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  • jayceclaymore 9w

    Wheel of Life

    We're born and a product of love in any way,
    Guided by the world so here we are today.
    Filled with cries and laughter even before we start to crawl,
    As soon as we walk and run, we surely stumble and fall.

    Through out the years we learned a lot of exciting things,
    From how to read and write to tying our own loose strings
    Challenges are inevitable so we prep ourselves for it,
    Until we find out where the success will actually hit.

    Now we're having tears in our eyes as we reminisce,
    Those fun days we surely long for and surely miss.
    We shouldn't leave with regrets in our hearts,
    Let's guide the kids' journey as soon as it starts.

  • mrsalikattyoung 9w

    From childhood to old age
    you learn that the battles get harder
    the goals feel farther
    & you don’t know how much longer you have to feel sorrow

  • hoorbanu98 9w

    Relationships and Words in Lifestages

    From childhood to old age,
    We neglect our each relationships
    Just performed as on staged.....

    From childhood to old age,
    What about remembering caged along words
    Here relationships staged are nothing,
    besides caged words.....

  • writerwithin 9w

    Start Afresh !

    From childhood to old age,
    When is life's best stage?

    The purity of an infant which we can never guage.
    The hyperactivity of toddler could become ravage.

    A preteen oscillates between being docile and savage.
    Appearance and attraction chiefly takes over the teenage.

    Aspirations and dreams give a youngster courage,
    Failing to succeed can cause some rage.

    Adults have responsibilities engulfing them into a cage,
    Their existence gets monotonous while trying to earn a wage.

    Seniors with their nostalgic stories always preach & encourage.
    Even an octogenarian craves for company to chat & engage.

    Whatever on earth be your footage,
    Not a single day can be called a wastage.

    So, then when is life's best stage?
    I think it's every time you turn a new page!


  • diplomaticqueen_ 9w

    #wod #lifestages #ghost
    From childhood to old age
    Is a grand Epiphany
    From eternal joys
    to ephemeral moments
    Counting Days to
    Wishing we could stop them
    Chrysalis of protection
    to the Protector of life
    Ghosts were in the cupboards
    Closeted, they grew
    Our fears became their fodder
    Now, they are everywhere
    Sometimes we see them in
    The Mirror. The Eyes.
    Lacuna. Surfeit

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    From childhood to old age
    Is a grand Epiphany

  • kalp_cloud 9w

    From childhood to oldage
    All's running like a rat race
    Let's live a bit of the moments
    That will truly last till our last breath.


  • aparnamemoir 9w

    Life is a Vicious Cycle
    Of contraction and expansion
    With every disheartening Contraction
    Comes the ever growing expansion
    And for every expansion contraction
    Is needed...
    It doesn't mean that the process in itself is
    With life and death the cycle goes on
    But it doesn't mean that death is
    Without any meaning .....
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • shivtado 9w

    Started like a free bird,
    Continued like a caged one,
    Ended up outside cage,
    before freedom.

  • msushil 9w

    The Ghost:
    From childhood to old age,
    I see sea change.
    Age catches
    the flight of time
    And the ghost
    starts to remain
    from the class
    of goodness.
    Craving never ends
    And wrongness topples everything.
    Forgetting that
    I have to give up
    The Ghost one day,
    I enjoy
    my ghost's all barbarity.

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    The Ghost:
    From childhood to old age,
    I see sea change.
    Age catches
    the flight of time
    And the ghost
    starts to remain
    from the class
    of goodness.
    Craving never ends
    And wrongness topples everything.
    Forgetting that
    I have to give up
    The Ghost one day,
    I enjoy
    my ghost's all barbarity.

  • a_dream_book 9w

    When I was a wee bairn
    I planted a little tree at
    shady corner of my Garden
    Every day, dawn to dusk,
    I hastened excitedly
    from home to garden.
    And happily I watered my little tree.
    A few days passed,
    An anticipation came over me
    why could not my little
    tree turn into a big tree
    I was watering with nostalgia
    for when it would get bigger
    I didn’t know the biorhythm
    since I was a kid
    In course of time I neglected
    visiting the garden
    Infancy was over and
    juvenescence has begun
    I had gone abroad for
    my tertiary school and returned
    home as a jobholder
    That huge tree in my garden
    greeted me by trembling his branches
    I stared at him with amazement
    and the thoughts of our old days
    penetrated my head
    I breached the confined curbs
    and melancholy in
    his shadow, warmth, serenity
    and love, I laid on his lap for a while.
    From childhood to old age
    We are in a hurtle to run towards
    something and
    We forget to enjoy the
    tiny little raptures in between.



    @writersnetwork thank you for the ❤

    #lifestages #fiction

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  • q_abdoul 9w

    A pretty long read but I hope you enjoy it��


    Beginning from the origin...

