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  • kittuhopeful 48m

    Kho gya

    Zindgi hmari soch se jada gumgeen h
    Pta ni zindgi ki kitab k kis panne pr
    Sukoon ki mohar h..
    Yun to zindagi guzar sb rhy h
    Pr jeene ki tareef
    Pta ni us kitab m kaha gum ho gai h...
    Bs himmat har ni maan ri
    Wrna sukoon to sath hi chod gya h...


  • nriteshraj 58m

    हर किसी की बात को सुन लेता हूँ,
    तो कमजोर या बेवकूफ़ मत समझना,
    जिस दिन मै सम्भल गया, उस दिन समझ लेना मैं बदल गया।


  • pathak01 3h

    उसके जाने का ग़म कितना है बताऊँ तुम्हे,

    अब किसी का भी आना अच्छा नही लगता..

  • dr__aditi 3h

    Share of what is ours
    has been lost in fighting
    over what was never
    supposed to be in possession.
    In difficult times
    how we lose sense
    of important is surely
    a dilemma of intuition; an err.


  • preetm 8h

    Maan kr bethe hai
    Kuki sab jaanker bethe hai
    Waqt badalta hai ibadat sbki
    Ye khud pr ajmaa kr bethe hai

    Or ab kya gum
    Jab Ishq se bharosa utha bethe hai
    Kuki Ishq mai sab gaawa kr bethe hai

    Dubara ishq na krne ki
    Kasam kha kr bethe hai
    Unki yaad na aa jaye kbhi
    Isliye khud ko hi bhula bethe hai.....


  • nriteshraj 14h

    जहाँ दिल के जज़्बात को नहीं समझा जाता

    वहा खामोश रहना बेहतर हैं।


  • giridhar1529 1d

    And don't worry,we will always be the brand ambassadors of 'lost and found'.


  • nriteshraj 1d

    Don't cry No one care

    Start smiling everyone will get jealous..


  • ritesh18 1d

    Boat ⛵ Rockerz 450

    Raaste bhar k khwaab the dekhe,
    Lekin manzil aayi to sb khwaab hi rh gye...

  • a_franteen_writer 1d

    #kept #pod #lost #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    *all the things I preserved, do not exist in this world*
    this is a fact for me .

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    "things that i preserved
    do not exist anymore in this world"

    things that i preserved
    do not exist anymore in this world.
    still in the memory of my late wishes,i reminisce them, as for how much i wished for them to die and go away, i ended up liking and Alas! loving them with a heart i never knew existed.
    1. the starry night in my eyes:
    the skies were pink,
    yellow were the nights
    when the lunar tides of childhood
    were fresh and alive
    when Alice could jump into a hole
    and would roam the Earth
    as a wonderland of fancy rabbits and magic
    i guess that was where the starry night in my eyes ended,
    when the wonderland of my land started speaking and whispering terrible tales and nightmares.
    2. landscapes from a foreign land:
    when a child whispers tales of forbidden forests and murky marshlands,
    dragons that breathed smoke
    or blood thirsty vampires,
    i wove a wreath of picturesque lands,
    where water was blood,
    and plants carnivorous
    mountains were the only constants of beauty
    and everything else was dull and sullen
    suddenly I would open my eyes and scribble,
    but nothing compared to what I saw
    so i left; giddy.
    3. the will to be found:
    i got lost in somewhat a knockturn alley
    so i waited patiently,
    like a patient awaits the cure,
    i sat in between the thugs of innocence
    but strangely didn't get robbed
    for i had nothing but a photograph
    of what i was supposed to be
    and that is when i knew
    i was never me
    but rather a mirror
    everyone saw what they were looking for
    but a mirror itself has no existence and meaning
    i was indeed a thug,
    and that is when i lost the will to be found.
    4. the possibility of being unique:
    the hoax of uniqueness and maturity seeped in,
    some whispered about my immaturity, immaculately
    so i was obsessed with aliens and loners,
    who I sought to be different ,
    but soon the paradoxes bloomed
    of how mature a 17 year old should be?
    is their a scale like Pauling scale or Richter's
    to measure such possibilities?
    none I was told.
    and that's when i guess
    i lost my normalcy and the will to fight and survive.
    5. trauma poetry that was on loss of words to be truly manufactured:
    when the clouds don't rain,
    they make a fuss ,
    flowers forget to bloom ,
    skies forget to shine ,
    and there is a sarcastic smile,
    on the pages of my diary,
    taunting me to stain them,
    even though they know i can't,
    so i waited for the arrival of words,
    but in the end all that poetry was lost,
    so i filed a missing complaint,
    in the court of lexicographers,
    my petition was denied.
    in the end i lost whatever i preserved,
    first loves,
    first memories
    first scars
    and most importantly, my ability to create new nuances of faith,
    that i knew were already very frail.
    still one thing i preserved and never lost was ironically my faith in the cosmos,
    although i might have lost my faith in me, but the thought of being, saved the sunken ship.

