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  • monah_ 3d


    Likhna firse shuru kardia meine..
    Purane dard aj v kafi choobte hai.


  • officiallyallok 3d

    Pyaar badhta hi jata hai waqt ke sath, suna tha logo se maine.

    Tera pyaar kam ho gya ?

    Jhooth khte hai wo log, sach yahi hai sayad maan liya maine.


  • lucifer_77 1w

    She enjoyed giving scars on my heart,
    thinking she was carving beautiful designs.

    Those scars bled my heart out,
    but yet she failed to hear my cries.


  • wildflower2000 1w

    Down in the attic

    I did not realise how much time has passed
    Till I caught a glimpse of the shiny neck piece
    As I was walked into the attic.
    It still shines so well, like I got them yesterday.
    All the memories were probably tied around it.
    First time I saw you and last time I saw you.
    It never left your neck.
    Seeing this neckpiece today feels like you disappeared yesterday
    All the pain and emotions all over again.
    Hope in expectation you'd be found.
    6 years and counting.

  • daisy_pens 1w

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    "True Love never gives you less.Even if your lover betrayed you,that pain would offer you endless opportunity to shape yourself into your best version ever " ����

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    The withered flowers you
    decorated me with
    never deserved my angelic soul
    I have burried them with serenity,
    veiled them with manures of hopes..
    From where grows
    Lively saplings of my VICTORY

    ~ daisy_pens

  • ayushi_m_writes 1w

    I will wait

    I don't know what is happening,
    Is it just me or time really seems to travel fast.
    It seems just yesterday we met,
    Outside of a train station,
    With my heartbeat fast,
    Eyes filled with tears of joy,
    Heart filled with sentiment,
    As my love arrived.
    I still feel the same, everytime I see you,
    The same pacing of heartbeat,
    The same adrenaline rush,
    The same feeling of nervousness,
    The same safeness when I hold your hands,
    The same everything, from the day we met.
    I still feel the same love for you.
    I will always feel the same love.
    That day I awaited you, to be close to you.
    Now I await you, to be in my life forever,
    No matter how long the wait is.
    Maybe someday we might reunite.
    I loved you with my whole heart that day,
    I still love you with my whole heart,
    I will always love you the same.
    You're staying forever in my heart.


  • kanchanruhela 1w

    Parallel lines

    We are two parallel lines living in two different parallel universe, waiting for creating an unique solution to become linear lines in our own universe.


  • her_wordzz 1w


    "This is what the poems are for - telling other people the things I can no longer tell you"


  • abhideysarkar 1w

    Ab toh mushkil hai uss shakhs ko dil se mitana;
    Iss dil ne jise chaha kabhi apna banana;
    Taslli deta hun main yeh dil ko aaj;
    Aye mere dil zid na kar, bus itnisi hai darkhaqast.


  • eclairer_thoughts 1w


    Giving space and staying away,
    from your lovers or loved ones,
    This seldom is a good thing.
    Because your absence in their life,
    Shows your worth and importance in their life.
    But don't give Too much space,
    Don't make them miss you too much,
    Don't make them cry for too long,
    Don't make them stay to far away.
    Because it makes them Numb.
    And they start getting to grib with it,
    Adjusting, living and accepting,
    To live a life with....... No You..in it Engaging!!

  • bewildered_lyricist 2w


    You write few chapters knowing they are perfect‍❤️‍
    Yet, you let them hide behind the darkness of uncertainty,
    You leave it to the hands of time to refind them⏱️
    But with an intense wish for your dreams to come true❤️


  • skr_perceptions 2w

    If I would say that I love you, does that make any difference to ur perspective?. To justify my anger, anxiety, poetry and everything that was wrong with me.
    #kindofpoetry #doeslovemakeanydifferance


  • dreamersneverlearn 2w

    It's Unnatural

    There's no worse pain than
    knowing the person you love
    Is out in the world
    And Loves you too
    But you both know it'll never be

  • dreamersneverlearn 2w

    Love doesn't just die

    Some days it brings me comfort to know
    You'll never stop loving me
    Sometimes it gives me strength
    To remember i walked away
    Then i realize
    It goes both ways
    I'll never stop loving you
    You're truly always with me
    Trying to move on from something you cant have
    To fill this gaping hole
    My prior plans must be put on hold
    The need to forget you is now my only goal

  • dreamersneverlearn 2w

    Learn from the pain

    Loving someone who doesn't love themselves is not only pointless,
    But causes the most horrific pain I have ever endured

  • rithin 2w

    Far away, below stranger skies,
    My heart's love, with silent cries,
    Pieced anew broken shards,
    of dying memories, lost and gone.
    Her arms bled till it felt no more,
    shards red with wounds of love.
    Our eyes met like yesterday,
    the miles tearing us apart,
    for if we saw today,
    our lips would meet,
    and our kiss would mean,
    there's no tomorrow.

  • _lostsoul___ 2w

    It's a fine morning when this all started...
    Doing usual stuff she stared
    Stared at the water pot thinking alot...
    She thought how this all happened
    N still he doesn't care coz it's usual a part of life; the fiery battle.
    She still had no idea how to deal with it including all the his tantrums his mind burdened.
    She started having problems but she kept all of that out of her concern.
    She started distorting herself mentally which no one saw... She had a dream, all future planned with a person but he's out offcourse.
    She saw what was going on but she still stayed quite almost but they took her silence as a weekness onboard.
    It was all distorted her life's a mess she thought, no one comes up when one needs...
    but the for the person she stood upright was her brother indeed.