    *The Emergent Stage of Childhood*
    In likeness to a new day, young and infantile...
    Bright with rays of warm and brilliant sunshine
    The age and time of sheer innocence.
    All of life's shades is colored in peach with hues of happiness
    Little wonder it is that we are often told to view life through the eyes of a child
    For in those eyes lie nothing but acceptance without scepticism and baseless scrutiny
    You as a child, are like a blank canvas.
    What is painted on you is what you perceive.
    Your No is No, and your Yes is Yes, there isn't any room for uncertainties or maybe
    You, as an incorruptible little creature
    Able to tell foe from friend...
    The perfect judge of character via God given intuition.
    And then to that which lies in between

    *The Intriguing  Stage of Adolescence*
    An age of recklessness and rebellion
    You are full of explorative vigour, viewing life from a myriad of perspectives, not willing to leave any stone unturned.
    An age of confusion, ignorance and impetuousness
    The mind is filled with inexplicable rage and youthful exuberance
    An era of committing excusable blunders while learning, unlearning and relearning life's lessons.
    And ofcourse, the period when your intuitive judgement starts to dwindle, as contaminated thoughts infiltrate your once pristine innocence.
    To the zenith point...

    *The Revered Stage of Adulthood*
    Now the sun is at its peak, burning with so much heat and overwhelming energy
    The stage any child or teenager cannot wait to achieve
    The stage of presumed radiance, freedom and authority
    You are now a full blown adult
    Your voice is to be heard and your decisions matter to society.
    You have a strong knowledge of your so called rights and the law's got your back to secure them
    You beam with utmost prime and ecstasy.
    Freedom is at your reach but can you really own it? Are you ever free?
    Life as it seems, is no longer meek and gentle, but hard and brutal.
    It starts to take a toll on you in ways, you never could have imagined
    The brunt of responsibility rests heavily on your shoulders
    And then it would require that you trade every ounce of innocence you have left, for your not so guaranteed survival.
    The tables have turned, you are no longer that child and hence have to proof yourself if you may, to avoid being judged wrongly by the one who is still a child.
    Your life is yours to live yet you realise that in this world, you may have to walk on egg shells, to really exist.
    Fast tracking through time to the conclusion

    *The Ultimate Stage of Old age*
    The glorious moment when the day has lost its youthfulness and the sun ebbs away into the horizon in warmth, to sleep
    Now life is tinted in hues of gray and drabness
    The aged eyes have seen the best and worst of years
    You are now a sage, with age and history etched on your wizened face
    You still get to be judged by a child but this time, you are humored by such puerility as the child is unaware of what lies ahead and how he or she would get to experience this same vicious cycle of life
    You view in retrospect, tracking down your days from this moment to the days of yore, seeing how you've made it thus far with mixed feelings of regrets and joy
    You are no seer, but life's experiences urge you to counsel others on the choices to make with less futuristic ripple effects.
    However, your living days are numbered and you are most aware of this fact,
    You know now, to let go of frivolities and embrace what truly matters.
    You have fought tough battles and emerged triumphant by staying this old...
    Now its time to heave a sigh of relief as you finally take that trophy to your eternal abode.

    © q_abdoul

    #lifestages #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    From childhood to old age...
    Experiencing life in every shade and stage


  • miss_silentlyweird 9w

    Whatever your age there's still obstacles you need to face, you will grow, you will change perspectives.You will see ugly truth and beautiful lies. Many opportunities will pass and come and so on regrets.You will be lost or find your way.

    You will meet people and also you will need to say goodbye to some. There will be a time you wish you'd grow up fast but when you grew at some point you will also wish to be child again or vice versa.

    At some point you will experience how time so fast and how time so slow. Questions are filled up your mind. Pictures will still stay the same but the people inside of it — change. Many things are bound to happen that beyond your control but the choices are still own and only yours to take.

    The world is evolving, lives is progressing but at the end, the only things that we can't change while we grow is the fact that we are all just finding happiness and things that satisfied us.

