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  • dais_yblossom 1d

    " ज़िन्दगी "

    अगर ज़िन्दगी दिलकश लगे
    तो फिर जीने में क्या ग़म हैं,
    अगर ज़िन्दगी फिज़ूल लगी
    तो ज़िन्दगी किसी दर्द से कम हैं ।।


  • lovvfailure 2d

    too much expectations from people make you unexpected unconcerned fellow!!

    love failure

  • praj100319991003 1w

    जीवन एक समन्दर

    जीवन एक समन्दर है,
    जरा लहरों को आजमाइए।
    हवाऐं चाहे जैसी हो,
    पतवार तो उठाइए।

    किनारों पे बैठने से,
    मजा क्या खाक मिलेगा।
    अन्दर पैठकर देखिए,
    कला जीने का लाख मिलेगा।

    जीवन एक उड़ान है,
    जरा पंख तो फहराइए।
    हौसला भरिए उड़ान का,
    धरा से गगन तक जाइए।

    जीवन एक समझ है,
    पहले खुद को समझाइए।
    क्यूं आये इस जहां में,
    जहां को बतलाइए।

    जीवन एक मरहम है,
    दुःख दर्द मिटाने के लिए।
    कोई पर अकेला,
    उसे अपना बनाने के लिए।

    जीवन एक फूल है,
    चमन गमकाने के लिए।
    खुद बिखरकर फिजाओं में,
    सुगंध फैलाने के लिए।

    जीवन एक उजाला है,
    खुद को चमकाने के लिए।
    एक भटके हुए पथिक को,
    राह दिखाने के लिए।

    यह जीवन क्या है,
    मौज है, मस्ती है।
    समाज के हर अंग से,
    निर्मित भावनाओं की एकबस्ती है।
    ✍️रुदल प्रसाद सिंह✍️

  • therisingsoul 2w

    Wada hai mera yeh tujhse,
    Milegi koi tujhe teri tarah,
    Jo kiya tha wada tune,
    Todigi woh usse teri hi tarah.


  • inoxorable 2w

    सफ़र इश्क़ का

    यूँ भी होता है फ़िर के इश्क़ के इस सफ़र में
    विरह का पड़ाव मंजिल से पहले आ जाता है

  • rupal_kaur_anand 2w

    My mother once told me
    You can build a better world
    But you must start with your self

    ©Rupal Kaur Anand

  • rupal_kaur_anand 2w

    Well if I don't like something I will say that on your face and if I do I will also say that on your face ❤️
    #straightforward #honest #selflove #myself #life #motivation #life #lifelesson #inspiring #words #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens #wordsmith

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    I am straightforward person
    That makes a lot of people hate me
    But also makes me stand for myself

    ©Rupal Kaur Anand

  • fille_glamour 3w

    when you make a mistake for the first time...
    You should learn from it and grow out of that mistake.
    But even if because of some circumstances or your level of understanding...
    You repeated that mistake again and again and now that mistake has became a scare.
    Listen , you can still improve it.
    You can become a night sky with the most beautiful scares the stars.
    You can change anything when you decide you want a change.

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    Scars can be beautiful.


  • miss_malhotra 3w

    Let go off things and find peace in everything you do...
    #poem #motivation #life #lifelesson #tried

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    Sometimes we only wish to quit...

    Subtracting and Adding is part of life,
    We have to accept all its file...
    It becomes too hard to let go of things,
    But smile and fly with open wings...

    Dividing and multiplying is all we do,
    Just running behind that cause is only go...
    It becomes easy when we run without any thought,
    But looking back realising what we never fought...

    Accepting and Realising is what we never accept,
    Letting things go is the personality we reflect...
    Its tough to fight for ourself in this pit,
    Sometimes we only wish to quit...

    Even and Odd is what life teaches,
    Accepting and moving is what we reaches...
    Being negative is not the solution,
    Just Be Yourself and keep trusting is the only substitution...

  • rash__ 3w

    The wrong person, you met in a right time will definitely teach you the beautiful lesson.

  • surya_rathore 4w


    हर समस्या का हल है
    हर पहलू में छल है
    हम निश्चल हुए तोह क्या
    हमारी कामयाबी से सब में हलचल है।

  • untold_script 4w

    Either leave it or Live it...

