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  • benevolentsoulhealer 1w

    The World As It Is

    Everybody has something to say, yet we’re all quiet.
    We just sit on our phones. Trapped. Never looking up.
    Every day we miss the most important things. Us.
    We all pray blindly. Put faith in something unknown.
    We only look up at tragedy. Sadness. Regret.

    And this is now the way it will be.

    Humans are becoming something other than natural.
    Every fibre, every atom is screaming at us to change.
    We, as a society, unknowingly fight back on them.
    All of us are going back in time to uncultured.
    We are a society, no longer a community.

    Friends. Strangers. Regret. Repeat.

    Virtually fighting for change. Stay still. Do nothing.
    Petitions and posts and polls and pictures. Barely alive.
    People are rallying against each other. Protests.
    We are drowning in the virtual world. Blue light.
    Stay still, don’t move, and you’re still overreacting.

    Click. Like. Follow. Repost. Repeat.

    People wish and hope for any miracle. They are lost.
    Suspended in mid air. Misguided beliefs. Cloudy.
    Everyone speaks of peace. Long ago, time passed.
    Gone are the days of past hardships. But not quite.
    Technology embraces us like we embrace it. Hugs.

    Hug. Lost. Peace. Gone.

    We miss the beauty of nature. Pass by without glance.
    The lush green trees and grass and blue sky. Gone.
    We don’t notice the simple luxuries. Simple life. Gone.

    You’ve lost the world as it is.

    #world #lost #losing #pain #truth

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    The World As It Is

    We miss the beauty of nature. Pass by without glance.
    The lush green trees and grass and blue sky. Gone.
    We don’t notice the simple luxuries. Simple life. Gone.

    You’ve lost the world as it is.

  • blackwidow177789666 4w

    #losing loved Ones.

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    To My Peggy...

    "U R my guardian angel...i miss u! "

  • rohitsayyed 11w


    हार तो हमारे लिए एक खुशनसीबी है,
    मुश्किलो से फिर लड़नेकी सुनहरी चुनौती है।


  • mazingmee 14w

    I wish

    I could hold the moment I'm gonna spend with you,
    I could be the reason of your smile,all for your life,
    I could be the precious pearl,you fear to lose,
    I could be the magic,you felt in those starry night,
    I could be the one, whom you hug for every night before sleep,
    I could be your best choice for all,where no one could say no,
    I could be your Love,where no labels of other relation tagged on
    I wish I could be yours for rest of my life.
    I wish I could never come with these words,for once or all

  • om_nik 15w

    #things #losing #life #moveon @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #think

    और कभी कभी जरूरी को खोकर भी move on करना जरूरी होता है ।
    जिंदगी चलती रहती है । उसके साथ चलना सीखना पड़ता है ।
    क्योंकि रुकके कोई फायदा नहीं । बस फालतू की sadness मिलती हैं। तुम आगे बढ़ो और काम करते जाओ तो फिर से कुछ नया पा ही लोगे ।

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    जिंदगी में हम चीज़ें खोते और पाते रहते हैं ।
    लेकिन जो चीज़ें सच में जरूरी नहीं है,
    जो बस हमें जरूरी लगती रहती हैं,
    उनके खोने पर हम जो एक्चुअली में जरूरी है
    उन चीजों या लोगों पर give up नही कर सकते ।

    We just need to accept and move on.


  • mequreshi 15w


    I can't cry,
    I don't know why
    It's all going in
    But never coming out
    Your harsh words never leave me alone
    Until they did turn me into a stone
    Noone really gets what I mean
    So inorder to make them hear ,I need to scream
    Where are you ?
    The only one who listens to this faint voice
    For a little smile I paid a huge price
    I'll still never come back
    Just remembered the left footprints on old tracks
    It's this way we are going to be
    I feel dead but they don't see

  • blossomwrites 22w


    Sitting by the window and watching the sun rise and set
    She waited...
    With all her heart and soul
    She waited...
    With a constant fear of losing
    She waited...
    His blissful voice echoing in her ears
    She waited...
    Walking past the meadow and revisiting her precious memories
    She waited...
    Her wandering thoughts only wanted the sight of her kin
    Without losing even a single ray of hope
    She waited...
    But is her wait worthy?

  • erpoetry 24w


    There is just one step up into your life.
    One door is open right for me.
    I walk in and I listen to...
    But silence is that all I hear, and
    That is all you’ve heard.

    There are so many things existed.
    So many things steal our time.
    Somebody will tell that
    It’s not worth it.
    Somebody is doing just the same...

    We are so close to our future but
    What will this future be?
    The best things that we have
    We are losing just because
    We don’t have time for them.

