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  • dreamersneverlearn 1d

    Goodbye (my favorite friend)

    I guess its time
    Burn those fantasies of one day having a life entwined
    Pack up the memories
    Throw away the bad, Cherish the good
    The happiness we shared, my fingers running through your hair
    It was amazing being your true love
    Until reality had its brutal way
    The odds we're against us
    A cruel joke , we used to say
    Do you still love me?
    I know you do
    I know I'll always love you too
    Wish i could tell you
    While staring in your eyes
    But all i can do is write this poem saying goodbye

  • menukarai 2d

    In this journey of love,
    How did our love trun into toxic?


  • breadcrumbs 3d

    Forgive me darling!

    Darling, listen closely, hear me well.
    If this be the last time we speak of this,
    Or the last we speak at all.
    You took too many little pieces of my heart
    They cannot be replaced, not in this lifetime
    Yet a lot of love still remains, like you never took any.
    Except, it is cracked, half broken.
    But even when it is in millions of hopeless pieces,
    It is still love.
    A little too late to change that.
    Love, my dearest darling, is war
    And this is one bound to lose!
    Yet even in defeat, honour is virtuous!
    I shall not lead our love to dishonour,
    Not of myself, nor of you.
    Forgive me darling!

  • _sleepyhead 5d

    Last post. Will soon delete my account. Will miss some of u here.

    I have been hurt so bad again and again. Just like how I never felt this kind of love before, I also have never felt this kind of pain before. It's a pure pain that leaves me helpless. Like a statue staring at the wall whilst wondering how can a stone also cry. I overlooked many things, understanding, accepting and adjusting, but what can a red flag do with a respected standard. Have I reached my limit of understanding? Is this the time to act mature and understand that there's a difference between surface traits and the one under a mask. I probably would, but my ego is telling me that it's a great effort to do so. If I do it, I should do it to someone who is sure of me, not to someone who doesn't take me seriously. A very hard lesson that is taught in a very heartbreaking way. Don't forget that you have to be the woman you want to be. If one seeks freedom, give it to them. If one seeks money, leave them. If one seeks women, let them be. If one seeks solitude, support them. And if one doesn't care of you, forget your feelings and go.

    // I have been carrying this pain for so long, it is so heavy and it burdens me every day. Oh Baby, I miss you so But now that I'm about to break, I give up lifting this weight. For me to let go of these problems I must first let go of you. //


    ROL: For peace. ✌️
    Ain't a writer'sblock, just .. my muse is nowhere to be seen.
    Thank you Mirakeeans and Mirakee.
    //My reason of happiness before now a bittersweet fruit that made me anxious.//

    img Pinterest CTTO.

    Vacation forever.��
    #pain #lettingGo #signingOff

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  • afiba_yankey 1w

    The morning after seeing a post about letting go of what used to be this hit me.

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    I trust that whatever is meant for me, is exactly what I want.

  • hedwigs_mom 1w


    I was going to reminisce us

    Like I do every day

    But I couldn't quite get there today!

    Starting to feel the panic

    I'm forgetting us!

    I remember laughing but can't seem to remember why! 

    Memory has faded!

    You have faded!

    We have faded!

    I can't remember the joke!

    Was it funny?

    I remember laughing

    Was it your smile that made the moment special? 

    I have that image

    The beautiful sight of your smile!

    But now; like an worn out old picture

    The crinkles by your eyes are slowly fading

    Just like how we are fading from each others life

    Fading into what?

    A smile? A regret? A lesson perhaps!

    Only time will tell!

    Oh dear! I shall hold you close until we completely fade away!


  • wind_in_the_hairs 1w

    It's okay if I don't find a place in your poems like you do in mine. I'll rest in peace knowing my love was purer than yours.

    #love #loss #peace #life #movingon #lettinggo #birthdays

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    No, I won't wish you on your birthday.
    No, I won't go down that lane.

    I know better now,
    And I'm going to rise above.

    I wish you all the love,
    And to this I release my peace dove.

    For peace is what's most important to me today,
    And tomorrow, and everyday starting today.


  • ru_chaitraa 2w

    Sometimes you have to let go of something or someone....
    For it to return back to you in a new form....

  • tenderkisses 2w

    As depression washed over her she remembered him, her once beacon of light. Now just another shadow that melted into the darkness..


  • kirtichanglani 2w

    You die a little when you let go of everything you Love
    You learn to live a little more, when you learn to let go!
    - ©kirtichanglani

  • the_mirage 3w

    Letting go

    This is a place
    Where I pour my void away.
    Please understand,
    These are unchartered terrains.
    These are all the things
    I keep my doors closed to,
    For these feelings I have never
    Let myself feel up to.
    I ask myself this question
    Everyday, everytime.
    If I am broken
    Which part is whole of mine?
    I come here in hope
    To face the demons I feed;
    To talk to my inner child,
    Ask her if she's healed.
    I come here, afraid I'd leave empty.
    I come here, afraid I'd leave heavy and full.
    This is my safe place,
    But I come here in hopes-
    To let go of my pain
    To let go of all the pain...

  • coyotesays_ 4w


    A rotting heart that smells.
    I can't stay in a place,
    it will build and contaminate the space.
    SO should keep moving,
    still leaving a trial.
    I have tried hiding in nowhere,
    still people kept finding me.
    How do I turn this around?
    I'm empty of the essential
    ingredients to make a good scent.
    I promise I will keep moving
    without being a burden,
    till it finally ends!

  • mariateresa 5w

    Growing pains and relationship causality, leaves me numb with grief.

