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  • diamond49 3d

    What strange time is this..
    Exactly what I wrote in lockdown
    May 4, 2020
    #Strange #Fear #Lockdown

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    What a strange time is this..
    Feeling like untouchables
    Cant express our love the way we want
    Out of fear

    Fear of something we cant see
    Fear of something we cant feel

    What a strange time is this..
    Locked in a room
    Cant express our smile with cheers and hope
    Out of Compulsions

    What a strange time is this..

  • dnswords 2w

    खामोशी बुरी बात हे....

    और वजह पता ना हो तो, और भी भयावह होता हें


  • raghavendrabs 2w

    Dreams Of A Derelict Day Out

    The Google map malfunctioned and I was led to a random road,
    Filled with lush greenery on both sides and the breeze gently cradling me!
    The phenomenon was new every single time, and it was time that had slowed,
    Countryside, the fancier term, definitely didn’t do justice for this home of diamonds in a pile of scree!

    As I passed through the village roads, many inquisitive eyes followed me till I was seen,
    A huge peepal tree surrounded by little idols and it’s branches where a few peaceful sparrows had perched!
    It was right next to the village pond, although times had changed people, the pond remained serene!
    I was lost in thought when I was distracted by my phone’s ringtone, although ignored, it had left the vibe besmirched!

    The streets, the fresh air and the little birds and their songs were all refreshing,
    Glimpses of the past kept propping up regularly but fleeted soon enough!
    A sweet aroma, took me back to a suppressed memory, pleasant moments that were equally depressing.
    I smiled at how I used to think life would always remain rough!

    As I found the exit to the highway, I felt a sense of loss,
    Life on this road, in the midst of greenery that was engulfing the soul from all sides.
    Before I could sink it in one more time, I saw a Skype message from my boss.
    The desktop wallpaper was still again but I heard it say the age old proverb of “Time and tides!”

    Raghavendra B S

  • scarlet 4w

    If this is how our world ends
    I wish I could turn back time
    I'll run back to your outstretched arms
    I'll put myself under the spell of those intense eyes
    I'll kiss you long and hard till I feel the world reeling
    I'll pull out all the stops - the what ifs and the anxiety
    And I'll fall like I've never fallen before

  • mrunalini_04 5w

    I’m notoriously bad at getting up sometimes. At times a decent breakfast armed with a cup of tea is the only thing that can transform me into a functioning human adult.

    My mind wanders to places. Sometimes, I waste my time by scrolling as soon as I open my eyes.

    So chatting about what i’ve just read, learnt or written with friends or family, (or even just to myself) has helped me keep it clear in my mind about what all I've done in these last two years.

    During this time, I feel congratulating myself on whatever I’ve achieved so far. And that I believe is a good change for me mentally.

    I know this lockdown or isolation has been hard on everyone, financially, emotionally and mentally.

    So no matter what social media at times shows you about how much others have been achieving and how much they're happy, sometimes, it's a huge victory to simply get out of bed.

    And that's okay!


  • utkarshpandey 6w

    For the Doctors and Nurses of Covid

    Your eyes are dull and blank,
    And light in them is weak.
    why your face is crushed and red,
    And you have bruises all over your cheek.

    Your tired eyes are not closing why!
    When Your swollen face speaks the pain
    Burns on your face are not stopping you why!
    From putting on the same mask again

    Why did you chose to stand in way,
    When darkness had us stuck.
    Wrecking havoc on the human lives,
    When healthcare gives no luck.

    The hope in your eyes isn't dead why!
    When wrath of god has inflamed,
    The breathe of Any gasping being.
    faith on your face isn't dull why!
    When there are no angels for you - Angel
    And no prayers for your well-being!


  • words4you 6w

    Aur hume positive kar gye!! #jeenu #sheenu #lockdown #quarantine

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    Toh likhte hain kuch aise ki,

    Voh aaya lockdown me quarantine manane ko,
    Thk hai !!

    Voh aaya lockdown me quarantine manane ko,

    Vaise quarantine hota toh 14 dino ka hai lekin voh 8ve din me hi negative hokar nikal liye !!

