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    If something good
    Keeps getting postponed ,
    It Means that something way more better
    Is on the way to you!


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    Sometimes we're too young to handle the problems of our Life..


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    Just because you don't cook doesn't mean you are nothing!


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    So much girl has to face..

    There is so much a girl has to face,
    Even before birth starts her survival race ....‍‍‍‍

    The world around goes by the rule of survival of the beast not the best,‍♂️‍♀️
    Every day she lives , she has to face a new challenge n a new test ....

    There is so much mess she has to face ,
    That everyday life seems like a whole new maze ...

    Broken , shattered n torn
    With their mere will, smiling they still stand strong....

    Even after playing so many role ...‍♀️‍⚕️‍‍‍‍‍‍‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍‍♀️‍‍
    Still her life feels empty n never feels whole ...

    You would be amazed ,
    When u listen to challenges n dangers they everyday faced.....

    Being a girl is not an easy task,
    Try living her life n even for a day you won't last. ..

    Being a girl, It's complicated and not as easy as it seems,
    Their faces smile, even when in pain they bleed n their heart screams...

    Physically tired and emotionally drained,
    A week every month full of weakness n pain...

    Every month they suffer pain ,
    What's the benefit what's the gain....

    Often hurt n betrayed,
    Things are not always as they are portrayed....

    With hormonal rush,
    Life gets absurd...

    Peace of heart gets flushed,
    The soul  gets crushed....

    With no one to hear their silent tears,
    Some days feel like their destiny is sealed with darkness n fears

    Sometimes being born as a girl feels like a crime,☹️
    Always busy fulfilling others dreams n wishes, to live her life she hardly is left with any time...⌛⏱️

    Always working n never getting enough rest ,
    Things are never good enough even after giving their best....

    Everyday is a random new surprise test,
    People are never happy and satisfied even when they give their best ....

    Their depression n mood swings ,
    Are often result of their disappointments, lost dreams n clipped wings....

    Since childhood  they live life of confusion n uncertainty ,
    They live their life being dependent on destiny....

    At least once in their lifetime they all face trauma,
    Rest of their life is mostly filled with drama ..

    Hiding their pain behind beautiful smiling mask,
    I am ok will be the only answer you wud get when ever you ask....

    Trying to act fine,
    They keep searching for some one to be their life sunshine... 

    Often Cheated, betrayed n played,
    Caught in traps of sweet words n false promises so beautifully laid ...

    Often being loved not for their hearts but only for their looks,
    Messing up their lives landing up with jerks n crooks ....

    They forget and doubt their worth,
    When they meet people who take them for granted n treat them like dirt...

    Often used, Often abused,
    Everytime exploited with a different/new excuse....☹️

    Mentally, emotionally n physically exhausted and drained,
    Their mind n body's end up overly strained...

    Often mentally strong,  emotionally weak and physically meek,
    True love n happiness is the only thing from life they often seek .....

    Often there are things they can't speak or share ,
    Bcoz they hav been misjudged n hurt too many times by the  people who acted concerned but dint really care...

    With their emotions often mistaken as sign of their weakness,
    They often shed tears alone in times of their stress...  

    Easily Gullible,
    Often landing in trouble...

    Often taken undue advantage of their kindness,
    They end up hurt n in complete mess n distress....

    Living in deep darkness down, ‍‍‍♀️
    With killer hounds lurking all around ....☠️

    Safety risk n fear is always running in their mind,☠️
    The world around is full of brutal animals not so kind ...

    Always living under pressure of peer,
    Always Living a life of fear...

    Taught n thought to Often live as a shadow ,
    Depending on others to exist and to grow....

    Often made to belive that they are weak,
    And need some one else  help in order to live ....

    Often trapped in the belive,
    That a prince charming can only bring them relief...

    They need some one else else make them whole,
    A happy marriage is their lives main n often the only goal ....

    Being haunted for dowry,
    Paying money for being loved feels sad n sorry...

    From a early age,‍♀️
    They spend time worrying about spending a fortune on their marriage....‍♀

    It's a price they need to pay,
    To buy happiness and keep taunts n negetivity of the world n society away n at bay...

    Often made to belive they are weak ,
    To take their life decisions and speak their heart they are often restricted to speak ..

    Excepted to listen and trust others advice,
    They live a life of silent sacrifice....

    There is so much a girl has to face ,
    Often criticized but rarely praised.....

    The amount of sacrifice a girl has to make ,
    Leaving behind her home n parents, a new fresh life as a wife she has to make...

    Being the bearer of new life ,
    She takes on the role of a mother in addtion to her duties of a wife...

    So much sacrifice n risk she has to take,
    At times like childbirth putting her life at stake...

    So much of her daily  hard work goes unnoticed, unappreciated n waste,
    No one realizes the sacrifies everyday she had to make...

