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  • heavenly_broadcast 23w

    ...and As you heal
    From this world of hurts
    Refuse to be
    A layer with hardened crust
    Blow off your seal
    which makes you stiff
    And pour forth Pure Love
    To All in Need.

    We are vessels of Love to Everyone around, as we receive Christ's Love today, let fill others to the Brim again, bringing them to the stream of Love- Christ Jesus our King of Love.

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    Maybe you need
    someone to hold your hand
    A solid support, to say
    You need not cry no more
    Maybe all you need
    Is a hand to draw you near
    Saying to you
    All will be well
    Let your heart
    Find His arms of love
    That Caring One
    Who'll never let you fall
    So Let your heart
    Receive his Love
    Saying to you
    It shall be well with you.

    And if you find a hurting heart
    Someone like you
    Whose hurting too
    Don't turn your eyes
    another way
    But be the shoulder
    they can cry on
    For this is how
    True love goes round
    A tender heart
    We let go round
    Refuse the hardness
    Stiffening our insides
    But be the crust
    Where true love resides

    And through the hurt
    We all heal as one
    A loving heart
    Encouraging the other
    And through the pains
    We'll find the gain
    As we rely upon each other
    Pulling us up
    Unto True Love
    Pointing ourselves
    To the True Healer
    The Only One
    who mends broken hearts
    The only one
    Who sifts hard layers apart.

  • abstruse_words_ 28w

    Somewhere in this city, I live.
    The house within which I live is not made up of tenuous blocks of happiness
    but hatred and anxiety.
    In winters if feels like a freezing ice, not willing to melt the pain
    but it can't compare to the coldness in my scorching heart.
    ������������������ �� �������� ��'�� ������������ ��ℎ���� ��ℎ���� ℎ��������

    Depression is served in plates as meal for me each morning.
    They force me to gulp it down the throat
    until the realisation hits me and I become anxious.
    �� �������������� ���������������� ���������� ������ℎ��, �������� ���� �������� ���� �������� ������������ �������� ���� ��ℎ���� ������������ ℎ��������

    I know there is a hope - a hope to know what days of joy feel like.
    I've only heard the shrieks and cries in the silence of people living in this house.
    I want to know what happiness sounds like.
    �� �������� ℎ�������� ��������ℎ���� ����������. ������ ��ℎ���� ���������� ���� ℎ������ ���� ��������ℎ?

    I've lost the count of times people asked me "Are you okay?"
    and the number of times I replied, "Yes, I am."
    Is there anybody who knows the answer of this question without even asking it?
    Is there anybody who can wipe off my tears better?
    because I'm too lubugurious and indolent to wipe my own tears.
    ���� ��ℎ������ �������������� ��ℎ�� ������ ��ℎ���� ���� ��ℎ���� �������� ���������� ��������?�������������� ������ ���� �������� ��'���� �������� ������������ ������ ����������������.
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    Somewhere in this city


  • thephilosophicalmind 37w

    In Silence

    Silence the sound
    Silence the melody
    Silence in the moment

    Silent is the world
    Silent I am
    Silent are you
    Silent are we

    The beauty of time
    The beauty of sound
    The beauty of moment

    In silence I wait
    In silence I'm waiting
    In silence not a sound

    In silence hope
    In silence faith
    In silence love

    In silence am I
    In silence are you
    In silence waiting for thee
    In silence


  • abstruse_words_ 38w

    If tomorrow starts without me,
    and if my body is not here,
    if the sound of my words refuse to
    come out to reach your ears,
    if my eyes refuse to
    look deep into your eyes,
    if my hands refuse to
    fill the void between your fingers,
    do not worry then,
    For I will be always here,
    in the coloured pages of your heart,
    With name of mine written on them.

    If tomorrow starts without me,
    Tell my mother I loved her so much,
    but I couldn't say a last beautiful goodbye to her.
    She will smile and tell you, you were the last person I loved.
    Tell my father I had always tried to
    make him proud and happy,
    but I couldn't make myself live longer and happy.
    He will smile and tell you,
    you were the reason I always had a smile on my face.
    Tell my brother even though I used to annoy him,
    he was the only person who could cope with my foolishness and sarcastic comments.
    He will smile and tell you,
    you were the 2nd person in this world
    I used to love to hate.
    And at last tell yourself,
    the girl you used to love with an intense feeling is here -
    in the pages of your journal,
    in the romantic songs of your Playlist,
    in the thousand winds that blow and caress your hair,
    in the droplets of gentle autumn rain,
    and at last in your heart.