  • nriteshraj 1d

    यू ना मुझसे रूठा कर
    धड़कन हो जाती है तेज !
    आता नहीं मुझे मनाने
    फिर भी कोशिश करता रहता हूं!
    एक विनती है तुझसे
    छोटी-छोटी बात पर गुस्सा ना होना
    गलती हो मेरी तो बता देना !


  • selenophilic_873 2d

    Raw entry 0.1

    There is some kind of peace
    Beyond this shores
    In amidst of echoes
    A serendipity waiting to escape

    Through those horizons
    Is a peaceful world
    A caged dream of metaphors and words
    Waiting to sail away and elude

    I want to go home
    Beyond the reign
    Of this materialistic wonders
    Through the land of peace

    For once let's escape
    This reality
    And let this nightmare end
    As a serene pristine morning rays

  • writtersfeelingz 2d

    Nothing changed

    My pen
    My pages
    My feelings
    My emotions
    My tears
    My love
    Except the volume number
    I wrote in my heart
    She moved on...I couldn't
    Yet a volume of my episode
    Of hopeless love story

  • nriteshraj 2d

    बचपन में जादू पे भी यकिन था,

    अब तो हक़िक़त भी झूठ लगता हैं।


  • prinshuyadav 2d

    Thoughts often become wild
    When heart can't find home.


  • afifafouz 2d


    All i want is to breathe......

    After lot of stupidity finally i realised that I ruined my life.......
    Can't speak to anyone about everything I faced.........
    Heavy heart mind block.........
    I felt as if it's the end of everything now there is nothing left to get up and walk again........
    Thinking to end up life because can't explain what just happened..........
    Mind is full of guilt......
    Thinking of parents to talk but can't.......
    I just broke there trust I just broke them in to million pieces don't know how to explain them the same thing just got me to death.........
    Just like them I too trusted some of my friends and ruined my life and there trust thought.......... For the last time I want them to understand me forgive me....
    I want to go out of this guilt and broken soul.......
    Want to start something fresh out of toxic friends family and the past The guilt is killing me inside........
    Now it's just I want to breathe.............

  • crackhead06 3d


    Mirage views, false hopes,
    A heart that fails to register the
    Echoes and screams of the brain.
    Confined to translucent bubbles
    Smile I do, wide and big.
    Somewhere I've lost a piece of me
    The innocence, the confidence I miss
    Too scared to let go, to live my best life.
    Am I cut out for this race
    Or is it just false hope


  • radhi_04 5d

    आज किताब पढ़ रही थी मैं ,
    अचानक तेरा चेहरा सामने आ गया !
    उस पल लगा जैसे तू लौट आ गया ,
    न जाने कैसा वह मोड़ उस कहानी में आ गया ,
    किताब की कहानी भूल , हमारी अधूरी कहानी याद करने लगी मैं ,
    काश तेरी छाती पर अपना सर रखकर आंसुओं को छुपा पाती मैं ,
    काश तुझे गले लगा कर एक बार फिर से उस कहानी को पूरा कर पाती मैं.....!


    #book #story #lost #love #hope #broken

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  • poetic_myth101 5d

    Crows Of Darkness

    Await in the shadows for here they come
    Taking the sinners one by one
    Leaving no task undone as the dead has won
    And claiming that this is their way of having fun

    They sing with joy in their voices but with despair in their hearts
    Their minds are foggy but working fast like darts
    People run but their dreams of escape are afar
    And as she looks their eyes, she sees the dark

    Crying have mercy for I am not what I seem
    And they laugh yelling you can't be redeemed
    For you are mine to keep
    And they cry for hope was the thing they had seen

    And as this continues it becomes the past
    And everyone speaks of it as a myth nothing more than a old rash
    As time returns to normal as if the world was recovering so fast
    As some wonder of the peace, the mercy of the world's cruelty would last

  • the_sunset_girl 5d


    The air felt heavy,
    The silence was deafening,
    Thoughts became chaotic,
    Calm eyes covered the tempest,
    Screams shattered beneath the guts,
    The flutters weren't of the butterflies', but
    The flames exhaled by the fire dragons.
    She was dying, slowly,
    As the potion has become poison;
    The kryptonite she kept within her heart!


    #love #lost #disappointment #life #quotes

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