hai
    Meri awaaz ke piche cheepe
    us dard ko mehsus kr leti

    Shayad Khuda ka koi karishma hoga usme,
    Jo bina dekhe mera haal
    Jjaan leti hai

    Maa toh bas
    Maa hoti hai


  • sahil_poet 3h

    Ghoom hai

    Unhe tumhari yaad aayi hai
    Unhe tumhari yaad aayi hai
    Ye baat bhi tumhe
    Tumhare dil ne btayi hai

    Kaha ghoom rehte ho janaab
    Apki rooh kisi or ke jisam me samayi hai


  • sahil_poet 3h


    Kitna assan hota hai
    Rishto ko bana lena
    Aur kitna mushkil hota hai
    Unhi rishto ko nibhana,
    Rishte Mazburiyon se nhi
    Mohabbat se bante hai,
    Pareshaniyo se nahi
    Zimedariyon se sambhalte hai
    Ek dusre ki khaamiya na nikaal kar
    Thoda jazbaat se
    thoda ehsaas se
    Baat krte hai
    Apne ahem ko meetta kar
    "HUM"me hokar
    Sath chalte hai

    Ye rishte yuhi nhi
    Sambhalte hai


  • blueliness 3h

    You are wasting the afternoon,
    is what they say.
    No I'm busy.
    Busy with calming my mind.
    Busy with lying on the back on the meadow.
    Busy with breathing in and out.
    It takes a deep breath
    to blow dandelion puffballs into the sky
    and watch the seeds drift
    upon their natural parachutes,
    travelling without notion of place.
    That's the way nature is,
    a choreographed chaos.
    Everything set in motion
    for creation to bloom.


  • voices_as_thoughts 4h


    Probably one day, when I'm there I mean up there
    where the weather is perfect and blue like the six o'clock evenings
    and I can feel the winds from the tides even from afar
    and every of my thoughts is real and lucid
    thoughts of which I only get with the music on,
    there and then I can finally write a perfect love piece about you.

  • hedwigs_mom 4h


    I was going to reminisce us

    Like I do every day

    But I couldn't quite get there today!

    Starting to feel the panic

    I'm forgetting us!

    I remember laughing but can't seem to remember why! 

    Memory has faded!

    You have faded!

    We have faded!

    I can't remember the joke!

    Was it funny?

    I remember laughing

    Was it your smile that made the moment special? 

    I have that image

    The beautiful sight of your smile!

    But now; like an worn out old picture

    The crinkles by your eyes are slowly fading

    Just like how we are fading from each others life

    Fading into what?

    A smile? A regret? A lesson perhaps!

    Only time will tell!

    Oh dear! I shall hold you close until we completely fade away!


  • 1darksider 5h

    Two's Company,

    Three Is A Party.


  • sahani2113 5h


    The dust of the book fade-off.
    A shiny surface reveal its feature,
    Embroidery of love and playfulness
    The childish heart of human nature.

    Deep scented rose of romanticism
    Whirl inside the poetic pages
    A note of self for obsolete love
    Then,Unpleasant experience rages

    Some letter noticeable in pink
    A reminder to console teen believe
    Love is an ocean but don't get sink
    Remarks not to forgot as you live

    So long,Time sprinkle its magic
    New flowers blooms on surface
    New sketches made on pages
    Changing words to Mere existence