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    Only few can understand
    Love happens only once
    Rest is just life

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    Stoned at night, with music and memories beside me.
    #stoned #high #lockdown #lockdownblues #stoner

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    The walls reverberate to Endors Toi.
    I'm reading the collected works of Ginsberg
    between bouts of dozing
    in red eyed delirium.
    I think I overdid it.
    'Moloch! the man who got me
    higher than the sky!'
    I reminisce
    of the last time I left India,
    standing beside the Atlantic and
    dreaming of the end of times,
    sipping on zero calorie Coca Cola
    and breathing cool, clean air
    that tasted like the sea.
    This memory is all that remains
    of the best of times.
    It's no wonder I can't remember yesterday at all,
    or the month before,
    or the year before.

  • hawking1107 1d


    During the lockdown last year when everyone was indoors, we were facing a pest problem. There was this mouse troubling us for over a week. We decided to trap it using the glue. We laid the trap along its usual path which is right under our refrigerator. Couple of hours later it was trapped in the gum. Now comes the tougher part. We needed to throw it away. For doing so someone had to pick it up. Usually it is dad who gets rid of the mice but this particular day he was at his work site and it all came down to me as my mom is scared of mice. I took this one stick and tried to drag the cardboard out from under the refrigerator. In that process I hit the board hastily and accidentally killed the mouse. I was totally shaken. I couldn't believe what just happened. This might sound silly but killing a living being is not a pleasant feeling and I cried out of the sheer angst. This incident taught me a lesson on compassion not only towards human beings but also to every living being around me.

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    If you constantly getting hurt
    Listen to me very carefully ok
    Instead of wiping down tears all the time
    Wipe away people who created them because hugging cactus gives u more pain
    Its good for u

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    #Lockdown effect#lifeisatstay#boom# escapismisbestthansuicide#takemetoparadise.

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    I want to escape from the worst happening around,
    Actually it's not the worst but I want to escape
    May be I am a little depressed or
    May be I am in depression already!
    Everything was on its way,
    But then life took a u turn
    Everything got displaced!
    Aghast and afraid,
    Is this me,!?
    Or escaping from my identity!!

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    കംഫേർട്ട് സോൺ

    Comfort zone ൽ നിന്നും അയാളെ വലുതായി ഒന്നും ഈ കൊറോണക്കാലം വ്യതിചലിപ്പിച്ചില്ല. സന്ദർഭങ്ങൾ ബുദ്ധി പൂർവ്വം ഉപയോഗിച്ച്
    എല്ലാം സമയത്തിന് വീട്ടിലെത്തിക്കാൻ അയാൾക്കു പറ്റുമായിരുന്നു. അങ്ങിനെയിരിക്കെ ഒരു ദിവസം വീട്ടിൽ അത്യാവശ്യമായ പല കാര്യങ്ങൾക്കും സഹായിയായി വന്നുകൊണ്ടിരിന്ന ആ ചെറു
    പ്പക്കാരൻ എന്തിനെന്നില്ലാതെ കയറി
    വന്നു. ആറുമാസത്തോളമുള്ള lockdown
    കഴിഞ്ഞുള്ള വരവ്. മുന്നിൽ നിൽക്കുന്ന ആളെ പെട്ടന്ന് മനസ്സിലായില്ല. വളരെ നാളായി
    ഷെയ് വ് ചെയ്യാത്ത മുഖം. മുടി കുറെയധികം
    നരപടർന്ന് കഴുത്തിന് കീഴെ കിടക്കുന്നു. തളർന്ന് പരവശമായ ഉറക്കം നഷ്പ്പെട്ട കണ്ണകൾ. തന്റെ comfort zone ന്റെ അതിരുകൾ കുറെ കൂടി തന്നിൽ നിന്നകന്നപോലെ അയാൾക്ക് തോന്നിയെന്നു തോന്നുന്നു.

  • prerna_nair 2d

    Make yourself as a priority
    It's not selfish
    It's necessary

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    कर भी क्या सकते थे मज़बूरी थी,
    चाहत थी..............,पर दुरी थी ।।

    ख्वाबों में दीदार किया करते थे ।

    लौक डाउन  में सोशल-डिस्टेनसींग वाला
    प्यार किया करते थे ।।


  • shravan7 1w

    .Fuck this Corona

    It turned out from planning Career
    to Planning web series'

  • santor_674 1w

    Lockdown Diary!

