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  • muskan_dayal 6w


    माना की काफी दूर हो लेकिन
    दिल के सबसे पास हो तुम,
    सुबह की पहली और रात की
    आखरी याद हो तुम!

  • muskan_dayal 6w


    वो जो लाखों में एक होता है ना,
    मेरे लिये बस, वो ही हो तुम!

  • muskan_dayal 7w

    I wish I could turn back time

    How I wish I could turn back time
    To the days when he was mine.
    To the days when our hearts were one,
    When our clocks of love had just begun.

    How I wish I could turn back time
    To when his love seemed like a crime,
    When he held me tight for o' so long,
    When his voice was my favourite song,
    When his message notification was make my day.

    But the hands of time cannot go back,
    And I must learn to face the fact.
    His new life has no room for me;
    Yet, still I love him..... secretly.

  • muskan_dayal 7w

    I closed my eyes
    and spoke to you
    In a thousand
    Silent ways.

  • shruti_25904 11w

    #sletterc @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @writersnetwark #ceesreposts
    Is the acrostic too lame ��������������������

    This letter of mine is addressed to my most fav singer ~ Arijit Singh ������������������������

    Dear Arijit,
    Your figure itself is an ideal to us. Although you are a celebrity, you are so simple-living and kind. You mean a lot to me. Your each song is a heaven. Uff, your voice is as sweet as a sugar, and at the same time as powerful as a gamma ray. You are a very special part of my life. Your songs heal me in stress. While doing maths, u r there in my earphones. While eating, while sleeping, u r there in my earphones. if someone ever asks me to define you, then my definition would be-

    //Arijit Singh is a respected born singer, whose voice has no limits, can churn any music into a soulful one, is a magician of bollywood music, yet has no ego, he has a powerful potential to resolve any stressful situation.//

    Actually you are such a nice personality that my words can never ever define you. Your voice migrates me to a different world.
    A ~ angelic
    R ~ romance
    I ~ ideal
    J ~ jolly
    I ~ infinity
    T ~ tales of romanticism for toddlers

    Some lines for you...

    Geet ki mithaas yu shakkar gholti jaisi
    Premnadi mein wo ahsaas
    Ishq ki koi sarhadein nahi hoti
    Bas tum, tumhari muskurahat, aur tumhare madhur lafz...

    I am so lucky, writing letter to u. I hope I could listen to any of ur concerts. But that would be just a dream.

    My fav songs... (All are fav actually) muskurane ki wajah (citylights), tum hi ho(aashiqui2), and the list is infinite.

    Yours truly
    Shruti(your fankid :) ��������)

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    Dear Arijit,
    You are not just a mere singer, you are a complete feeling of sweetness and peace.

  • storyteller_agam_ 13w


    With sitting under the moon with a cup of coffee,
    Along with it having my favourite caramel toffee.
    Something just pinched me so hard that I was numb for a while,
    But once I got normal I couldn't resist my smile.

    I wanted to complete my aim to be a doctor,
    And want to be my parents proud daughter.
    With the next sunrise I had to wake up with a different vibe,
    That anyhow I have to fulfil my dream even if I have to sacrifice my chocolate bites.

    That day I released fulfilling aim has to be my biggest crush,
    To fulfill it I don't in my life at all have to rush.
    I just need to work hard and never lose hope,
    Have faith and in my life let the sun's ray pop.

    I've to anyhow be "Dr.Agam Sachdeva* and be proud,
    I anyhow have to stand out of the crowd.
    Finally my aim has become my obsession,
    I don't have to sacrifice it for anyone's possesion.

    I promised myself to be a little more responsible,
    In my life, be kiddish but while saying and doing be sensible.
    I promised to be happy and never find depression,
    One day my hardwork will make me successful out of my favourite obsession.

    ~Agam Sachdeva

  • muskan_dayal 14w

    A name

    A name can make you

    smile, blush, emotional,
    weak, happy.

    yes, life is all about that
    one name, one priceless
    person, infinity memories.

  • bhuvana_ 20w


    Recalling someone imprints things to grab their love.....

  • karenm 25w

    Guys check please check out my other quotes
    God bless you#lotsoflove

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    Love and friendship

    Love says--if you will ever need anything I will be there whereas
    Friendship says-- you will never need anything if I will be there

  • _aishu 27w

    Love is a continual process of discovery and unfolding. And through these moments, you will know that it's there. As long as these momentus keep coming, enjoy each Little Moment in Your life,don't wait for the Big things.
    Dream proposal is a thing where you meet your expectations. The only expectations that make you happy. Everyone has a dream of your loved ones proposing you! Share it down in the comments section....and let's see how adorable your dreams are....��

    Me: namaku epaiyum pola remo la vara mari vanthale athigam dhan��♥️

    #love #proposal #dream #lotsoflove #pod #mirakee

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  • bhuvana_ 28w

    Its Hard to Breathe..

