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  • lnerisa 2d


    Took my pen and to write the feelings I sat
    Gathered my feelings but something weird felt in my heart
    Days when we're close and happy spins around my eyes
    Drips the tear drops and my chest sighs
    Now that you're close with someone else and happy without me
    Wish I could tell you that I still love you more than she
    This feeling is weird I'm feeling for the first
    Instead of water now tears quench my thirst
    Is it a jealousy that feels so prickly
    Feels like our bond was always this brickly
    I am changing myself way too drastically
    Maybe you always took our relationship sarcastically
    I was so replaceable that I got replaced right in a few days
    Now you should stop this jealousy that's what my heart says

  • kishan_beep 1w

    Best friend

    I’m born just to disturb you.

  • kishan_beep 1w


    He was lost, when she found her.

  • mooncakesg 1w


    A loner
    Where many try and socialize with him
    He pretends with his mask of smiles
    Hiding all of his feelings behind a lie

    A loner
    Who had many friends
    And for a while
    with his mask he felt like he belonged
    While something is slowly eating him inside
    The feeling of emptiness lingering
    Slowly forgetting who he once was

    A loner
    Who howls despair at night
    Laying restlessly
    Thinking no one could feel his pain


  • kishan_beep 2w

    Everyone wants the truth.
    But nobody is ready to stand by the truth


  • kishan_beep 2w

    Have you ever been possessive to a girl who is not your girlfriend?!
    And why is that happening?


  • vanya_saxena 2w

    "You are free,
    And that's why you are lost."

  • read_between_the_lines 3w

    Only the peeping moonlight
    through the window,
    and the cold breeze
    hitting your skin

    Is enough,
    to make you realise
    that you are spending
    your sunday evening,


  • heyoka_warrior 4w

    I once witnessed an alien spaceship
    One night in the middle of a town feast;
    A flying UFO with colorful lights;
    Raised my head out of the blue, I saw it;
    A kid saw it too—I wonder if some people did.

    I dreamt of aliens a few times in my sleep—
    Greys or whites and browns I recall;
    White spaceships were invading the place—
    Deflated balloons as they touched the ground;
    While browns told me some things— I forgot.

    There was also when I was in the moon;
    It's like there's alien war and explosion;
    And something's after me I guess;
    I avoided it or did I pray and overcome?
    Just one of the odd dreams, faint memories.

    I have a T-shirt with alien and spaceship print;
    When I was lost exploring in the darkness,
    I was drawn to them because I felt the same;
    Like an alien, an outcast, a loner, an odd one
    Did I find harmony with their cold company.


  • lnerisa 6w

    Let's stay aside

    Wish my sadness was also like a mask that peels off
    I can't bear the pain now seems like the pain killer has also worn off
    The isolation that I've been putting myself in
    To get my soul back I seem to be very keen
    Scattered thoughts that keeps me awake till the dusk
    Sometimes I wonder if I'm really like a husk!
    People leave me and that doesn't anymore make me despondent
    Cause since very long my life has already lost it's scent
    Yet with the smile I look at people in a despair that's hidden inside
    And I think now it's the right time to leave and stay aside

  • lnerisa 8w


    Expectations that reached the sky
    That one day I'll move on and fly
    A normal high school child's dream
    Just a normal life didn't want anything supreme
    A joyful day with the gossips in peer
    Wanted to be happy and always cheer
    Her imagination that had out grown her
    But then she realized she deserved to be loner

    The isolation that had suffocated her to the hell
    Always waiting for the tinkle of the bell
    Heard the tinkle and to the dwelling she rushed
    Laid on a pillow that the tears had mushed
    Holding the heart that had been crushed
    Hold the tears ,to the loner heart she shushed
    Exclaimed to herself,"don't be a moaner"
    But then she realized she deserved to be a loner

  • barbietocatwoman 12w

    I've sort of been in this experimental, revelatory, exploratory phase in my life where I just do what I want cause I want to and damn the consequences.

    I also wait and listen like a wild animal in the jungle, eager for it's next meal.