    13th June 2021,
    It was another usual day , and I snoozed the alarms and finally stepped out of the bed at 10 am. The bed cover was in a haphazard manner , taking a long yawn I arranged it properly as I do diurnally. I walked up to the the same blurry mirror , splashed a few drops of water and I smiled seeing my reflection much clearly. I then straight away headed to the kitchen , to gulp the chocolate milk . Everytime I see that cup, I smile as it reminds me of the friend who gifted me it on my 13th birthday. I quickly take a refreshing shower , which is exceptional for most of the people around me who stay cool even after not taking a bath for several weeks. After some random household chores , I lifted up the most precious thing of my life (not my smart phone ) - "Sheero" - my 40 days old puppy! It ran around me and licked my whole face and my legs - which kind of tickled me and I laughed hysterically. After pretending of studying my school subjects in front of my dad , I started scrolling the screen of my smart phone which had nothing useful though. With no exception , I enjoyed having my brunch for I woke up too late to have breakfast and my stomach was starving. And again , I started scrolling down the phone and I was admiring all those alluring poetries and quotes of various writers in "Mirakee" - making myself feel useless of being hesitant to post any piece of writing. Then I cuddled with Sheero , gave its usual meal - a bowl full of cerelac mixed with diluted curd. Then I suddenly had something in my mind that I started to complete my leftover assignments. The noon went by . Then in the evening , mom made up the sizzling - "Chai" - and taking a sip I lay over the cushion relaxed by the gentle zephyr brushing up my curls. And to make the day a bit productive , I did a set of exercises , boosting up my stamina . Also I read a few pages of the extremely stunning book named - "Forge your future " written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It is incredibly beautiful. Every common man 's difficulties is stated for which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam himself delivers the solutions ; accumulating quotes of great writers . This is when I felt how this lockdown had given us a great occasion to lend our mind into obscure things we had been avoiding for years. Though each day passes with the same routine, it leaves back a moral value unknowingly. And then, I sat before the television along with my dad at 7:30. And this is where my listening skills are tested by my dad who interrogate about each and every thing I understand from the news. And this part of the day is the most useful for me! And then mom calls us for dinner and after finishing the delicious meal , I head to my bedroom. Before I squeezed into the pillow , I completed few of my assignments, played with Sheero, and then played cards with mom and then at last I squeezed into the pillow to sleep. And this way my day ended. Until another diary entry from my not - so special days , Buh Bye ! Sleep well and you will have to tolerate more of my scribblings tomorrow !

    - Sanchitha

  • heartchapters 1w

    The Tears that you hide,
    Are the Rain for someone's life,
    Let them shed like a rain
    For someone to have some gain,
    The Strom inside will change and
    The Rainbow will be there by your side.
    ~Areeka Naveen
    Mon June 14, 2021

    #wod #rainbow
    #poems #areekanaveen
    @writerscommunity @mirakee

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    The Tears that you hide...

    ~Areeka Naveen

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    It takes no time for the situation and environment to change.
    Being a citizen with several rights guaranteed by the country, we hardly can exercise it at the moment, all because of this minute virus.

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    Lockdown - 2nd phase

    This lockdown has bought a whole lot of memories from the previous year, some bitter some sweet. Experiences from losing our loved ones to discovering our inner self that is worth recording and narrating to future generations. It has once again taught us the value of life, health, family, safety, relationship and the supreme being.

    From our movements being curbed to maintaining social distancing and following the protocols, we have gone through emotional turmoil frequently. Mental disturbance has also been seen as a key issue in this pandemic which remains to be ignored. It is not just the covid taking away the lives but also the stress that comes along with it.

    Besides that, the existing situation has still not been able to cut off the crime happening all over. Even with the latest updates of covid being broadcast, the news of crime never fails to miss a slot on the list. The existence of humanity is at stake in this scenario.

    Be it poor, middle or elite, each category of people are facing a hard time as the virus knows no category.

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    Nowdays I am getting feeling
    Of worthless too often,
    Thinking I am good for nothing,
    Trying too hard in keeping my
    Emotions inside,
    Becoming more unexpressive
    To others,
    Hiding the suffering,
    Till mental breakdown starts,
    Then I cry , cry a lot
    In a drak room so that
    No one can see me crying, not even me
    Hoping for the ray of light
    In that dark room,
    And waiting for the hug from dearest.
    Next day, I gather my courage again
    Begin the day with new me
    By doing some productive work..


  • guru22 1w

    A little context before you read this:

    There are two orphans Rohan and Ananya, Ananya is deaf and Rohan is blind.....They are always together. Now Ananya can hear with a machine, slightly, but Rohan is completely blind. Ananya is a freelance programmer and rohan is a writer and musician. This is a part of a big story of how they meet and how things blossom and how they eventually fall in love. This is a part where Ananya is gone to a competition in Dehradun, and stuck there due to lockdown, while Rohan is all alone in Kerala. She cannot talk, as there's no network at her place, and she finally resorts to writing him a letter in braille....