    If tomorrow starts without me love,
    do not let the tears flow away,
    just wipe them, and smile everyday.
    Promise me you will accept the fate
    and live your life like it used to be.
    If the heavens are for real,
    know that I will look for you always.
    And If the Gods are for real,
    know that You and I were the best creatures ever created by him.

    ~ The girl who has found her heart and got to know it beats on your name.
    #poetry #poem #lovepoem #death #lovepoetry #love #poetrylovers #longpoetry #caption #longpoem @miraquill @writersnetwork@mirakeeworld #mirakeeworld @writersbay

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    If tomorrow starts without me


  • anuradhasharma 47w

    Smile is never lost , nor even hidden for a while .
    May vary ; manipulative or within heart core .
    Appears , carrying a dimple in someone's cheek .
    Or in some is visible as the glitter spreading .
    Vividly over the face like stars shining in ocean .

    But why does some of people refuses ,
    To rather expand their cheeks and be joy takers .
    They think that if they smile would signify that ,
    They are not serious about their lifestyle .
    Presuming that their generation won't fear them ,
    In lifetime course and they would go wague.

    Why don't we think alternatively for this act ,
    Making children understand within their heart .
    Great personality like babuji , chacha nehru .
    Who really won life race had a fine line of smile ,
    Across their face making difficulty into possibility .
    By which problem reamined half solved .

    I think with age people become more smiley .
    Teaching young , world need to smile .
    Nature possess this feature by instinct .
    Flowers bring out happiness through passing ,
    It's aroma tossing it's neck in blooming air .

    A smile is precious to everyone and to their face .
    His face shines with glory full of goodies .
    Smile extending the face of a child's mother ,
    Seems welcoming all their naughties .
    Smile carried by child explains her mother ,
    Of being contented , out of any pain and danger .

    What if no smile existed in this world ?
    Shine would fade , it would be reservoir of ,
    Cremation ground with ghostly air fumes .
    On the face and the earth would go dark .
    Would become dready and frieghtening .
    Then nobody would share warmth relationship ,
    Rather bloody relation will remain .

    I prefer smile can create wonders ,
    In every phase of life if owned by us .
    Smile would lead all needy people a ray of hope .
    Which would be enough for enlightening life ,
    To their dreadful experience , oddness , emptiness
    With shower of splendid relief gain of joy .
    In the process of depression , pain it acts as magicband .
    Which would lift yhem above wondering ,
    This expression would lead to brotherhood feeling .

    Isn't it best but also simple idea .
    To inculcate something upto the heart .
    Then why to make life so dry and hard .
    Make it soft , sober , impressive by smile .
    It is to make small space in heart not whole .
    But a small corner in heart for others .

    I had seen my elders silent too frequent ,
    Showing that all the tensions they bear .
    Snaps we take have smile and thoes ,
    Are rather sorted out selectively .
    It symbolises beauty and priceful thing 'smile' .
    Assume you are talking without smile ,
    Listeners would take no notice , interest in talks .

    I saw my grandmother always a chocopie of fruity smile ,
    Of which I and all take taste by talking frequently .
    And as moral adviced us to try this anytime .
    On certain if doctor remaines frown throughout ,
    His treatment , then the patient in pain already would run away .

    Smile not only enhances our personality but ,
    Tells our heart , duty towards mankind and mother earth .
    In Ramayan Ram , from initial bear a smile ,
    Which was like the petals of lotus .
    Symbolising no manipulation in his smile for the others ,
    When he leaves for vanvaas he leaves with a smile .
    By which he covered half of his harsh journey .

    In today's world as if the smile is lost .
    Suffering depression , being frustration .
    It is due to some extend of work pressure ,
    Understanding busy schedule no time for relations .
    Heart problems leading to unhappy life journey .
    Doctors recommend laughing as best medicine .

    Smiling has many forms which ,
    Reveals before us in different occasion .
    Smiling is most sober form .
    For expressing gratitude , aid contentment .
    Laughing is vast form which arises ,
    In occasion of jokes or at funny moments .

    Today relevantly the smile ,
    The notorious , cheap , dirty , manipulative .
    We must be careful while dealing ,
    The most affected are the needy ones .

    Who are really in need at any cost over their life .
    Are the only , been left barehanded .
    They die out of cry for help but are not recognised .
    The manipulative people get the real and
    Almost benefit made out of the situation .

