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  • arsha05 1w


    You dragged me along, then you left me alone.

  • _numu_ 1w

    Lone soul

    I was standing in the bridge outside,
    And staring at the sky so wide.
    Thinking that I am okay!
    After been broke whole day.
    I lost all hope to trust people,
    Because I find it so illegal.
    Trusting every person breaks me apart,
    Where I find no way for a fresh new start.
    They judge me without my clarification,
    And sticks to it even after my justification.
    Now I promise to stand all alone without being guilty,
    Even if this whole world be upright against me.

  • bluejay_grey 2w


    Love is a language that has to be learnt,
    how diabolical of our creators
    To bless us with a curse, one that can only be memorized by being burnt
    It is a fulfilling emotion, one that makes you feel ready to burst
    How diabolical of our creators
    To bless us with the feeling of fulfilment and emptiness in one
    To be broken in two worlds of darkness like the moon
    Or light like the sun
    Only to love and never experience ones touch
    How diabolical of our creators

  • gon_girl 6w

    Hello, me.... don't you feel, sometimes you should talk to your own self? Tap on your own shoulder...
    #sad #loner #lonerinside #depressed #depressedinside #dryeye #hollowinside #hellome #missingcharmingvibe #gon_girl

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    Hello, me

    If your dry eye
    didn't mean to cry,
    if your charming vibe
    didn't mean to alive,
    if your hollow inside
    carrying loner beside,
    you are just breathing,
    not living life.

  • darkmoon696 6w

    Now for I, remain a loner..

    Words used: eyes, shore, rose, fragrance, pink, twilight, lavender

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    #love #saranghae #heartbroken #sad #loner #relation #pod #wod

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    I still recall the day I asked you out,
    For a pleasant evening along the shore.
    It was you and you only I was thinking about,
    And my eyes locked onto the dress that you wore.

    Gifted you a bouquet full of roses,
    Had you indulged in the fragrance,
    Of a thousand aromatic pink posies.

    Now, I gaze at you as we go,
    On this melancholic trip,
    And As I caress your face, which once was full of glow,
    The twilight died into the dark.

    Insisted on cleaning you myself,
    With a soap scented with lavender.
    Stayed there until you were buried,
    And loved you the whole way as a mere passer-by.


  • consciousteja 8w


    Thoughts in mind diving deep.
    One question is my concern
    Shall I think or shall I sleep

    Thousands things to do
    100 learnings to keep
    Still that one question
    Shall I learn or shall I sleep

    Touched sensitive points
    I maybe weird but ain't a creep
    It's a dream or a question
    I am dead or already asleep


  • wheelchair_learnt 9w


    At the end you only have You.

  • the_healer_idealist 9w

    I wasn't myself,
    Yet no one realized.
    I was hurting inside
    Nothing but pain in my eyes,
    That only those who looked deep enough,
    And cared enough could see.
    No one realized I was struggling...
    To even be me.
    I didn't want to be myself.
    I could no longer accept her,
    Because no one wanted her...
    Me...who I truly am.
    No one wanted the challenge of handling the true me.
    So I continued to struggle behind closed doors.


  • riley1307 9w


    How much hurt does one have to go through before they just give up..
    Give in
    Let my spirit die
    How much more can I take before the tiny spark thats left...leaves for good?

    Why do some people have a good life
    People that love them
    A family
    But we dont?
    We have prison wardens
    We only know hurt
    We survive
    But never live
    We get through the day
    But cry ourselves to sleep


  • riley1307 9w


    When hurt turn to anger
    The innocent becomes the guilty
    The soft, become jagged
    The gentle become unmerciful..

    Everyone ignores the hurt
    But fear the rage that follows
    They watch us hurt
    But fear when we turn into monsters

    They ridicule us
    They laugh at us
    They make us cry
    They make us bleed

    And yet when we turn around..
    When we change
    When we start hurting
    When we start making the tears fall
    They fear us
    They judge hs
    They hate us

    But they made us

  • souravbose24061990 12w

    Those thoughts...

