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  • aspiringwriter 16w

    Hiding your emotion is just like wearing a sheet mask

  • aspiringwriter 16w

    Tears and overthinking

    Sometimes tears and overthinking doesn't let you sleep

  • khushiaditi19 23w

    My presence

    I wanted to be
    A part of happy life
    I wanted not to be
    Treated like knife

    There is something
    Resisting me
    There is little hope
    Nourishing me

    Where is that key
    Which brings joy
    Where is that aid
    Which will heal life's

    I am asking to my self
    How's me?
    Technically off &
    Honestly stressful

  • musafir 24w

    Mitti Ka Moh Na Kar Re Duniya,
    Sabko Mitti Hona Hai.
    Jo Bhi Tujhko Haasil Hai,
    Ek Din Tujhko Wo Sab Bhi Khona Hai.
    Pal Bhar Ki Hi Baat Hai,
    Aaj Tu Sabke Saath Hai.
    Kal Phir Se Kahin Tu Bhatkega,
    Kahin Aur Jakar Atkega.
    Kisi Aur Ki Goad Mein Baith Kar,
    Tu Sab Kuch Bhul Baithega.
    Wahan Nayi Si Subah Hogi,
    Mitti Ka Naya Koi Dhancha Hoga.
    Ek Naya Mauka Hoga Taqdeer Likhne Ko,
    Ek Naya Aasmaa Hoga Khudki Hi Tasveer Gadhne Ko.


  • fragments_of_chaos 34w


    Those who did not receive
    The luxury of kindness growing up
    Its upto you, to break this cycle

    For years later
    You wouldn't want a kid
    Searching for kindness
    In poetry, ganja and eyes of strange women.


  • rasheederh 36w

    All my life
    I have never dogde any
    Chance for me to learn vividly
    The world portrait a learning cycle
    And everyday we collide with experiences
    One's that mould us from slumbering suspence
    Not for once have I stopped learning in the cycle of life
    And I could say that i have become a tutor but never stopped been a student.

    © Rasheederh

  • _the_introvert_boy__ 39w

    कहते हैं पीने वाले मर जाते हैं जवानी में
    हमने तो बुजुर्गों को जवान होते देखा हैं मैखाने में

  • cooldragon 44w

    Page of my Diary

    Close to nature,
    Watching the sunrise,
    Surroundings in lush green,
    Cherishing memories,
    Smiling throughout....

    He went into a trance.

    And that was enough to ink that beautiful moment onto that memory book.


  • the_parttime_poet 47w

    Remember those terrible days when you were under tremendous amount of emotional, financial and (or) physical stress and you wished & prayed for those days and problems to disappear and they eventually did and now you have a new set of difficult days and problems and they'll pass too and the cycle will continue and that, is Life.

    And when you realize that this cycle is a lot like the day & night cycle, you'll learn how to work your way around them.

    When it's day, it's time to grind, manage stress, deal with problems and from time to time get hurt (emotionally, financially and (or) experience both mental and physical pain)

    When it's night, it's time to close your eyes, let your problems go away, allow your mind and body to heal and recover from the stress so you can be ready for a new day and a new set of problems.

    Unfortunately, we've programmed ourselves to prepare for the next big problem but what we should really be doing is also look forward to the joy & relief we will have once the problem is Solved.

    - Zafar Khan

  • rishabh143 59w


    हर किसी के जीवन में एक ऐसा समय आता है जब आपके साथ कोई नहीं होता।
    उस समय आपके अपने जीवन की जंग खुद लड़नी होगी।

  • bugsbunny_13 59w


    Best Friends



  • deactivate_user 61w

    As a youngster I felt myself to be distant from everyone else, and I am still, since I know things and must indicate things which others evidently remain unaware of, and generally don't have any desire to know.

    Life :
    He has made progress who has lived well, chuckled frequently, and cherished a lot;
    Who has delighted in the trust of unadulterated ladies, the regard of insightful men and the adoration for little kids;
    Who has filled his specialty and achieved his assignment;
    Who has never needed energy about Earth's excellence or neglected to communicate it;
    Who has left the world better than he discovered it,
    Regardless of whether an improved poppy, an ideal sonnet, or a protected soul;
    Who has consistently searched for the best in others and given them the best he had;
    Whose life was a motivation;
    Whose memory a beatitude.

    A total outsider has the ability to change the life of another irreversibly. This domino impact has the ability to change the course of a whole world. That is the thing that life is; a chain response of people slamming into others and affecting their lives without acknowledging it. A choice that appears to be miniscule to you, might be amazing to the destiny of the world.

    At the point when we sincerely ask ourselves which individual in our carries on with mean the most to us, we frequently find that it is the individuals who, rather than offering guidance, arrangements, or fixes, have picked rather to sympathize with our torment and contact our injuries with a warm and delicate hand. The companion who can be quiet with us in a snapshot of gloom or disarray, who can remain with us in an hour of sadness and loss, who can endure not knowing, not relieving, not recuperating and face with us the truth of our feebleness, that is a companion who cares.

    Love :
    I'll mention to you what love is. 'Tis
    standing affectionately intertwined against the world and realizing together you could lead the nation. 'Tis battling with one another with like there's no tomorrow and failing to fear wily or fierce backlashes. 'Tis doing battle against the entire world, yet realizing that harmony lives in the bed between us.

    Marriage :
    Being sentimental it doesn't mean going through cash or purchasing costly endowments or doing costly things, however it implies doing what you accomplice needs, needs, adores and increases in value. Doing what you figure it will satisfy them. Accomplishing something that will cause them to feel uncommon. That is being sentimental.

