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  • anameless_poet 20h

    I wanted to talk,
    But there was just a silence.
    The tides ebb and flow.


  • the_euphoric_writer 22h

    I am like an eroded rock
    exhausted of strength
    to walk against emotions

    Conspiracies take life
    Nothing sways me
    Nothing moves me

    but a few
    intrude the cracks,
    Enough for me
    to crumble into dust.


  • pal_lavi 1d


    And when there's no one coercing you to talk about your day, when you can just hit the sack without using your mouth for the sake of having a conversation, when you can be in your own space, your messy little room, with things that remind you of those bittersweet memories, when you can play the music of your choice without having to ask permission from others, when you don't have to speak to anyone about your sorrows or joys, what would you call it, freedom or loneliness?

  • jayachhokra 1d

    Some days it's just everything is in the way it should be ,
    But your heart fails to accept it .
    Some days you have it all by your side ,
    But your mind fails to accept it.
    Some days your body burns �� the required calories,
    But your health fails to accept it.
    Somedays you get all the permissions,
    But your conscience deny it.
    Some days you have all the happiness infront of you,
    But you fail to welcome it.
    Some days you have it all in your hands,
    But you fail to hold it tight .
    Some days you have a reason to party at,
    But you fail to praise at the sight.
    Some days you need to be who you are,
    But you fail to be you.
    Some days you have a reason to smile,
    But you fail to put it on your face .
    Accept it some days are not meant to be the way it should be !
    Accept it !

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    Some days . . .

    Some days...

  • anameless_poet 5d

    Through this black darkness,
    Will you be the light I need?
    Northern lights shine bright.


  • adi_ixi 1w

    Ever felt that battle between your brain and your heart? Where your heart is actually kind and caring but it's been shattered by everyone a million times to the point that the brain takes control and asks you to not care, yet the irony is the more we pretend we don't care, the more we actually do, ever so allowing is to feel like a #human.
    After all, what good is a human who doesn't break?


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    Yin and Yang

    Never thought waking up to be a chore

    So desperate for peace,

    Couldn't long for sleep more

    Yet here I am,

    Breathing in 02

    While my soul screams for some love

    whispering ' please, me too'

    The falling tears feel like thorns

    Razors to my delicate cheeks

    'Stop being so soft', barked my brain

    But hate begets hate, did you forget?

    I picked up my pen,

    Tryna string words,

    And for a moment,

    I felt like I was deserted

    but that's just being a human

    feeling like everyone else.


  • tolu_writer 1w

    Your lies

    I go to sleep with the lies you tell me,
    A perfect lullaby in the way they wrap me.
    The warmth it brings me, the comfort of my folly.
    With dreams of you I bask in my fantasy
    Oblivious to the cruelty of reality.
    For I see comfort in your lies, the feeling of ecstasy,
    But the truth, it takes away our intimacy.
    With your lies, I'm all but lonely.

  • pinkfloyduwu 1w

    I'm all alone

    Asken purveyors of town,

    A question which sombre for my ears, and curiosity of others

    From the house of yours come no other visitor—

    You all alone my child?

    For reason this I goes no shop twice,

    And to neighbours whom question are boredom than curiosity.

    Oh! Cruel loneliness; who lefts no human alone, and whose shadows never leave me—faith like from childhood to manhood,

    Oh! Man who ignorant like a pest, whose empathy brute savage; would tarnish anything and sleep on a pillow of blood and tears ( be his or one he love)—

    Then accepting himself human.

  • jadewrites 1w

    You need Yourself

    Sometimes loneliness is key
    Away from the world
    Left with your thoughts
    And no words to say
    You and yourself

    Stand up and go into isolation
    Your Peace of mind is important
    No suicidal thoughts or intents
    But sometimes you need to stay away from the world
    And find the peace within yourself

    Rest yourself
    Your mental health needs rebuilding
    Emotionally you are so weak
    A moment alone might help
    Give yourself a chance to build yourself

  • pris_musings 1w

    Wrapping the blanket tightly like a cocoon.
    Wouldn't let it creep in. Yes i am brash about it
    I don't want you near me. I fight it with all my strengths. Can't let it seep inside me again.
    I gather all my courage and push it ..just  go away..yet this LONELINESS  just slips in

  • nikhilpandey 1w

    If you have to much feelings for someone and they don't care about ur feelings its really hurts..

  • nikhilpandey 1w

    When i frst saw uh... I felt so much affection towards uh And whenever uh r around i cant take my eyes off frm uh... I juzz wanna tell uh uh r so special to me and... I love the way uh smile..nd i promise that i would never make that prettiest smile lost frm uh...

