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  • unicornworld 5w

    You told me you were mine and I believed you,
    Now I wonder how many people did you belong to!


  • kabitagoogle 7w


    Believe it or not, that gets hurt after believing that is the result of the believing liars that liars lie but return to the liars as the bill of lying which makes to stop lying that is the uneasy to suffer because of the lying.


  • jacob_howdagee 21w

    True Reflection

    On my face, it should be seen
    That I've got no look of sympathy.
    But your eyes ignore what they've found
    As your mouth keeps making its sounds

    You think you're doing so well
    Constantly throwing promises at me
    But I have finally grown to see
    These are the kinds you can't keep

    It's every single one

    Your lips are diversions
    Acting as ripples across a lake
    So that no one can see
    The true reflection of your face


  • anshubharti 30w

    Your excuses are seducers , your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves...

    Robin sharma


  • starkanonymous 34w

    Passive Aggressive Lie Detector

    hello to you, my dear caustic causation
    you are the reason for my averse abnegation
    by soaking yourself in my atypical admiration
    while I'm bleeding out pools of psychogenic adulation

    I'm not sure I know who I am anymore
    I seem to have lost count of myself before
    I go on living and breathing as ever I did
    but never seeing the meaning of my life as it is

    you're kittenish comb-out has left me incomplete
    you've denatured me with your hokey deceit
    and yes, I do hate you as I hate my whole life
    but, breathing at least - I'm so alive tonight

    there's many times I feel like I should be screaming
    and there's so many lives I'm still dreaming of
    fantastic ones that I would really love
    there's not many courses for my getaway
    and still so many experiences in which to foray

    but instead I stay sitting - right the f*ck here
    giving anything just to up and finally disappear
    my mind is so free and oh, it's so clear
    there's nothing at all that's inside of there
    with no recollection or fleck of my fears
    or anything that brought on buckets of tears

    dying from trying and always im crying
    from lying to myself and there's no denying
    that you made sure that you scarred me forever
    making da*m sure of this once we were severed

    completely and wholly with no looking back
    forgetting and fading me into the black
    on one hand - I hate you like I love my mind
    on the other - my mind doesn't function quite right

    how do I handle my commonly fractious predicament
    and manage to avoid complete and total disarmament?
    how do I live with so much anger and the frustration?
    not living in the fog of your obnubilated manipulation

    yes, goodbye. long due, am I for intransigent amelioration
    all that's needed from you is a tester instigation
    to congratulate myself on sending you off
    with a swift "salutations"
    just have patience...

    - fin

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • caguiar86 34w


    I don’t want to lack in concentration, I’ve been sitting back contemplating.

    Organizing thoughts I’ve had throughout my day, and I brought back a couple pages.

    Looking at the facts and the false statements, the math and imagination.

    Counting every truth and lie I’ve stated, every single line that finds it’s way in.

    Made me realize I’m kind of balanced, everything I say I say with talent.

    Even when I lie it comes with truth, you can always tell that I’m real with you.

    Maybe because I’ve bullshitted myself a lot.

    Maybe I’m an actor, because when I speak, I speak with stature.

    The problem is when wolf is cried too often, often truth can be forgotten.

    Often lies come back to bite you, when they dig down to the bottom.

    I don’t want to subconsciously make up shit, I want to be straight when I’m in public.

    I don’t want to be too cocky, I try not to be too rude, or see myself as egocentric, but sometimes I just do.

    Sometimes I can be a total bitch, sometimes I’m too big for my shoes.

    Sometimes I forget just where I come from, and sometimes so do you.

    That’s the art of being human. We’re not what we say we are.

    We are everything we say after we pick it all apart.

    I’m not rich beyond belief, but best believe I’ve got a hustle.

    I probably won’t kick your ass, but I sure don’t lack the muscle.

    I’ve smoked weed and lots of there stuff, still have not tried acid.

    I’ve learned if you stay with one too long, your turns cold and placid.

    I’ve done shrooms but they were dead, I’ve done ice straight to the head.

    I’ve done so much dope in my short life, I probably should be dead.

    I’m not proud to tell you this, I’m not big and brave because, I’m no better than the girl I was before I did the drugs.

    I may be a little more creative, but I’m not better than anyone else.

    So don’t judge me on my past, unless you’ve tried it for yourself.

    I don’t advocate narcotics. I just think before you speak, that you have no place making comments if you’ve never smoked some weed.

    That stuff’s crazy good for sleeping, even better for eating food.

    You could try to piss me off, but I’m in a permanent positive mood.

    As for other types of drugs, I wish we all would come to our senses, and figure out a system that would minimize dependence.