  • raj_kishor_13 4w

    प्यार के दो लफ़्ज़

    रोज ना तुम आईने में यूँ देखा करो,
    खुद की ही नजर लग जाएगी।

    यूँ ना मुझे तुम देखकर मुस्कुराया करो,
    हमारी नियत फिसल जाएगी।

    इठला कर जो तुम चलती हो, ऐसे ना चला करो,
    कभी तुम्हारी ही कमर लचक जाएगी।

    यूँ ना तुम मुझसे शरमाया करो,
    इश्क़ की रुत बदल जाएगी।

    इत्र तुम इतना ना लगाया करो,
    खुशबू तुमसे बहक जाएगी।

    तुम यूँ बारिशों में भीगा भी ना करो,
    दुनिया में कयामत आ जाएगी।

    तुम तो जो अमावस की रात में भी निकलो,
    तो चाँदनी खुद तेरे पास आ जाएगी।

    इतनी सी इल्तज़ा है मेरी तुझसे,
    ख़फ़ा होके नैहर° ना चले जाना कभी,
    सेहत जरा हमारी बिगड़ जाएगी।

    ©Raj Kishor


  • orator 5w


    It is better to be alone in this world than to have fake people in our life

  • maria_sheena 5w

    Rose Can Never Replace Jasmine
    As Jasmine Can Never Replace Rose
    Be Yourself
    Be Unique


  • inoxorable 5w

    अनचाहा मोड़

    कभी कभी अनचाहे मोड़ पर ख़त्म हो जाते हैं
    वो रिश्ते जिसका टूटना असंभव सा होता है

  • untold_script 5w

    The most important thing we can learn in LIFE is How to LEARN...


  • menokadevi 5w

    Life is uncertain ,instead of regreting...involve in selflove, humanity and sprinkle happiness much as you can....

    @odysseus @mirakee #lifelesson #wod

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    History is repeating itself isn't it. Every second so clearly whispers into our ear's
    How easily can each of our belongings
    Can be conquered by Time...
    Including Mortal's breath, what haters
    What envy, jelousy or greed be
    What yours ..what mines, when
    Death shall embrace


  • sillyhearts 5w


    Who isn't angry sometimes? Who doesn't feel like everyone around is conspiring against them? You know, times when the count of people you can trust comes on your fingers? Maybe not even one?

    Situations turn harsh at times. People have their own constraints. People are people. We act on what seems right at that moment... And that's okay.

    But once the storm is over, we sure can look back and realise that it wasn't the neighbour's fault, nor ours. It was just the direction of the winds that made us feel like the other one is wrong.

    I know you think about how you had to gather brick by brick to build yourself a little safe place, all because of the storm... And so you now have strong walls. Walls that ensure that no strong winds can damage you anymore!

    And just then, you see your neighbours little straw hut being blown away again. They're shattered and has nowhere to go... The pillars are broken and putting up a house again isn't easy for them.
    Ofcourse they think you're the one who'd broken their home initially so why would they ever ask you to help?

    It's in times like these that we need to be considerate. We need to be the one extending the hand out, without expecting them to do it first. We need to try covering their head till they make a home again. The same wall that separates us could now be used as the support for their house.The walls built to separate could now act as support.
    Yes... Initially they'll be apprehensive. They will worry if we're faking. They'll wonder if we're trying to act superior by helping. In all those moments of difficulty, we need to give up on our ego and anger and hold them closer. Make them believe in bits and pieces that we're not wanting to hurt them.

    And once they're back to a safe spot, they'll be able to trust again. The wall would still remain, but this time... It'd be a mutual support between the two houses rather than a separation. The next time both can together be ready to face the storms. Next time the storms can't hit that hard. Next time, we'll both win over the storm. Because we'll know it's the storm, not each other. So even if there are damages, they can be repaired together and faster.
    The world doesn't run on 50-50. Sometimes, it is necessary to give up on our complaints and demands to help out the person initially. Kindness is a very powerful language. Words can fail but actions cannot. Sooner or later, they'll answer back. And that day, life lived will finally get it's purpose.

    So if there's a friend you had a fight with, a neighbour, a relative, an ex or a colleague, try reaching out. The darkness needs to be destroyed slowly from one side... And light will fill the gaps again. Life's too uncertain. Let's get back together before it's too late!

  • janvi2901 9w


    जिंदगी का कुछ उल्टा ही उसूल है
    कि जैसे-जैसे उम्र बढ़ती जाती है
    खुशियां कम होती जाती है
    और जिम्मेदारियां बढ़ती जाती है
    फिलहाल हमें जिंदगी जीना है
    तो क्यों ना हम इन जिम्मेदारियों में अपनी खुशियां ढूंढ ले
    या फिर खुशियों से इन जिम्मेदारियों को निभा ले