    #heartache #heartbreak #lovesick #relationships #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #sensitive #hsp #empath #lettinggo #change

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    Becoming a misunderstanding

    Life transformation, forced to change
    Feeling compelled by soul
    Yet if I knew becoming something you wouldn't understand
    In the end
    I would have ran

    But I can't

    Not feeling seen or heard by the one I gave my heart to
    Overwhelmed by pain so true

    Everybody else sees the light inside, but you
    Everybody applauds the ride, but you
    Never did I see that becoming me, would mean losing you

    The one I love the most


  • mariateresa 5w

    Pain of letting go

    Loving you has haunted me like an offbeat rhythm
    Giving my heart by forgetting goodbye
    You are standing still as I wave to your memory
    Stuck in past hurts, your warmth so sensory
    Heart aches beyond what can be endured
    Letting you go scares me, feelings turn to insecure
    Keeping me bound tightly in dreams
    Releasing the hold of our connection so bold
    Colors fade to gray, the end is near
    How will I go onto face this fear?
    Shockwaves vibrate throughout my system
    Nothing is right as pain drowns every sensation
    Head under water as darkness turns to static on every station
    Believing the thoughts that invade my mind
    Cursing myself for succumbing to their insidious rhyme
    Nothingness overflowing and consumes every crevice
    Monitoring alertness, awareness is my nemesis
    Turn the dial or flip the switch to the OFF position
    Anything to guide me out of this difficult transition
    Words fly and swirl around, none feel profound
    At times like this I don't want to hear their sound
    Take me down, but don't let me fall
    The pain of letting you go makes me feel so small


  • pisceanwriter 5w

    You wanted me dead when I just pretended lost.

    @writersnetwork, monochromatic.
    #writercommunity #ghost #poem #lost #melancholy #dark #lettinggo

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    Monochromatic Ghost

    The party is over but you’re still here,
    I’m done with champagne, can’t be more sincere,
    In a crowd of broken people, I can’t hear,
    The words you laid me, what more should I fear?

    My glass is half empty remembering your name,
    empty night, reckless poet, called for broken fame,
    lights behind me, I couldn’t be more ashamed,
    another shot of vodka, free me from this pain!

    Believe me, leave me, my nights so lonely,
    scream of domination, can’t you please pity me?
    Leave this trace, craved this unwanted melancholy,
    this silence, pitch of scream, broken poetry.

    Hear me scream, I never wanted to be your ghost,
    you were gone when I needed you the most,
    you want me dead when I just pretended lost,
    Let go of me, my past - my monochromatic ghost.


  • tenderkisses 5w

    I never knew your name

    I visualised seeing you, and walking by you one day
    How I would approach you, talk to you and have my say
    I'd see your disdain for me, your lack of wanting me there
    But, you'd let me talk, even listen albeit you didn't care

    I'd say i'm so sorry, I should've been honest from the start
    All the things we shared you thought untrue, that crushed my heart
    It broke me when u vanished, without a single goodbye
    I felt worthless and abandoned and in turmoil I did cry

    You hurt me too, shattered my heart, left me wondering why
    You also should have been truthful and not left me hanging dry
    Instead you ran for the mountains, so much easier to flee
    We both got hurt, but who the most, was it you or was it me

    And then with gentle empathy you would look at me and say
    You were sorry you hurt me too, but you needed to getaway
    You'd hug me close and smile, and tell me what i needed to hear
    and then we'd go our separate ways, now a memory to endear..


  • tenderkisses 6w

    He will be your wolf ladies so do listen up, he will draw out your passions and make u want to fuck, with the charm of an angel wrapped up in lust he will make u feel beautiful then leave u for dust..


  • kee_een 6w

    The Failed Love Story...

    Do you love me
    Do you want to leave but you're way too comfy
    Is it hard for you to stay committed
    I understand your heart is way too torched to be submissive
    Love you but I'm not much of a chaser
    We got chemistry but not enough not to replace her
    I know I sound a bit like a narcissist
    But how come its our story when Im not a part of it
    I spill my truth even at my weakest time
    For what I seek will peak in time
    We both knew we're striving on tampered feelings
    Let our past be our last and choose this path of unconquered healing...

  • misty_ruhi 6w

    My Diamond...

    I saw that diamond
    Everytime, seated
    On the regal chair
    At the centre ;
    Ruby tender chamber,
    The only one sparkling
    Illuminating, variable sized beads
    Beads that bounced and flew
    Rose and Passed by
    Beads that filled and played
    Sharpened and blurred away
    And afterall that dreamy inner sway
    Disappeared magically
    Turning, how could it be?
    Saw a stream instead
    To the horrible yet predestined destiny
    Drowning that diamond
    As that wasn't the place
    It was ever meant to be,
    Taking it far, gently
    Planting somewhere
    Where now, It can sparkle more
    Blessed by Sun's light
    Creating more beautiful beads;
    And I'm in a mixed state
    The magic got more magical
    Yet it isn't just for me
    It's there for everyone;
    Happy indeed
    Finger crossed,
    It doesn't become
    The victim of greed...

  • jazzpanda 6w


    Just like every other day
    Chit chatting your way
    I found myself
    Lost in Our conversation

    Everytime I longed to see you
    I would go through our conversation
    Reading through the lines
    Seeing both of us


    Everytime I get a flash of you
    I sit still
    Not knowing how to cross

    Not knowing what to do
    Hearing amma call out to me
    A quick tear that suppresses
    The thoughts on