    I want to pray the Lord to make us so ,
    Brilliant that we are able to make out the difference ,
    Between the needy and the deceivers .
    So that no poor die out of help and care .

    After all the talks that remains here is of our earth .
    In which we are guarded with love , care since birth .
    For a long century and till ages to come .
    Of which the trees in smiles ,
    Sacrifice with no negotiation .
    Of which we take naps and all sorts of comforty and coziness .
    Of which clouds with laughingly
    And happy mood celebrating each minutes .
    With their thunder instrument and
    Clouds with silver and black lines of smile .

    Make our farmers smile with shiny pearls .
    Feeling soothing when sweat drops falling on earth .
    Of which the soil we lay down with great relief .

    It Wants only one thing not to be much self centred .
    That we forget the trees , clouds , soil .
    Which themselves do not differentiate .

    Do not expect from us to turn disloyal to her .
    She wants from us to be with real inward smile .
    Share the feeling same as of her children .
    Wanting us to share resources ,
    Within ourselves as family members .
    She wants us to treat every individual equal ,
    Not through their colour , culture , tradition , residence, place .
    But having sight of brother and sister .
    With a smile which outrage within our heart .
    Which would link and hear others through smile .

    If smile would be real than our feeling also be real .
    It should be such as newborns child ,
    Which not knows caste , creed , breed .
    Is like a purely sprouted seed .

    This is a rare human quality verge of extinct ,
    Need of hour is to stack and pass on to generations .
    So that humanity survives and live long .
    Which is unaware of difficulties of survival .
    Pure smile is always tried to crush down or suppress .
    But should be preserved from outward dirt .
    This smile can be traced in face of needy , newborns .

    Smile is cooing system of heart ,
    Sparkling system of eyes ,
    Lightening system of face ,
    Relaxing system of mind ,
    So activate all your systems ,
    And keep smiling untill end of the life .

    Smiling costs very less efforts ,
    While frowning expenses are more .
    Did you ever gave a thought ?
    Lord always smiles in portrait ,
    They created nature bounties to bloom in smiles

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    Smile is never lost , nor even hidden for a while .
    May vary ; manipulative or within heart core .
    Appears , carrying a dimple in someone's cheek .
    Or in some is visible as the glitter spreading ,
    Vividly over the face like stars shining in ocean .

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  • ashleywords 78w

    Wishing a better world

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    people won't break down fragile hearts and
    step on glass castles of dreams, where people
    wearing heart on sleeves would be an ordinary phenomenon, where women will actually be respected
    and appreciated more than just in poems and quotes,
    where gays and lesbians will be more human
    than just being sexually different,
    where we will blush through a same
    sex couple as we do to others, a world where
    we still enjoy walking through parks holding our grandparents' hands and listen to their bed
    stories instead of throwing them out on roads.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    men won't be called weak for being cry
    babies and showing all their vulnerabilities
    for isn't it all normal if you're hurt and you
    cry and necessarily not be a woman to
    do that? for we often associate crying with
    a woman calling it cowardly because it just makes
    a man less of one, does it? and tell me
    why on earth, I still crave for "happily ever afters",
    is that even possible in a world where
    hearts are more fragile than butterfly wings
    and people just get done and dusted with love
    over messages, not heeded to even explain.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    we needn't sham down genders or people
    for that matter, where women will not be
    condemned to a life against her wish where
    letting her get married late and access to
    education will not be called privileges in
    a society that otherwise marries off a girl
    at 18 because that is her right and rightly so,
    where feminism will mean both equity and
    equality, where a men won't be asked to pass
    a seat to women because they can have a bad day
    and tired too, where a transgender won't be
    looked upon with disgust and hate of not being
    same as us, but more beautiful by hearts.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    it will be as normal giving birth to a third
    gender baby as it is to any other and that
    society wouldn't ask any parents to let go
    of their babies being born different.
    And isn't being different is all about being
    unique in their own ways? for how I wish
    things to get a little less complex than we
    actually make out of it, for I wish only rainbows
    had colours and not the humans for which
    they seek to demean and kill, for I am a sucker
    for a sphere where there lives just the religions of
    "humanity" and "love" and gods just look better inside temples, churches and mosques
    otherwise brings havoc to civilizations.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    a girl isn't called a slut for being big breasted
    and a shame for flat chested, where a woman
    is as human as a man and not a commodity
    to bid on, where men will be told to change
    perspectives than asking women to wear more
    clothes, where honours killings won't be as normal
    because your honour shouldn't lie in
    a girl's vagina, don't call her sacred at daylight
    and rape the hell out of her at night, for this time
    just a little respect won't do, we bloody
    want our equal rights.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    a girl following her passion, or a boy just marrying off
    against the family, or just a
    child choosing his own dreams, or loving
    a same sex person will all be okay to a
    society that follows a rule book for every
    other thing on this earth, for we are still
    running short on people who admires,
    encourages, enlightens and drags people
    out of glooms and be told it is fine; fine
    being a rebel, being different, wanting to
    live on own terms.

