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    Thank you for the like WN ��

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    Backstabbing pierces
    Heartbreaks happen
    Naysayers a plenty
    Search for soothsayers

    Life is not just the negativity
    but the rise of hope through it all


  • bonitasarahbabu 4w

    I will not apologize,
    Nay! I refuse to apologize,
    For wanting to live my life my own way.
    I am living my life,
    And I am making my choices,
    Because at the end of the day, it's my life!
    Hate me if you choose,
    Disown me if you choose,
    I need to live on God's and my terms.
    You cannot live my life,
    And I will not allow you to,
    Because we only get one shot, and I'm choosing myself.

  • wilmaneels1 5w

    Are we even living these days
    It's a constant goodbye - a constant notice of someone falling ill
    What does being alive even mean
    When tragedy is the main thing that brings people together - even during these moments at times we are kept apart

    I guess it's the reminder that as much as things change - there a a few consistencies
    Like God's love (His forgiveness) ~~~ His grace /// His blessings "even though they change in form"
    They are always present

    As long as I am alive (I want to live in that promise)
    © 12092021

  • miss_silentlyweird 5w



    I DON'T
    W A N T E D
    TO BE


    I love that word “Love isn't soft."
    For it tell the truth that love isn't always like loaf,
    With warm smooth texture neither has a sweet aroma,
    That can ensnare in plate since heart growls without coma,

    ~ Life

    Floating in a galaxy with burning meteor,
    With a massive exploding of an emotional barrier,
    Making me choose whether to survive or be alive,
    So instead, I just write a poem I can't contrive,

    ~ Tradition

    With huge smiles and honoring gesture,
    Show a great length love and respect,
    We follow this tradition structure,
    Yet somehow in self it's hard to apply & direct

  • sproutedseeds 5w

    Essence of life

    Childhood was sweet
    Youth was sour
    challenges to score more.

    Growing into an adult
    sounded very difficult
    eyes focused on the career building
    once settled then fame and fortune
    spread the essence like flowers in spring.

    Old age is bitter
    when past memories twitter.
    Some are looked at as pest
    while some live alone in their nest.

  • aryaa_anand 5w

    you meet people, you owe them some smiles, they owe you some smiles! people become stories and those smiles become memories, etched deep in the heart and soul which when recalled make you smile and you again owe a smile!

    and that's how life goes on with millions of stories being written in the book of heart with the quills of love and feelings!


  • kamikazemind 5w

    A poet's life, a living poetry.


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    There are times I have felt writer's block and then I thought, perhaps, this is it. The ending of something beautiful. But then again, it's never the ending. Something awful happens and I find my way back to you. Something sweet happens and I come running to you.To you, dear poetry.

  • erjeet 5w

    Bin tere eh jism ta bas lash bn Reh gya ha

    Meri rooh da butt tere nl he Reh gya ha

    Khore kd hon Giya mulaqata hun sajjna

    Kuj na chnga lge is jahan te hun sajjna

    Lgda umra da rona Sade palle pe gya ha.....

    Er Jeet


  • chasing_the_serene 5w

    Friggin life

    Friggin life
    While asking why...
    Why is it that I need to stay alive
    It answers that I am afraid of it...
    Yes death is horrifying
    Because it all ends with it
    Like the ending of a sentence with a Fullstop.
    And it's clean and precise... With no second times.
    Since I am someone that cannot even aford a comma... Fullstop is out of question.
    Hence not miraculously but... Just normally...
    I'm trying to live life...
    Or maybe I am just getting by...
    That's how horrifying it is...
    This somewhat eventful and somewhat monotonous life.

  • himanshi_sharma 5w

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    Build a humble ,
    Flawed life
    from the rubble around love .
    A love that burns
    like fire ,
    a love that refuses to give up
    infront of their most
    self hating, discouraged and
    delusional self.
    A love that FEELS like H O M E
    that will never abandon

    This life is just a structure of
    Rainbow and
    We are the Fireworks ��
    of emotions
    with a palette in our eyes ,
    holding every shade and colour
    to fill in the holes of life with evey touch .

