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  • thanewb 175w

    May I be honest

    May I be honest? If you're going to love me, it's gonna take work. Not cause you have to work for my love, it's just that I've been excruciatingly hurt. I'm not saying that you haven't, but to be honest, we can work together and make healing a habit. To be honest your smile makes me smile and honestly I need more of them in my life. Some where along to way I forgot how to be me and if I may be honest, you remind me how to be me. Honestly speaking I'm dead on the inside but you bring me life. I honestly don't want to treat you like everybody else cause you do something different, you make me proud of myself. I allowed myself to get lost in the music and comeback as needed, but tbh, you were what I needed. It's like you bring me back to life, back to reality, and living in a world with someone like you is incredible and 'ly indescribable honestly. Tomorrow isn't promised today but if I could be honest, it's okay because you brought me a little more joy to last forever and a day.


    Tha new B.

  • voiceless_brine 203w

    Sculptures on sand

    The scars,
    from the garden of roses,
    will always remain there on the skin.
    Amid the dunes,
    through the desert,
    somewhat they'll remind of the treasure,
    life sculptured on the sands of time.