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  • jpvelasquez 27w

    Hi! I Lost My Job Today

    Hi! I lost my job today.
    Please don’t worry; I seem okay,
    Because I “didn’t” want this job, anyway.
    Oh, but by the way,
    I’m now back in being a stray
    But I think I know for sure that there’s a ray.
    Yes! A ray of hope that, with me, will stay
    Until maybe I turn old and grey.

    Hi! I lost everything tonight,
    Well, not literally, but my situation’s really, really tight.
    You see, I am actually in a middle of a fight,
    A battle, between my heart’s blinding light,
    And my mind’s unwavering might.
    It’s funny, cause I need both for my flight
    To get me out of this mad, mad night
    Before the rabid wolves come to bite.

    Hi! I just lost hope a while ago,
    But don’t worry, I think I can still go
    And, funny enough, I still have my ego.
    I still have my bow to shoot my arrow.
    And I now stare at the sky from my window,
    Thinking, “how will I survive tomorrow?”
    Well, maybe I should be used to living with sorrow.
    It’s not like it left me; its just hidden in its burrow.

    Hi! I just stopped being optimistic,
    And I started being realistic.
    But maybe I should try being sarcastic,
    Like this poem written out on paper, not plastic
    It’s funny; I still feel enthusiastic,
    I should be crying, right? Be pessimistic?
    Are my emotions that elastic?
    I mean, I lost my job. Is that terrific?

    Hi! I crave your attention.
    Will I be able to obtain information?
    About how will I go again in motion,
    When everything right now is in devastation?
    I just wanted a sense of satisfaction.
    You know, that kind that gives you validation?
    To make you feel an emotion called “inspiration.”
    To go beyond people’s doubts and expectations.

    But still, I say “Hi!” to you all.
    ‘Cause I did not expect that kind of call,
    That the building I built oh so, so tall,
    Would just come crumbling and fall.
    At that moment, I again built my wall
    To hide my shame and my guilt, I crawl
    Back to that dark space, to that dark hall,
    That I once loved so dearly, hidden from them all.
    Hidden from my family, my friends, people overall
    Those that I promised to go with me to the mall.
    My plans, my fantasies, my dreams, all of them mauled.
    By a merciless bear, a feral tiger. Oh God, drown them all!

    Oh? What’s this? Oh my!
    I’m numb. I shouldn’t feel something fall from my eye.
    Oh why? Is it because the world is cruel?
    Is it because people come up to me and always tell,
    That there are who go through worse than my hell.
    Well, ain’t that an advice so swell?
    But of course, they will never know.
    How it hurts. Watching everything you’ve worked hard for go.

    And now, dear human, if I may
    With a smile on my face to hide my dismay,
    From this dark space, I write this poem and say.
    “Hi! I lost my job today.”

  • mistyblaze 61w


    The last time I woke up to your closed eyes, was the moment I knew the end began for me. And all that followed were dragging days. Too long, as I kept waiting for sunset so I can take a rest from all the heartbreak. And when the much-awaited night came, it lingered and overstayed. With me tossing and turning in bed, or restless in my sleep. It's like I'm being haunted by brown eyes that I'm never allowed to stare at again.

    If it had been me who fell out of love, I'd have stayed, if only for the promise I made never to leave you. I'd have survived just with thinking you are safe here, somewhat happy. And all the world could taunt me, but taking care of you was making me happy. There was that small bubble I could try and try to build, if that meant being with the other half of my soul. My heart would not have been bothered much. It might ache a bit at a time, but I never would have risked not having a home. Ours. It was my safe haven. It was my only haven.

    If I could come up with magic or any trick that could make you hurt less, I'd have conjured it. But your heart is off limits to illusions. And I've forseen the future, the night I told you I love you, and you stared at me, with all the sadness you kept trying to keep inside. And you tried so hard, it broke my heart.

    I don't know how you started drifting away. All I know was I felt it a bit more and more each day. And it took a chip off my heart a tiny chunk at a time. Like a marble being carved. But it was more like with a big chisel that didn't care for art. The pain wasn't intense then. Just persistent.

    And then, there was that day I left for work and you were getting started with your day. I kissed you like nothing was wrong, and you held me too tight, as if wanting to never let go. And I knew that was the truth. You were holding on to the safety of this haven, but your heart was screaming to get ahold of the key to unlock this prison. I was so sorry you were torn. I had been. And I knew the end was just looming. I knew I had to cut the rope that kept choking you within.

    And that moment came, when I woke after a bad dream of you with cuts you inflict on yourself. I never told you about it. It was so scary because it had been symbolic of you in agony. But what pulled the trigger was the sight of you by the window. There was a hollow in your eyes as you took in the smoke of that cigarette. And it cut me a million tiny pieces when you exhaled as if you also let go of life and hope with that deep long breath. We used to love looking at the moon together. But it was tormenting you, at that moment.

    I waited long after you were asleep. And like how I love to, I traced your brows and the lines of your face -- from the bridge of your proud nose, to the edges of your lips. I resisted. Your lips were tight-pressed, like you've just shut yourself.

    So I just held you. Just wanted to remember how comforting it was to have you close, and wanting to remember how perfect this place was. It used to be.

    And I closed my eyes. And fell asleep, beside you, albeit just for a few minutes. It was enough I think. You had been enough for me.

    And I woke up to your closed eyes, which seemed rather bit more peaceful than when you laid down. And my heart knew I'm doing this right. Although it might still sting both of us for while. And that "while" has been taking much longer for mine. But that doesn't really matter now.

