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  • marysew 13h

    A first poem in a long time. ��
    #love #loss #found #freed #hope #nature #poem #poet #writer #writing

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    “Gently As We Go”

    Hold me gently as we go,
    For the waves do move to and fro,
    The sands they run,
    The butterflies go,
    Hold me gently as we go.
    Hold my had as I walk about,
    For the small birds chirp
    And the owls do shout,
    The eagles will cry,
    And the pigeons do pout,
    Hold my hand as I walk about.
    I reach for the air and seek your face,
    The light looks dimmer in this place,
    But soon I find streaming light like lace,
    And I feel, alone, I can pick up the pace,
    As I reach for the sky to embrace,
    The abundant joy of God's Grace.
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • __akshat__ 17h

    You didn't need my permission to be there for me!

  • simpisaikia 20h

    How do you know that you were loved?
    He used to hold me in his arms and tell me stories until I fall asleep.


  • dreambeliever 1d

    If I could be anywhere.

    For my whole Family...

    If I could be anywhere right now, I would be...
    In Heaven, eternally by your side....


  • azulonze 3d

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #covid #realistic #drama #death #destruction #loss #victims #azulonze

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    The Covid Mayhem : An Anthem.

    With all the Death, Mayhem on Parade, I couldn't keep this Gem in it's Safe. The Original Work is Titled under : Feel the Air. Which is one of my Most FAVOURITE Work so Far... I haven't Edited this. Not even Once. The News is Getting Scarier than Horror Movies. Hopefully I brought out at least few Daily Happenings Because of This Virus.

    I'll try to Publish this on some Blog Sites or at least Get this on YouTube. I'll Update this on my Next Post.

    Take Care Guys, Stay Safe. Follow the Covid Protocols.

    I was Pushed to Write this Piece after my Best Friend's Friend's Father Passed away on Saturday.

    We need to Remember that, The Government is on the Verge of Collapsing, with it's Efficient way of Mishandling this Pandemic. Frontline Warriors are getting sick, Crematorium and Hospitals are Overburdened. We can Pray that we Stay Safe. And Protect our Family.

    I apologise if my Words are Straight Forward or Hurtful.

    Stay Safe ����
    Saynora ����


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    The Covid Mayhem : An Anthem

    The World is Waltzing in a Murderous Masquerade!
    If one Fails to Wear, Five Names Fade Away...

    Eyes wander the Streets....
    Masked People of Mask Crowd, Everywhere.

    The Sky Feels Empty,
    As The Air Reminds me of Chimera...
    Freedom was Lost,
    Lives have Passed,
    Victims grew like the Belly of the Rich...
    The Sun becomes Merciless,
    So do the Tender Monsoon Rains,
    And Fall & Winter Follow Suit.
    Inhuman Humanity,
    Finally Reaps what it Sowed...
    God can't be Blamed for Man's Cruelty.
    From Farmers To,
    The Dead Syrians...
    And Many other Innocent's Injustice?
    Is Served with Justice upon the Living.

    Air Reminds me of Death,
    Rain Reminds me of Death,
    Sun Reminds me of Death,
    I witness and shiver at Nature & Man's Destructive Dance.

    People of God are Slaughtered Like Lambs,
    Chaos eats Continents,
    Hope is Strangled,
    Peace is now, A Far away Dream...

    Death Runs a Wild Campaign...
    The World is Coming to an Ending...

    There's Hope Stitched in Irony,
    Like how Destruction is Stitched within Humanity...

    Forever Humbled,
    A Kid with Words AO


  • shakthi_dr 3d


    Do like, share and follow me for my other works
    And especially don't forget to put a smile on people face those who undergo depression.....!

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    Her tears

    Seeing her tears run down her cheeks,
    Crushes my heart to several shards,
    I want to be her bespeak,
    While she remains mum during those chads,
    And tantrums thrown at her,
    Which she never deserved,
    In the whole preoccupied world I was always reserved for her,
    But she was never able to accept me....

    As she got crushed in the world of hatred,
    I tried hard to put a smile on her pretty face,
    Each time she came back shattered,
    She never had the great little trace of smile,
    Which was last seen before she lost her parents,

    I want to rip the heart of those morons,
    Part by part as they took her brightness,
    I want to tell that she is my world,
    Where I feel at home,
    Soon I will rescue you from all these misery,
    Each and every tear you shed now will be answered...

