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  • zak_muhd 92w


    Yesterday night
    The wind blew
    Maybe hard
    I'm not sure if it rained
    Morning came
    There wasn't power supply
    Those who when afflicted
    With calamity
    Truly to Him we belong
    And Truly
    To Him
    We shall return
    Deep down
    I thought
    That our countdown had started
    We'd count
    In odd numbers
    1,3, 5
    I just hoped
    It wouldn't exceed 7
    Evening struck
    When He decrees a matter
    He only says to it:
    And it is.

  • fortae 93w


    I've been warned, the message has been passed.
    The law has been made.
    Stay home!! It said.
    We've only just started dating.
    He promised to order me an Uber.
    So I don't get in contact.
    I took the ride and went to see him.
    What won't I do for love?
    We should be social distancing.
    Of course I stayed clean, so did he.
    Took precautions, sanitized.
    And then we kissed.
    Don't do it my mind yelled.
    But I can't seem to keep them at bay.
    The emotions I feel are up in a rage.
    Its been over a year we've been away.
    I only wanted to be with my man.
    If only I knew that someone else has been in his bed.
    That I'm just a pawn, and not his only girl.
    A week later he is sick on the bed.
    He caught the flu, now I'm helpless.
    I prayed, fasted and even wept.
    Nothing can change the fact that I was disobedient.
    I broke the law and took a risk.
    Now he's dead, and I'm sick.
    I infected my family, and they are weak.
    Lesson learnt, I'll be dead soon.
    I should have listened.
    Not for me but for my family's sake.
    Stay home, Stay safe.