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    New Year: New Beginning

    Part 1

    Happy New Year Buddies ��

    Another year passed and we have successfully fought and survived corona. I hope this year goes well too. In sha Allah we'll be able to complete this year successfully too. I also hope RM, Suga and Jin get well soon. In sha Allah they will.

    New Year is my fav day of the year. I like it more than my b'day. It helps me forget and leave the painful past behind and start a beautiful future.


    My new year resolution is to complete my story anyhow by 2 months. I have been too lazy last year but I surely won't be procrastinating this year.

    I also want to be better at my studies so I'll try to concentrate on school more.

    Goodbye 2021:

    2021 was a really special year for me. Lots of good things happened to me this year. I don't know why but after Corona I started having the most precious moments of my life.

    The year was full of joy and family interactions. I got a lot closer to my family than I was before. I would talk to my cousins literally everyday. They're my best friends.

    I also started stanning bts last year. I don't remember how long I've been stanning blackpink but last year I was an amazing blink as much as I remember.

    I also started praying regularly and stopped skipping prayers thanks to my sister. I also started learning Arabic and thus I felt myself getting closer to Allah.

    I even made new friends and also met a bully for the first time at school. Although she didn't bully me yet but I know she's planning to bully me after school starts again. I hope I'll be able to ignore her.
    I also met a very precious friend. He was really fun to talk and it was fun to prank him. I miss him now as he went to hostel and they don't allow phone there.

    I also wrote my first story in Wattpad last year and it was my 1st ever kpop ff and also bts ff. It's name is 'Mrs. White and the Seven Heirs' . I would appreciate it if you read it in case you use Wattpad. If you don't find it then simply search:


    I hope this year also has beautiful memorable moments like last year.

    Happy New Year����

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    New Year

    New Beginning

    Part 1