    And as soon as we manage
    to see through those calm eyes
    We hear our souls
    taking birth again.
    Test my soul,
    it stained crimson
    with LOVE
    inside my heart
    as my lifeline.

    // That's how we ache until we bloom //


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    This life is just a structure of
    Rainbow and
    We are the Fireworks
    of emotions
    with a palette in our eyes ,
    holding every shade and colour
    to fill in the holes of life with evey touch .

    Test my soul ,
    it stained crimson
    with love
    inside my heart
    as my lifeline.


  • fizahfiz_ 5w

    Loved ones

    Without you, I could live, only body,
    Yet soul and I not living anymore,
    Living in death.

    I live, fully
    Happily living in a place called home,
    With you, my love;
    My parents, Grandparents, Siblings, pets.


  • _solitaire_ 5w

    "������ ���������� ���� �������� ���� ���������� ������������, ������������������ �������������� ������ ������ ������������ ���� �������� ��������������" -William Butler Yeats.

    (PS: Hydrangea: flattened flowering heads of small florets, native to Asia and America.
    Santa Barbara: Museum of Art, California
    Gustav Klimt: Australian painter; One of the most radical artists of 20th century.
    Tree of Life: A symbolic painting portraying wisdom and protection.
    Für Elise: A classical composition by German composer Beethoven; my favourite as well :D)

    PSS: the lines in // are by @tea_writes

    The fourth para is not a work of fiction (•_•)

    #senses #livingc #ceesreposts

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    Dragonfly, perhaps a winged masterpiece. When it flew, sitting onto a lavender hydrangea in the vicinities of picturesque Appalachian Mountains, it's petals broke, making no echoes and the dragonfly bumped on an hourglass. The sands began to fall faster. It was then that I saw time.


    After witnessing those apricot evenings and flowing skies, when I visited Santa Barbara, roaming betwixt those hexagonal walls and amidst those 68 paintings what caught my gaze first was Gustav Klimt's 'Tree of Life'. Diving into that intensly decorative and ecstatic piece of art, I found myself in another dimension, perhaps in a place between the heaven and earth. It was then that I smelled the hues of Gustav's psyche.


    Everybody asleep and the packet of my favorite crunchy Doritos kept by my side fell down from the seat as a resultant of swift speed of the train. Away from the haunted places in my train, I peeped outside my window to meet the stillness of the mountains, the depth of the valleys and the clouds polishing those tiny little stars. I plugged in my Airpods playing Beethoven's 'Für Elise' amidst the 3:00 a.m the silence of night. It was then that I heard sound.


    Once when I was seven, it was the end of the day and I couldn't sleep. I saw a tiny light flickering and galloping in my gloomy room. It was a lemon coloured firefly, perhaps to accompany my loneliness. Curious me, tried holding it in my tiny hands but it would fly faster than my heart beat at that time. Finally I was successful in taking a grasp of it and putting it into a dusty matchbox. Deciding to sleep then, I planned playing with it the next morning. When I woke up and opened the match box, the firefly was nomore present there, had perhaps flown, far away. It was then that I tasted disappointmemt.


    I swing in my miseries far away from any light, somewhere in the centre of some darkest ocean. Reading my heart, he kissed my soul. Seemed like his icy vibe healed all of my scars. It was then that I felt the touch.

    //And then when all of my senses stopped, he became my coffin//

    12. 09. 21

  • snehalv 5w

    Life is about taking more break & going slow. No targets,No challenge to be the best everyday, it’s not a race certainly.
    Living happily with little things & opportunities that give you boost.

  • nocturnal_enigma 5w

    #senses @miraquill & #livingc @writersbay


    * 12.9.2021; 5.37 P.M (Malaysia)

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    Untitle 75 ~

    Ones eyes shut; Tears flow.
    Mouth open. Keep crying.
    Sound heard by others ears.
    Nose begin to inhale the air.
    Parents hold their baby.

