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  • tenderkisses 3d

    All the feelings I ever felt about you and thought you felt about me is bullshit. You took me for a ride, you ate me up and spat me out like garbage, you really are a player and I got burnt!


  • kritu_22 1w

    I look at you my honest lover,
    your eyes are already here.

    While smiling they turn smaller,
    can't help but lovingly stare.

    Am convinced of happiness that is true.

    I look at you my bad liar,
    your eyes wander here and there.

    Eye contact forces a sketchy smile,
    erased when face you purposely cover.

    Convincing me of happiness that is untrue?


  • nomad_uchiha 1w


    You live a lie.
    Yet you live.
    You lie to live.
    So you lie.
    But do you even know that it's a lie?
    Whatever the case, the truth is that
    in the end
    you are living to lie.

  • lostthoughts73 2w


    Every person I care "Trust me"
    Never let you in, can't hurt me
    An open book full of blank pages
    Fragmented, locked in keyless cages
    I dare not not open up, I cannot
    Could I even if I tried? Maybe not
    What do you care? I'm still here
    Aren't I? You got all of my.. one layer
    Don't ever forget I'm a liar
    Trust me, friend for hire

  • manjunath_s_murthy 5w

    As it is

    I don't want
    my poems to be
    I like them
    as it is

    like a poisoned

    If I manipulate
    them to attract
    the readers,

    my heart
    calls me a
    fucking liar.


  • saintunicorn 7w

    Don't lose yourself...dont push away someone who was there for you in your toughest times...that would be the worst decision.
    #remorse #regret #love #loneliness #liar #relationship #depressed #heartbroken #grief #dark

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    Darling, don't you know?
    Don't you know how many times I lied to you?
    Dont you think that it was hard to be true?
    For a man to not conceal what beholds...
    The darkness lurking within his soul.
    He holds no fear, but the outcome out there;
    He knows what lies,
    Underneath all those lies,
    A world so dark that none could see.
    But the man stands there, & all I could see
    How you get blinded by these words that I speak.
    We aint toxic, another lie spoken by me;
    As i weaved those tales; no commitment in those words I say.
    Lust, greed, hatred is all I see; because these eyes failed to perceive;
    The beauty that ignites, which i failed to believe; you shan't need a liar like me who's delusions gets the best of him...

    Truly I hate you, though I just pretend to
    Yes I love you, though I pretend not to.
    Am just a coward; like thousand others, why the hell now i lust  for...
    Your love; your faith! Alas! Now that you're gone.
    This beauty that was engraved in my soul,
    Its bursting in flames; who would've thought?
    These scarlet flames, yeh the dawn  stands out.
    Then this silver bursts like that Moonlight lust.
    Who stands here?
    Yeah its just me, a petrified liar!
    Aint I called others fools?
    Yeah after all it was just me, the angry fool!
    Blinded by your looks.
    But now that I think, you deserved so much more;
    than these tales I weaved.....

    ~~~By Saint Unicorn

  • _un_familiar 7w

    I've always been keeping it a secret
    Buried it somewhere deepest in my heart
    Somewhere tired of hiding it
    And wishing to give it a start
    Wanting to scream my lungs out
    Still keeping my mouth shut
    Battling the fight of choosing the route
    I almost won and then came 'but'
    And chose to write instead of saying
    Smiling and laughing on my own
    Afraid of the consequences of revealing
    Bearing the pain all alone
    Seeing you in my dreams
    And then in my sight
    Hashing my cries and screams
    And darkening the lights
    And then you came to know
    How I feel
    Not saying the 'no'
    But 'yes' in real
    I was amazed like
    Oh my God is this true?
    Then you started all the lies
    And I believed all of 'em boo
    And in the end you chose to left and took everything right
    And I chose right where neither anything was left
    Nor anything was right

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    And then I asked the sky
    Where should I go
    Where nothing is right
    Or, Right?
    Where nothing is left....

  • astrangersstory 7w

    #pov someone asks if you're okay...��

    Want to get back into poetry again so here we go with Point of View poetry writing ✍ my stranger story giving is back ��

    #pain #idontknow #hurt #sad #questions #explain #confused #liar #easiertolie #poetry #latenightthoughts

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    They ask if I'm okay
    And I say yes
    When I mean no
    As its easier to lie
    Then have to explain why
    I am hurting because
    I don't even know myself


  • dreamer_4 8w

    VULNERABLE NARCISSIST : a wolf in sheep's clothing

    The ugliest and scariest person I have ever met :

    A sub human without any empathy, care, remorse or guilt. They will rape you of your life, burn your soul to the ground and convince everyone else that it is you, who is the lying, cheating, thieving monster.
    And if you ever discover who they are under their mask of an introverted vulnerable victim with a sad life who keeps feigning empathy(maybe even does a lot of selfless deeds to make you think they are the human God), they will poison you to keep hiding under their mask.
    You mean absolutely nothing to them. They lack any empathy or a feeling of remorse. They can kill you and keep watching t.v. That's scary. RUN.