  • thewholehearted 2w

    Why People feel I am Distant and Why I don't feel anything for them.

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    Sometimes for People like Us The World seems out of reach. We feel so left Behind that we don't have the strength to reach out to them. In the End, We just cut out ourselves from the rest of the World.

  • anameless_poet 2w

    He smiles another fake laugh,
    Pretending to fit in.
    Pretending everything is fine,
    While on the inside he silently weeps.

    She takes on another extra project.
    Trying to keep herself busy.
    Overcompensating with work,
    Trying to regain her self esteem.

    Too proud to admit their losses.
    Too strong to show their pain.
    They struggle along trying to find meaning.
    While dreaming of what could have been.


  • anameless_poet 2w

    She believes in love.
    But does love believe in her?
    A shooting star falls.


  • madinah_writes 2w

    Dear bed.
    It's the first time in forever,
    I'm writing you a letter.

    Dear bed,
    The home I bury all the dreams and nightmares in my head.
    Lonely, you must be.
    So long, no one could see.

    In this loneliness, I come back to you.
    I share with you my sorrows, I cling myself to you.
    Wordless, in this hurtful tears.
    You listened to my secrets and understood my darkest fears.

    Dear bed,
    The caged heart in my head.
    Listen to me without complain.
    As you usually do, again and again.

    Dear bed,
    You've always understood, me, I and myself.
    With all the fantasies I couldn't meet.
    With all the breath I couldn't make
    With all the time I struggled to breathe.
    With life challenges I couldn't take.
    Till now, I never understood you, you and yourself.


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    Dear Bed,


  • arti_20 2w

    Just a thought

    In life we caught in many situations
    Many unbelievable days
    Many unbearable pain
    But in all those situations the most difficult is
    When you have to deal with your close persons
    The persons who is more important than everyone
    The persons who don't need any name of relation
    The person who is above all the situations
    The persons who is the listener of your tough situations
    And due to bad situations
    Your anger pull your soul in loneliness
    In darkness
    Where your voice don't need anyone
    But your soul need a faithful caring and loving person
    And after doing all mistake falling in all difficulties
    It becomes more and more difficult to overcome from all these
    And the only way to stay in this is

    And the end

  • archedbrow 2w


    Truly was a warm welcome!☺️

    Loneliness is the best choke accessory.

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    #likeacactus #connection

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    Don't Go Until I'm Gone.

    Years of I,me & myself,
    Find relief in,
    Moments with you.
    So when you step away to leave,
    The whole of me
    Pleads, don't leave so soon.
    While a part of me,
    Keeps my pride.
    With a zipped mouth.
    It's the walls I talk to everyday,
    Who remind me,
    They're waiting.
    A vast expanse of empty solitude,
    Lingers around us.
    Waits for me in the shadows.
    For you to go.
    So I can see myself alone again,
    And affirm my sorrow.

    So please prove me wrong.
    And wait till I leave,
    Watch me go.
    Cheat a bit,
    Dim the light.
    Drown the shadows.

    So I can keep 'us' going.
    And part as one.
    Split the bill, text me later, and;

    Don't go until I'm gone.

  • anameless_poet 2w

    A tale of two hearts.
    Right person at the wrong time.
    A cold winters night.


  • babypanda_dante 20w

    Author's note: "If nobody know's you're alive, you aren't" is a quote from the poem This is Not The End of The World by Neil Hilborn.

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    Drowning on air

    and who will help
    when they cant see
    the murky water flooding your body?

    and who will understand
    when you speak only
    to the people you've known for the day?

    who feels the suffocation
    who endures the weight
    and yet
    who will feel with you?
    who will endure with you?

    alas, for the misery of loneliness
    lies not in being alone
    nor in being lonely
    but the damning desire
    to be safe
    to be held and
    to be desired

    ("if nobody knows you're alive, you aren't.")

    loneliness does not come
    in moments of solitude
    it comes when you see a mother with her child
    playing in the field
    it comes when you glimpse a young couple
    sharing a private joke
    it comes when you pass an old couple
    who still remember each other
    it comes when you see a group of friends
    drinking, excessively boisterous
    it comes when
    you least expect it
    and what hurts the most
    is not the loneliness
    but the sudden realisation
    that you'll never…

    ("I'll never be like them.")

    the sound of your heartbeat
    quiets, silences, holds its breath
    unwilling to entertain
    the possibility that you, too
    are lovable
    that this, too
    shall pass

    when you are lonely
    you are the closest you'll ever get
    to death

    (loneliness exists as a void, not a feeling)