  • dnswords 7w

    ये "लहर" भी कितनी बदनाम हो गयी

    पुरी दुनिया को हर बार lock करके गयी !!

  • scarlet 7w

    When the lockdowns began,
    Our worlds withdrew within four walls
    We lost our youth, a share of our joys, and -
    Opportunities that'll never come knocking again

  • xe_laps 7w


    കുഴിച്ചുമൂടപ്പെട്ട ആഗ്രഹങ്ങളുടെ ശ്മശാന ഭൂമിയാണ് മനുഷ്യന്റെ മനസ്സ്.

  • bharathkoli 8w

    Haha... Don't lose hope, just turn around and sleep. When a tiny waterdroplet reflect/refract light, why cant I?
    #eat #sleep #binge #hope #lockdown

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    Stood standing clutching the gate while i saw strings that held up the sky in place. Those strings swayed east to west and it reminded me of something. Even the darkness can reflect the slightest light possible making a rain look like silver string, why can't it reflect my whole self.. I block loads of light infact

  • _lostsoul___ 10w

    Krlo yeh ailan phirse
    Yeh mukkadr hh humara
    Jisne hume yeh din hh dikhaya
    Glti ki humme se hi kisi ne
    Pr bhugta pure sansaar ne
    Dharti maa ki yeh pavan bhumi ne lia samaya abhi kitno k hhh
    Pehle hote the to "waqt hh sabka aata hh" log kaha krte the
    Pr ab to bewaqt maut ne apna jhanada lehraya hhh
    Lihaz karo ae insano...
    Thoda to reham karo
    Bhgwan se to nhi pr
    Apne jese insan se daro
    Ghr baitho or apne sath sath apne parivar ko bhi surakshit rakho.

    Pdhlo paigam phirse
    Krlo yeh ailan phirse
    Bado ko chod ab baccho me vaar hoga
    Vaccine ka tika bhi nhi laga
    Or immune ka kya hi haal hoga
    Bacche hh mann k sacche hh
    Nandaniya krte baat k thode kache
    Sambhalo to smbhale
    Nhi to nahi smjhe
    Krti hu vinti sbse
    Baitho sb apne ghr
    Nahi chodna koi ksr
    Postik khana or roz din vyayam krna
    Iss br lockdown ho ya nn ho
    Kripya ghr pe hi rehna.

    Maut ko kareeb se dekha h yarro apne parivar ko ankon k samne apne parivar k wo chehra dekha hh bhgwan n kare wo din kisi ko bhi mile jisme aap jio pr apka parivar apke sath n ho.
    Logo ne abhi apne maa baap bade bhai behen ko khoya pr ab baat bachho pe ayegi bhgwan n kare esi musibat ka apko samna krna pade kyunki maa baap apni jaan luta dete hai apne bacche ka bhavishya banane me pr toot k bikhr jaate h usko chot lagjane pe.


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    Maa-Baap apni jaan luta dete hai apne bacche ka bhavishya banane me pr toot k bikhr jaate h usko chot lagjane pe.

  • disha_sikka 10w


    थम गया था सब,
    पर समय नहीं थमा,
    छीन गया हम से,
    हमारे दो साल के खुशियो के पल।।

    घर बैठे हैं सब,
    पर आखों में उनके अलग ही नजारे चल रहे,
    दुकानदार की आखों में उसकी दुकान के नजारे,
    शिक्षक की आखों में उसका विद्यालय,
    तो बच्चों की आखों में खेल के मैदान,
    पर अंत में ये नजारे आसु बन कर बह जाते।

    घर बैठे हैं सब,
    नयी यादे बनाने की आस में,
    पुरानी यादों को ताजा कर रहे सब,
    पता नहीं कब होगा सब नॉर्मल,
    पर आस लगा कर बैठ रहे सब। ।

    उम्मीद तो टूटी है सब की,
    निराशा भी हुई है बहुत,
    पर एक किरण है आस की,
    भगवान में विश्वास की,
    कि एक दिन सब ठीक होगा।
    बाहर जायेगे हम भी,
    एक बार फिर यार सारे साथ होगे,
    हंसेंगे, गले भी मिलेगे सब,
    एक रात ऐसी जरूर होगी,
    जो बिन मास्क और सेनिटाईजर के होगी।।