    I would still like to believe in a world where
    smiles can light up one's whole wide world,
    where books will make people fall in love
    all over again just as it did before the
    advancements of the mechanical world,
    where butterflies on stomach will make a
    better person, where hope prevails to let a
    a person live a little longer than he/she is
    meant to, where being able to trust someone
    will be as easy as a-b-c and we needn't be
    blaming one other of betrayals because
    there won't be any.

  • davidm 79w


    Baby I genuinely love you.
    And I will never leave you.
    I am not an actor, nor a celebrity.
    I am not a rich man nor do have I fancy cars
    to take you for a long drive.
    But I am a poet of love and dreams.
    Of Ink and paper, humility and loyalty.

    In my silence I speak of you,
    In my my busyness I think of you.
    I dreamt of a house built by us.
    I dreamt of a candle lit by us.
    You are the medicine in my wound.
    Would you accept me O baby?
    Day by day you awake my soul to move.
    Your sensible smile takes me closer to your heart.

    Baby I don't wanna make fake and big promises,
    I cannot pluck the stars for you,
    And I cannot kill hundred souls of those who are chasing after you just to make you mine,
    I cannot lie and keep you in the dark just to win you.
    How good it is your fingers leaning
    in my fingers,
    Because I genuinely love you.
    And If I become rich somehow..
    Baby we both will help the poor, cause I need you beside me, you are my strength.
    Baby I would want to spend my life with you..
    And I would never leave you.


  • n_____j 88w

    Dearest love
    Did you hear
    What she said?

    "Reborn; the two souls
    Those die
    In the same bed."

    Hopeless, hopeless
    Is love of us
    My lady

    Could be escaped
    From this world
    So shady

    Our death bed
    Is awaiting
    For us to become one

    Let us live
    In the embrace
    Of sun

    Let me listen
    The heart
    That beats for me

    Let me bow
    To the love
    Of thee

    Let's meet again
    And make
    A new start

    Let's love
    'This now'
    Til death do us apart.


    Picture: from tumblr

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  • n_____j 89w


  • n_____j 89w

    I don't know my worth
    Maybe I'm in the dark
    But with no expectations
    I gave you my heart

    I didn't expect
    I still thought you'll heal me
    But you screamed words
    So overwhelming

    I gave you everything
    Yet, you broke my heart
    Now it's so hard to mend it
    And those bleeding scars

    You darkest my world
    You hurt my soul
    I can't even blame you
    It was all my fault

    But what should I expect to me
    To never fall in love?
    Or, I still do
    But better know my worth.


    Picture: from tumblr

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  • n_____j 90w

    A world full of strangers
    A world I know
    A world to explore thyself
    A world to grow

    A world that is hunting
    Their own kind
    A world that is sold
    By people on-line

    A world full of screams
    A world full of pain
    Where people are struggling
    To broke out from chains

    A world that's together
    A world that's apart
    A world some fought for
    Some for freedom, some for heart

    A world full of good
    A world full of shit
    No matter how it is
    It's a world of you and me.

    (Let's make it a better place)


    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @saumya_reposts @keepingcosmic @readwriteunite #englishpoetry #longpoetry #poetess #sliceoflife #poetryporn #poetrylovers #poetrylove #writingcreations #world #ourworld

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  • anonymousquill 91w

    Ramblings in a Storm

    Today rain sings on the pavements,
    And storm clouds lay seige on the towers
    Of a proud cityscape.
    The grey sky lined with silver lightning
    Does shatter to thunder every so often;
    So does my soul find solace
    In the chill breath of the storm
    Winding in through the windows.
    Break my words out from their prison
    And breathe life into them,
    Find magic in the half-shade light
    Of the dim twilight,
    Under the pall of sable clouds.
    Oh we might spy a few old gods
    Silhouetted against the black
    Lit up as ghostly shapes
    From a distant past.
    Rain oh rain
    Trace your rainbow
    With the purest rays of the setting sun;
    That effused into the imagination;
    Carves everything of gold,
    That we may again find
    The rose tinted glasses
    Of bygone childhoods,
    And find wonder in the mundane
    Once more.


