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  • misteveous 15h

    the downfall

    why does it have to be so hard?
    why does the absence makes you blind?
    why does it make you lost into the infinity of thought?
    why does it feel like a stratus cloud sitting on your chest?
    why does it make you ignore the present and remind you the past?
    why does it make you laugh while with everyone and sob while alone?
    why does the feeling of sorrow while closing your eyes still exist even when you wake up the next day?
    why does it be so freaking hard???

  • backstorypoetry 18h

    We all have the tendency to make promises and we are thought this story about promises, never break promises, you will lose the people whom you made the promise to. That's true. We will lose them, when we break it out of the misery that we have faced being binded with the promise we made.
    Remember making a promise also takes away certain freedom and makes you unhappy eventually with the time and as the time goes on, you lose yourself.
    Don't make a promise at the cost of losing your own identity.
    Is it all worth it?

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    Don't make promises that make you a prisoner and bind you with the law of not breaking promises.

  • bushbaby 22h

    death of a loved one

    Your hands were cold
    Your eyes had drifted close,
    There were two of us,
    But I knew I was alone.

    I battled against numbness;
    Our memories too valuable for me to lose.
    I sent my happiness after you;
    You were free of needles, of pills,
    And stubbornly silent rooms.
    You stood beside me as I said goodbye,
    Lingering even as the saintly shroud signalled the end of the rites;
    But your face was that of a stranger,
    Hauntingly severe, and utterly indifferent to my cries.
    Even my senses turned against me;
    Testifying for wishes that never solidified.
    And I disowned my faith,
    Guilty of using it to feed on lies.

    Regret proved loyal:
    Fiercely guarding me from Sleep,
    Time who raced to the finish line when you remained with me,
    Slowed down, in an ironic show of pity.
    I investigated into your case,
    Desperate for inconsistencies in your love for me;
    For reality came with an unbearable ache,
    The reality that you could never be replaced.

    Time picked up his pace once again,
    I covered my ears and played blind,
    When he pointed to the road ahead;
    For I still clung to you,
    However stranger to me you grew.
    And although Time may continue on his course,
    Grief had become a friend,
    And Living had become a foe.


  • anshera 1d


    The massive and the unsinkable ship
    The "QUEEN OF OCEAN " she was named to be
    The largest moving object was sailing in the sea

    Everyone arrived to say good bye
    No one knows these temporary smile will change to permanent sigh ;
    As she was moving from Southampton to haunted pole
    No one knows they are near to show their powerful soul

    Everyone asleep till the voice "COME SHIP SINKING" was heard
    Every brave man cried "LADIES AND CHILDREN FIRST"

    "THIS SHIP MADE ME FEEL SAFE" as everyone thought
    The grave of these people greedy ocean got

    The sea laughed on the ship I guess
    Because overcoming the natural forces her name suggest

    Someone said this ship can't sink
    At 2am 15th April it was broken within a blink

    The band still playing "NEARER..MY GOD TO THEE"
    People on the lifeboats , sinking titanic they can see

    The eyes that once saw the majestic deck
    Now seeing the titanic's wreck

    What if the 5 th compartment was not filled
    1500 people on board can't be killed

    The stiff as rock titanic was thought to be unsinkable
    Untill it really sinked

    The menace of starlighted midnight
    Why can't titanic see the early morning Monday light

    The same thing reciprocated as 'THE WRECK OF TITAN "said
    Was it really the moving death bed ???
    -Anshera Mulani

  • loftydreams101 1d

    For the Fortunate Soul of Another

    Her widening silence opens a valve
    Draining the colors,
    The once deathless sounds of the world
    Steep walls of grey
    Arc into a ceiling
    Siphoning, courageous shades of blue
    This glimmering loss
    Will flood out the gutters,
    Welling up
    In the fortunate soul of another

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • robertnolan_1 1d

    The One They Took From Me

    I loved that girl.
    More than anything in the world.
    The beauty of her soul made me fight that war.
    The one person in life I could truly adore.
    I was twenty-seven, she was twenty-four.
    The love that never got to be anymore.

    They raped her in that room.
    One by one and two by two.
    She was left white as snow.
    After they messed my head up and made me go.

    They broke into everything I owned.
    In that moment when I became dethroned.
    If I could go back in time I would have made her mine.
    The one girl I thought about all the time.
    If I was a man I would have ensured she was fine.
    Instead my death meant she got left behind.

    J was my perfect ten.
    My future taken by those awful men.
    The students who gawked all day long.
    Too stupid to react when I sang any song.

    A eulogy about me won’t be written now.
    My body broken from that shrew like cow.
    I hope J is ok even though we don’t speak.
    My life is over because of that week.
    She was the one, would have made me complete.
    I did everything I could, but pointless in the end, as I couldn’t stop that final shriek.

