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  • shikshaarthi_krishna 1d

    मैं बंगाल चुनाव की रैली हूँ
    तुम कोरोना का ख़ौफ़ प्रिये
    मैं जनता वाली लापरवाही हूँ
    तुम तकलीफ़ों वाली मौत प्रिये


  • the__autumn__loveee 1d

    Toxic Relationships

    Bonds are the ones we all are tought to be trusted,
    But who knows which ones are yours forever and which already rusted!

    And moreover we can't even scent them from far,
    it's just life that gives you one toxic scar!

    You can't share with all yet you write your poetry,
    It's like solving confusing shape of geometry!

    But then you learn to survive with a smile for world,
    Until this life makes you twirled!


  • pratishposkar 3d

    प्रत्येकाच्या जीवनात संकटं येतात...
    जिंकतो मात्र तोच जो दोन हातानी संघर्ष करतो.

  • fatimawaheed15 5d

    #Lockdown changed me❤️#My whole lifestyle modified#A pure duration for me

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    But Now I'm Energetic❤️

    Why does the sunshine come towards me everytime?
    Why does not it make me go afraid?
    Is being shy a capability of mine?
    Even though, a regular style...

    It feels decent time thou,
    You can never make it final,
    You can never make it go back

    But now I'm energetic...

    I feel a sort of new joy,
    Never go down, never go in fear, never mind, mention it not indeed.
    But this time is a new creature to deal with
    I feel, yeah feel best enough to endure

    So fresh,

    But now I'm energetic...
    It's time to move on,
    When I wake up I feel being uncovered,
    What I mean is absolutely fine
    But my moment not gonna verge,
    Would be ever lasting to me,
    Senses are changing differently,
    World cups being distributed, that what makes your success come up now,
    Feeling glad every time,
    No matter what you are,
    It's  a decent period to be night and twinkle.

    But currently, I'm energetic,

    So glad everyday,

    But now I'm energetic, energetic...


  • porcupine 1w

    Lockdown again

    Just finished my quarantine
    Fourteen days of isolation
    Now another lockdown and
    The streets are in desolation

    Stores closed all around now
    And so many rules to follow
    What are we supposed to do?
    Stay at home to become hollow?

    Phone calls and computer meetings
    With doctors and physicians
    Is this what the future brings?
    Who is it that made this decision?

    Virtual schooling for the kids
    Parents must work from home
    Doing their jobs if they still can again
    With a computer or with a phone

    Many more rules are yet to come
    Several more and stricter than before
    When will this end is the question
    We just don't need this anymore

  • 1008dr 1w

    When Lockdown happened

    4 walls white no scribbles encaged me 24 hours ,
    Sanity left me way back making feel behind bars.

    Men with brown uniforms now ruled the street ,
    Their red and blue lighted vehicles made people yeet .

    The big actually not so big problem was all over ,
    It was a minute virus turning tables over and over .

    Trapped people felt like convicts ,
    The virus was enjoying and had no wits .

    Passions started flooding ,
    Dalgona made and cakes in baking .

    Children had a good sleep ,
    "Am I audible " made many weep .

    The situation still seems to be the same ,
    Creatures becoming stronger and immune systems pale .

    Pages turned black blue with mandalas here and there ,
    Man , I forgot how my jeans look , that's not fair !

    Still we stay entrapped waiting for a bounce back ,
    Accepting the new normal
    You crazy chap keep the car keys back !


  • everdeen_qua 1w

    Locked down

    The air is noiseless for the traffic
    is barred red
    Man is in slumber but awake and
    quite dead
    If this was the start of a year all
    about the future
    The vague time ahead can
    unleash a new creature
    The past all ruptured the present
    locked inside
    The future has all hopes and
    dreams kept aside
    The dagger is bloody, the nation
    must be nuked
    The flaws in broad daylight
    cannot be rebuked
    The flesh could have been eaten
    but now it breeds terror
    Your lungs wince attack, for the
    more the merrier
    If inside its safe and in contact,
    the death is closer
    Prevailing among the fittest to
    fight sulks no loser
    The rivers are flowing clean,
    mighty blue skies so clearer
    But man is selfish, caught up in
    sins and its own barrier
    Lessons are tough and what
    follows after is unknown
    The race is paused but when
    resumed it’ll be forlorn
    The poor are dying some
    homesick and in grave hunger
    The rich are unstrained poised
    at ease without a wonder
    Nature has returned her wrath
    for we have awarded her nil
    The morbid empty streets and
    dusty vehicles lay quite still
    Happiness is perspiring as dreams
    fleet away, all gone amiss
    People disguise their plight one foot
    still in the darker abyss
    Can the answers be questioned
    for they say it’s unprecedented
    The only one speaking truth, is
    mother earth actions unscented
    Safe under the shelter we presume
    what’s coming next
    The downtrodden in fright, still
    unlearning from the best

  • shubham_20 3w

    Ek zamana tha jab log graduate ho jaate phir bhi ghar pe rahate hai

    Aaj lockdown ke kaaran bina graduate kare ghar main maaze se raho


  • impooja143 3w

    Beauty has no definition ,
    it is just up to u
    how beautiful eyes u have .

