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  • priiiyaa_pd 4d

    Even u hurt me..
    Why my heart searches u often!!

  • mrspectacular 1w


    I can remember making you feel so blue,
    Snobbing you without giving a cue.
    How bad you must have felt, I'm sure I have no clue
    And frankly of your attention, I am not due
    But somehow, some torture does ensue.
    Each time you pass by, my eyes stick like glue
    As I remember I heaped on you, so much hue
    And today I feel it will my chances, for a fresh friendship, imbue
    But I do hope you can, the bad memories, lue
    And give us, a new events menu.
    Frankly I do know you have many in a queue
    Hoping that every other gentleman does, a slacking, rue.

    Please if I may ask may we start again as friends?
    Hopefully, at a better place, it ends
    But please let all of those previous moments be just one of the few bends.


  • dude_shayarana 1w

    सब मुकद्दर का ही है खेल।

    जो पाना चाहा
    उस ही को तरसे।


  • thecelestialmaiden 2w


    I guess it's my fault.
    I dream on.
    Livin' in a fantasy world,
    Disconnected. Not feeling inadequate.
    For once,
    A break from beating myself up.
    It's darkness.
    I don't have to think of how ugly I look.
    Warm in your embrace,
    I smile whole heartedly.
    Just once.
    And then the mistake comes.
    I turn the light back on.
    You're gone.
    And now, so is my smile.
    But I don't have time to miss the feeling.
    Tears overtake immediately.
    It hurts doesn't it? Longing for someone.
    But it hurts more to think
    That all that happiness isn't real.
    I guess the joke is on me.
    Because, that person was never here.

  • we_are_not_beautiful 2w

    I want to be as dreamy as the sky turns when the ocean is about to swallow the sun whole.

    As content as when the flying creatures are drowsy and tired, making a trip back to their home with their stomach full and their mom already singing lullabies to them.

    As calm as when the zyhper of leisure hits the crumbled bones and splintering the dying passion to an awaken hue of cascade, falling with the force of atonement and mending the broken home of brutal words.

    As brave as when the night darkens and the beastly looking silhouettes pressed against walls are doing nothing but helping the helpless ones to walk back home safely.

    As carefree as when the fireflies dance without the care of reaching hands to grasp them, without the care of moon shining brighter than them.

    As enticing as when the music sinks into my skin and nourishes the dried and shrill symphony of bearings, composing soothing tunes for swirling life.

    As gentle as when a mom carries the new born, eyes shining and watery with the whole world in her arms.

    As breathtaking as when the poetries weave the torn emotions of poets into a mesmerising fabric of metaphorical landscapes.

    As ceaseless as when I make you immortal with the words I write and when I utter your name with the eternity of us following behind.

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    I want to be

    I want to be as old as when the half torn and wrinkled book succumbs to the beautiful agony of words with the fading stories lingering in the threshold of distinct memories.


  • sarahrachelea 3w

    The more he tries to deny it
    The more he's craving and longing for her

    ~ his story

  • taltos 4w


    It remains unprotected from the pandemonium of life.
    What is this heart, that still has not turned to stone?
    -KhalilurRehman Aazmi

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    ہنگامہِ حیات سے جانبر نہ ہو سکا۔
    جانے یہ کیسا دِل ہے جو پتَّھر نا ہو سکا۔

  • jee_tu 4w

    No rush

    I don't love you, not yet

    I want to , someday, but not so soon

    Not sooner than you starting to adore me

    Till then, I won't advance my case

    Till then, I will pick crumbs of your expressions

    And respond to your vibes

    And if, if at all we get to the real part

    I will not let you go

    I will not let myself go

    I know when not to advance my case

    I know when to advance my case


  • mute_my_mind 4w

    She's a secret worth keeping
    Yet he lost her for the truth

  • we_are_not_beautiful 5w

    As we grow old to the sound of sand breathing lightly underneath our tangled bodies, with your seraphic caresses and your heart carrying distinct tranquility, I will have no affliction if you choose to stab the knife adorned with flowers and faith straight into my yearning heart, for you will help me to bleed out poetries of longings.
    With the wind rustling the pages of night, at first cold but with you in my arms, I feel the growing darkness captivating the warmth of your soul for my shivering being.
    Your mellifluous muses crashing like waves, bringing me where the shoreline rests for my scathing self, your words breaking the shells of my somber skin.
    I feel transfixed by the symphony of your moon grazed heart, with the euphony of your words when you speak under your breath, I am ready to embrace the cacophony of stars, clashing for the shine of your eyes.
    Your tender love, erupts the volcanoes in my poetries, and I'm ready to burn myself to light up the world for you.
    You hold your breath, anticipating the next move of fate, I feel worlds colliding, to make us constant and each other's destiny.
    And when your eyes sigh with the serenity of me being with you, I feel loved without the utterance love.

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    I want to consume the worldly muses we create when we look at each other
    And with the clasped hands against the luminous yet fuscous universe
    I'm afraid of nothing
    But the falling stars and my falling heart
    For I will chant your name as a wish if I see a falling star
    And I will break my heart to safely clutch yours


  • porcupine89 5w

    Farewells And A Missing Letter

    Untill today, she was reachable
    like the dew-laden grass-bed on a hilltop,
    I once visited.
    Now she's gone
    like adolescence.


  • taltos 5w


    Congratulations on evading the pains of this world. Pray that I make it too.

