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  • heartstring_luna 3h

    Complications of the Heart

    Can't decide if I'm craving the real deal (LOVE) or just seeking attention.

  • dark_sunshine 11h

    Kachra log Songs aur kachra kar dete hain

  • anonymousme11 1d

    On sufferings

    Am I the only one who's suffering?
    Suffering with these circumstances.
    Of doing or not doing anything
    Should i leave everything and let them go?
    Because sometimes holding on is not worth it.
    Sometimes to leave is the only peace,
    Sometimes to let go is the only choice.


  • kelvin_mathew98 1w


    Actually Iam totally Lost Somewhere . I Lost Something . I Lost Everything

  • _pluto_ 1w

    It's a surface , a rough sketch , Scorching its way to your liliac skin. It's the same place where we build our dreams but the same place which haunts me,a bed ? A bridesmaids hell ? A fulfilling wife or a medicore place for whores and shameless sluts .But it isn't the mistake of the bedsheet that it feels hard for the first time , it's the fault of the one who's on top of it, grabbing my breasts and squeezing the life out of me.The stretch marks and the depressed hearts are what , which fulfill the void in me. My voice, unheard to the one in heaven,who calls me as his but still differentiates me .Can you please tell me , why is it always me or the girl who sleeps in the locker room , too scared of unfilthy heads and unhealthy steaks. I never had wings but my parents gave me two legs , the problem was I wasn't taught to spread and stretch em' infront of unknown man.I wanna run ,run towards you towards the sisters that call me faith although they have lost their symphonies ,I don't wanna awake again , Not again on the same bed with multiple destinies.
    #rape #againstrape #slut #whore #woman @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pod #lost #crying #lostsoul

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  • ken_kind_itz 1w


    What I'm which I can't explain. How do I feel no one could understand even sometimes I won't be able to understand. Still trying to find peace with the broken pieces

  • _shattered_soul 2w

    What a silly thing humans are.

    We have hurt more than we have loved.

    We have burdened more than we have breathed.

    We have died more than we have lived.

    We have cried more than we have smiled.

    We are all dead but breathing.

    Are we not? ��

    ( Pic Courtesy : Streets of Rishikesh )

    #LostSoul #Hunmans #Mirakee

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  • _shattered_soul 2w

    Be my moon
    Who will shine brightly
    In my darker times

    Be my moon
    Who will admire me softly
    When no one focuses

    Be my moon
    Who will follow me adorably
    When no one does

    Be my moon
    Who will listen me carefully
    When no one Hears

    Be my moon
    Who will patiently
    Watch me with adore gazes

    Be my moon
    Who will be faithful
    When the world takes back steps

    Be my moon
    Who will heal my pain secretly
    When the world sleeps

    ( Pic Credits : Instagram )

    #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee #Lostsoul #Moon

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  • poukii 3w

    A wandering lost soul in the world of superstitions.

    Croacking of frogs, droning of beetles,
    Soft patting sound of rains at window curtains,
    flashes of fireflies, lightning of thunder,
    rainstorms in summer,
    She was too scared of everything and everyone.

    Nobody got the reason behind it.
    She panicked and screamed without reason.
    Midnight troubles haunted her like a ghost.
    She started to feel like,
    something is missing within her.

    She stood alone, crying by the river,
    with her footprints in the sand.
    Small pebbles on the river side,
    Slowly moving river water,
    Unbound shadows of old oak trees,
    Wildflower growing in the mud,
    All listened to her grief in silence.

    People asked her" why you look so pale?."
    " Why there is void in your eyes"?
    She felt breathless,
    walking each step felt like a big task.
    She felt very unique and different.
    She understood that,
    she is on the path where lost souls walk.
    Still, she didn't tried to find out herself,
    fearing that she will be left alone.
    She went extra miles,to fit within the herd.

    She became a directionless soul,
    following the rules of conventional society.
    With disconnected hear and mind,
    and a dissociated body,
    She became a wandering lost soul.
    She was frozen and stuck.
    She longed to escape from reality.
    She longed to find out herself.

    She understood that we are all trained,
    to believe the enchanting lies about our life.
    It has created faults in our foundation.
    The scars in our body are painful reminders of our past wounds.
    It reminds us to be true to our self.
    She perceived that many of us are,
    faraway wanderers, moving towards our
    unknown destination in life.

  • shadow_kissed 4w

    Oh darling, how times have changed
    Those once ingenuous eyes
    Unmarred by the world's guile
    Now see the beautiful deception and sweet lies
    Dripping like ambrosia
    The gift of cloying chicanery

    One simple act, one slip-up
    And now all you do is glean, be chary of,
    The way you've never had to before
    Oh, how you've changed
    Forced to thrive in a gilded cage of
    Fake niceties and factitious ideals

    People are people
    Some love ferociously,
    Some grow from past mistakes,
    Some have souls deeper than the oceans
    Some are stuck in an endless loop
    Some burn as bright as the stars of the universe
    All you know is
    The chosen precious pearls
    In the sea of mundane
    Would leave an indelible smear
    In your ever-growing journey
    Of finding your soul's desire and happiness


    #lostsoul #blueandgrey #writersnetwork

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    Oh, honey the new found you is a gorgeous look

  • light_ofthe_heart 4w

    Lonely Heart

    Who could understand the pain of this heart
    The yearning of the heart in confusion
    The heart that craves to love and be loved
    The heart that finds comfort in pain and joy
    The heart that seeks to be understood and appreciated
    The heart that is still standing the trial of time

    When will this heart find its home?
    When will this heart find its peace?
    When will it be at ease with total serenity?
    When will this heart stop searching for forever?
    When will true love locate this lonely heart?
    When is that time for the lonely heart?