    When unable to concede with my soul running after you....
    Its hard to breathe!
    Admires you, when ignorance hits
    Its hard to breathe!
    Dying hard to see you, when you can't spend a word with me..
    Its hard to breathe!
    When declining the attention,
    Even repair to grab attentiveness..
    Its hard to breathe!
    Recalling the warmth of you, sense of presence..
    Its hard to breathe!
    No call backs, no replies, retrieving you ,
    Its hard to breathe!
    A broken heart is worst, actually its like broken ribs.. No one can see it, but it hurts every time I breathe...
    Much hard to breathe!!!

  • mrittika851999 45w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    I am trying to get back to writing things. I know I might not be good, but can I get some support as a token for encouragement and trial? ����

    Please like, share, comment your feedbacks and follow me if you like my posts so far!

    Lemme know any kinda suggestion for improvements������

    #pod #whatineverhad #reminiscing #notsad #grateful #treasure #friendsandfamily #permanentpeople #soulmatesforlife #loveyouall #lotsoflove

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    What I Never Had

    I recall of never having a friend. Yes, even though I made some over the years, however, I never got to befriend with my parents. Parents are supposed to be the ones closest and dearest friends of a child and I never experienced it because I never got them with me. They were busy, making money for me and my future. I am grateful of the result but yes, this is something that I deeply felt and still feel.

    I never received or had support from my support system- my family. Whatever I did was a matter of joke to them or an act and product of immaturity. Whatever I did was meaningless and ordinary. If asked about it, I got the behaviour that it was too precious to be wasted on somebody like me, as precious as the time and energy, as precious as the money and precious metals.

    However, my closest people leaving me in the times of crises, and ceasing to love me, are also some things that I never had. Whenever something happened in my life, I found them, their shoulders to cry upon and laps to fall asleep. The consolations that never sounded like pity but were empowering in every manner. The qualities that inspired me to be a better human being in every aspect, every day. The qualities that are rarely found in these days. I found a lot more than what I never possessed.


  • shorty_unknown 48w

    #folllow meh
    #this is a beginner
    #there is more
    #possible with ur likes and followers

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    Here I'm.. actually I'm not understanding what to mention but....there is another me,who is thinking in different ways.... sometimes I feel I'm strong..but sometimes I feel that I'm over reacting for everything which are passing around me..thank God they are really passing along with the running cloud's...but by the end of the day .. everything is very strange ❣️..the people talks..the nature reactions...is this a show?...can't able to confirm what was going around meh...but for sure I'll really reach my answers which are questioned by me..that day I'm sure I'll post that moment....

  • sakshi_saxena 48w

    Happy International Men's Day

    Happy International Men's Day to each men out there and to the one's in my life. Let me remind you that you are handsome, worthy and loved ❤️❤️ I am extremely proud of you about the way you are moving in your life and for not only fighting but also winning over those unsaid battles in your life. I am extremely thankful to you for putting out so much good in this world Keep up the good work and never let anyone dim your shine


  • _rajpoot_r_ 60w


    प्यार cancer की तरह होता है
    बिन बुलाए आ जाता है
    और maar के चला जाता है


  • _rajpoot_r_ 60w


    बहुत तकलीफ होती है
    जब समझने वाला भी,
    आपकी तकलीफ न समझे।


  • _rajpoot_r_ 61w

    Imaandaar dil ♥️

    Dekh li teri ईमानदारी e dil
    Tu mera or tujhe फिक्र kisi or ki hai

  • allaboutyouuuuuu 65w

    Dil Bechara

    We dont know how Or when our story will begin Or reach its end , but what we know is for the time we exist, we are the writer's to our story. And we get to choose how we want to live this life!

  • vandzarora 71w


    Hifi (Hubby) - I love you itna jitna asmaan me taare hain❤

    Wifi( Wife)- I love you too itna jitna us asmaan mein Chand ki roshni hain❤❤


  • abhipriyashrivastaw 73w

    Happy Birthday Big B ��... Warm wishes from mummy papa...

    #stayblessed #happybirthday #bestwishes #warmwishes #lotsoflove

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    तुम छू लो आसमां की बुलंदियों को,
    हम यही कामना करते हैं...
    दुआएं सदा हैं साथ हमारी,
    तुम नाम कमाअो, शोहरत पाओ,
    कदम चूमे हर कामयाबी तुम्हारी...
    ख़ास हो दिन ये तुम्हारा,
    हर पल तुम्हारा,
    हर आने वाला कल तुम्हारा...