    I'm a hunter now doesn't deny the truth of the days I was hunted. It just means I decided to be the viper rather than the subject of the poison.

    It means I'm growing, proof I'm not where I've been. That I'm actually trying to be present. My albeit paltry attempt at living.

    I'd like to think I'm progressing but every time things get even a wee bit challenging I'm halfway off this planet. No bags, no hugs, no goodbyes. I could be at one with myself but not the rest of you. Trust me, I've tried.

    So I keep a distance. I walk alone. I swear to the people closest to me that when the time comes...I'll call them home. Except the time will come, the bells will ring. The tears might fall, seldom, weakly. They'll continue on with their lives.

    I'll be lost in something I like to call my dark paradise.


  • naidrag 12w

    Social Loner #1

    It's a well-known fact that humans are perceived as social creatures.

    But why is it when I'm social I feel most alone

  • nbtasnim 14w

    Solitary Life

    Written on: 10.03.2021

    No one wants me,
    No one loves me.
    I'm truly alone.
    People will say they care,
    But do they really?
    No one knows me,
    Knows what goes inside my head.
    If they did would they really stay?
    Trust me when I say,
    I'm a very hateful person.
    I don't deserve people around me,
    I deserve to be a loner for as long as I live.
    Please don't comfort me and say I'm wrong,
    When you don't even know me,
    When we barely ever texted.
    I am cursed to lead a solitary life.
    And that's how I shall live,
    Till the last breath of life leaves my body.

  • crickett 16w

    I'm such a Loner, Sometimes I don't even like my own Company.


  • terbell 17w

    Lonely Valentines

    Happy Valentines day,
    To the lonely hearts,
    That have no lover,
    But are so comfortable,
    In your lonesomeness.

  • crickett 18w

    Why do people come around when you're finding peace? Where was they all at when I was alone in the streets? They doubted me they talked bad about me, I'm proving them wrong beating the odds changing my life day by day and I thank God..I just wanna be alone because I'm going to do my best to get on the Throne..they wanna bring me back down but they can't because of decisions I've chose. I will be great I will elevate. I wish you would as well I don't know why you hesitate!

  • lonewolf_2108 18w


    Dear society,

    A loner is not someone who chooses to go alone.
    Its you who have left him behind and he is still fighting out battles alone.

    Would you still care if you knew this?

  • 7secondsauthor 19w

    #possessive #possessiveness #fear #loner #lonely #अकेला #सक्सेना #Saxena

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    पता है कि मैं चिड़ी नहीं पालता?
    क्योंकि मुझे है ये डर,
    कि मेरी छींक के वेग से वो जाएगी उड़,
    कहीं दीवार से जा टकराएगी,
    और जाएगी मर,
    कि वो भी मुझे छोड़ कर,
    किसी चिड़े के साथ चली जाएगी उड़ कर।।


  • lovesmessenger 19w

    A metaphoric piece of how I feel on the inside. A journey through the coils of self

    Journey of the Forgotten

    It carries its burden
    as if it was an enchanted lantern
    moving through the darkness its become fond of
    glowing from the sins it has accumulated
    neither stopping or staying
    it keeps moving through the darkness
    like a sword going through flesh slaying it
    its presence is lonely but alluring
    as its past is what its escaping
    scars of old
    still itch with a present nagging
    as it heal from the wounds of savagery done to it

    In solitary it wanders time
    as its lantern guides it by its shine
    it seeks a forgotten land
    where maybe it can rest and be forgotten
    on this perilous journey
    the shadows covers him like a warding
    every step it takes becomes apparent
    its lost in the darkness
    as its lantern faintly glows in the darkness

    No one knows its whereabouts
    as it constantly moves about
    enchanted by its sins
    itll forever try seek atonement
    so it can finally find the land of the forgotten
    to rest its paws and burdens
    for it's been a long journey through the wilderness
    yet the time hasnt came to rest yet
    so itll continue to journey through the darkness

    #mirakee #pod #writersbay #insidec #journey #loner

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    Journey of the Forgotten

    My journey is an inner voyage to seek enlightenment from my past and present self