  • saffrone 5w

    Ode to Tumpa

    It's a small tale of ours as such
    Two pair of eyes met In an often rush

    I Searched those eyes, I could as much
    Until you met and ended my search

    Not known to each yet we discovered thus
    How lone were we in ours days of dust

    Our hearts didn't meet nor would you ever try
    although may be it's hurt and shut to pry

    Perhaps one day you might realise
    Perhaps the day may not arise

    Alas, I know it's pain either side
    Doesn't matter how much or less you've tried.

  • trulyamazing 5w

    You are with Me

    You are with Me
    When you are with Me

    You are with Me
    When you aren't with Me

    I hold you close
    Like a dream

    I dream of
    Being with You


  • cutie_hedgehog 5w


    It has not been a day you went away,
    but I'm already dying in longing.


  • chaos2art_and_backagain 6w

    Fear, Love, Heartbreak, and Longing

    I find it interesting as I pour over my past writings how most of my repertoire consists of epic claims of love and devastating heart breaks.
    Considering i have never been in a romantic relationship during my 23 years on this earth, one could see how this seems a bit odd.
    I realize now that perhaps they are mislabeled.
    I find that they do not come from first hand experience, instead they stem from my own fear and longing.

    My poems of love are the overly romanticized visions of my daydreams.
    The ones I try my best to will into reality,
    even though I know them to be unrealistic and futile.
    No matter the script or scene there is too much robotic tension.
    I see them as sweet dreams always just out of reach; A story to ease the mind of a child.
    All just an attempt on a more attainable fairytale that I still know will never happen.

    When I pen down words of heartbreak I draw from fears and past hurts.
    Fears that I will commit wholly to a mistake while I wear my rose colored glasses, only to realize once it's too late that i have had tunnel vision all along;
    So I didn't realize that the ground crumbled around me and i wasn't falling in love i was just falling.
    I worry I will not be worthy of the one who chooses me,scared they will figure it out any second and leave me;
    My hunch proven with only my reflection in the puddle on my tears to console me.
    I fear that I will drive them away with all my issues they thought that they could handle.
    Scared that I will be too much and they won't think I'm worth all of the hassle.
    What if I'm the only one that wants to fight for all we had once we lose that spark?
    You see, I've never been afraid of hard work, but I'm terrified of lost causes.

    I suppose I find it somewhat comforting to see them all written down.
    Letting them live out here on a page;no longer taking residence in my head.
    I suppose I share to know if I am alone in these things.
    These wants and terrors seem so personal,
    but i know I couldn't be the only soul to feel them.
    I can't tell if I do that to prove a point to myself,
    Or maybe it is a further attempt at comfort.
    Either way, here I shall lay them without remorse.
    For I still find a healing in them even now.


  • bettertoseparate 6w


    To be able to gaze you
    Despite the closed doors
    Despite the miles of distance
    That separates us

    To be able to hold you
    Despite the unfamiliarity
    Despite the awkwardness
    That parades us

    To be able to know you
    Despite knowing the fact
    That i belong to some other place
    To someone else

    To be able to justify
    The longing That i have
    For a man I met
    Only two days back.


  • _im__aalam 6w


    सूरज भी अब ढल चुका,
    उस अंबर को अब चांदनी की आस है
    आज शाम उदास है
    ना जाने किसकी तलाश है।

    पंछी भी अब घर को लौट चले
    अब तो आ भी जा
    मेरे महबूब शाम ढले
    नजरे तेरी राह तके
    ईक नजर तेरे दीदार की आस है
    आज शाम उदास है
    ना जाने किसकी तलाश है।

    हवाओ में तेरा एहसास है
    दिल ये मानने को राजी नही
    के तू मेरे आस पास है
    इस अंधेरे परिवेश में अब
    जुगनू की आस है
    आज शाम उदास है
    ना जाने किसकी तलाश है।।

  • trulyamazing 6w


    Tonight I know
    The wind will carry
    My fragrance to You

    Tonight I know
    The Moon will be a witness
    To the beauty of our Love

    Tonight I know
    The stars are shining brighter
    Like your eyes speaking to me

    Tonight I know
    The leaves are rustling
    With the secrets we share

    Tonight I know
    The clouds are floating
    Like the promise of Us

    Tonight I know
    The Night is dense
    Like the unspoken between Us

    Tonight I know
    Like every night before
    And all nights to follow
    We belong together
    Forever and always
    In life and beyond


  • _flamesonshirtcuff_ 6w

    Butterfly Forbearer

    I mean, what happened?
    Am I too strange for all your guns? Too shunned?
    Am I a deaf note line?
    In your instruments all tuned fine?
    When did this happen?
    Parting ways even before we collided?
    This brief a meeting, done forlorn?
    Leaving my heartless soul longing?
    I can write about how you made me feel
    All night and all along in reels
    But as always the rule, too scared to be vulnerable
    I'm , and neither anyone, is capable
    To cup all the emotions you offer
    Overwhelmed with all the butterfly forbearer
    I left you behind, in the pages of my lifeless skin
    But that aura, tangled mess of yours, gravitate in
    You, conflicted as a queen, but did shy away
    Why? Ask I, hoping a lie
    But the truth, very dry, peeked up high
    You do not, it said, feel the same high
    As I do, when I think of you
    And as much as I respect that
    And try to untangle myself from that
    I roll in deeper in your spiral of roots
    And maybe one day, I'll see your forever fruits