    #wod #lifestages @mirakee

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    Childhood to Old age


    World is big
    But I don't dig
    What it's mean
    And didn't intervene
    I laugh and run
    with friends
    It's fun
    We have none
    but we're still fine

    Old age️

    The world so big yet so small
    I did some stroll
    I stand tall
    then it's bring my downfall
    Ending me up to crawl
    I laugh usually
    I cry silently
    I become mad eventually
    But still grow continuously


  • we_elude 9w

    Hello human
    (Stage of life)

    Encased in cavity
    While encapsulated in wonder

    Trailed debut for
    traveling travelled routes

    Naive nurturing for
    Digital digits

    Inquisitivity slaved for
    Toiling mundanes

    Juvenile joyed for
    Joining hamster's cage

    Clan kindled for parading
    Perfect pedigree

    Soon tesseracts wrinkled the 'wonder'
    And 'wonder' still waiting to be wondered

    ��Adore the awe of every stage ��

    #lifestages #wod @writersnetwork @miraake
    #ceesreposts #pod #writersnetwork @fromwitchpen

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    Fading fingerprints

    Encased in cavity
    While encapsulated in wonder
    Trailed debut for
    traveling travelled routes
    Naive nurturing for
    Digital digits
    Inquisitivity slaved for
    Toiling mundanes
    Juvenile joyed for
    Joining hamster's cage
    Clan kindled for parading
    Perfect pedigree
    Soon tesseracts wrinkled the 'wonder'

    And 'wonder' still waiting to be wondered

  • lumimdr 9w

    From childhood to old age
    Its all in the memories of cage
    One ,two ,three till last
    These years pass so fast
    Beautiful relations
    Some remain same
    While some change
    The ones that were close
    Are gone far
    With toys all around
    Learning to walk
    Learning to stand in our own feet
    And lastly losing the strength to walk
    From dilema of choice
    To gain conciousness
    From choosing the path
    To making it last
    From making new friends
    Curiousity about new things
    To the loss of friends
    At last our soul is gone
    With memories for long

  • antarraal 9w


    From childhood to old age
    everyday is a distinct page
    written with love, tears, joy or rage
    you could be a human, devil or sage.

    We learn in class, we learn from books,
    but lessons of life make everything shook
    every step, every action that we brook
    changed us from inside and the way we look.

    We become ghosts of our thoughts,
    full of dismay, shattered dreams, and battles fought
    alas life is hard and cannot be bought
    with silly little poems and whiskey shots.

  • goldenthoughts 9w


    We have grown so well that we begin to diminish.
    We were the 20 nighbourhood children that played 20 different kids game.
    We couldn't resist been together 24 hours a longing day
    Until it dawned upon us the stark reality of what really life is meant to be, and our interpretation of it through the line of time.
    That the 20 of us begin to separate, depart, and some of which we never had to see ever again.

    Childhood is the greatest of all the stages of life.
    For what you see, know, feel, and experience grow alongside your new ages until when realization dawned upon you.
    Then you will define what you've seen, known, felt, or experienced to be right or wrong.
    Some of which we only try to be sane and live with for the rest of our lives.
    Like the abuses the ignorant us passes through from those before us.
    We see them through from childhood till our old age.

    Most events I cherished, and held so close to me.
    I can never let go the society from which i have grown, to see i am a girl child, to know also that I can be everything I ever wanted to be.
    Seeing men bore of women been continuously harassed and arrested, just to be released and go back to their old ways.
    An experience I either laugh over or go in deep thought for today.
    They give me edges to hold on to while I identify who I am and who I truly wanted to be.
    They are my foods for thought on which I chew upon from my childhood till old age.

  • san_wordzz 9w

    Tooooo long.
    But thank you to all those who will read it. I hope that you will find it helpful. I don't know who needs to read this , but I definitely need it.


    These things are about life. And the journey of life is not a length to be measured in standard unit of meter. All these things are subjective in nature and are dependent upon what is your take on them.
    The problem is that people do not understand the subjectiveness of these things and try to put them in a trivial container that cannot be opened because of the tightness it possesses.
    And so here they are :-

    Beauty :- There's a famous quote that justifies the subjectivity of beauty and that is " Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. " Though, we use it a lot , but we do not really associate with it. Because people have tied it in a knot that is made of fair skin, slim body, long hair etc. And because people think it that way we are also compelled to form an image of perfection even though 'perfect' is an illusion.
    But dear people , see beauty in the heart, not on the face, see beauty in the brain, not in the hair, see beauty in the words and not the clothes. And also , don't change notion of your beauty under the influence of other people.
    You are beautiful just the way you are.

    2. Talents :- You may be talented for someone but totally useless for other.
    Their might be people who might be talented than you , and also the kind of people who are less talented than you.
    Don't ever feel proud while looking at the people who are less talented than you , and never feel disheartened when you meet people better than you.
    My own experience that I want to put down here. I had a singing competition today and I lost. Even the consolation prizes that were given to people (I felt) were less deserving than me. I took part on the spot, though registrations were done earlier but since I was not notified earlier, so I couldn't .
    This was the 2nd consecutive failure in musical competition. I felt so bad that I started crying and vowed never to take part in musical competition again. But , now as I am writing this , I feel the need of equanimity that I need to develop. For I am not a failure, but a little less talented than others (or should I say less hardworking than others) . But that doesn't mean that I am a talentless person. Therefore, if you also ever feel the same then remember that you with in yourself are best and unique. You will definitely achieve if you respect your talent.