  • temporary_thoughts 100w

    mayb it was u

    I keep thinking I'm moving on
    But for some reason those feelings don't last long
    I can't kiss him infront of my friends
    Can barely tell him what time it is
    Mainly because it's awkward
    I'm not one to be anxious
    One to be afraid
    One to be uncomfortable
    But you always made me feel a certain way
    With you I was safe
    Tangled up in you like lace

    Why can't i feel like this with anyone else
    You weren't the first book I picked off the shelf
    But you were one of my favoruite story's
    We just ended kind of gory.

    You knew my flaws
    You knew my morning routine.
    You knew how I talked, the faces I made when I was angry.
    I don't want to watch someone relearn those things about me.

    Maybe it was just the comfort.
    The comfort in your presence even when we sat in complete silence.
    Or the way you sat across from me with your legs crossed, your phone in your hands, and little glances up at me.

    Maybe it was the arguments.
    The disagreements that we couldn't resolve and all we wanted was to get our points across

    Or maybe it was just you.

    Your short brown hair that you always decided to grow out and then cut back again.
    Your brown eyes that turned a dark orange with the hint of sunlight.
    Your short nails that you would always bite.
    Your smile with 2 dimples on one side,
    And 1 on the other.

    Maybe it was your chin that you called so big but it was just the perfect size.
    Or your contagious laugh that made the short term happiness continuous.

    Maybe it was the way you treated new people in the street.
    Or the way you said thank you to everyone who served you after we went for a bite to eat.

    Maybe it was just all of these things.

    Maybe you were the only one for me.

  • dark_rebel 103w


    Jab thand me tujhe labo se lagaya
    Mano ek jalte lau ko saaso me basaya
    Ek garam ehsaas hua mere seene me
    Jab cigarette ko maine labo se lagaya

    Kabhi in labo ko teri aadat hua karti thi
    Kabhi meri saaso me teri khushboo hua karti thi
    Kabhi mere haatho me tera haath hua karta tha
    Kabhi mere khali samay me tera saath hua karta tha

    Par sab waqt ka he khel hai

    Aaj hatho me dekh meri cigarette hai
    Kabhi teri khushboo basti thi saaso me meri
    Aaj sirf cigarette ki mehak hai
    Jin haatho ko tera haath suhana lagta tha
    Un haatho ko aaj cigarette pasand aane lagi hai

    Yeh Tere na hone k ehsaas ko
    mujhe mehsoos nahi hone deti
    Mujhe dekh pareshaan
    Yeh khud jal k mujhe sukoon deti hai

    Vaise Tu ne mera saath beshak chodd diya
    Par yeh cigarette meri aakhiri saans tak
    Mere saath degi
    Aur mere labo ko u he chooma karegi..!!

  • erojas 106w

    When I loved you

    When I loved you, you went through all my senses

    You passed and you were something that entangled the disentangled

    I laughed at you with the touch and felt you with my eyes

    And the sweetness of your voice activated a sixth sense

    When I loved you, I inhaled every fragment of the fragrance of your being

    Like your laugh, whose smell reminds me of gardenias in April

    Or the heat of your gaze, which does nothing but fill my mouth with cocoa

    When I loved you, sanity was madness and madness more madness

    I still remember the soft touch of your hand

    That not only my cheeks, but my hair

    Lathe of a crimson tone

    When I loved you, it was chaotic, insane, scandalous

    My pupils, they heard so many songs

    That the taste of my ears is damaged

    And my vocal cords stopped singing

    Just to hear what your looks had to say

    When I loved you, with my eyes I ran and with my tongue I jumped

    Every organ of my body seemed to have exercised a revolution

    You were their leader

    When I loved you, everything was out of place

    My 5 senses turned into 18

    And my feet, maybe they got lost somewhere along the way

    You know, in that old path we both know

    The one that goes from the first "Hello" to the first kiss

    When I loved you, my heart was the only rebellious one

    Since he refused to join you in your revolution

    For him to continue performing his only function

    To love.


  • anonymousquill 109w

    Freeverse: Eclipse

    The day is ashen
    Under the sliver of sun
    That remains unsmothered;
    It's a vengeful moon today.

    Bare branches extend skywards,
    Clawing their way to heaven;
    And the witches are afoot;
    While we awaken as the undead
    From their earthen beds;
    Disturbed and cold.
    Hark! Today the wolves are silent,
    And the wind howls instead.