    Old age :
    A being who, as I developed more established, lost creative mind, feeling, a sort of insight, a method of feeling things - such which, while it made me sorry, didn't sicken me. However, what am I encountering when I perused myself as though I were another person? On which bank am I standing on the off chance that I see myself in the profundities.

    Death :
    The day when I let you know,
    I see obscurity in the sunlight,
    The day when I notice to you,
    I feel the demise may be simpler than to live,
    The day when I murmur to you,
    The weightless air is overwhelming to relax,
    That day, I believe It's better for you to acknowledge "You lost me" ...
    State your farewell, leave me to pass on, Rest in Peace.


  • vidushiiii 64w

    The Mandala of Memories

    With every passing day, I create a memory for myself, to return to it tomorrow and create a new one again...

  • riyawinster 65w

    Believe in Karma than people. ☮


  • dionysus_reconfigured 69w


    A rift 'tween land and waters gush
    Midst golden shade that they rear lush
    Where finds a nest the weary thrush.

    And sings it's noble heart out glee-
    Nat'ral toast to a flow so free
    Haunting grounds for Calliope.

    Far mountains strange it's fountainhead
    Where mist and snow like dew grass spread
    Unceasingly have droplets fed.

    And onwards forth sans hope to cease
    Mute waters gush with salty breeze
    To mournful meld with teary seas.

  • igwordicted 71w

    When you think to hang in your "Roof" , just realize that they even don't have a roof & still they are "smiling" .

    #lifecycle #lifequotes #depressionquotes #nature #love #travel #inspiration #friendship #poetry #diary #thoughts #life

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  • aman__writes_ 75w


    kis rah pe mud gya hai tu ae rahgir?
    kyu hogya hai aaj tu khuda se kafir?
    kya bnae hai is jahan ki tune tasvir?
    kyu bhatka hua yha hai hr musafir?
    kya ho gya jo sogya hai tera zamir?
    kyu khich gyi yha ab daulat ki lakir?
    kya hogya jo sard hai aaj jazbaton ki taasir?
    kyu likh rha tu kali siyahi se khud apni taqdir?
    kya zinda hai tu abhi bhi ya bs bcha hai sharir?
    kyu bhula baitha hai taleem jo de gye fakir?
    kya hai tere jism mein vo rooh aaj b hazir?
    kyu ho gya tu mtlbi kyu bha rha rudhir?
    kya aaj mr gyi insaniyat ya tu hogya badhir?
    kyu khud ka sirf sochta kyu hogya shatir?
    kya har jgh yha aas paas sirf shaitan hai hazir?
    kyu tanha yha sb jee rhe aur koi nahir tahir?
    kya ab mit chuka yha farz hai jo koi nahi aamir?
    kyu khauf na khuda ka na draye koi wazir?
    kya jhel payega badlav ki aandhi ko tera ye shivir?
    jooth se ye rann hai sachai ka ban tu vir!
    bnd kr ab bhaagna ho ja tu b sthir?!!

    किस राह पर मुड़ गया है तू ए राहगीर?
    क्यों हो गया तू खुदा से काफिर?
    क्या बनाई है इस जहां की तूने तस्वीर?
    क्यों भटका हुआ यहां है हर मुसाफिर?
    क्या हो गया जो सो गया है तेरा ज़मीर?
    क्यों खींच गई यहां अब दौलत की लकीर?
    क्या हो गई सर्द है जज्बातों की तासीर?
    क्यों लिख रहा तू काली स्याही से खुद अपनी तकदीर?
    क्या जिंदा है तू अभी भी यहां या बचा है बस तेरा शरीर?
    क्यों बुला बैठा है तालीम जो दे गए फकीर?
    क्या है तेरे जिस्म में रूह आज भी हाजिर?
    क्यों हो गया तू मतलबी क्यों बहा रहा रुधिर?
    क्या मर गई इंसानियत या तू हो गया बाधिर?
    क्यों खुद का सिर्फ सोचता क्यों हो गया शातिर?
    क्या हर जगह यहां आस-पास सिर्फ शैतान है हाजिर?
    क्यों तनहा यहां सब जी रहे और कोई नहीं ताहिर?
    क्या अब मिट चुका है यहां फर्ज है जो कोई नहीं आमिर?
    क्यों खौफ ना खुदा का ना डराए कोई वजीर?
    क्या झेल पाएगा बदलाव की आंधी को तेरा यह शिविर?
    झूठ से यह रण है बन सच्चाई का तू वीर!
    बंद कर अब भागना हो जा तू भी स्थिर!!

  • amour_ 80w

    #Life #Lifecycle #Truth # Writersnetwork #malayalam writers

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    ഒന്നോർത്താൽ അതു ശരിയാണ്, പ്രകൃതിയുടെ വിവിധ ഭാവങ്ങൾ പോലെയാണ് നമ്മുടെ ജീവിതം
    കാറ്റും, കോളും, വസന്തവും,ശിശിരവും മാത്രമല്ല
    വേനലും അവിടെ നിർവികാരയായി കടന്നു വരുന്നു..

  • monicker 85w

    An Aeon of Cities

    Those places of monstrous construction,
    Will not escape the wind.
    The lofty glass pillars of obstruction,
    Can not avoid the sun.
    All this severe stone formed from abduction,
    Rain will wear it someday.
    Our conceptions can not containerize,
    What Anemoi breaths away.
    Humanity, will not demoralize,
    Those oaths of Helios.
    Long Lines and lanes will become lullabies,
    As King's mind dwells on loss.


  • meow___queen___writes 88w

    Love is all about caring and cherishing those little moments of joy you spent with each others company.
    It's about the patience and time you can give to each other.
    It's about accepting your partners choices and decisions too.
    This valentine's day let not celebrate it as a day of love but promise to ourselves that everyday will be a day of love ,a day of support ,a day of happiness ,a day of making memories .