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  • izzenzo1 15w

    BE YOU

    It's easier to feel loved than
    to love another.
    It's quicker to feel choked by
    a person spending his/her
    time to please you cause you
    don't understand the energy
    used in compromising for another.
    It's better to say you're not understood
    cause to change for your lover
    is disrespecting to you.
    To excuse your unfaithfulness,
    you insinuate him/her ain't
    loyal using the saying that
    'everybody cheats' as though
    you know the writer.
    When loving is only beautiful,
    if a lover stays true to him/her (self)
    for It's better to grow oneself
    than to change everytime
    you get hurt cause the next person
    ain't you so let your person be the
    love the world needs to see as
    it'll only make sense if it's

  • izzenzo1 20w


    Without love and a kiss;
    Life is nothing but an old book
    filled with pages not worth
    If you argue this, then tell me
    why you smile before
    someone you love says anything
    or why no matter how angry you get
    with them, a gut in you wishes hard
    that nothing spoils the feeling cause
    to imagine life without him/her hurts
    beyond any advice.
    I could go on but that'll only prove
    the endlessness of the truth in my
    submission about life cause yet;
    No one can explain why if we close
    our eyes to kiss feels deeply intimate
    that weeks after some say they still feel
    the taste of the other or why if a
    lover doesn't kiss you anymore means
    no love and perhaps;
    Tell me why if a person does kiss you
    means they want you and if they always do
    means they love you.
    Maybe it's philosophy or psychology but
    one thing is for sure and certain and that is;
    It's a beautiful feeling to love and be loved,
    For it's because of LOVE the world was
    saved in the first place and despite all
    to love again is to feel that intimate kiss
    Smile cause "Anger wasted on the wrong address is Anger that lingers on"
    PS. So, what do you think about my submission now?

  • moralight 22w

    My Pretty Flower

    My pretty flower
    My life's growth, with every process I adore. Just like you started with a seed, so did I. In the soil of fertility, a place I needed to be not the darkness of a sandy soil where my growth no matter what will still die.
    But in the loam of fertility, where as a young seed I'd experience the beauty of growth, I'd experience my beauty.
    In the right hands I need to be, the hands that'll take me to the nursery in a bucket of knowledge.
    The hands that'll water me with wisdom, the hands that'll show me the light I need for my growth.
    The hands that check on me by morning and protect me at night, the hands of my planter I need to be.
    Now even the loam in the bucket realises my growth, from being foolish to being wise, from being ignorant to having knowledge, from being lost to being found and now it cracks from my weight of knowledge.
    Now the nursery I shall remain no more, I'm a grown plant that needs to carry out it's purpose in the farm of possibilities.

  • moralight 22w

    Saved by Love

    Give me time, yes your listening ears I desire, not for a time to dust but to pour my words of love; the love I got saved by

  • moralight 22w


    Hold tight your sanity
    Hold strong your existence
    Loosing them, is loosing the fight.
    Life is a battle, one never to loose.
    But you've got to choose whose side you're on, the good or the bad.

  • moralight 22w

    My love story is entirely different from what you might expect. My love story started way before I was born. Now being born and experiencing this Love so great���� I'm overwhelmed.
    Learning every mystery, knowing to be wise, I've come to realise we all have the same love story only if you accept it to your life.
    So are you ready to?

    #lifeofachristian #lifeofateen #lifeofapoet #victory #light #saved

    So are you ready to?

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    My Forever Love

    Love at my hands, give me yours
    Love in my heart, let's get fond
    I'll smile in your hate, your hate words will come but won't penetrate
    I'll wake my soul to your love, on my knees I'll express my love for you. You might be lost in your mind, but I'd be the sweet music of God that brings you out of the depression
    Come with me to the hill,where the fine wine of blood was shed in our place.
    Judged not of our mistakes but Justified by His death; your First love my darling.
    He died and nature even rumbled with amazement of a love so strong.
    He fought for you and on third day; His victory, He rised!
    I speak of Him with the words of my mouth and my written pages, I speak of Him to you cause now I'm free from darkness; He saved me.
    Do you want to be saved too?

  • moralight 22w


    Squeezed up in the box of efforts, my mind in the race to the target,all I could literally feel are drippings of tiredness but still the zeal to keep pushing. I want to win, I want to climb this mountain so I have to keep my gaze high.

  • moralight 22w

    Still Alive

    Pressure, it was cutting deep
    No air, screams all in my head, could it just end?
    I needed peace, the pains were strangling me , the silence became the loudest, it drove me to a dark silence.

