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  • eyeenma 12w

    Too Good to

    As a child
    Everyone told you have got to be Good,
    I Tried, I wasnt that good though
    I aspired,
    Aspired to become Good
    I did everything to be Good,0l
    Worked hard to be good
    Listened to all my teachers
    Did all my assignments
    Worked hard in class
    I Wasn't good enough.
    I tried did whatever it took.
    I got bigger and better at things.
    Better than the good.
    No one liked me anymore.
    Some did admire though,
    But not so much,

    I Tried to be liked.
    I was utterly confused,
    Being good made me likable,
    Why does no one like me to a desirable extent?
    Wasn't my efforts from childhood enough.

    For I got told that I had become too Good
    People liked the Good
    But no One liked too Good.
    Therefore I wonder
    Why did no one stop me before I was too Good.
    Too Good to Love.

  • eyeenma 14w


    Be Good,
    They said,
    You are so fair,
    People must like you a lot
    They said,
    You are so Tallented.
    They said,
    You are so caring.
    They said,
    You are so lovable,
    They said,
    You are so good at your work,
    You sould get a good job.
    They said,
    You are so beautiful,
    You should get a good Guy,
    You are so adjustable,
    You deserve the best
    They said,
    You are such a wonderful being,
    You deserve happiness.
    They said.
    They said so much
    In the sea of Shoulds and Woulds and Deserves
    I fare my way.
    Crashing in the waves of
    Uncertainty, apathy, discord, loneliness..
    I want to figure out my solitude.
    For the role performance is paramount
    And your mere existence means nothing.

    Your likability does not guarantee you a placement.

    There are so many reasons
    to Abandon
    no matter what you deserve.