    Let me know what do you think!!
    #letter #lockdown #epistolary

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    Sight and Sound

    I know you're angry with me,
    Enough to hit me left and right,
    Try to get down the anger tree,
    But if you want, we can fight...

    I know you can't read this letter,
    You can just feel the emotion,
    Hope this makes you feel better,
    We've been through a lot of commotion...

    It's been long, since we properly talked,
    In our language of the heart,
    We could have done something amazing as we walked,
    But the lockdown made us part ...

    As you know, I came here for my competition,
    Where everyone was astonished,
    How special people who need help to even write a petition,
    My 3200 line long program, left them baffled...

    But as I wanted to come back,
    To make you feel my achievement,
    Everything was closed as the cure we lack,
    I was made to live in containment...

    It was painful for me,
    To leave you in utter darkness,
    People here can backchat for free,
    Without you, I feel helpless ....

    I remember our plans,
    To climb the Sinhagad Fort on the steep mountain,
    I would describe the peacock's dance,
    While you describe the sound of the rain, as we have cooked plantain....

    I hope Sister Mary is taking care of you,
    She is a woman with god's grace,
    People like her are very rare and few,
    She always has a smiling face...

    Something worries me,
    There's a strong feeling in my gut,
    I hope you didn't fall and bruise your ankle and knee...

    You know what,
    People treat me here as a terrible piece of disgrace,
    With anger of the reservations for us and that dirty thought,
    They abuse me at the back, and frown at my face...

    I just want you here,
    As you would give them strong replies,
    With you, the night sounds I want to hear,
    While I show you the fireflies...

    Being together,
    I never realised my disability,
    I think we complimented each other,
    People here question my ability...

    I suffered days of humiliation,
    But I just focussed on my contest,
    Winning the competition for me was not a difficult question,
    To put up with their insult with a smile was the real test...

    I couldn't contact you,
    As there's no network here,
    There are people a few,
    Who make me cry, as I cannot hear...

    Through every insult and pain,
    I overcame them with your piece,
    You wrote about my hamster, my flower, and my fat gain,
    It made me sleep at night with peace...

    I just hope my audios were to some good,
    I know you love my voice,
    Without me you never had your food,
    I guess destiny didn't leave us with a choice...

    But I read that soon things will get better,
    And the transportation will commence,
    I will try to reach soon after this letter,
    Then we will talk about our world of nonsense...

    It is hard for both of us,
    To survive alone,
    As we are mature, let's not create fuss,
    Soon we will again be each other's backbone...

    Things will be fine soon,
    As Ananya will finally come back to Rohan,
    Two disabled orphans will again watch the moon,
    While having amazing amounts of fun...

    Please take care,
    As I return at the earliest,
    I expect to come before you grow your nasty hair,
    Or else for me it will be a scissors fest...

    I can't wait to read,
    Your poems in that open playground,
    We will compliment each other till the dead,
    Creating our enchanted world, of Sight and Sound...

    Let us never have lust,
    As we believe in someone above,
    In Rohan, Ananya has her trust,
    She believes in their strong bond of deaf and blind love...

  • go4sandeep 1w


    लौकड़ाउन में वक़्त घर पे बिता रहाँ हँ
    अपने जिम्मेदारियों और भविष्य की
    भारी किमत चुका रहा हूँ ।।


  • prerna_nair 1w


    Perfect is a beautiful lie , there is nothing perfect on this planet even ones life is not perfect the only thing we can do is living our life fullest we just need grip on our life we should never feel sorry what choices that we made one should always keep an
    Open door to happiness

  • hoorbanu98 1w

    Lockdown teaches
    beautiful things♥

  • ashlekhabharali 1w


    As usual as any other day,
    My eyes opened at 5am,
    With the little shimmering light of the dawn, through the ventilations
    And as usual, the lazy me saw the time on the clock,
    And again closed my eyes.
    Hoping to get up at 6.
    And as usual again,I finally woke up at 7,
    And this time of course,
    It was my Mom whose screamings made me wake up.

    As usual, like any other days,
    This Friday,too..I went to the mirror, to see myself
    And saw the messy girl with messy hair
    With some sleep still in her eyes
    That spoke to her,"Oh I am glad, I am still alive".

    Taking the toothbrush I started brushing,
    Until I saw its 7:30,
    And realized I need to get ready for online classes

    I had a quick,yet good bath,
    Erasing all the trash from my mind and soul
    I felt fresh

    As usual, I sat again,
    On unplugged electric chair,
    With some tea and breakfast near my table,
    And then began.. the long 6 hours
    That seems so boring always
    Except some days,
    If some miracle happens in my brain.
    I always feel,we are swamped with information,
    Yet starving for wisdom.

    In between those long lectures,
    I played my favourite playlist..
    And started humming the lines.. that said..

