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  • faman_sa 3w

    I like the way little things make you happy,
    Maybe because it reminds me of my long lost innocence


  • vasubandhu 3w


    पाई पाई जोड़ रहा हु, कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।
    जो मन मार कर करना पडे, तो अपने गिले शिकवे निचोड़ रहा हु।
    जो देखे थे कभी मैंने सपने, वो सारे अपने मरोड़ रहा हु।
    मायूस ना हो गलत ना समझ, ये सब तेरे आने वाले सपनों के लिए जोड़ रहा हु।
    जता नहीं रहा के क्या क्या किये जा रहा हु, तुझे देखकर अपने सपनों से भी ज्यादा खुश हु।
    इसे अब क्या नाम दूं नही पता, कोई शिकन नही क्योंकि तू भी तो मै ही है।
    मैंने तुझे नहीं तूने मुझे जनम दिया है, नये सिरे से अपने सपनों को ही तो जी रहा हु।
    सुनाया करते थे अक्सर, "तु बाप बनेगा तो पता चलेगा", तेरे इस जिंदगी मे आने से ही तो सीख रहा हु।
    अपनी पंक्तियां लिख चुका अब तेरी जोड़ रहा हु, अपनी सबकी खुशीया कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।

  • vasubandhu 4w

    Fabric of Thoughts

    Lives are lived amidst, conclusions & confusions.
    Away from facts, oblivious of understandings.

    Labels, and gossips have a role to play.
    Putting relationship at stake and bonds to slay.

    The thread of communication lies at bay.
    Assumptions & delusions win the day.

    Lives are mortal & time is short.
    Whether we do justice to ourselves is worth a thought.

    Serene ways can always be sought.
    Not all the situations are wars to be fought.

    Beyond and deep lie right & wrong.
    We stick to the surface & get it all wrong.

    In the running times we just need a halt.
    Realistically ponder and levitate the fault.

    Everything is always simple and clear.
    We just need to be calm, we just need to be fair.


  • racqueline 8w

    Long for

    What is that I long for?
    Is it those spring love
    Fame, honor or success?
    I know not, what I long for.

    The more I think of it
    The more I sink beneath
    Among the roaring sea,
    I'm holding unto a dory.

    Nights seems restless
    Days becomes a doom.
    And I, amidst, unwavering
    Clouded with gnawing muse.

    I realised something I long
    To simply enjoy little things
    Moving forward steadily
    Living my past behind.

  • stormandearth 8w

    It's funny how I find happiness and sadness in the most silliest and smallest things.


  • ions0206 10w

    "When your little things noticed and appreciate by your special one that feeling is beyond words... "

  • she_writes07 11w

    She: ond sati nanu drinks madbeku life alli
    He: sumniramma nin normal agiddage nin kaata tadkolakke agalla in Id bere!
    She: I hate you!

  • she_writes07 11w


  • chasing_the_serene 13w

    Little things

    What's the most precious thing for you? 
    We often tend to keep our precious things close to our hearts as we live life saying that they are a precious memory.. A happiness to us...
    These precious little things hold great importance... 
    But what about the other little sweet things that happen in our lives?... Is one memory enough for us to live?... 
    We forget that each day we make a new memory, but the only difference is that we don't deem it good enough to hold dear to our hearts... But would it be possible to live without these few things, these little happiness in life? 
    Do you think that just one memory is enough? 
    If you think so... You probably want very less for yourself from life... And that's no way to live... That's a path devoid of Happiness... 
    Make memories. 
    Do so while you still can. 

  • debangana_gogoi 13w

    Love is the most overrated thing in the world. I can tell you that for sure!
    Well the memories are tedious. Keep on coming every night.

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    It's like a cycle,
    Right from the start till the end.
    It keeps on playing inside my head.
    It's like a song
    Played on loop.

    We beneath the dark skies
    On lone streets.
    Walking together.