    Others eyes open. Glow.
    Mouths close. Smiling.
    Been waited for years.
    Miracle. God is fair.
    Precious. Like a ruby.

    Time past fast. Not slow.
    Eating, talking, praying.
    Prayers said, with tears.
    Greying of ones hair.
    Come what may, let it be.

    Like a zephyr's blow.
    Soul undergo healing.
    Spirit say: "Bye, dears."
    Will be buried in a lair.
    Was busy like a bee.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 5w

    * Back after 9 days break. ~

    * 12.9.2021; 5.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    #paradox #contradiction #dissatisfaction

    #concretepoetry (A person wear a hat) #NuEmConcrete

    #livingc @writersbay

    * Begin with #sometimes #wod @miraquill

    * Based on characteristics of my Doubutsu Uranai-
    Purple Sheep (See also #NuEmSheep)

    "Your type of women tends to have high aspirations, and hold huge expectation and ideals toward others. Therefore, in contradiction, you may be feeling dissatisfaction on the inside.

    Although you value relationships with others, you also like being on your own. Therefore you may suffer from your own contradiction.

    Although you are a passive sort of person, you do possess perseverance and are a person of action. Once you are on fire, you show unbelievable energy."

    * While based on my birthdate, at Sln.me, it stated that 1 of my characteristics is 'Dissatisfied'.

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    Paradox ~

    Sometimes, there's a lot that I expected.
    Sometimes, I become very dissapointed.

    High aspirations,
    huge expectations.
    It's a contradiction.
    Feeling dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I like to socialise.
    Sometimes, I like to isolate.

    I value relation...
    ship. I like isolation.
    Another contradiction.
    Suffer. Dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I am passive.
    Sometimes, I am active.

    Passive. But, person of action.
    On fire, to the point of exertion.
    Again. It's a contradiction.
    Dissatisfied; Dissatisfaction.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • themoonandthesun 5w

    Life is the same as a festival. Happiness lasts for fleeting moments, leaving behind some snapshot images of the moments. Enjoy life and seize the fleeting moments." ~Kim Namjoon.

    Happy Joonie Day my lovely ARMY ��

    #senses #livingc #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

    Really!? Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost. You made my day ❤��❤

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    Life is an Ongoing Joke.

    It like the bitter laughter of mockery, that follows a scathing remark, the sound that rhymes with a knife piercing the wound again and again. The gush of blood that chokes the sarcastic laughter.
    It like the wounds from a rough kiss. Once welcomed, dreamed about, but too carried away to care for. The tender skin that tastes of "no" and "please". Tastes of the saline on the cheek, after the summer's rain.
    It like the wet earth baked in the sun for months. Like the musk of the ocean that longs for snow. It smells like the sobering sunset, that second guessed the tequila nights. Shooing away the night mongers in search of a forever one.
    It like happiness after achieving a goal. Forgetting the pain and trauma of the journey. Like the looks of a perfect partner, who kissed the flower and settled for the bud at bay. Like the shooting star, that fell from the sky burdened because you wished too hard.
    Life like a cruel joke of destiny. Making every soul giggle save me. Feels like a broken heart in search of a tape or glue gun, to stick together the parts and feel less broken. It feels like the insecurity from the perfect one, the inability to be the worthy one.

    //Life's like an ongoing joke. Every armor gets pierced, so does the life jacket. Learning to laugh with it. Be it a smile with tears in eyes or the sarcastic curve of lips.//


    ' life.


  • thorvi_mule 8w

    Life is not just a chronicle of incidents, it's a journey full of experience!

  • thorvi_mule 8w

    Live the moment before it becomes a memory.

  • thorvi_mule 11w

    Don't try to seek truth in this fake world. Seek the real you, everything else is bind to come by!

  • seaweed 39w


    It is what it is.
    Nonchalance shrugged.
    For a moment
    I was gripped by pain,
    Drowning in yesterday's
    pool of misfortunes,
    missed things.
    I get pulled out,
    a green goddess,
    puffing out my chest.
    It is what it is.