    The last time I woke up to your closed eyes, I felt so much love, I never thought I was capable of. And I kissed your brows, with such lightness, so you wouldn't wake up yet. And it said all that I couldn't: I forgive you. I forgive us. Things will get better. I kept hoping there was a lot of truth there for the latter.

    The last time I woke up to your closed eyes was the last time I truly felt peaceful. Call it the calm before the storm, if you will. But that moment was both a blanket of sadness and an anchor of hope. You may not be here, but the memory of your smile is still a refuge.

    I hope that would be enough to keep me from completely falling apart. Until there are no more dragging days and sleepless nights.

    I'm keeping the memory of how peaceful you were, with your closed eyes. Maybe it wouldn't hurt me so bad, in time. Maybe, somehow, it's making me survive, until the time I would close mine.


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  • mustafizray_ 111w

    Folk Lore

    Mike was a boy,
    Clanking pots on the metal door,
    He had friend,
    Her name was soy
    Both wasting there time on Margaret lore.

    Margaret was lovely gal,
    The daring of them all,
    Her tales of privateering synonymous with them all,
    So was how she had fallen in love prince Marvin,
    Prince Marvin was the bravest of them lot,
    Caring and devoted as he was,
    he also had a great lore to tell.

    At the time of birth of his,
    The God in a hurry gave him the wrong body,
    Oh how much he pleaded but no one heard him,
    His own parents even dismissed him,
    He wiped away his tears,
    And vow to be the truest warrior on the face of the kingdom,
    Many moon had past when he finally return back to his kingdom heart.
    His family took one look at him and abandoned him the next,
    Broken and abandoned he didn't lost hope,
    He started helping people less fortunate than him.

    Margaret first saw the prince on one of her Daredevil voyage,
    She lean towards him and he showed her the world,
    On a fall Monday he elope with his bride to be,
    On the very next day whole kingdom came to his humble cottage in the hill,
    He open the door and the whole kingdom stood still,
    Murmurs begin traveling throughout the crowd,
    Words came from the back,
    The have abandoned the old kingdom and it's king in favor of a king who actually cares about his subject.

    The tale of Marvin and Margaret kept spinning on for century,
    There was once a kingdom,
    There was once a Queen,
    And then there was Marvin.

    Mike yawn and soy shut down his Mike,
    Both lean against one another,
    For their story was also coming to close
    In 3, 2, 1... The End.


  • purvbhoj 116w

    We both are frustated with mishappenings of life and our relationship. We both want a solution but not the end. We both have been constantly trying to make things better, sound better and just be fucking better at everything. We both know that neither do we hate each other nor can we stop ourselves from loving each other indefinitely. We are irritated, annoyed and shaken by the memories and the harsh reality of we having fought for things so many times. We are terrified by the bitter truth of not able to hear each other's inner voice. We know none of us is going to leave each other no matter what situation arises, no matter how tough and ruthless situation turns out to be. We both are hanging on a rope named "FEAR", the fear of losing each other, the fear of becoming each other's bad memories.

    We know this is hurting us may be killing us from inside. We are tired of trying to find solution to everything and fix everything. But we know even if we don't fix it, we still will be together. Yes, that's the dilemma all about we don't know what's right, what's wrong, what's gonna happen, what's not, where will this lead us and where not? There are questions whose answer are haunting us and making this all the more worst. Hence, we better don't want to answer them.

    We want a sweet escape from this mess and fuss. But even in this escape we want each other's company, we want to hold each other. We want each other's smile, each other's touch, each other's voice, each other's glowing happy face every minute and just want to see the best and a happy us.

    Though this is deprresing, stressful, hurtful, painful, frustrating and annoying but may be we were always meant to be together like this fighting, crying, hurting each other, but still being together.

    We are meant to be together may be like this but we are meant to be together.

    #captionpost #longread #meanttobetogether #life #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    There are questions whose answer are haunting us and making this all the more worst. Hence, we better don't want to answer them.

    We want a sweet escape from this mess and fuss.

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  • nikhilvidyarthiwrites 171w

    भारत भूमि भी पिछले 70 सालों से 16 अगस्त को अहले सुबह जब खिड़की से झांकती होगी तो यहीं कहती होगी -

    #HappyIndependenceDay2018 #country #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #thepoetrycommunity #pod #hindiwriters #nation #love #respect #soul #Indian #Weiterscommunity #longread #nikhilvidyarthiwrites ����

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    कैसी आज़ादी What Freedom ?

    खाक़ मैं आज़ाद हुई, किससे आज़ाद हुई
    कहाँ आज़ाद हुई
    मेरे ही नाम का जयकार
    मनाते हो
    घण्टे एक पहर बीतते
    मुझे सड़कों पे कुचलते
    इठलाते चलते हो
    रौंदते हो
    पर मैं आज़ाद हुई थी उस रात
    अपनी हिस्सों से
    जो आज़ादी के नाम पर
    मेरे शरीर को टुकड़ों
    में किया था
    वहीं मेरी आज़ादी
    मैं तो चलती हूँ
    तुम उसी आज़ादी पर इठलाती चलना
    फिर पांवों से मुझे रौंदना।

  • writingforthesoul76 234w


    History ?
    Do u know yours ?
    Am not talking about your country or the world..
    Am talking about our own personal path..
    We all walk a route of our own
    & we tent to walk it alone..
    So do u know where you have been ?
    Do u know why you had to cross this road ?
    Do u know the lesson it was meant to teach your soul?
    Are u a fast learner or do u tent to repeat the course ?
    Are u walking a new path or are u paving the dirt you are constantly walking on into a cement road...
    History if we dont learn... We wont grow..
    So i ask again ... Do u know yours ?