    It came again,
    Chains, that insane chuckle it wasn't mine. "Why the laughters? I'm being cuddled by pains!"
    I cried falling to the ground in this dark space, more laughters, an indecent mockery.

    They wanted me to go already, I was their problem, I pulled a lot of trigger at them, they hated me.
    Their marathon mockery; just a mind game, they wanted a queen to fall.
    I won already, I remember how I sprinted out of this darkness, why does it seem like I see it again? I left a long time ago.

    The pain was no truth, dark lies lingering around sorting to deceive . I shaked my head a thousand times realising this was all a game , I let open my star eyes, still saw the chains "let me go" were the words I spoke, I didn't need to remind them whose child I was , they knew I was ready to pull another trigger.

    Time listened to my voice, it became my flight, turning them to dust right before my eyes, in time I overcame; no fear, no pains, no tears. They all died in the past, I'm finally me again, I remember how my God(Father) woke me up in the dark silence, He was my time and life and still is. I'm Alive.

  • moralight 22w

    Does Love Bleed?

    Does Love bleed?
    Or maybe just a shade from reality
    Does Love live?
    Or maybe nature is it's boundary.
    First conceived to nature, flesh thought it knew His beginning,
    Held by the hands with fine wines, they thought they were His creator.
    Love walked in the midst of seen, though they saw Him not,
    He had a vision of "future believe" , He's the salvation.
    Words spoken before He arrived,
    Prophecy had to take place.
    Love healed, He gave all
    But still beaten.
    Love saved, He's greater
    But He took the fall.
    Happy; they killed a King
    they felt fulfilled, but there was something greater.
    Now the future rises
    We have many who believes
    And we know that Love bled and He lives.

  • moralight 22w

    #truth #lifeofapoet #lifeofateen #lightarmy

    Many things our art could do, many lives it could change.

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    Written Pages

    For the truth I speak is torment to you, my words were loud enough to cover your lies. You just couldn't stand it, you threw deceit to the land thinking then my mouth will be shut but I'll speak even louder with my written pages.

  • moralight 22w

    Trust the process, grow with time, nothing great starts big. It all starts from the little things.

  • moralight 22w

    Only You

    The world is entitled to it's thought, it's entitled to whatever it wants to think but the world doesn't have the right to shape you into the greatness it wants or the person it wants you to be only you have that right, only you.

  • moralight 22w

    You always can!��
    You're capable no matter how hard or big it seems.

    #lifeofapoet #lifeofateen #light #youcan

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    First Step

    It was a step years ago, It was my decision to be the person I am now. I'm trying to write a meaning to every step I took and the ones I'm still taking, you know each step brings an overwhelming feeling, a feeling of a weight you wish to carry but at the same time don't cause you're scared the weight might break you cause of your lack of readiness.

  • moralight 22w

    Light ( my identity)

    From the little nothings, to my fears, to my insecurities, to the loneliness. It never stopped, I experienced one pot hole and many more. I never knew it was going to be this hard, I never had a plan to escape all the slaps life prepared for me, I was never ready to face all my challenges and make a win to the staring contest, I was naive .
    I was completely out of the light until I was saved by Him, I'd speak of Him forever cause He took me seriously when He died for me. Jesus died for me

  • moralight 22w


    Don't be guided by the foolishness of the world,rise to the light and find your truth

  • moralight 22w


    I want to stand up against my past and win this battle of purpose, I can't let Me become the silent breeze that has no story to tell the over thinkers, or the water fall that has no beauty in it, I can't be a soil with no fertility, I can't be the bricks that builds broken homes. I don't want to be a worthless royalty,I want to stand right beside my words and fight my battles to victory.

  • moralight 22w


    You don't need to be someone else to define your worth, your beauty, you uniquely exist to play your role not someone else's

  • moralight 22w

    Love in the past

    Living seems as though the tide is low
    And our love is held as this distance grow.
    Keeping all we've shared in the box of our memories,
    making this our journey of discoveries.
    Kept in the island of our past,
    that still struggles to escape in the lineage of our

  • moralight 22w


    First sight led to nothing,
    little on my assumption that was something.
    Being a part of my journey as I sail,
    to the west I strive to reach,
    just then I knew your sail was for west
    with the me you uncovered to yourself
    I'm sure you'll treat me better than the world,and I hope our bond is still on as we sail.

  • moralight 22w

    Brought By Time

    And first were sights all lingering around,that was in the past.
    Time grew and yes we grew too,uncovering the shades of your personality that I loved and mingled with.
    Not letting the past dictate but our present did.
    And every moment spent were all I loved being a part of cause time has brought you here.