  • arbaz_zahoor 10w

    #student of kashmir
    #lockdown since 8 July 2016

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    Our online education system

    A barmy online class,
    don't get even in a glass,
    Host seems ghost,
    And, the teaching like roast,
    My answers are rejected,
    I am distracted,
    Parents are worried,
    Education is burried,
    It's an caution,
    Even children's are wrapped by depression,
    No one is fit,
    For strokes hit,
    Don't want to be mature,
    Coz we lost our future,
    Books are dusty,
    Mind is empty,
    @Arbaz zahoor

  • waterlily2544 10w

    The Great Demarcation

    In the time of this terrible pandemic

    one born to earth by a virus bearing a hateful "crown"......

    I have wept for the sick and the dying, for those separated by thick plastic and protocol,for those who missed a life milestone, be it a graduation walk or a cheek to cheek dance at a senior homecoming, or holding the hand of a loved one slipping away to death's final touch.

    But the ones I weep for the most now are the children of the pandemic. The ones born after boarders closed, flights stilled, and we, citizens of the world, were silenced. Our roads empty, our parks barren, our sidewalks stilled in a chill felt in the marrow. 

    I weep for the pandemic children because "we" will forever be a "we" and "they" will forever be a "them" and nothing will ever bridge this gap that runs as cold and deep a raging  mountain river.

    I call the this "The Great Demarcation."

    Those born before the pandemic will have some unity of memory, a common frame of reference, a shared experience.

    Those born during the pandemic will never share these moments, these brief recollections; these experiences of the time before.

    Whether the years after the pandemic will prove better or worse, or a mixture of both, the children of the pandemic will know only one thing: 

    That "this" is how the world is, and to them, it will feel like it has been this way forever.

    We will all stand on opposite sides of the raging river, The Great Demarcation, and have barest understanding of what each other feels or why one group will forever endure the pain of memory “before” while the other group runs free and unburdened in a place where memory does not burn or bury us under a thousand "what ifs" and "I remember when."

    We can only go forth with love, forgiveness, and undiluted truth for we must do everything possible to ensure that there will never again be a "a once in a century pandemic." 

    It is the very least we can do for one another in the winding path of recovery that stretches far before us and into the celestial blue horizon.


    This poem is dedicated to my grandnephew Westley, a true child of the pandemic.

    I'm sorry for the terrible mess of a dying world that we, your forebears, are leaving you, your brother and your cousins. 

    I hope one day you will find it in your heart to forgive us for we often truly didn't know what it was we were doing.

    But at least you were born into a large family who love you and welcomed you with open arms, despite a raging pandemic.

    May my name be lost to the time and tide of history. But may these words live on as part of our collective story as human beings, and as part of your family story.

    I write this on the eve of another full lockdown in one of Asia's greatest cities of the 21st century, thousands of kilometres away from you, never once having held you or seen. These facts are immutable. 

    My first lockdown was pure fear.
    This one, nothing but tired resignation. Perhaps I will survive and perhaps not. It doesn’t matter so long as the words survive. The story must always survive!

    If you can remember nothing else dear grandnephew, remember this:

    We are all together here. *Still*. Family is forever.

    Be calm and be at peace.

    Strive to be better than those of us who came before.

    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    Πηγαίνετε με αγάπη
    ~~από τη μεγάλη θεία σου

  • writometer_dp 10w

    Or Kesa Beeta Saal

    Or Kesa beeta saal,
    March ka mausam tha, Upcoming Cherry blossom tha,
    Exam hue the khatam, Covid ne kiya humpe sitam,

    Beet gaye dus maah, lag gaya chashma,
    Online padhai maano Everest Ki chadhai

    Lockdown me badhe bahut baal, dekho beet gaya pura saal,

    Bade bade hoth, bade bade gaal
    2021 hoga apna saal,

    School ki baaton ko rakhunga me yaad,
    Ab nahi sudhre to jeevan barbaad

  • sunshine_in_darkness 11w

    What this #pandemic, the #lockdown, work and future worries have me feeling :,)

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    Marching Band

    There's a rhythm to my everyday life
    Not like a symphony
    But a marching band
    Measuring my every step,
    Just the right distance,
    Just the right angle,
    Just the right push,
    Without taking a stop to breathe,
    Worrying what if I screw up the formation.