    He returned after 10 years to take her hand in marriage. As the most powerful CEO of the country.

  • sakshidubey 3d

    Love that was fatal not full of sunshine.

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    Like the old castles had the finest forms of artifacts and architecture that allure us till today when only the ruins are left of once a symbol of pomp and grandeur of victory.

    Like some old tapestry on the walls of some museum or some antique art gallery I have decorated my rustic soul in the tapestry of his love all fresh and woven with the intricate threads of warm love of red and green yellow and purple of love envy melancholy and pain and of agony.

    Like the old mourning mausoleum I'm a living grave of love which was pure but the intentions that he had were fatal enough to kill my innocent heart brutally in plain act of debauchery.


  • stoned_age 4d


    So low, the vibe
    sorrow, the feel
    how do i teach
    myself to smile?

    power, you had
    abandon, your act
    how did i give
    myself to thee?

    giver, i was
    taker, you are
    how could i drain
    my energy away?

    lessons, the past
    forgot, my bad
    how could i let
    it happen again?

    promises, of pact
    broken, the fact
    how did i learn
    to love in vain?

    facade, the word
    cruel, the world
    how could i survive
    the rain and the flame?

    peace, i yearn
    pieces, i remain
    how can i fix
    myself again?


  • vanya_saxena 5d

    "Some people are not ours to lose."


  • amrin_sadik 1w


    Don't REGRET by yourself
    Don't allow them to REGRET you

  • girlnextdoor477 1w

    Just A Dream

    Sweet dreams is such a deception, not all dreams are sweet.

    You can close your eyes with relief and escape the harsh reality.
    As I fall into a deep trance, I start to see your face,
    Hear your laugh,
    So why am I so sad?

    Then I realized it’s not you, you’re just an apparition, a mirage, created by my insanity.
    I begged and pleaded for you to stay but we both knew it was far too late.

    Despair filled my body, and it was as if I was drowning from it, hoping it would take me away.
    You pulled a photo from your inside coat pocket and stared deeply into it with a smirk.
    You hesitantly show me, and what I seen was a photo of us.

    I wanted the photo so bad; you could physically feel the love radiating from the picture. It didn’t matter how much I desired the photo,
    You wouldn’t let me keep it.

    When I asked why he still needs it, he chuckled.
    He hugged me tightly and spoke
    “this is my light, on the darkest of days, its my most prized possession”.

    To my relief I woke up
    I was thankful that none of it was real.
    As I got ready for the day, my memory started playing over the horrid nightmare I had.

    Then it hit me,
    Tears began to stream down my face,
    My stomach felt like clothes tumbling in the dryer.
    It wasn’t a nightmare, it was a dream, it was a dream because my reality is the nightmare.

    You are gone from this world and have been for months.

    The world is empty.
    At least in my sleep I was able to see you, to talk to you, to have some part even if it wasn’t all.

    It was just a dream.

    Sure, you’ll be with me in my heart, but it’s not the same.

    It was just a dream.

  • desibyron 1w

    The Other Person

    After a breakup, the one who is left gets the lion's share of sympathy, love and support. The one who leaves becomes the infernal villain, a person to be hated, mocked and humiliated everywhere. To be made the subject of a thousand revenge and moving-on posts. Nobody asks them the reason, the sheer pain, the inner turmoil that made them take this step. They are never understood, because the dreamy-eyed society hates those who choose their own happiness over a silly love story.


  • young_flower 1w


    One thousand three hundred and thirty two days without your smile.

    The first 365 were the hardest. They were the ones that hurt the most, and made me fell the most lost.

    365 more, were spent trying to accept that I will never talk to you again. Accepting that death is infinite and not temporary.

    The rest? Well, the rest have been me trying my best to do more than survive. Knowing you'd want me to live, but feeling it's hard to breathe when I remember that you're actually gone...

  • raman_writes 1w


    बड़ा नुकसान उठाया है इस कारोबार में हमने ।

    रमन मोहब्बत करने का फ़न तुम में नहीं है ।।


  • lossletters 1w

    229 Days

    I always look for you in the sky.