    Home they say could be found in the heart
    Home is in the heart of the loving heart
    Home filled with bliss and love
    Home that can never be traded for any
    Home a lonely heart finds solitude in
    When will this lonely heart find its home?

  • davinci 4w

    i suppose it matters very little how arrived at this place
    considering i know not where i currently stand
    the ground beneath my feet, full of murky shadows
    mist obscures around me
    on the bright side i do have both feet planted on soliid ground
    planted on the sodden reverie i call present

    i look round. my life before me
    fragmented pasts
    envisaged futures
    no anchor, no steer
    no guide, no companion
    no star, no muse


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    how did i get here
    where am i going

  • _pluto_ 5w

    From waking up at 3 ,
    And draining myself
    To 7 in the morning ,
    I have lost my appetite
    But what's more funny ,
    Is that I don't remember if I had one .
    To say ,
    If I am just stuck where
    Somewhere struck by time ,
    It's this small room,
    Where I and all the other people are situated ,
    They keep pouring all the blame over my little brain ,
    But how should I tell em' to stop ?
    Although it doesn't hurt anymore,
    Not until when they said ,
    "He couldn't achieve it , cause of you ..."
    [ I held my head high and started laughing cause I didn't wanted to shred my tears infront of people ,
    And now they think I am not even embarrassed of myself .]
    Today , someone said , "Don't listen to her cause she keeps playing mind games ...."
    And I remember telling him today ,
    "Do what you want otherwise people would say, It was all cause of me , you failed cause of me ...."

    Outside they thought ,
    Their words were harmless ,
    But inside I knew
    Their words destroyed my melody ,
    Actually it destroyed everything .
    Was it me who failed to fullfill their wishes ,
    Tell me why did I fail ,
    When I didn't even wished to pass the exam,
    As it was meant to prove my worth ,
    But I had known,
    I meant more than that ,
    But people always talked and kept murmuring in my ears
    You aren't worth it .....
    [ There are few things in this world that hurt me the most, they caused me social anxiety ,
    It was caused by the people who were so close ...]

    #lostsoul #writer #sad #poet
    #anxeity #depressed #lost #pluto #words #writersunite #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Why isn't it enough ?

  • khammy_the_phoenix 5w

    Parched Soul

    Bloated clouds.

    Taunts my parched soul....

    Cracked lips parted in hopes,

    Of rains wet kiss.

    Dear sky,

    Cry for me,

    Wash away my stories.....

    Set me free.

  • _shattered_soul 5w

    Walking to Ganga (Kumbhamela)

    When I walk, I think of all my desires, passions, goals, attachment, detachment, ambitions. I go through all the nice words, again & again. Most of the time, I try hard to keep my goals alive. But my struggle to keep these words alive starts dying with every mile I walk. A few hours or days or weeks later, I realise that I never wanted to fulfill those dreams. They were not my dreams. It wasn’t me but someone else.

    So, how do I become myself? By knowing who I am not & getting over that person I was trying or still trying to be unconsciously. I think the process of becoming the true self is a long one & it takes time. When I walk, I have plenty of time & I get the opportunity to practice patience everyday. Every day or alternate day, I get to know this is not me & that’s not me either. Maybe one day, this whole process of not becoming someone else might leave me with myself only & I know walking is a good way.

    Walking every single step gives me a glimpse of that universal being which has extended itself in the form of everything I see, feel & think & not see, feel or think.

    #LostSoul #Wanderlust #ShatteredSoul

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  • _pluto_ 5w

    "And there's a time
    When our eyes start converting into thin red ,
    Allowing the muscles cramps all around our stomach to unleash themselves .
    The brain loses hope then ,
    Letting the nose bridge and cheeks feel irritated
    The ears ,
    They still keep on suffering from restlessness ,
    As our heart won't stop uttering such bullshit .
    You see ,
    No hope , No melody
    Lies in the ship that you and I are sailing,
    So say ,
    Why does it hurt so much ?
    Tell me ,
    When did it start to hurt this much ? "
    #sad #depressed #mirakeewriters #writers #lost #dead #crying #alone #lostsoul #forgotten

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    "Death Is Freedom"


  • crickett 6w

    I would like to be buried with the Love..I never received when I was alive!

  • sadar_ammar 6w

    A buried body, a lost soul

    I wish to be buried with the pain I've caused people
    As the rain pours as well as their tears I only wish to be buried with years of memories
    Perhaps that will numb the pain yet their fears of other loved ones dying won't
    Perhaps it might be dumb yet I also wish to be buried with my favorite teddy bear
    The one I've had for years who's become my dearest friends

    I'd like to spend my after life buried with him as he tells me more of his stories that bring me joy even after death
    Death is inevitable indeed as to why I write this being more cautious
    Cautious I was yet not cautious enough for here I stand my body being buried
    Buried yet my soul roams freely with ease but I,
    I wished my soul would be buried so I could go to heaven

    Heaven where I can meet my loved ones that went so soon yet here I stand witnessing my own funeral
    Unknown to me that death was coming even though I knew it was inevitable I only wish I didn't get buried with my regrets
    Regrets that I'm unable to forget for they're here with me yet only vividly
    Me, who am I now? am I just another lost soul everyone will forget?

  • puccchu 8w

    Tell me which is harder !!!
    To die
    To be left behind ???

  • wise_man 10w


    I am lost today, tomorrow and will be lost forever.
    But the lost that i am stating is the loss of self.
    Until i find my proper self
    Life of mine will keep becoming more miserable.