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    For what you know as love,
    I know it as sorrow.
    For what you think is granted,
    I have to borrow.

    In the dense darkness of the dawn,
    In the thin hue of grey at night,
    I see you as hope.
    I am like a dying fly around the little light.

    For what you see as flower,
    Even I see it as you.
    Since I am the one who keeps it every day,
    Before the grave, for you.

    You took the peace as if it is granted, the peace which comes after death.
    I have to search for it every time I think of you.
    You took the moments of happiness as granted, the happiness when you were alive.
    I have to borrow it from my memories because I cant live it again with you twice.

    I dread a life which I have to live now,
    Because I know it will not be as we once lived
    But I promise to make the best out of it,
    As you wanted me to live, with kindness in heart and a smile in the face.