    The sun makes of day,
    A cold, cold night
    On indifferent life,
    A futile attempt,
    To slow it down–
    This line of worker ants
    Forever building, block by block,
    Their imaginary empires.


  • anonymousquill 111w

    At winter's edge when rises the morn
    Cold and bright, getting warmer every dawn
    Rise Goddess of the morning throng,
    To compose the mellifluous medley of birdsong.
    Why does the sun rise blushing as a new bride?
    And why is the sky in the same rouge dyed ?
    Giggling like two best friends with secret loves;
    Waiting for messengers in flighty doves.
    I watch the world from my balcony — an overarching God,
    The kingdom that Night, with blissful sleep, had sod.
    And I watch the world throw off its ephemeral veil,
    That mist places over it every night without fail.
    And I watch the world as it tries to shake off its winter,
    The sun for all its glorious vitality seems to grow colder.
    It is an hour already since the dawn has called,
    And I watch still as an audience enthralled.
    Sadly soon the world will be filled with city sights again,
    So I slip into this human skin with its plastic smile ever feigned.
    The God is gone and the Goddess has fled,
    And the world has woken up with its humanity dead.


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    Winter Dawn and Musings

    It is an hour already since the dawn has called,
    And I watch still as an audience enthralled.
    Sadly soon the world will be filled with city sights again,
    So I slip into this human skin with its plastic smile ever feigned.


  • darknessconsumes 113w


    I walk down a dark, seemingly endless hallway... The end could be far or near but I cannot see anything ahead but the inky blackness. Rooms are on all sides, filled with memories and people and joy and strife. I walk alone for the most part, but sometimes I stop in these rooms to visit and walk with others before I depart. Deeper and deeper in the hallway I go.. dragging my feet against my will. There are rooms that I have passed before, and I must keep going to see them again. But as I venture I look to the walls, and I see mirrors.. but they're all a little flawed. Some are almost perfect, some are blurred, and some are cracked and covered in dirt. At first I denied these reflections to be myself. I didn't dare look any direction but down. I didn't want to see these mirrors, but I didn't want to see the hopeless unknown or past ways either. Soon I could keep my head facing the ground no longer.. I start to look into the mirrors. My reflection mesmerizes me, and I lose my perception of reality. Is this thing in the mirror me? I reach out and touch the glass.. it cuts my skin and I recoil back. This didn't stop me from trying again.. only repeating the process time and time again farther down the hall. Each time my reflection got worse until I couldn't help but poke it and reach my hands in, bearing the pain the glass inflicts. The mirror I had touched seemed to beg me to stay. I could stand there and stare into it all day. I could no longer bear to see this reflection of mine, but I had lost the free will to pull away and continue through the dark hallway. I tore at my skin to break free.. and there were times with help from my friends in the rooms that I was relieved.. but soon no antidote could fix this impaired me: a lunatic trapped somehow moving through an endless hallway, but still stuck in one confining, abusive space.. begging to be set free.. but not having the courage or will to end it's misery.


  • gungungoel 115w

    Younger Me

    I just want to enjoy as a free bird,
    Not to be judged wise or nerd,
    Spend hours seeing mirror what to wear,
    Not just carry whatever falls near,
    Never stop learning come what may,
    But keep exploring surroundings every day,
    Live life king size with tensions aside,
    Finding solutions to problems rules abide,
    Let your creativity flow free my son,
    Have pizza or burger some day it's fun,
    Colouring globe was my hobby mystical,
    Scolding my son for scribbling on walls so ironical,
    Let me play with spoons making noise harsh,
    No one to complain for kids meeting farce,
    I also want to do chap chap drenched,
    Sofisticated like adults get it wrenched,
    Excitement of birthday presents new,
    Would soar high if my wings flew.

  • gungungoel 121w


    You call me whenever I have to leave early and I hurry
    But when we meet I see you relaxing
    In front of the menu card
    Your hands continuously flipping over holding firm.

    Going through the dessert menu
    I ask you your choice, and you wink your eyes pointing your finger over the cheese cake
    I know you would not like anything else.

    Delighted with your choice while touching spoons,
    I smile with content hoping you would like my flavour too
    “Do you mind sharing with me the idea of my tiramisu ?”

    We both part days later, and never spoke to each other
    I count steps like days when you walked away
    Text from office to home
    For it’s heart that aches, I keep consoling my longingness
    between those few silver lines, know that I earnestly miss you
    “ Did you too miss me or rather my tiramisu?”