    There's that terrace
    Where you would play the guitar
    And I would listen peacefully
    The strums which struck a melody in my heart
    The sound which bind us together.

    Love which progressed slowly,
    Enthralling both of us
    We would share tiny tales from our terrible lives
    Little things which made us laugh
    Little things which made us cry

    Memories all,
    It's a cycle
    It keeps playing
    All of these cassettes
    In my head


  • bluepetal_girl 14w

    1. Coming across an old school uniform filled with illegible signature scribbles.

    You are shifting cities, changing jobs, moving on.. constantly. And inside one of the boxes is this precious relic from a long forgotten era. But one glance at it is all it takes for the memories to flood back and you are transported to another life changing day, the laughter, tears, hugs, promises all come rushing back, as you read one name on the uniform. Your phone beeps and the same one pops up, "Packing done?"

    2. Watching someone fall in Love

    We are all always in constant search of love, the elusive stranger everyone wants to meet. But have you ever listened to your best friend rambling on for hours, silly stories about someone, all the while watching a tiny glow light up their eyes and a laugh permanently stuck on their lips? The laughter is almost infectious as you feel a grin spreading across your face, their happiness might as well be yours.

    3. Tumbling across a social media post reminiscing the "Good old days"

    A friend posts it in the group chat and what follows is a long thread of "Remember when's" and walks down memory lane finally ending in a video call where you are left wondering what would you do without these amazing souls by your side.

    4. Being mesmerized by a Sunset

    Whether it is from atop mountains or by the sea shore with waves lapping at your feet or just your usual spot up on the terrace of your house, the evening Sun never fails to surprise you with a magnificent departure, splashing a unique combination of colours each day across the canvas of the sky.

    5. Just a single person finding solace in your art

    Art usually flows from innermost corners of the heart. It's a baring of the soul. And that moment when someone tells you that they could connect with it, find themselves on your canvas or between the lines of your poetry, it is a moment of happiness that cannot be explained, a belonging and joy that cannot be put in words.

    Sreedevi K

    #littlethings #moments @writersnetwork @writerstolli @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Little Things, which are not so little.

    Dreaming about the big things in life, waiting for the big moments to happen, we sometimes tend to forget, some of the actual moments of true happiness we have, are in fact from the little ones.


  • kai_heavens 20w

    My little joy

    Still the cover Pic

    On my Facebook group for scoots

    I love attention


  • _shattered_soul 22w

    The little things that matters most, I enjoy waking up without alarm with the sound of birds. Letting the tea boil while I shower, drinking tea with the sun rising from the mountains, smiling at the little movement of the squirrel, a conversation with the trees, listening to the music of silent sky, walking with the flow of the river, taking a pause and sitting with feet in cold ganga water, reading a random page of a book once in a week, watching smily faces of people on river rafting, talking with random stranger and a monk meditation, seeing a baby monkey learning how to jump and its over protective mother, a dog responding to the bark of dogs of the other side, the visits of pair of Hornbill in afternoon, a walk in the forest and seeing the birds of different kinds, sometimes some deers or a fox and once in a year, even a leopard as well. Looking at the wild elephant walking with a pin drop sound and sitting the loud noise of the river. These are the little things which together fills my full day.

    Location : Rishikesh, India.

    #WanderLust #LittleThings #TravelDiaries #ShatteredSoul #Mirakee

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  • scribbling_wanderess 28w

    People say she notices every little thing...


    Because she believes that's where the light come from.

  • distilled_thoughts 28w

    In the spring of youth,
    As life blooms from every nerve,
    How is it possible to not notice
    The magic of little things?
    How is it possible to keep my pen idle,
    When it sprouts verses?


