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  • parimit 49m

    Hazaro mehfile h lakho mele h
    Par jha tm nhi wh m akele hu


  • ushashah 1h

    Love is not always about holding on,
    But you have to let your love go for his/her happiness.


  • honeyedmaryam 1h

    Flames Of Love

    The red sun brightens the sky

    The river flows freely into several channels

    My heart is a scorching flame

    Emitting Sparks of emotion

    I wear my heart up on my sleeves

    Hoping the world would see my sincerity

    A blind heart is oblivious to the universe

    A sincere mind is a vessel of love


  • psychologygirl 1h

    Mohabbat ka naam bandh kar rkhna nahi..

    Mohabbat ka naam toh hai jaane dena nahi...


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 1h

    Valid Focus

    This love and how it felt,
    This moment and her smile,
    This life and her friendship,
    I focus on them more often.


  • iamsmvk 2h


    What do I know about love?
    I'm just a silly guy
    smiling with joy
    thinking about you
    while my world is falling apart.

  • his_camera_ 2h

    They say pictures are worth a thousand words but when I look at your picture I can only say three words: I love you..You are my happiness, my heart ♥  desire, my everlasting flame,  the one that makes my heart beat fast. ♥ My love,  my queen,  I cannot think for a second without you in my mind. I cherish you, princess of beauty. Every second I yearn for your love,  it’s like a medicine that cures my life problems. You’re my one and only life doctor, and I pray our union lasts a lifetime because every single moment with you has it own unforgettable memory that gladdens my heart. You are a rare Angel because you treat my heart with care and make my feelings flow like the stream. What I feel for you is pure love because you have made me understand what it is like to have personal happiness. You are the angel of my lifenevery day of my life.You remain that unique kind of star  that wows the universe. My precious type of star.  Your brightness  illuminates my world and gives my life direction that it seeks. Your presence in my life has given it a whole different meaning. 
    . I wish you can understand the depth of my love for you perhaps you will have shed the tears  of passion to know that a heart ♥ like this still exists. 
    The first time I set my eyes on you,  I felt the deepest part of what passion means; a sweet pleasure that has ceased to end since these days. I feel like to kiss  and hug you now and for the rest of my life because you are too sweet. I love you!
    There is no other reason why I continue to admire you than the fact you are such an interesting angle, a sweet love that can never be forgotten now and forever. You are like a peacock as beautiful as a lovely angel. I wish to let you know that no one can replace you in my heart because I love you truly!

  • thefangirl 2h

    Harris Jayaraj & Love

    Isai & Kadhal

    Tamil & Life


  • bipoetic 2h

    ((Un/En) titled)Queen

    Some people love titles, but to me it was always the 'body' of the peice that matters.
    The way it moves or is moved.
    And even more important is why
    Why does it move the way it does?
    Does it tread carefully near the river bank?
    Does it dance freely in the middle of a thunderstorm?
    Yes it does both of these things,
    And too many more to count.
    Every piece of work has it's purpose.
    Sometimes unbeknownst to the writer,
    In fact probably most of the time.
    We are all just pawns,
    Hoping to get to the end of the board alive!
    ©Bipoetic(Hardy Kemp)

  • dini_ekta_singh_rajput 2h

    Life is like a rainbow with many colours of happiness and sorrow, but they together make a beautiful rainbow.They can't be separated.

  • h_u_e_s_o_s_ 2h

    ~ Angel ~

    I really don't know if this is true or not,
    I fear this emotion of feeling exposed,
    with all these mellow thoughts and what it brought,
    where we often keep our hearts closed.

    But then again, I truly believe in this person,
    I have some kind of a blind faith,
    I've got nothing to lose or worsen,
    I really don't mind if it takes me to a wraith.

    She's given me another reason to hope,
    another reason to feel human,
    another reason to stay away from the rope,
    an emotion I can bloom in.

    She's not an ordinary girl,
    she might have something to hide,
    but I know her heart shines like a pearl,
    and I can't just leave without saying I tried.

    I often look up to the sky and wonder,
    if she someday might actually open up,
    doesn't matter if I end up six feet under,
    or if she always keeps telling me to shut up.