    Where are the lowest rate of drug deaths??? Any where other drugs are legal…

    The biggest problem with drugs, is not knowing what dose is lethal.

    If a guy can score selling some kid dope at his backdoor. That kid don’t know what he’s taking unless he’s done that shit before.

    Everything about the game is guesswork, but what if pharmacies got involved? I know that clean needles is only part of our problem solved.

    No more aids infested crack heads, no more Hep A, B, and C. You could tax the shit out of all of it, and get it off our streets.

    Far less crowding in the prisons, far less overdosing teens. Far more understanding of what goes on with drugs behind the scenes.

    You could sell an eight for twenty, add some taxes then you’ll see. You’ll make a fortune off this product, and get black markets off our streets.

    No more violent crimes for debts, no more borrowing from a fiend. You could save yourself the trouble and make a killing off the green.

    Give them needles with the profit, so the business runs itself, and subsequently rehabilitate the ones with shitty health.

    That way everyone’s a winner, not just dealers and suppliers. See what good can come from honesty???

    Such a shame we’re all born LIARS!!!

  • starkanonymous 36w


    I've lost my taste for you

    You're bitter to my tongue

    You're so ugly inside

    I'm glad now that we're done.

    You're so fucking nasty

    You're just a fucking whore

    You could care less for me

    While I couldn't care more

    Now all that has ended

    You tasteless fucking bitch

    You no longer satisfy

    My internal itch

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • _riaa_ 39w


    You left me in a hurricane
    Disloyal, abusive and dishonest
    Playing me like I was a game
    Constantly sad, always sitting alone crying
    Now over taken by embarrassment and shame
    Now picking up the broken pieces I'm wondering
    If I'll ever love or even be the same
    Looking past those big red flags
    It isn't just you I'm kinda to blame
    Just remember that karma will one day come
    And when she does she'll be a burning flame!


  • abhishek_y7 43w

    We're liars.

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    I'm telling myself

    That I'm okay.
    Will i understand the reality?


  • halojames 44w

    Boys lie
    Girls lie


  • nitinnairwrites 44w


    If you can't even stay true by your words, then refrain from giving false hopes and promises to others.

    Don't ruin someone else's life with your lies.


  • moin_says 57w

    They lie but expect truth.

    #mirakee #rwu #pod #writersnetwork

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    I pretended to be a deaf to your lies.


  • suluwrites 58w


    We lie everyday!
    Just when a random person asks, "how are you?"
    We say, "I am fine".
    Deep within we all know, we are fighting a war
    And are not so fine.

    But we lie, coz it's hassle free
    It's comforting, it saves us from trusting
    And probably the trust being broken!
    We are all liars!


  • sammiegirl 59w


    Say hello to the hypocrites.
    Living realities of what miserable is,.
    You, my participants, part in your own
    What's even more inconsiderate,
    You don't see who witnessed it, you claim to be the victim cause you're thinking it
    How do you act so innocent?
    Like the situation you're in is some kind of coincidence
    When it is, your business true,
    You're just ignorant


  • juniflrz 62w


    Blind eyes can tell
    More of others' worth
    For are they not truthful?


  • one_little_words 62w

    Some random person comes into our life. Some of us make them our friends, some think of making them a life partner.

    But this random person is actually hiding his/her true face and they fool us with that fake mask of theirs.
    We gradually get addicted, can't live without them. Make them our first priority.

    But when time comes they take off their masks and reveal their true colours. Start blaming our innocence. We still try to convince them keeping aside all our anger, ego, attitude.

    Still they wont spare us. They'll curse us, hurt us by throwing badwords. They still won't stop they'll apprise everybody, that We're cruel.

    There dies humanity, trusts. Because innocent people are not spared in this selfish world.
    #liars #fakers #cruelty #inhumanity

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    Fooling innocents.
    Blaming their impurities.
    Is this a sign of humanity?

  • anonymous2100k 63w


    First, they tell you to be yourself.
    Then, they hate you for who you are............humans...

  • pritam_kshirsagar 65w

    हम झूठ बोल सकते है ।।
    पर हमारी आंखे नहीं..
    लोग भूल सकते है ।।
    पर कर्मा कभी नहीं..


  • monika28 67w


    If you will try to find a perfect person
    You will end up being alone
    Instead love the imperfections
    Love them untill they are gone
    Even if you find some goodness
    Keep the person and love them
    Nowadays real is rare
    In the world full of liars


  • ritik_sharma 71w


    They are always afraid of giving commitment to their partners. As they are very cunning and they know the consequences. I knew the whole story but, I just closed my eyes and look into those beautiful eyes that would tell me a lie.