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  • priyanshu2006 89w

    क्या है जिंदिगी ?

    जिंदिगी वह कालांश है,
    जिसमे सबको आना है।
    और इसके ख़त्म हो जाने पर,
    सबको वापस चले जाना है।
    सच्ची जिंदिगी वही जीता है ,
    जो दुसरो के लेए जीता है।
    और जिंदिगी में जो ऐसा काम करता है,
    वही जिंदिगी के मीठे रस के अमृतव को धारण करता है।

  • aqua_taurean 128w

    I don't know who might need to hear this but felt that many souls are fighting for living. They might be on the verge of quitting or even committing suicide. But remember the last line.
    "For somebody, you are alive."
    And that's should be enough for you to give up the thought of dying.

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    Killing Soul

    Maybe, I'm not strong. Maybe, I actually died when I overdosed on that sleeping pills. But there was life after death. I had an angel. Maybe, I had won the lottery. I was one of those few lucky winners. I'm given a chance of "rebirth." For that, what we call the "Almighty creator" is giving me a chance to realise my mistake and if not amend but remorse. It's termed "reformation."
    So the weirdness or the strange things you see in me might just be the processes of it.
    I'm healing.
    Life is precious. You belong to this world. Your presence is of utmost importance.
    For somebody, "you are alive."


  • aukykumar 188w

    Strange World.

    Nobody is happy with anything they have nobody is satisfied and nobody is sad because of what's wrong with them ; Instead,everybody is sad because of the happiness of others as if they want themselves to be the best and others to be screwed.

  • abhiraaj 196w

    Jaldi jaldi jeena chahta hu
    Dheere dheere marne ke liye