    3. Choices - Life is full of choices, but the right one determines the course of life. Be it dressing, career, love , spirituality or anything else , you have to choose between the given options. People might feel that you are choosing a wrong thing for yourself, but never surrender yourself with their assumptions.
    You have spent so many years with yourself and you know what is right for you ( your parents also know and will definitely respect your choice sooner or later ) , so never hesitate to make a choice using your own sense of discretion, and I am sure that you'll never regret it later.

    4. Success - A general notion of success would be money and fame. It isn't that.
    But success is like that sand which will not stay in the fist of money and fame for long. But if your happy with what you have ,
    with what you have wanted all life,
    then you are successful
    even if the profession is not that lucrative.
    People will always drop adages, but that should not stop you from being the real you.
    For it's your life , and you have to live it not the people who command you.

    If we realise the importance of non standardisation of these 4 things then we will certainly stop judging others as well as ourselves . And that would be our first step towards the perfection that we strive for.

    PS :- I always mess up the things, so I hope you don't mind. Also, I have shared my own experience because I feel like this is the only place where I can vent out my pain without taking the stress of being judged.
    Also, please suggest me if I should delete my experience or not?


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #wod #pod #journal #lifestages
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    From childhood till the old age,
    We have been put in the barricades,
    Of 'this', 'that' , 'if', 'but'
    Which look good only in sentences,
    But become encumbrances
    When used in real life.
    Free yourself from the mental cage,
    So that you develop that kind of courage,
    To live your life the way you want to.

  • pallavi4 9w


    The corridors of my childhood lie empty
    And a nostalgia fills the classrooms
    The air feels slightly suffocating as I remember
    The journey from adolescence to youth

    Those wonderful days when I was happy
    Filled with friends who were always around
    Those petty fights that made no sense
    The swings I loved in the playground

    I grew up and became quieter, an introvert
    Friends became scantier and like minded
    The effervescence of childhood slowly faded
    By lack of ambition I was quite blinded

    Love happened unexpectedly and swiftly
    I thought it would stand the test of time
    I fell hard and gave it all I had but sometimes
    It felt like an uphill climb

    Days of being a young misunderstood adult
    Were filled with hard work and anxiety
    Of how the future would finally turn out
    Within the bounds of societal propriety

    When it was finally time to unbind my wings
    And try to take flight in life alone
    The realities that had been hidden before
    Made me glad that I wasn’t yet forlorn

    I struggled and worked hard to be the person
    I thought all along I needed to be
    After years of striving, grappling and tussle
    My boat finally began floating on calm seas

    Love took a turn for the worse
    As work for me took centre stage
    It left me with bitter feelings and sorrow
    I forcibly grew up emotionally at a young age

    I drowned myself in my job at times
    Working to numb the loneliness and pain
    Even though I had amazing friends around me
    I never became who I once was ever again

    Life went on like a never ending cycle
    Of routinely solving problems everyday
    Although I could never say I was not having fun
    Dark and weary thoughts forever came to stay

    Depression is such a deep vortex of emotions
    That it sucks out the joy out of life
    I took control of whatever I could possibly grip
    Rejoicing that I was more than just someone’s wife

    A lull came over me and the fast paced scuffle
    Alone I battled my demons and won
    But a solitary existence like a lone reed
    Constantly threatened to cloud my sun

    I turned despair into poetic verses
    Metaphors and alliterations into close friends
    Age started catching up with me at last
    With aches and pains bothering me no end

    I live a decent life that affords me time
    For various things I like to pursue
    I hate constancy , a stagnant existence
    Nagging and things that turn me into a shrew

    I’ve lived without any regrets or remorse
    Turning flaming anger into simmering rage
    I hope I keep learning from my many mistakes
    From childhood to old age


    12th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • _writer_at_heart_ 9w


    From childhood to old age,
    We understand the life from all edge.

    We cross our wheel of life,
    Meant for us to view.
    In order to change into a new leaf,
    At every step, we go through an unforeseeable avenue.

    Just as it is said, "life is a stage of plenty roles",
    And that's simply life is.
    It's all about our roles.

    From our entrance to egress,
    We coexist, living what's instore for us.
    We all know we've to cross our biological stages,
    Infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age.
    Along with it, we get moulded infinite times,
    Like the stage of innocence, ignorance and realisation.
    The stages of happiness, success and fruitfull results.
    And how to forget the stages of downfalls, heartbreaks and failures.
    Every day we spend, is a stage itself..!!
    From childhood to old age we live and play our roles,...
    ... in a stage named life through our soul.


  • cinxcin 9w

    The 1 and 2 of Life

    It begun when you started breathing,

    and ended when you stopped.