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  • iamthegreenmyst 2w


    Remember Remember, what we talked about?
    To always smile when it you seem to be in doubt.
    Remember Remember, what we always used to say?
    "Don't let it all go down the drain"

    Hard I am sure,
    But you must promise to Remember.
    Remember, Remember, that its all not for naught
    And that one day, your worth will be lots.

  • _rutu_writes_ 6w

    Life advice

    Dear younger self,
    Keep patience, no matter how long it takes because at the end of the day you will be the only one who will stand beside you.....
    Let your mind fluctuate, it's ok not to be alright all the time....
    But remember hope makes you live, stick to that!!!
    Life is not always about having a successful future, sometimes life is just life....
    So let life flow, you can't control it but you can manage to flow in the right direction....

  • lostgirl0713 7w

    Life Advice

    Don't think you have to copy the girls in the magazines, you don't need to be like anyone but yourself. If you look the same as every other human being on this earth, you would be boring. MUSIC is EVERYTHING. Sing more, you don't give yourself enough credit. Time is everything. Learn from your mistakes.

  • diparg 7w

    Advice to younger self.

    Sometimes things, relationship breaks, not always your fault . It is the nature of this universe. Everything comes with an expiry date. But make sure your self confidence and self love should never leave your side. Let the world turns upside down, just make sure you are still clam mountain inside now and ever.

  • wilmaneels1 7w

    Be you
    Be love
    Be caring
    Don't doubt
    Just live life
    Don't be afraid of losing people you love
    It's inevitable
    Loving them will be a blessing
    Don't let the what if's of life
    Rob you, cause how will you know if you never try

    One last thing
    Love yourself in the most purest form
    Cause no one else can do that better than you

    ~From me to my younger self~

  • the_hypnotised_cat 7w

    A letter to younger me

    Oh the cradle of decency
    How satisfied you were
    In your little universe.
    Those little dreams,
    Pure yet insane
    And the curiosity
    To decipher
    And know almost everything
    Around you.
    Lost in the world of words
    Exploring the unknown
    With infinite intensity,
    How confident you were
    Asking those so called
    Weirdest questions straight
    Out of your mind
    Without any hesitation
    And prejugements.
    When people said
    You need to socialize
    You stayed behind
    With breathless friends
    Who oxygenated your existence
    With fruits of knowledge.
    I'm damn sure
    You never expected
    Me as your future.
    Yaah I breath curiosity,
    I have gained more knowledge
    And am a bit mature
    But the confidence you possessed
    Is now a forgotten musing.
    I resonate with frequencies
    That aren't mostly mine.
    I subdue my conscience
    And crush those upcoming
    Queries by
    So called matured conscience.

    Hey dear, you know
    Now relatives no longer
    Advise me to socialize
    That's a big achievement
    I guess
    Stained in Fakeism.
    I live in a conundrum
    Of my own actions
    And imagination.

    Oh dear don't worry
    I will continue your legacy
    For sure
    As that's the
    Only identity
    I really adore now.

  • feliciajay 7w

    Younger self

    You were worried about what they thought. Whole-time you were that girl.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 7w

    To my younger self

    Just whine and bicker as much as you want because when you age you won't find anyone to listen to even if you are not whining
    Forget about what will you do when you get older because there will already be lots of expectations from others don't add yours too
    Just dance and run and play all day because you won't know there will be a day declared where you ll be too old to do these
    And the last thing don't listen to any advices because it will always be either , you won't understand or it'll make you more anxious
    so just do as much mistakes as you can so there are no more advices needed.

  • muskaanbhatt 7w

    Didn't had anytime to wrote for anyone but wrote for you because of my love and respect which I had for you, and you hurt me like anything,Now I want to say as I know you guys are stalking, and I have no problem with that, but just want to say change your mindsets please, it will lead you to no where, your opinion means nothing as my loved ones know my whole history, so I don't have to prove anything here to any unknown person, but I was considering you as my own sister and i still consider ���� no worries how badly you treated me or talked about.
    If you were also thinking about me as your sister or friend,you don't maintain any space from me, as want to say, jo niyat muje ap k liye thina ya haina muje wo khud ko ani chahiye ����
    Thanks you literally broke me to the core by not directly talking to me and by indirectly targeting me with help of your fellows.