    "Well, you only need the light when it's burning low
    Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
    Only know you love her when you let her go
    Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
    Only hate the road when you're missing home
    Only know you love her when you let her go
    And you let her go

    Staring at the bottom of your glass
    Hoping one day you'll make a dream last
    But dreams come slow, and they go so fast

    You see her when you close your eyes
    Maybe one day, you'll understand why
    Everything you touch surely dies

    But you only need the light when it's burning low
    Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
    Only know you love her when you let her go
    Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
    Only hate the road when you're missing home
    Only know you love her when you let her go"

    As usual, I did my daily chores..
    Talked with few gems without whom my days seem incomplete..
    Tried to do some homework,
    Yet left incomplete,
    For I am the biggest procrastinator,
    Hoping to complete it in a hurry tomorrow morning,
    So that I don't have to get scoldings from my teachers.

    And now,here I am,
    In my favourite place mirakee,
    Doing my favourite task.
    And now, in just few minutes time,
    I will close my eyes,
    And go to the world of my dreams,
    And will be in my favourite state of mind,
    And the lazy me,
    Will sleep...


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    #lockdown#wod #stand with the saviors @mirakee @writersnetwork @theinkdomain
    Please read ,it needs more thought and action than we are giving it

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    11.30 PM

    Dear Diary,
    The lockdown days are turning more feverish by the dawn.Matters of state have become quite tense,apprehension shadows every alternate face I meet.Hwre we are, celebrating the 1 year 2 months 3 week 4 day anniversary to the current normalcy, and yet are we used to it..not a teeny bit.So yes, lockdown tales are surely of boredom, joblessness and sadness henceforth but bear with me cuz I tell a different tale
    Quite the contrary ,my workplace is brimming with people, workload has increased to the umpteenth time and leisure time that everyone so complains of nowadays!!Hell yeah I wish I got a share of it.
    Well, don't have the time to complain do I, so yes today as usual things were very bad, and I retired for a sadder version of mine.Everyday I begin with the hope of softer smiles and healthier lives, but it ain't no easy task.This second wave has shook me through, and everyday in the COVID ICU seeing old and young alike battle for oxygen, fight for dear life, the fear, anxiety, the hopelessness ,optism is a hard one to find.
    The PPE kits I wear , does nothing to lessen my burden by the day.Today, but I'm here with good news, today the little boy who battled MISC hard in the covid ward was finally discharged, and as he left ,I could feel hopes raise for a dozen within the room,his smile sure did a lot and not just for me.That was something to cherish for life.
    Heart brimming with joy(,well I havent felt like this for months,don't I owe it to myself?..a celebration of a mild kind?..)I step out, dough off my PPE, get myself clean clothes and out I come ,my phone is bursting with notifications..one look and it tumbles my world upside down
    The video of a young doctor being beaten down mercilessly,inhumane not to say I'm sure you wouldn't even beat up an animal this way..A doctor working day in and out in a covid ward,staying by his Nation,working for his people despite the terrible pay!
    And this is what he get!!!!Shouldn't we all hang our heads down in shame, the very thought that I live in a nation where this could happen to any human let alone a doctor .Now that I speak of it,I know its not just shame that has got the better of me,but the fear, fear to serve. I know for one that It will take me many a day to go back to working as normal, it has hit me hard, God save the poor boy who went through this and his ambitions!!!.Humanity did die a long time ago,don't blame corona for it, but I wasn't aware that it was the devil who was reborn!.

  • rimi_ojha 1w

    2020--till now
    Every second.

    Dear universe,

    So here I am ! ( absolutely honest)

    My "morning!" starts : when I am done with my sleep.

    My "night" starts: when my netpack is over and some memories hurt me deep.

    Sorry, come again?

    "What am I upto?"

    Nothing , but just lying on the bed aimlessly , hoping that someone brings me a glass of water ..coz this "freaking " lockdown has made me way lazier than before.

    Anyways ! I started loving those "lame" jokes again.
    Binging on that same show again.
    which seemed to be "stodgy" back then.

    Praying for all out there to be safe and happy.

    Wishing for the cuckoo to sing again
    On that tree crappy.

    Above all, just hoping ..smile becomes more contagious than the virus.
    , to hug anyone without applying sanitizers

    And offer love with a couple of appetizers��


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #lockdown #honest #diaryentry #words from my real diary #pod #wod
    ��: Pinterest
    Quote : umm it was on google but I altered a bit�� ( @mirakee see I am honest��)

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    Some days I am the ocean.
    Some days I 'm the ship.
    Tonight I 'm the lighthouse at the edge alone.
    Gazing at the stars, praising the waves...
    And desiring to see that ship of hopes again

    Always remember :
    Every dark day...ends up with rain of hopes