    I’m sorry and always will be.
    Scared of life? Of love? I never will see.
    All I want now is to take what is mine.
    If only I could change it and go back in time.

    © Robert Nolan 21-06-21
    All Rights Reserved

  • my_book_my_words 3d


    "If someone goes from your life forever,
    You can not stop them by holding there hands,
    If they are not meant for you or some other person,
    Then they are definitely meant for God."
    -Mayuresh kallani.

  • natkhatiwrites 4d


    कदम ज़मीन से उछाल मारते थे,
    रफ़्तार हवा को चुनौती देती थी।
    भारत के ताज पर चार चांद लगानेवाले,
    तू भारत का एक अनमोल नगीना है।

    दौड़ तू लगाता था ऐसे,
    उड़ान भर रहा हो जैसे।
    तेरे पैरों में जो जान थी,
    वो देश की शान थी।

    आज खामोश हर ज़ुबान है,
    हर आंख ग़मगीन है।
    तू आख़री बार फिर उड़ा है,
    अफ़सोस, अब नहीं लौटेगा।

    जो समय यहां बिताया था,
    वो हमेशा याद आयेगा।
    जब भी तेरा नाम आयेगा 'मिल्खा'
    सिर गर्व से उठ जायेगा।

  • girlnextdoor477 4d

    Ultimate Cosmic Joke

    *Trigger warning*
    (Words are figurative)

    Life is a fickle thing.
    A trickster.
    Some may even say cruel.
    You give me this opportunity,
    A chance to open up.
    So I take it.
    This was nothing but a test.
    A test that I failed.

    Something bad happened and it obviously changed everything.

    You dangled a gift right in front of me,
    Only to take it away before I even knew.

    And here it goes,
    I found yet another one who's unsure.
    Unsure of their feelings.
    Unsure on what they want to do.
    Open up they say,
    So I do, only to have what I feared come true.
    You say you need time to think things through.
    How can you say you're sure of me when you don't know what to do.

    My heart is already hurting,
    Breaking into a million pieces.
    I know what's yet to come, so do I pull the trigger myself.

    Or do I wait knowing the result.

    Waiting for you to do it yourself ?

    I fight every urge to just push you away, to shut you out before you have the chance to say.

    Yet, a glimmer of hope remains.

    I'm angry, not at you, but at myself.
    I took a chance knowing I shouldn't.
    I suffered a loss...more than one.
    I watch the clock ticking,
    Staring at my phone,
    Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • scaredycat 5d


    Im sorry you felt like my words suffocated your feelings for me to death.

    I'm sorry Instead of trusting me
    you believed you needed to question every answer
    to every question
    You ever asked me to answer.

    Especially the ones
    that I expected you to believe
    Were worthy of your trust.

    I'm sorry you made your girlfriend mold out of concrete instead of silicon
    so that only a very specific type of woman would be able to fit comfortablely inside it.

    I'm sorry I was so uncomfortable with you needing to keep that mild right beside you
    where I felt more comfortable
    than any other place in this big bad world

    I'm sorry that my Argument about not needing a mold in the first place
    Wasn't convincing enough
    to convince you
    you didnt need it.

    I'm sorry you were so angry at me for stilll being in love with you the way you begged me to be in love with you before
    I had fallen in love with you when you had already fallen in love with me.

    I'm sorry I still hadn't fallen even after you were already being helped up and preparing to dust off your knees and look to see if anyone had witnessed your fall.

    I'm sorry that once I finally did fall
    I struggled to get back on my feet,

    I'm sorry I didn't have a hand to help me like you did and my knees werent just dirty were got skinned and my jeans ripped

    I'm sorry I didn't just fall in love with you I tripped.

    I'm sorry that when I looked around to see if anyone had seen everyone was watching and pointing their fingers While laughed and called me accident prone

    I'm sorry I couldn't just erase your number or your text messages or your pictures from my phone

    I'm sorry that you were able to erase me so easily from not only your phone but your life

    I'm sorry I didn't know how to be more valuable to you.

    I'm sorry you were my MVP
    And despite not showing up at alll this last couple seasons you still hold that title even though I know you don't want it.

    I'm sorry your life is better with
    out me I'm it and mine hasn't been good since you went away

    I'm sorry I had to hear you tell me you regret me and propably still regret me to this day.

  • loftydreams101 1w

    Milestones Buried in Moss

    Will I grow aimless
    Cold and dreary
    In the silent world after
    When legends fall over
    Into coils of green?
    When the ceiling gives way
    To a lane of stars
    A map
    To the heavenly spires of dawn
    I've let my nightmares scatter
    And flood the empty pages
    Long before I've set out
    On this weary stroll

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • mazingamar 1w


    Where one looks
    One does not find

    Revelations and fears
    Of being hopelessly behind

    A loss or a win?
    One must wonder

    How did this all begin?