    I never spare my rivals but you were never in that list as I was considering you as my sister and what not, even this much happened from your side not from my side, still I consider you as my sister��❤��

    #pod #lifeadvice #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A Note ❤

    I really regret about that day when I get to know about some people who hate me to the core without any reason, who have so much jealousy for me and their thinking is too negative, they only believe on their mind stories like others truth and reality means nothing but a joke and a lie, anyway these people only have cheap thinking so their vision of seeing others is also cheap, but the fact is I hate myself for trusting these kind of people whom you respected and loved, but These few girls just opened up their bad mouths and worst thinking and uncovered their different faces, seriously got a lesson, thankful to my mom, who raised me different and not like these few girls who have literally bad minds, I mean what can you expect from such girls whose every talk involves bad language and words, what kind of image, living and company they can share with others, they have stupid minds only believe their fake own mind created drams and other's things, be it achievements,degrees,homr,life,living,incomes,anything seems a joke to them and a lie to them as because they are so much trapped by their mind lies and still they stalking me like crazy as I am celebrity to them, and they eagerly wanting to know about me and see my stuff and even saw whatever I wanted to show them, still talk and dance around me like clowns.
    I literally got to know today who were those 3to4 Instagram fake accounts,who used to say alot about my personal things, about him and his family, even I got to know who that miraquill fake named ammy account was, whom you added on Snapchat even you were agreeing with its comments and posts which it was posting about me and my topics, and you indirectly agreed with your that fake I'd on miraquill, who commented shits monthes back on my posts, ,got to know today who and whom for, you were posting bad I was getting that as you were mentioning my things but I ignored everytime just because I was thinking no, you can't be such a person, and all those talks,literally yesterday's incident opened my eyes about few people, how perfectly they maintained faces in front of different people and one among them was me , in front of some, they maintain a cow's face, how can I forget applying fake thousands of products on faces can literally hide natural real face of a person,everyone isn't like me going for a single thing and showing real faces everytime not like maintaining fake faces, actually there main problem is they think everyone is like them, cheap negative minded and fake self maintainers, they don't want to see others growth so consider their stuff as fake and all, like here nobody cares and nobody wants to prove them anything, but they have so much intrest in me after all I am a celebrity to them who is under their continuous surveillance.
    I never involve my loved ones into anything , I single handedly everytime, but this time have to expose you guys in front of everyone , their cheap mentalities and of course their narcissistic minds, I was knowing their bad history from a very long but I never said them anything that you are doing bad or ruining anything regarding me or trying to hurt me as I used to trust, love and respect them heartly but yesterday they proved I made a mistake by sharing my love and sorrows with these girls, I wasn't knowing you were having this much hatred for me taht instead of saying to my face about whatever problem you have with me, you indirectly targeted me by you negative brain and low class thinking about others who earn low and can't afford everything, on that I slashed you, and your fake mask fell off, exposing the real you and your imagine, and when I tried to fought back for the poor people, you involved your bad language spitting friend, whose language speaks all what kind of person she may be or what kind manners she has,anyways her choice, and later on by involving her, you back out from that thing so that you won't be blamed or exposed for that,and from her shoulder you tried to shoot me indirectly by telling her in private what you say and how to target her and all and she did the same as a loyal puppy, and questioned me like that, doubted my stuff, saying my stuff is false, doubted that even ignored the real facts of the Institute who offers, wow, illiteracy on its peak, even after you back out saying don't drag me in this like why you created the mess, gave it a fire by insulting low poor people and their things by showing your 2rs thinking , and later said I am poor and can go for anything and played the victim card, no babe nobody is kid here, your face was exposed a long ago by your known ones but I was still respecting you and your stuff like O don't know anything but I was wrong, I made a mistake by talked to a girl like you and shared my things, and gave you love and respect which you really don't deserve, how can I forget when people say we don't care bout people's opinions, that simply people these kind of people lack shyness and respect, I still wonder what I had eaten yours that you targeted and disrespected me in so many ways not just from yesterday bt from a very long time but I was ignoring and feeling like you can't be a bad person and I was trusting you, anyway have a blessed life, but people like you double faced negative thinking, and passionate degrader and defamers, and doubt others, never get success in life,whatever I said to you was true,you believe it or not , I don't care about that as I am living my life for my loved ones, you were one Among them but you proved sisters can become haters without any reason, my thinking is really different from you, really very, whatever you said to me I believed that without ever doubting back because you know I always think what I have everyone can have that, and what I don't have, may be others are having that, but your narcissistic thinking is if you're having anything, nobody can have that, and if you don't have anything, but if others are having that , so according to you they are faking, flexing or lying, change your mindset if you ever want to be good in life, as everyone have to die, at least you not having that much religious knowledge I can feel that from the way you guys live,which can actually lead anyone to hell, that's why, I can understand you may be having that kind of narcissistic thinking, but I have to die one day and at least my thinking and way of living isn't like yours, and not ever want to live a life like you people, still wondering why you were having this much hate and jealousy for me and I was considering you as my dearest friend and sister whom on I trusted so much, no worries I have every proof to expose a person having this kind of thinking.
    Just want to say I was having problem with your friend, so I blocked here, because I don't know her nor ever want to know such queens of bad language,so her thinking and opinion about me wont ever bother me as she even don't know me and my whole stuff, and I didn't blocked you, as I wasn't having any issues with you till yesterday even after you disrespected and insulted and targeted me indirectly so much and by saying to her,, still I was answering you with love, but later on you proved that muskan is winning by fighting back single handedly and you proved my everything is true, and just proved yourself as a gutless wrong minded, antagonistic person, as because we were having no issues between us as I was still respecting your indirect targeting and even I was talking good with you, when I said you, not just 3 things are needed but good thinking is also must for a wedding and you framed my comment in such a bad way and later on deleted those comments after getting the real point and blocked me.
    These people are nobody but real narcissists

  • tithi_b 7w

    I Matter

    With all the things I've heard
    And all the names I've been called,
    It felt like death inhabits me;
    My heart had been walled

    I felt my time come.
    From the pit of my
    Personal hell,
    I waited in my muted minutes;
    Guess I wished someone to tell-
    Some tale of a heroic act
    Before the impact..