  • _un_familiar 9w

    I read again our chat
    Which is now more like old
    Lies like this and that
    In which you told
    I went through all the questions I asked
    As well all the answers you gave with no hesitation
    no doubt I know they were all lies with truth's mask
    And I trusted you blindly in that situation
    When you asked for the outings and dates
    And how you asked for the kissing
    I'm thankful to myself I didn't agree, it was fate
    And how capable you are of deceiving
    When push came to shove
    You wanted to take me to a room for a sleep
    I might have been in love
    But it wasn't an essential like my dignity
    How I was blind enough to not to recognize your real face
    And how I was deaf enough to listen when you lied truths
    And how it felt that a miracle like you fell from grace
    And I was lucky enough just not to get used
    It reminded me all the laughs I laughed
    And how easily I made you the reason of those
    It reminded me about every single tear I shed
    And how you never came, still after you left, I lost
    Mi amor

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #my_own_words #so_called_poetess #writerstag #poetry #writer #diary #wonder #hopevsfalsehope #you @writersabode #miamor #lies #liar

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  • akanksha_rathour_1sep 13w

    All goes well

    Log busy hai apni mastti ki duniya me

    Dikhate to aise hai jaise sachhe ho unke vo magarmacch k aashu...


  • thetramp 14w


    You said, "Trust me."
    I asked, "What is the truth to a liar?"

  • ajtheimaginator 15w



  • nitinnairwrites 16w

    All He Wanted (I)

    All he wanted was a fresh start
    A blessed life, delicious food and red wine,
    But she had other plans hidden within
    To destroy him, one day at a time...

    Of all the good things he's done
    And the good times they spent,
    She remembered nothing
    She remembers none...

    He said he couldn't forget or believe
    After what he's been through,
    Her one mistake paid a hefty price
    Unsaid apologies and fakeness all along...

    To be continued...


  • shaikh1 18w


    Friendship is impossible with a liar.

  • im_monz 20w

    Fire the liar

    Everytime I got your glint
    I believed it as a hint - and
    reached out to you with hell-bent
    without understanding the real tint;

    Later remembered the fact - that
    among the world of slickers
    it's one of those flicker
    which made me loose the sticker!

    I Got no more room for liar
    So get your way out -
    before I set up the fire!


  • undefined_visionary69 21w

    You’re Out Of Your Many Chances
    After Your Lies, Verbal Abuse, Manipulation, Nonchalant
    And I Choose Me
    So Now You Want To Lecture
    Me On How I’m Not Ready
    For A Real Relationship


  • by_the_moon 22w

    Adulthood is bizarre. One day you're best friends with someone, and the next day, your worth is suddenly rated by the amount of money you were willing to spend on them.

  • eccentricchick 26w

    Why did you have to give me lies when I told you to keep it real? 
    I was vulnerable and you tricked me with the words you knew I'd feel.
    You would offer up all the things I needed and you served me your best. 
    You made me feel young again and you stole my breath. 
    Then you stabbed my heart so easily like it was something you do on the daily.
    Can't you see you're really shady? 
    Dude, you straight up played me.
    And you call me crazy? 
    I don't even know why you felt you had to take advantage of a woman already so broke. 
    But I ain't the one, I ain't a side chick and I sure ain't a hoe. 
    But thanks for ripping up my last piece of heart I had left to give.
    And now no one can break my heart because it no longer exists.

  • seaweed 27w


    Beneath your words
    I could see the times you had died
    And was resurrected by the saving grace of poetry
    Each time shining a little brighter
    Like molten gold
    I felt your ache in my trachea
    I also felt proud
    I felt it bubbling all over my body
    I felt this sudden desire to eat steamed corn with you
    At the beach
    Then I had this strange desire to immortalize you
    So I wrote it down
    And left it somewhere on cyberspace
    Hopefully it will stay there till god knows when
    I also wanted to name a star after you
    I can tell you as many sweet lies as you want
    And hide tiny pieces of truths within them
    You know I'm an untruthful, bad liar
    There are lies in my truths
    And truths in my lies
    Intertwined in a fantasy
    With purple skies and green seas
    I can tell you all about it
    And show it to you
    If you'd let it stay between the two of us.


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    Image: Pinterest. Credits to the rightful owner.


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    // You know I'm an untruthful, bad liar
    There are lies in my truths
    And truths in my lies //