  • urvidhake_ 28w

    The little things

    Holding on to lifts,
    Holding onto doors,
    Bringing flowers,
    Smiling at strangers,
    These are the small things
    Which everybody thinks of,
    But have you,
    Ever considered of petting a stray dog?
    It's a cure,
    To everything in your mind for sure.
    They bring hope supreme,
    When you returned with shattered dreams.
    They embrace you every time,
    Even after they are not your sunshine.
    Breathing lives into hoomans,
    I don't know when will they consider me there woofman

  • blue_archangel 28w


    Some stories do have to end,
    Just so that they can begin again,on a better note..
    Moreover, what had ended is never really over..
    - Never over.


  • ions0206 29w

    My life

    "My heart is scared a
    Little because now
    I'm ready to move on
    I was stuck at a place
    For a while but someone
    Came in life & give me new
    Hope to fight and live
    The life in my terms with
    Full fun & a little adventure.. "

  • lifeistooochota 30w

    Samrat - toh kya socha phir ?
    Pihu - kis cheez ka ?
    Samrat - Hamari anniversary are hai madam yaad toh hai na ?
    Pihu - wo din kon bhool sakhta hai (laughs)
    Samrat - acha beta
    Pihu - to kya sochna hai usdin ke liye ?
    Samrat - ma soch raha tha ki ham ghar pe sunderkand ka path rakhe,thode relatives ko bula lete hai tumhare ghar wale thoda dosta aur aju baju logo ko
    Pihu - idea to acha hai per maa papa sa puchte hai

    do din baad

    Samrat - kal maa papa sa puchlenge anniversary ka aise socha hai hamne
    Pihu - are ham na koi aur din karlete hai na sunderkand ka path
    Samrat - per kyu ? Health kharab hai ?
    Pihu - nah baba
    Samrat - periods to hogaye na tumhare phir ?
    Pihu - mere to hogaye per kajal ? Uska month hai
    Samrat - to wo tablets lae lege
    Pihu - bacha wo 21ki hai sirf,abe se tablets ? Nahi baba,etna bhi koi emergency nahi hai,ham koi weekend pe kara lenge pooja
    Samrat - per 1st anniversary hai hamare
    Pihu - ha baba per dekho sab honge aur wo agar nahi honge to maza kya ?
    Selfies/photos ma nahi aye to chalega ham badma dusre le sakhte hai photos per pure family ke sath enjoy karne ka maza alag he rehta hai
    Samrat - thik hai madam !!
    Toh phir kya plan hai anniversary ka ?
    Pihu - yaad hai shaadi se pehle hamne socha tha ham kaise celebrate karenge hamare anniversaries ?
    Samrat - hehe kaise bhool sakhta hoon !!
    little things dekhte hua cheese maggie khayenge maza ayega bas tum so mat jana
    Pihu - eski koi guarantee nahi hai


  • sheena 31w

    A Day In Your Life

    Wake up to the morning breeze, slowly touching your skin while you sit in your verandah with a warm cup of tea. Take a sip as the warmth freshens up your senses, while you seem to be prepared for the new day.

    Walking out from your shower, you look through your wardrobe. Listen to each clothing out there as they remind you of the stories they hold in them. You smile remembering that one dress which you wore a thousand times and yet is your favourite, it might hold the most number of tales right?

    As you pass along the busy lane, you are constantly humming one song which seems to live in you since you woke up that morning. You hun into its tune while your eyes wander to find stories in the faces that you see all along your way to work. For the writer in you, they are all snippets for the next story you will write. You wonder if it's the same for others. What exactly do people think about when they see others on their way, or do they think at all? Maybe they merely pass through them without a thought.

    The day rolls off, letting you remember a few tales from those hours you spent outside home. You carry some moments from the day, to speak about them to your close person or simply to keep it along with you. However, you filter the tales you made that day and carry them home in little snippets.

    The day worns you out , but the warm cup of coffee is enough to illuminate your face. You sit by the television , or maybe sit by the balcony with the book you have been reading for all these times. If you are all alone you might even end up calling a friend or speaking to people whom you rely on. The day rolls out while you head to bed.

    The cold bedsheet makes you irk yet you let yourself fall free, while you doze off for another day that's waiting for you to make new stories all along...