    I have survived
    Supernovas in my head
    And believe me, I see red
    Every once in a while.
    But this time, for the sake of my sanity
    I'll keep my head over your water
    I'll stop wearing
    The weight of other's opinions
    And believe for once; I matter.


  • meenalochani 7w

    Life advice to my younger self

    My beloved younger self
    You already know to write poems from your heart,
    Still, I advice you to use your talent wisely,

    Remember poems are only your antidote,
    That keeps your mind and heart healthy

    Poems makes you think in different perspective
    Poems subdue your agony,
    At times poems make your positivity infectious,
    Poems travel with you through difficult phase of life,

    My dear younger self,
    Life did have vast choices,
    You could have made a habit to read good books,
    To have one most trusted friend,
    To be kind,to love everyone as they are,
    To accept failure with a smile
    To shed tears for happiness,
    But, you left everything behind and selected only pen and paper,
    This is far enough to keep yourself happy,
    Rest is destiny designed by God.

  • moonatdawn 7w

    Hello scared child
    You don't need to hide
    Your fears
    Your tears
    Your scars
    It's okay if you feel confused
    It's okay if you feel refused
    It's okay if you feel used
    Coz you would be loved
    For all your imperfections and flaws
    For all your preciousness you don't even know about
    I am the future you
    I feel loved for who I am
    I found this love
    The day I started loving myself
    Hi scared child
    You don't need to hide.

    #lifeadvice #wod #moonatdawn #presentmetopastme #pod

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    I feel loved for who I am
    I found this love
    The day I started loving myself

  • madinah_writes 7w

    Dear Me,

    It is your choice to find happiness or not, but one thing is for sure.
    Depression comes after you.
    Sometimes in disappointment and shame from people farthest and closest to you.
    Depression is a constant sickness and happiness is the cure.

  • madinah_writes 7w

    Dear Mini Me,

    No one promised you happiness, dearest. When depression finds you, you find happiness. It's up to you to be happy or not...

  • madinah_writes 7w

    Happiness is what we make out if life. What we find, what we fight for, what we live for. Nobody is ever going to give you happiness except your Creator. So, be happy. Find happiness no matter what.

    #thought #happiness #miraquill #Creator #live #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #lifeadvice #wod

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    You're busy writing stupid poems about depression and heartbreak. Who promised you happiness?

  • madinah_writes 7w


    Can't live with can't live without...


  • _broken_mirror_ 7w

    Dear junior,

    I hope you'll make the right choices and right decisions unlike me who is regretting now and facing the consequences.

  • ariesjoo 7w

    Have a blessed and peaceful night everyone. Sweet dreams and good night ����


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    Forever Young

    You are me, but in the past
    I am you, but in the present
    How funny that time flies too fast
    Do you still have that feeling of excitement?

    When I was young I want to become old
    But I don't have the idea that this life is not always gold
    I just want to be happy
    But life do not allow me

    Dear younger self I want to thank you
    That after all the tough thing you've been through
    You made it now even if the skies are not blue
    It inspired me to do the same thing too

    This message came from the future you
    You will walk to a path of storm and thunder
    So you have to be tough too
    You will hear words that served as lethal dagger

    You will cry silently every gray night
    So prepare to hide your painful sob
    You will experience being left out
    And yourself is the only one you have

    This world will be unfair and unjust
    So yourself will be the only one you'll trust
    But don't worry, you will make it
    You will be braver, that's the spirit

    It will be alright to cry
    Because after that you will get to smile
    Life will be hard
    But not all things are bad

    I hope that you're proud of me
    Like the way I am proud of you
    We will be a tough person that we should be
    Thank you younger self, we will make it to the future you.


  • feflourflowers 7w

    My #lifeadvice I would give to my younger self ,#wod @miraquill

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    Take my advice

    Be outspoken learn to dodge a bullet and last but least don't cry so much save them for when mommy dies .
    Enjoy yourself because u are perfectly imperfect.

  • akkshu 7w

    Dear self

    I know what you're going through
    Just remember
    Nothing is permanent
    If you want to cry and scream
    If you want to express your anger
    If you want to express your love, gratitude, kindness
    Do it... Don't think a lot
    Never stop learning
    Never stop having fun
    Never bother about the people and their opinions
    You should only be concerned if you are on the right path or not
    You have the whole life with you darling
    Live to the fullest
    Trust the universe
    Believe in yourself
    You will not be disappointed