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  • chaos2art_and_backagain 10w

    Falling with Grace

    I hate how often I stumble. 
    Walking through life like a drunkard in the dark.
    I thought I had grown past my toddler phase, finally learning how to walk tall. 

    Yet here I am once again on the floor; my face in the dirt as I lay in this me shaped crater I have created from all the times before. 
    As I lay here I wonder how much deeper I'll end up making this grave or if I'll ever learn to look where I'm going.

    Is this all I will ever be, someone in a constantly falling state?
    I know you have rescued me from myself so why do I still rely on my own strength over and over again?   

    I suppose now that I think about it, there has never been a phase of life where one can walk without some form of assistance. 

    From childhood bruises and the constant craziness of adulthood to the use of canes and walkers in old age, there is always a chance of getting hurt. 

    Maybe it is with experience and wisdom that we finally realize we must rely on your ever flowing grace for support. 

    Perhaps it is the knowledge that walking upright means we have farther to fall to the ground, but the spirit gives the hope and courage to take the beautiful risk of running to you.

    So Lord, lift me up once again with the strength I need in my weakness. 
    I feel you gently brush me off and help me limp my way back to the path you paved for me. 

    Your love heals me with each step, my eyes fixed above for that is the direction I seek. 


  • kthakur 29w


    ख्वाब टूटते हैं तो टूटने दो..,
    हकीकत में आओ जनाब..,
    लोग छूटते हैं तो छूटने दो..,
    साथ वही देगा जो अपना होगा..,
    यह जिंदगी का सफर है जनाब अकेले ही चलना होगा..,
    अगर अब रिश्ते भी टूटते हैं तो टूटने दो..!!

  • vickey21 158w


    Writting a letter to "yourself" could be a Noble work, sometimes we should go deeper relationship with ourselves.
    It keeps you alive to the deepest arenna of self connection.
    Create a grate doubts and will definitely achiev great enlightment