    I strive to know all about her,
    to make her feel that things do get better,
    so all bad things just go to a blur,
    and that she sees that this isn't just a love letter.

    She might just be all I ever needed,
    we can make this love blossom,
    with all these words that we've seeded,
    trust me, it can be awesome.

    Angel, a beautiful being in essence,
    you radiate a light of aspiration,
    our hearts are in concrescence,
    bringing us to a point of creation.


  • sanjeevveer775 2h

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    यादों में खो जाने की खातिर,तुम्हारा फिरसे हो जाने की खातिर,
    मुझे फिरसे भिगा जा।
    तेरे और करीब आने की खातिर,मुझे तुझमें खो जाने की खातिर,
    तू मुझमें समा जा।
    हसरतें ही जगानी है तेरी मुझको,तुझे पास बुलाना है।
    फिर हद से गुजरने की खातिर,फिर टूट के चाहने की खातिर,
    सनम तू आ भी जा।

  • jagruti_patil30 2h

    Acceptance is ruthless but acceptance is love
    Accepting flaws to fulfill your love is what makes it pure....
    And Yes I accepted you as you are.

  • gayathriiii 2h

    Sometimes you need to let them go
    Not because you don't need them
    It's because they don't need you

  • bad_habit 2h

    Crying was a Choice,

    the day I stopped crying for you,
    was the day you lost me.

  • tejasmita_tjjt 2h

    #love #tjjt #mirakeeworld #hindiwriters

    प्रेम मुक्त होता है, स्वतंत्र होता है उस पर किसी का अधिकार नहीं होता है और ना ही वह किसी का अधिकार पाना चाहता है। वह स्वतंत्र होकर रहना चाहता है,किसी प्रकार का कोई दबाव नहीं रखना चाहता। धन, ऐश्वर्य, सौंदर्य इनका प्रेम पर कोई वश नहीं चलता। प्रेम तो सिर्फ एक एहसास है, जो प्रेमी एक दूसरे के लिए महसूस करते हैं, इस एहसास में जीते हैं और इससे कभी अलग नहीं होना चाहते।
    प्रेम एक व्यक्ति पर केंद्रित होता है और उसके प्रति पूर्ण समर्पण में अपना वजूद रखता है। प्रेम में यह अपेक्षा होती है कि उस प्रेम आराध्य के प्रति केवल वही समर्पित हो,दूसरा कोई नहीं। किंतु वह समर्पण इतना गहरा हो, घना हो, दो प्रेमियों के बीच एक ऐसा प्रेम प्रवाह हो जो अतल सागर से भी गहरा हो। उस बहाव को न कोई छुए और न ही उसमें बाधा डाले। वहां कोई दूसरा भी उपस्थित न हो।

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    प्रेम एक अनंत भाव
    प्रेम जिसे हो जाए उसको अदभुद एहसास
    प्रेम एक अविरल धारा
    प्रेम एक प्राचीन नूतन विचार धारा
    प्रेम जिसने सृष्टि को रचा
    प्रेम जिसके बिना जग अधूरा

  • anuradhasharma 2h

    अब चांद हथेली पे सजाने का मन , नहीं करता ।

    हाथ में जो तेरे नाम का चांद हैं , उसके मिटा ।

    कोई और चांद बनाने का मन , नहीं करता ।

    मेरे चांद में कई दाग़ हैं , फ़िर भी उसपे जी आता ।

    चांद में दाग़ न हो तो , वो चांद कहा कहलाता ।

    दाग़–दाग़ की बात करते हो , क्या बेदाग दुनिया हैं ?

    असली खुबसूरती , दाग़दार ही होती हैं ।

    अब चांद हथेली पे सजाने का मन , नहीं करता ।

    हाथ में जो तेरे नाम का चांद हैं , उसके मिटा ।

    कोई और चांद बनाने का मन , नहीं करता ।


  • doctor1994 2h

    Ab meri nazro ke saamne, na aana fir se kabhi
    Jala hua dil hai, na jalaana fir se kabhi

  • euphoriccree 3h

    Doesn't faking all that love leave you exhausted?

    Cree Sameon♡

  • sheikh_huzaifa 3h

    Har dard sahaa jayai ga hum say
    Par tera durr hona nahi sahaa ja raha hum say.....
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