  • mallika10 26w

    #losing #self destruction

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    Day by day I am losing myself
    I have come far at this self-destructive path
    Can't see any way to go back
    Don't seem to remember who actually I am
    Day by day I am losing myself


  • iwanttowrite 26w


    We must learn to lose in life.
    Winning everytime is just a bait.
    You win and win and be in the top,
    And one day, as life is,
    It will make you lose,
    And you will fall so hard
    As you were so high
    That it would be hard to get up again.


  • damornik 26w


    You made me laugh,
    When i was losing myself.
    You made me laugh,
    When is was scared of losing you.

    Now losing you is losing me,
    So wait until i eliminate all the reasons of losing us....

  • wifey_suicide 32w


    It’s quiet... a little too quiet..
    A little voice in my head saids, “it’s okay it’ll be alright.”
    But how could anything be alright, ever since you went away that night...

    Telephone rings turn into silence
    Text tone, nothing but an endless conversation, that was never given a goodbye
    Since it was always a see you later, never a goodnight
    Cuddles under the cold weather
    It’s just chilly now
    Only the blankets that can only keep tucked in at night
    Thoughtful dreams, turn into memories
    Please don’t ever turn on the lights
    Or else I might snap back into real life
    Throwing me back to that night
    As your clothes still sit in my closet
    Like you’ll be back soon
    A piece from you, to me
    I want to hold on so tight
    But I can’t, I have to make room soon
    For new things and adventures, which is the most hardest thing to deal with right now...

    Is that, well...
    Life is still going to go on without you.

  • xamber52 34w

    I almost fell,

    You are my world, I hope you would know.
    Losing you, I could never grow.
    You caught me when I almost fell,
    Your my hero, a beautiful story to tell.

  • vakilankita 35w

    I woke up besides the wolves, they taught to be calm and fight my fears.
    To look at the moon and love again.
    Just like the moon, I will have dark days and bright night. Both bringing me back home

  • rmitra 35w

    Losing and Finding

    There is warmth in that voice..
    A subtle poignant whiff of innocence...

    There is charm in that laughter..
    Like a sparkling spring in the green pastures...

    There is simplicity in the being..
    An honest soul,all goodness seeking..

    I slip bit by bit each day losing myself...
    Yet finding the path to truly finding myself...

  • lunatic_pen 36w

    I don't like you.
    The mess you've given me
    is enough for me to know what's shit love is
    all about.
    I don't want to feel love again or pity or something
    can we just move on.

    #pain #losing #mirakee

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    I just want to live a normal life.
    Away from people I don't like.
    Away from people I hide.
    Away from you.

    Don't ruin my life.
    I just want my FREEDOM.
    Can you hear me???
    Do you understand what I feel?
    Can you just stay away from me?
    Can you just leave me alone?

    I don't want my life to be complicated as yours.


  • diary_la 36w


    Look at that mirror
    A little girl can't see her shadow
    Dive into her eyes
    She cried with no tears

    Nobody asked her
    Is she okay or what happend
    Cause she laugh everytime
    And tell joke to everyone

    My pain is just my pain
    I'll always keep it in my mind
    This problem is mine
    Dont wanna share with you or anyone

    She asked
    "Can i leave from this life?"
    This problem has kill every part of me
    Can i see a peace? someone please tell me

    "God help me..."


  • soft_zephyr 37w

    No tomorrow

    Everyday some lives burnout
    Like butterfly wings and fireflies crown
    Creating momentum in silent shout out
    Burning through loneliness as they drown

    Tomorrow, for it we are piling dreams
    Tomorrow, for it's not in lifes scheme
    Tomorrow, for it always exist in plans
    Tomorrow, for it never get the chance

    What we lose, is today
    Waiting for just some day
    Cramping hopes day by day
    Crushing our dreams everyday

    We live in maybe's of life
    Veiled souls in practical and defined
    We are the sunsets that passes by
    Giving night to shattered cries

  • aadityasharma 38w


    Pata nahi kyu tujhe
    Khone se dar gaye

    Pata nahi Kyu tere
    dur jaane se dar gaye

    Hum toh rote rahe
    tadapte rahe teri yaad me

    Pata nahi Kyu tere
    Rone se dar gaye.


  • __midnightsolace___ 39w

    It's not about winning or losing, it about how much you try. No matter how hard the situation gets, try your best to achieve success. Learn from your mistakes and work hard. Don't give up.

    Always remember that you are an amazing person, you are strong, beautiful, kind and caring. Have faith in yourself, struggle against all odds, keep trying and never give up.