    Often as a sister ,
    She has to act as a baby sitter....

    Even with brothers she has to compete,
    To get equal opportunities to Study, eat n live....

    With no freedom and equal privellage in their life,
    At every step for equal rights they fight n strive ...

    Often then have to raise their children alone ,
    Whom their fathers heartlessly disowns.....

    Often they sacrifice their sleep,
    Building their children's future or Worrying about saving them from the world full of dangerous creeps ...

    Always expected to cook and look perfect,
    Like she is not an human but an factory made flawless object...

    Treated as dirt, thought as burden on earth, ✔️⭕
    Often aborted before birth....‍☠️❌⭕

    Sometimes being born as a girl feels like a crime,☹️
    People turn their backs to these harsh realities blaming it on the changing time....☹️

    Going through all these hardships it's hard even to  survive,☠️
    She must be an angel divine who even after all these adversities can gracefully grow, thrive n even rise..‍♀️

  • idrisyeverdd 20w

    Can't Run Away

    I woke up in the middle of the woods,

    Lookin' around in the dark, when nothing felt good,

    I heard the animals roaring,

    I feel the thump in my heart, I want to run away,

    Out of the forest, out this nightmare, if it was one.

    My legs started to run

    when I saw the foxes and wolves.

    I tried to run out of the woods

    But I felt I was running from my mistake,

    I ran as fast as I could,

    but the woods are neverending,

    And the animals still chasing me,

    I tripped, fell to the ground.

    I could have to get up and run

    But I didn't, I know I can't run away from it.

    I wanted to scream, wishing it was just a dream

    All the pain, when they tore me, was extreme,

    And I can't make a sound,

    I wish there would someone to found,

    But I'm in the middle of the wood,

    Everything was drawn to my blood,

    There is nothing gonna be good,

    I wish I knew I have done what I should

    And it felt there was noone who misunderstood

    I gave up, I knew the end.

    Even though I wish for a painless end,

    I never had the chance to befriend,

    I deserved nothing to amend,

    I looked at the dark night sky,

    And I wanted to cry,

    Looking at the stars,

    Crying for help silently,

    Can't bear the pain,

    Closed my eyes, let my sins sink in.

    Maybe this is the pain I'm gonna feel

    For the last time,

    For run away from the past,

    Before I turned to dust...

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    Tham jata sambhal jata rahain safar baki hai..
    Dhunda khuda ko iss jahan mai..
    Abhi khud ka ghr baki hain

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    Words are itself dead .
    What is hatred,love for me
    May Differs to person to person
    So I wonder
    Why we value words this much .

    I wonder,
    Who creates RIGHT and WRONG.
    Why should I believe in ethics which is define by you
    Why can't I make them like I make my own coffee.
    Seriously, we are living our life in someone else definitions
    Isn't it is irony ,
    Selfish people talks about KARMA
    casanova says I respect girls
    We are living in democratic country(INDIA) ,still observing inherent autocracy

    We are constantly trying to prove themselves in someone else definitions..either it is success or happy marriage

    Words have no meaning in itself
    I think
    Connection is something transcendental
    We can't share most of the things we feel
    Because bunch of dictionary of words cannot fulfill it
    Don't you think
    I still wonder .
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    #words #life #feel #regrets #lifestruggle #share #success #content #like #share #wod #pod #live #livelong #livelife #lesson #learning #love #hate

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    Life is to be praised,
    For whatever stayed.

    Contemplating sorrows,
    No outcome they will gave .
    Life is to be praised,
    For whatever stayed.

    Healing powers have their own magic ,
    Happiness within you should remain at the end of the day.
    Life is to be praised,
    For whatever stayed.

    Feeling of disgrace the others gave
    Is something that is not part of your day
    Leave them with their own hypothesis
    And then
    Life is to be praised ,
    For whatever stayed.

    Feeling of gratitude should stay
    Your heart will calm and pleasant all day
    Those who don't understand you
    Let them play there own game.
    Life is to be praised ,
    For whatever stayed.

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    To be praised


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    सड़कों पे बैठ हाथ ना फैलाया हमने ,
    कुछ करतब कर उनको दिखलाया हमने ,
    मेहनत कर दो पैसा कमाया है आज हमने ,
    इसी कमाई से पूरे परिवार का पेट पाला है हमने ।।


  • halberd 57w

    Laut Kr Sambhal Kar Phir Aa gya Mai,
    Toota hua tha, Phir Tootne Aa gya Mai,
    Thoda Judd kr hi sahi dekho Aa gya mai.
    Gham hai Seene mai bahut,
    Phir Dil Mazboot krke Aa gya mai..

    Ab Mushkilon ko Khatm krke,
    Jazbaaton ko Kam karke,
    Khwabon Ke Peeche Daudne ,
    Phir Aa gya mai..