    She trusted him believed him with every aspect of his life but she was never not lucky enough to had the same. She loved him did whatever she can but at every point she's a mess she regained. Not able to stand by others expectations she the worst game i say why to keep such when uk the person is not enough u say.

    The kind of behaviour in which he was treating was insane she stood n lost all her hopes in this stupid games of him she says.

    Knowing everything about her he kept on treating her the worst he say it continued n continued untill a mighty day. She provoked herself n shouted on the vary lane end of discussion end of this blind love end of her dreams end of everything she say.

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    Blind love.

    end of discussion
    end of her dreams
    end of everything she say.

  • jharna_05 2w


    Was it love?
    The way you made me feel goosebumps like no other?
    Was it love?  The way inexplicable feelings forged a beautiful hue of red in my face.
    Volatile hearts and charming smiles.
    Fantasies and delusional nights.
    Miles apart yet bound together.
    I wonder if it was love?
    I wondered if it was love?

    And yet I can never forget your lifeless eyes
    devoid of all shine and happiness.
    I can never forget the sight of your car wreckage.
    I will never forget the blood covering your soulless body.
    The  way you would go from stealing candies to stealing my heart.
    The way you'd go from being a guy to my bestfriend in a few years.
    And just as fast you had entered my life,  you were snatched away as well.

    That's how a lifetime of love changed into one of grief and misery.

    And that is how our story came to a brutal end.
    However I still am and will forever cherish you and your charming smile.
    Yes it was love pure and dynamic.
    And it will always be love
    Till we cross paths again.

  • thandebaste 2w

    मुझसे लेके तुम तक,
    फिर कभी और तक,
    आखरी बार सुनते जाना,
    बस लौट कर कभी मत आना।


  • pain_thru_pen 3d


    She walked the bar with a past unknown.
    The threads she wrapped to her body was
    unforeseen and people minds were blown.
    She walked through the crowded place while
    stealing all attentions with evil intention.
    She sat in the corner on a bar stool, keeping
    thigh on thigh while flaunting her curves with
    sexy pair of red high heels and eyes full
    of affection. Bartender came approaching her
    and greeting her with her name as she's an old
    face walking into the bar for years. Listening to
    jazz and drinking four shots of tequila with woe.
    Tears running down her cheeks touched her dried
    chappy lips waiting for her long lost love for hours.
    Every single man in the bar walked to her with lusty eyes asking her to buy a drink while warming up the
    hands rubbing on her thighs. Those people were
    more poisonous to her than the shots filled with
    tequila, who wanted to have a one night stand
    to satisfy their horny side. But she always looked
    into their eyes with fire burning in her heart and
    always kept mum, finishes her shots and used to
    walk out of the bar with pure aggression. The fire
    burning in her heart made it steal which was
    unbreakable. She wasn't even sure what she wanted
    from life now. Her true love betrayed her, played with
    her emotions and left her. She's a concrete now.
    With a heart of steal and body of concrete, she
    always walked into the bar stealing the eyes of pervets
    and get drunk over shots of tequilas. She was broken
    and had no hope, she was devastated but still
    continued to walk into the exact same bar and
    shading tears in thoughts of her love.
    And one night.....

    One night, she decided to put a stop into it. She decided
    to revive her joyful life over this reckoned life of a dead soul who has forgotten to live. And that night, she didn't dressed like whore, she didn't applied any slutty makeup on her face, didn't wore any jewelry.
    She went upstairs to the roof and leaned into bars and gazed into the stars far...faaar away from her which seemed like decorative brightening jewels of the infinite sky. She closed her eyes and felt the cold breeze swaying her hair and rejuvenating her skin with fresh oxygen. Then suddenly, it got cloudy. The sky blessed her with love that poured from the heavy dark clouds and that was the moment when she felt she should live. She should live with a loving life that she lost while satisfying her fake love.
    The rain said to her, the touch of her skin was worth the fall. All the fears of separation from self, change of form, change of salt, change of undecided course was worth it.
    What if it fell just because she wished ? What if it wished to wet her eyes only to realise that she took her life for granted ? She forgot to breathe.
    She then realized what she was missing and she asked to her inner self, what if wishes actually meet somewhere to find your better half ? You are your everything. Your are the maker and you are destroyer. She then kept wishing than to lose all the chance. A chance to be happy for eternity. She was better, the best now. She now choose to take long walks in soft windy days than to walk into the filthy bar. She always stares at the bar and think, what she was and in which path she lead herself to live. Then she realised one thing, those shots of tequilas were the shots of sorrows that she used to gulp to punish herself.
    Now her shots of tequilas converted to shots of life.

    @pain_thru_pain ����️����

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    She walked the bar with past unknown.
    The threads she wrapped to her body was
    unforseen and people minds were blown.
    She walked through the crowded place while
    stealing all attention with evil intention.
    She sat in the corner on a bar stool, keeping
    thigh on thigh while flaunting her curves with
    sexy pair of red heels and eyes full of affection.