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  • starkanonymous 17w

    An Ode...

    Oh! For this, right here

    is my ode to speak of freedom

    But loneliness, I fear

    holds the keys to my own kingdom

    For all that I hold dear

    I don't know what made me eat them

    When bad times were near

    That's exactly how I beat them

    I'm free to shed no tears

    For all my inner demons.

    And all too unprepared

    To rise on up to meet them

    Not that I'd have dared

    Cause my freedom keeps me free from

    Every passing year

    That's not fair, revered and fearsome

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • benhurbedford 20w

    The Dreadful Poem

    Help me write this dreadful poem.
    I feel unwise, as i jot this page.
    I even use a phone don't be outraged,
    for there is a bird that sings inside my cage.

    I can die a lonely man.
    Old and grey, with no solid plan.
    the soil looks fertile for my hand.
    the veins that pop, through the sand.

    My eyes squint into two directions.
    Left merely wrong as right.
    I give up this lonesome night,
    to the natural breeze that sparks my light.

    I am still dreadful, don't get me wrong.
    The poetic non sense I shout as I fleet
    The sailing away from docks go deep.
    my distance between my sense, I weep

    Just remember, I'm a young man.
    Feeling poetic in advance.
    Just remember, I'm a young man.
    Feeling poetic in advance...

  • a_kalita 39w


    I lit the cigarette
    And watch the puff of smoke fly
    Leaning on the railing of the balcony
    I watch the people on the street pass by.
    The coffee has turned cold long back
    The croissant remain untouched
    I sigh
    For I knew I was again on the wrong tract.
    The tulips that I had bought fresh
    Now look dry and lifeless
    I no longer look after it or care
    Knowing my life has turned into a mess.
    The bed is undone
    Clothes lay crumbled in the wardrobe
    The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes
    And my pillow bear the marks of my silent sobs.

  • terbell 41w

    Lonely Valentines

    Happy Valentines day,
    To the lonely hearts,
    That have no lover,
    But are so comfortable,
    In your lonesomeness.

  • brokenbeast 49w


    Lying next to eachother, sharing illuminant thoughts, tracing fingers over the soft curves of her beautiful body seems like warming sunshine beneath th cold weather.


  • smriti1499 52w

    Looking back over there

    It's been a while since
    I was standing there
    Where all I could see was my despair
    It's been a while since
    I lost all my glare
    All I could say that
    I was just lying over there
    Looking for a silent place to
    Cry when everyone's unaware
    But I must say
    All I can see now
    Is a Silly girl who was looking for
    That care which was nothing but a trap for her fake repair
    Which was not even actually there

  • erikarr 54w

    #poetry #lonesome #mirakee
    📷: Niceron Rofiles

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    How many poems shall I write?
    For me to let out all the pain inside
    How many songs do I need to sing
    So I can free my heart from all its sufferings

    All the time I whisper your name
    While looking afar through the windowpane
    And by just that I’ve come to realize
    How lonesome I am without you by my side

    But reality sets a gloomy day
    Some kind of daydream full of dismay
    In my fantasies you are mine
    While holding you tight till the end of time

    If you were to ask me if I am scared
    Afraid of such horrible end
    I’d answer with all honesty “Yes I am”
    Would you comfort me until I am calm?

    But If you wouldn’t please let me know
    I believe I’ve mastered how from long time ago
    I just hope you’ll be happy and strong
    So whatever happens you’ll get along

    Erika R. R.
    31-Oct-2020 2:21AM, RUH

  • _firefly 61w


    Whenever I feel my feelings deep
    I write my thoughts as a note
    I let the words spill on the pages
    So that they do not choke my throat.
    I write about my secrets, my fears,
    my aspirations, lay my soul bare
    By putting ink down on the pages
    I do everything that I can't dare.
    I write everything I feel
    I write everything I hear
    Because my thoughts become a burden
    That my mind cannot afford to bear.
    I write all of me in the words
    Till my blood becomes the ink
    I write untill my heart is blank
    And my mind can barely think.
    So when you meet me one day
    A girl with her blood as dark as night,
    I'll tell you all my secrets
    That once forced me to write.


  • softvioletskies 66w


    I knew that something was wrong
    It was written on the walls of your mind
    But even as I looked and I saw
    No evidence would I ever find
    Trapped inside those walls at night
    Sleepless and shaking alone
    It was always the wrong fight
    I had always known

  • m_syed46 72w

    Nasha Chadh gaya bin chadhaye,
    Aapne ankhen jo mila di bin bataye!

  • garima_insane 74w

    but surely

    "I know you"


    "I knew you"



  • hajar_ait 79w

    Lonesome Dream

    I'm a lonesome wolf
    At dawn I'm howling under the moon
    And at dusk I'm crawling towards shore

    Mother Nature kicked me out of the jungle
    Said I'm no longer welcome between her arms
    Ever since all my brothers have seemed to hate me
    Left me to the glutton beasts and all kind of harms

    I'm a lonesome wolf
    At dawn I'm howling under the moon
    And at dusk I'm crawling towards shore

    Alone, desperate
    Pulling my strengthless feet towards the river
    Will the guiding stars keep good company tonight?
    And so I keep walking for I got no answer

    I'm a lonesome wolf
    At dawn I'm howling under the moon
    And at dusk I'm crawling towards shore

  • abhish_eks 80w


    Travelling through these oblivious nights,
    deep lonesome hidden thoughts surface.
    Sometimes to clarify, the vision,
    and sometime to blurr the mind.
    Moving past the foggy blur,
    with the clarity of the vision.
    One must only move forward,
    the path of least resistance,
    will guide to the bliss,
    lurking in the shadows of the solitude.