    Ansoon Ko Poch ke,
    Maa Baap ki Khushi Soch ke,
    Phir Zamane se Ladne ,
    Khawbon ko peeche Daudne,

    Phir aa gya mai!!!
    Phir aa gya mai!!!


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    #Realfact #kdwasuch #lifemotivation #lifestruggle

    Agar life me kuchh bda hasil prapt krna chahte ho
    To phle suraj ki tarah tapna hoga khud ko
    This is reality

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    Real Fact

    Agar kuchh life me bda achieve krna chahte ho to, kuchh chamatkar krna chahte ho to Suraj (sun) ki tarah khud ko tapana padega
    Qunki aap jante hi h ki suraj jb tapta h na to pura dunia ko apna prakash deta h jisse sare log us prakash me apna kaam krte hain.


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    There are thousands of people
    that are migrating to there home town.
    There is no support to them..
    This poem is dedicated to them.

    #corona #lifestruggle #struggle #poorpeople #love #poem #hindipoem

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    हम पैदल चल दिए

    अपनों को छोड़ हम दो
    पैसे कमाने आए थे.
    "दिन हो या रात"
    "वक्त था तो कभी हम मुलाजिम"
    "कभी धूप थी तो कभी बारिश"
    हर सुख दुख में साथ दिए चले आए थे.
    (Where they are working)

    मुश्किल ना आए कभी ऐसी
    जो आज दिन दर्शाए हैं.
    साथ उन्हीं का ना मिला
    जिनको हम अपना सब कुछ दे आए हैं!

    दो वक्त की रोटी, ना पैरों में चप्पल थी||
    आंखें वह बूढ़ी, देख इंतजार में बैठी थी.
    कुछ चल आए हैं, पर अब भी मंजिल बड़ी दूर थी.

    "मजदूर हैं, मजबूर नहीं"
    यह हौसला-ए-उम्मीद दिल में है!

    हम पैदल चल दिए||

    लिहाज भूल चुके और रहम की भीख भी ना मिली थी.
    सरकार ने शब्दों के बस साथ दिए,
    उनकी योजनाएं बस पहेली थी!
    कोई अनजान उन गैर रस्तों पर हाथ दिए,
    "खुदा मिला इन ज़िल्लतो से",
    यह सोच अब हम भी रो लिए.

    यूं तो हम मजदूर हैं.
    इस पसीने की कमाई,
    उस कमाई से ही हम पलते हैं!
    यह आसमा ही छत और
    यह मिट्टी ही बिस्तर हमारा!

    भूल ना करना "भूलने" की कभी

    भूखे थे, भिकारी नहीं
    मंजिल थी, सवारी नहीं
    सरकार थी, हमारी नहीं

    अब तो लगता है यह
    "वक्त को भी इस मजदूर को आजमाना है"

    हम पैदल ही चल दिए
    हम पैदल ही चल दिए


  • divya_soni 76w

    Stop thinking about your past
    Memories never last
    Those days were really a blast
    But have passed down so fast....

    - Divya Soni

  • beans94 82w

    Act of success

    When I think I am earning well being at my age
    Someone close to me will make me realize "what are you doing with your life?"

    The moment I am proud of being confident
    My closed ones will make me realize how I can boost my morale

    The moment I think that I can be pretty good at saving money
    Someone make me aware about my sorry expenses

    Struggle is a wave in the sea of difficulties, which will eventually find you a shore of comfort.

    Let's call this an act of success.

    Courtesy - To them who are naturally a part of my success

  • yang_di 84w


    There are things I choose to let go
    And there is things I tried to hold on
    But, things are getting more black than white.

    I am in the corner and trapped in the open doors and windows
    And seems like I can't get out to this shallow darkness.

    I am drowning to this emptiness,
    I am crying to an unknown reason.
    I have nowhere to go to this open windows
    Somebody help me out to this unhappy life.

  • pratik95 85w

    ।। जिंदगी ।।

    समझ नहीं आता कहा पर खों गया हु मैं,
    तमाशा कर रहा हु या तमाशा हो गया हु मैं ।

  • stutiprerna 88w

    The toughest thing you can go through in your life is;
    Fighting with yourself, for your own existence and identity everyday which can make you feel the worst level of helplessness at times!

  • bruised_soul 90w

    There is life outside of that comfort zone,

    the life that we earn and hence we deserve.


  • bigelectron 97w

    Now In India Dia:

    millions of parents of their kids still selecting engineering. Really byaad idea. Kids who like it, score it. Kids, Score well to study n work. Or else become a good carpenter, a plumber, a musician or a painter whatever you're good at. You are attending reality shows iam sure you can take some decisions after frikkin 12th grade.
    Anywhichways struggle is to come, by default(that's life) face it early and cross the struggle zone when you're still young and have a good life without beatin your wife!
    I've got nothing to say to parents as no way in hell they'll listen. Coz they're blind.