    Maybe it was not you
    Maybe its me
    Maybe we were not meant to be...
    Looks familiar
    But then these thoughts come and go by
    I left you somewhere I guess
    Maybe I was not right for you
    You were meant to be with someone better
    That's what I feel
    See I'm not everything and that one day
    You will realise....
    Till then enjoy this ride without me....


  • huckleberrie 13w

    Trapped inside

    Release the fear of being too much we come from something bigger than life, do not play small, what a fool you are.
    Vanity be my shield and ignorance my armor to reflect upon life and all it's random injustice, memories can be vile and repulsive. Memories, we can't live without that's what we are based upon if we can't face them then we can deny the existence of reason, there is no sanity clause. I've been wondering how can we be tied down to rationality if we can't oppose to actualization a deformed set of values one stretch away from freedom.
    Hi how are you doing?
    Am depressed thanks for asking
    See I have long time ago decided to stop lying and giving in to their needs, so if you think you can't handle me then it was aweful meeting you
    You gaze upon me most strangely
    Why shouldn't I, I keep on analyzing all the contractually tied relations in the way of hallucinations where the screaming is unbearable and locked away all the dreadfully deeds that seeds through society, growing roots. Madness an emergency exit a path only to be chosen by absolute mistake ambiguous misunderstandings.

  • huckleberrie 14w

    Hard White

    *guy: can I get your number
    *me: ooh my favorite number is 3
    *guy: no I mean your phone number
    *me it's a Samsung S2000...
    *guy:Are you stupid?(pissed off)
    *guy's friend: dude chill out
    *Me:Since I met you, yes(nonchalant)
    *With a growl, guy wraps his hand around my neck, choking me
    *Guy's friend: you are gonna get us in trouble, let her go man, she's not worth it
    *me: oh but I am. I let my guards down, my neck was open wide, now your fist is wrapped around it. Go ahead don't pause, maybe you might get a number out of my dead body.
    *tense silence as we stare into each other's eyes
    *with an expression less face he lets me go and walk away
    *Guy's friend: are you crazy, he could have killed you
    *me: why would a man try to kill the one woman who matches his insanity
    *guy's friend: he likes you
    *me: I know. Give him this message I said as I watched the guy disappear into the dark.
    ‚ÄĘ Roses are red but then they look as good as dead, such bright savage tragedy, Another living soul starts to cower when the earth tremble with the power, under the bridge the invisible life outlet resides, a bottle rusted with space I cannot stress enough this point I'm about to make dealing with this bargains transacted between a quintessential embody...... tell him to meet me for more
    *Walking away from his baffled expression

  • lnerisa 15w


    Took my pen and to write the feelings I sat
    Gathered my feelings but something weird felt in my heart
    Days when we're close and happy spins around my eyes
    Drips the tear drops and my chest sighs
    Now that you're close with someone else and happy without me
    Wish I could tell you that I still love you more than she
    This feeling is weird I'm feeling for the first
    Instead of water now tears quench my thirst
    Is it a jealousy that feels so prickly
    Feels like our bond was always this brickly
    I am changing myself way too drastically
    Maybe you always took our relationship sarcastically
    I was so replaceable that I got replaced right in a few days
    Now you should stop this jealousy that's what my heart says

  • kishan_beep 16w

    Best friend

    I’m born just to disturb you.

  • kishan_beep 16w


    He was lost, when she found her.

  • mooncakesg 16w


    A loner
    Where many try and socialize with him
    He pretends with his mask of smiles
    Hiding all of his feelings behind a lie

    A loner
    Who had many friends
    And for a while
    with his mask he felt like he belonged
    While something is slowly eating him inside
    The feeling of emptiness lingering
    Slowly forgetting who he once was

    A loner
    Who howls despair at night
    Laying restlessly
    Thinking no one could feel his pain


  • kishan_beep 16w

    Everyone wants the truth.
    But nobody is ready to stand by the truth


  • kishan_beep 16w

    Have you ever been possessive to a girl who is not your girlfriend?!
    And why is that happening?


  • vanya_saxena 17w

    "You are free,
    And that's why you are lost."