    It's a rut.
    The alarm clock sadistically enjoys
    Every new day which feels
    Exactly like the previous one.
    The darkness gives way to light
    And then the dance begins
    But not the kind that makes you
    Forget your worries
    It's my pen flirting with the boxes
    On my daily TDL

    Just words scratched on a paper
    But the power they wield
    Makes or breaks
    My day
    My week
    My month
    And then, I power off, reboot and restart
    To get in the same cycle
    Day in and day out

    So today, I took the last step
    To stop
    And as the marching band fades out
    A hush falls over me
    Like a cosy blanket,
    My head and my heart are in a constant battle
    I want to root for one
    But it is 3am and my eyes are puffy
    And when I picked up my pen
    For planning my "productive" day tomorrow
    I wrote this
    Words, that I love,
    Time, that I regret,
    Secrets, that I burried
    With the real me.


  • wizardofwords333 11w

    "Lockdown 2020"

    When did you last spent a grand evening with your family??
    When was the last day you shared a great laugh moment with the one who lives within these 4 walls?
    Yeah!! Hard to remember?
    In the mid when everyone is cursing Lockdown
    Yeah the Lockdown that is a major healer of the long lost relationship!
    Healer of the bond that was at loss of words for years
    Our Mother Nature has taught us the greatest lesson
    What you sow, shall you reap.
    It has shed the garb of what you call a "human situation"
    Crossing the boundaries has its own repurcussions
    The deserted places says it all.
    Isolated roads.. Home to animals
    Video calls holds the glamor
    Everyone a "masterchef" newly recognized talent
    The paparazzi bitten by the "mighty bug"
    Upholding Self pampering
    A soul on exploration of self.. A new flight
    Never knew the always stern faced father had a cool side
    Never knew the neighbors actually just babbles
    Never knew watching the soothing moon was my new favorite hobby
    Never knew wind overflowing the face is akin to a heavenly pleasure
    Never knew that
    "hafte mein 4 shanivaar hone chahiye" will be a reality one day!
    Never knew being the witness to endless chirpings could be a healer to the bruised heart
    When did you last witnessed the setting sun with a cup of hot chocolate?
    When did you last lend ear to the burstling of the leaves?
    We don't even remember
    I lately realized
    We aren't living
    We are letting the time pass
    Choked in deadlines and impenetrable route through those files to soothing existence
    Is this a fear of existential crisis??
    Nopes ..we willingly adapt to it
    The dancing peacock on the roads emblem of Freedom
    While the nature is healing so should we
    Lockdown is a blessing
    Tribute to the lost lives
    A new world is waving
    The healed earth is ready to embrace
    Restoration of the bruised world
    Everything is falling at place
    Lesson learned:
    nature -"the healer"
    nature -"the destroyer"

  • nuances_in_life 11w

    I don't speak bad words
    I don't criticize others
    I don't hate anyone
    We humans still exist.

  • jubikasharma 67w

    नीचे पानी में कुछ जश्न सा मन रहा है।
    वो अब चैन से सांस ले पा रहे है।
    उन्हें खाने के नाम पर कचरे वाला ज़हर अब निगलना नहीं पड़ रहा है।
    चिड़िया भी अब कुछ ज़्यादा चहचहाने लगी है।
    खिले फूलो और पेड़ों को देखकर , कोयल की फिर से गीतों में रुचि हो गई है।
    जानवरों को जंगल अब अपना घर लगने लगा है।
    शेर एक बार फिर जंगल का राजा हुआ है।
    कहीं दूर पहाड़ों पर कुदरत फिर बस गई है।
    इंसान कुछ दिन थम क्या गए , यह सारी दुनिया संवरने में लगी है।
    आकाश , ज़मीन , जल हर दिशा में एक स्वस्थ जीवन की आशा सबके मन में उमड़ गई है।

    - जुबिका