    - पूजा

  • shwetamanpoetry 3w

    अब उसको मां का वो आंचल नहीं मिल पाएगा,
    चले थे जो साथ अपने घर की ओर,
    उनको अपना वो आशियाना नही मिल पाएगा,
    सिसक सिसक डर में जीती जिन्दगी,
    उसको वो खुला आसमां नहीं मिल पाएगा,
    गड़ते थे जो देश का भविष्य उनको,
    वो रोज़गार कहां मिल पाएगा,
    कब तक इस डर से पीछा छूटेगा,
    हमे अपनी ही आजादी का,
    अधिकार कब मिल पाएगा।।।।

  • dhariwalamita 4w

    Iss birthday par h lockdown
    Par dost don’t feel low n down
    Hum dost bhale hi saath na ho
    Hatho mai tere
    Aaj hamara hath na ho
    Par connectivity judi h hamari dil se
    Agle saal b’day par tere
    Karenge swagat ek bade bill se
    ©️Amita Dhariwal

  • annamariyajames 5w


    This lockdown locked all our lives
    At our homes - just to hold us safe
    A life that none could see with eyes
    Has brought the world to be still
    It doesn't know who is wealthy or poor
    But it has provoked us to be
    In equanimity with each other
    Quarantine had caught my eyes a few times
    Before it became a part of our daily lives
    I started seeing dead figures and sick people everywhere
    and this required us to be at homes
    brought a new me
    The calm sky, the pleasant days
    Sometimes with the song of the rain
    Filling good vibes all around
    The night sky had him -the moon
    Which gave hope
    That good times end for, for the happiest
    And memorable moments
    As the sun sets for the moon to come

  • geethalakshmi 6w

    Everything will be okay.
    Just wait for some more days.
    This time will also pass.
    This happens for a reason
    World is on renovation.
    Grand opening is waiting for
    Just stay at home and be safe

  • mystical_writer26 6w


    It all began by the end of year 2019,
    Hence they named it Covid-19.
    All over the world it spread like forest fire,
    and after all the results, was burnt every soul's desire.

    Lockdown, Masks, Gloves and Sanitisers,
    that's all that was in the upcoming year predicted the wiser.
    An awkward time 2020 did give,
    for in it the most positive word became "negative".

    Relations broke and relations healed,
    all worthy people could now truly be sealed;
    Social distancing and digital converging took place,
    for a very weird long run was 2020's race.

    All over the world, all public destinations,
    were out of bounds and people were into relaxation.
    Months passed and 'lockdown' continued,
    Everyone hoped for a year- renewed.

    December came and people were happy,
    parting the year that had been so crappy.
    On new year's eve everyone was delighted,
    to welcome a year full of surprises.

    It's the second month of the second year of a new decade,
    Will the rest be an upgrade or will be decayed?
    let's hope for the best,
    for our life and upcoming years, upon God rests.


  • ak_2021 7w

    When school/college reopens after lockdown

    Student: Mom...My college is going to reopen.

    Mother: What!! When did u get admitted to college? Weren't u in 9th grade?

    Student: R u sure?

    Mother: Hmmm...I just can't remember.


  • birbalsharma 7w


    Be ready second spell of lockdown coming soon in India


  • bankachaand 9w

    Be with the one, you would choose
    to quarantine with,
    if the lockdown extended indefinitely.

    (Valentine wishes)

  • soundshack 9w



    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    In a time that's filled with fear
    are you lucky that there near
    Living now with restrictions
    is it causing just more friction
    Sympathy for you my friend
    is it hard for you to bend
    Will you breakdown in your head
    think of all the things bed
    Wake up with the pain inside
    try to run and even hide
    Lockdown has us on ledge
    living life on knifes edge
    Will you brake or can you bend
    can you count on your friends
    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    Living life in constant fear
    times have changed for you my dear
    Are you happy with your life
    with your family and your strife
    If you find you need a friend
    type a message and just send

    Thomas Lennon

  • _creative_creations_by_abhi_ 9w

    Ajnabee ho gaye

    Mile to kuch saal pehle the,
    Lekin ajnabiyo ki tarah rehte the...

    Kabhi mile to hi-hello,
    Ya ram-ram hi kehte the...

    Is saal lambi chhutti padi,
    To zyada mile, or baat-cheet badhi...

    Pata na chala kab dost ban gaye,
    Sache dosto ke dhaage me kab bandh gaye...

    Kuch mahine khushi se chala ye qafila,
    Fir na jane kiski nazar lag gayi...

    Dosti ki dor kachi nikli,
    Na jane kese tootne si lag gayi...

    Dheere-dheere dooriyan badhi,
    Jo rishte the, sab kho gaye...

    Naya saal aate-aate,
    Hum, fir se ajnabi ho gaye...


  • jammy_millo 9w

    Out in the Zone

    I miss the days out in the zone
    Far away from this place called home
    But in that moment I could feel
    That distance is hard and real

    Though we are poles apart
    In my thoughts, you’re in my heart
    I’ve fallen deeply into your charms
    Can’t wait to embrace you with open arms

    I’ll wait the time where we can talk
    Up close, finally hold hands and walk
    I’ve been longing to be with you
    I’ll give my all just to be with you

    Once this is over, can we just go?
    Just you and I, wherever we'll go
    True fate will start to ring
    As so in love our hearts will sing