  • tenderkisses 1w

    She was truly nothing more than his play thing, his entertainment. He fed her his words on a silver spoon and she swallowed them whole. His lack of remorse or empathy sickens her, he is a wolf, a feral depraved wolf that feeds on power of manipulation and charm..


  • journeyhale 1w

    I am still mad at you
    I still fume sometimes
    Raging anger in a torrent.

    They ask how I can be angry
    at the dead.
    I reply "very easily,
    Grief is not a place for coherent thought."

    Grief is a place where your soul is torn from your body and shredded into tiny pieces.

    Grief is a place of madness,
    A place where your gut falls to the floor
    Seconds before your knees.

    Grief is a place where emotions are Oceans in A King Tide,
    Churning and drowning you, never giving repreive.

    It is never a place that makes sense.
    It is where I'm still mad at you and you're still gone.
    #grief #loss #life #anger #rage #suicideawareness #suicide #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    Grief is a Place

    They ask how I can be angry
    at the dead.
    I reply "very easily,
    Grief is not a place for coherent thought."

    It is never a place that makes sense.
    It is where I'm still mad at you and you're still gone.

  • paranoidismarie 2w

    Blind, bound, deaf, lost, yet found
    #Writers #poetry #life #pain #suffering #loss #found #proud #love #hell

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    They let me see but they took my sight
    they said I was free
    yet I'm trapped inside
    they let me breathe
    but watch as I drown
    they let me speak
    yet no one can hear a sound
    they take what they give
    making this life very hard to live
    I asked you this
    why the hell are they keeping me around?

  • unsaid 2w

    #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite @writersnetwork #wod #lost #loss #unsaid #Kashmir @writersbay #sya #path #road #dear #numb

    In Urdu :

    Yu'n jab fir in khasta raston par chalna hua,
    Dile _behas ka, fir hawao'n ki khatir rukna hua.
    Kinare yahan ta'eed de rahe hain khud ko ,
    Ek khoye hue razdaa:n aaj fir guzarna hua.

    #Unsaid :
    (Let's have a walk on our beloved road... & listen , what friendship means...)
    To a lost one... What is best gift i can send .. ?

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    To a Lost one.

    Still when i walk on thy curly paths,
    Where my heart numbs.
    Where a blowing wind is enough...
    to give me a little pause.
    Where the two ends of road , on my left & right,
    brief each other & comfort my loss.
    There, my dear,
    my eyes still rove to catch your shadows.


  • porcupine 2w

    Definition of loss

    Saying one more goodbye
    Knowing this time it is final

  • decron 2w

    Belief as a need


    I once believed in god. I believed in miracles and faith. I believed in heaven and hell. These beliefs were core to my being, these beliefs weren't built off a fundamental understanding of the universe, but a need for my core beliefs to be true.

    Slowly i lost that belief. Through the crudeness and cruleness of the church. The lies of the fellos members, and the death of a loved one.

    This shift was destructive at first. Giving up this core understanding. Letting go of this need for my beliefs to be true. But I'm better now.

    Part of blind understanding and belief was the acceptance of abuse. The acceptance that i deserved what i received. The assumption that i was weak and undeserving. Slowly I let go of that.

    Lately I've seen a parallel between that and my love life. I may be hurt, i may be treated as unworthy, undeserving and stupid, but I've grown to accept it as how this love works. How i must exist in order to leave in place this core belief.

  • igautamji 2w

    In the
    of life
    a leaf falls

    Forever separated
    from the tree

    #septolet #lonely #death #loss

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    In the
    of life
    a leaf falls

    Forever separated
    from the tree


  • angelssymphony 2w

    Not For Me

    Evenings are high on love and love is not for me.
    I'm like an owl at night sitting alone in a tree even though there are other creatures surrounding me.
    I once yearned for love, but that yearning died.

    A fire that once burned bright inside of me was put out without a fight.
    I can see you, but you can't see me because I am hiding.
    I'm like a horse that's wild and free that no one will be riding.
    Nights are dark and cold for me, and the thought of love has got me crying.

    I'm like the Moon who fell in love with the Sun knowing it could never be.
    I don't think the Sun even cares enough to take a look at me.
    The Sun seems happy enough and I am filled with envy.

    Love had passed me by as the wind was blowing.
    I know never again to leave my heart out showing.
    The darkness envelopes me.
    I've given up on hoping.
    I'll be just fine, I fly away with no love to help float me.
    Maybe one day there will be someone who will be able to rope me, and open up my heart from closing.