  • harf__ 84w


    क्या मुझको कोई ख्वाब दिखा रही हो तुम
    खुद को जो इतना करीब बता रही हो तुम।

    मैने कब किया है तुमसे कोई वादा बताओ
    ये अपने होंठ क्यूं नजदीक ला रही हो तुम।

    क्या सचमुच अब खुद को सौंप रही हो
    या बस यूं ही मुझको सता रही हो तुम।

    मुझसे इश्क़ कर बैठी हो कैसे भला तुम
    खुदको या मुझको पागल बना रही हो तुम।

    अपनी हथेली ज़रा संभाल कर रखो तुम
    मरी हुई धड़कनों को जगा रही हो तुम।

    मेरे पास तो सिर्फ जहर है तुम्हारे लिए
    मुझे क्यूं आब ए जमजम पिला रही हो तुम।

    है अभी भी शायद इश्क जिंदा मुझमें
    मुझे ये कैसा विश्वास दिला रही हो तुम।


  • tchum_ 87w

    Ocean of Blues

    Moon is at dismal peace in and out the silhouette of hueless clouds
    Maybe it always was
    Its my sight that just opened
    Forlorn than bleak night sky
    Chillier than other nights
    The fog hugging the street lights
    Making it dim and somber
    Appears to be my mind embosom in dreary notion
    Lullaby chanted in the meadows resonated our bygone courtship Forsaken somewhere lonesome
    Those wretched winds
    The lonely moon
    Flickering tinted gleams
    Monstrous structured trees
    Intone beetles
    Evident me snivel my heart out
    For game of sin I committed
    Intertwined in string of distress
    In a collision of emotions
    Drowning in ocean of blues.

  • neethi_athi 87w


    ഒരിക്കലവളും ജയിച്ചു വരും
    അന്ന് മൂർച്ഛയില്ലാത്ത കത്തിയോ
    മുകളിൽ കുടുങ്ങാൻ മടിച്ച കയറോ
    പ്രവർത്തിക്കാൻ മറന്ന ഗുളികകളോ
    പാളം തെറ്റി ഓടിപ്പോയ തീവണ്ടിയോ
    അവളെ നോക്കി പല്ലിളിച്ചു കാട്ടില്ല
    ജയിച്ച ചിരിയിൽ അവളങ്ങു പോകും.

  • weknowzamin 87w

    English Rose

    Ah You who loves the moonlit night!

    In your eyes, the twilight fight
    There the darkness invades the light

    You pupils dilate as,
    The curve of this universe.
    Which worship the the centre,
    Ruled by the night.

    Ah You who loves the silence of the night!

    Your laughter rectify
    The errors of the nature.

    The breathe you exhale, bathes dirt of angels
    Your breath makes the notes of an
    Intoxicating song.

    Ah You who loves the darkness of a night!

    Let your caffeine eyes close,
    There the chocolate melt and flows.

    You have deep eyes
    In which night dwells.
    Cool arms of velvet
    And a lap of
    English Rose.

  • mareehah_saeed 89w


    I am a butterfly, but I'm not allowed to fly,
    To flutter my wings,and
    It pains, deeper and deeper everytime.
    My eyes are filled, filled to the brim
    Cos what i dream is fantasy,
    Simply bcos I'm a girl

  • samhudson 93w

    Tell Me

    Please tell me there will come a day,
    When all this madness will go away.
    Tell me, please, that I'll survive,
    Though I'm headed towards my demise.
    Tell me I am worth the risk,
    Worth taking the fall into bliss.
    Oh please tell me before I'm gone,
    That you'll love me forever long.

  • aqua_taurean 100w

    How I wish to have conversation with her but damn me...m not good in talking.
    If only she could read and write
    We would have been a great companion.
    #mirakeewrites #writers_network #atthelossofwords

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    Woke up in the morning
    Took a selfie holding the cup of tea
    A good music in the background
    Ready to post it as a story.
    Leaving the bed and rushing
    To brush teeth and then cooking
    Sucks big time in this cold
    All awake and shining.

    Gone to visit a friend
    The one who is always there
    Not because you care for each other
    But to add to a post you share.
    We do not have time to look
    Into each others eyes but
    We do have little talks to share
    Of love, joy and the hurt.

    Tread to home bidding goodbye
    As the sun sets and the night falls
    'I'm home!' You wish to say to your mother
    Who is the only one and all.
    Then become numb and dumb
    Hardly utter few words with her
    And there it haunts, with several thoughts
    The silence, you do not wish for.

    Ate the dinner, done with the dishes
    It's so cold, now creeping inside the bed
    Holding the cellphone, checking stories for today
    'Hmm, that's a lot I get.'

    There you go again posting
    Your goodnight thoughts
    With a good quote that truly
    Motivates the lot.
    Silently rising and peeping through
    The warm blanket you stare
    Greeting goodnight to your mother
    With no words to share.