  • yoyowrites_ 1w

    Lost in a maze

    It's been a while, my dear
    When was the last time again that
    Your smile had blessed my eyes?
    Years flew by waiting for none
    And I went on pounding my chest-
    Partially dead, partially hopeful
    Partially devoured by ugly mess
    I wasn't prepared to pay for the price
    But there I was...
    Retrieving the dreams
    Piece by piece
    Lost in that awful case of robbery
    Recollecting what's ours,
    All the stones we have gained so far

    Hosting a dinner for our friends
    Wasn't that much of a help either
    though I know you would have loved it,
    Every bit of it.
    I really tried my dear,
    Even then, here I am still fighting tears
    Fuck those words churning,
    Fuck these feelings burning
    Because everything I did
    you'd have taken them with glee
    While It left a thick lump in my throat,
    Malignant and breeding it's brood,
    I find peace in the thought of you.
    Sadly but true.

    I practiced fake healing.
    It knocked me out instead
    With an experience so unpleasant
    And I got lost in a maze,
    far away from where
    My senses lie superior and sane.
    I've walked miles you might not see
    I've sealed many mountains
    With the shoes you gifted me.
    However still,
    You weren't there holding my hands
    Cause you've been in peace ever since
    Not knowing that your absence
    has left me battered and incomplete.


  • _teal_ 1w

    When anger replaces all the emotions. Darkness becomes second nature. How else would one react to a loss.


  • the_unfiltered_ink 2w

    Dear reader,

    I know you have gone through so much in your life that at times it is hard for you to give it a try. Or may be one more try!

    I know everytime you poured your heart out and it was crushed and coerced making it a gloomy night one more time, you lost your faith in fairy tales for a lifetime.

    I also know that you weren't like this before. Your definition of love was so pure, it was beautiful and you believed in fulfilling common charismatic goals with your fingers entangled and fixed with your partner for the time you two move to each and every possible shore.

    I know it was so much more !
    I have seen you day dreaming about your love life, that first kiss, those naughty butterflies and that everlasting lifetime. And I also know that you have tried too many times.

    I know the journey hasn't been that dreamy though. It sucked like hell and you too fell apart, your sould drowned deep into the shallow waters of disbelief and mistrust. Shattering you wasn't this easy so initially you believed it was just a nightmare but slowly walking up the hill you realized that it turned into a daunting road of lies, a path you never want to choose for life.

    It's okay to feel so. It's perfectly fine to not trust or believe in love anymore. Afterall, you have all the possible reason to, right? But hey my beautiful reader I still want you to try, I want you to let it all go and fly, you know why?

    Because life is huge and so is your passion to live. This world is filled with billions of people craving for love yet failing at times. They too haven't been so fine in this thorny-flowery journey of love and life. It happens, and it's important for you to know what do you deserve in your life.

    And let me tell you, you deserve all the happiness, love, butterflies and everything of this universe. You deserve the lover you have always been dreaming of. And trust me you will get there. For I know your other half too is searching for you from his drenched heart, that too needs doses of your care and smile to bloom.

    All you need to do is to believe in love and trust me or the universe, it will indeed find you. Just don't wait for it, for it loves to suprise us with its own magic, and yes your chance is too soon. And that's the reason I want you to keep believing and definitely try when someone worthy passes by.

    Don't create this obstacle of insecurities freezed and locked in your innocence heart. You deserve so much more, you deserve a new chance, a new life and a beautiful love story for sure.

    Follow me @the_unfiltered_ink on Instagram too.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #wod #pod #rhetoric #writer #love #life #pain #loss

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    Why I want you to give it a try?

    I know it was so much more !
    I have seen you day dreaming about your love life, that first kiss, those naughty butterflies and that everlasting lifetime. And I also know that you have tried too many times.


  • wind_in_the_hairs 2w

    It's okay if I don't find a place in your poems like you do in mine. I'll rest in peace knowing my love was purer than yours.

    #love #loss #peace #life #movingon #lettinggo #birthdays

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    No, I won't wish you on your birthday.
    No, I won't go down that lane.

    I know better now,
    And I'm going to rise above.

    I wish you all the love,
    And to this I release my peace dove.

    For peace is what's most important to me today,
    And tomorrow, and everyday starting today.


  • diamondintherough 2w

    I Can't Wait To Hate You

    trapped by love
    darkness surrounds
    me though light
    seeps in from above.
    Bittersweet memories
    flow through the air
    but as I try to reach
    for them, no longer
    are they there.
    Love has captured
    them, deceived me
    once again.
    I'm pulled in by
    deception, shackled
    by lies. Forever drifted
    away no longer
    bound in loves eyes.