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  • blue_nib 1d


    बहुत खूबसूरत होता होगा !!!
    किसी खूबसूरत चीज़ को...
    सालों सहेज कर रख़ना...
    बिना अपेछा के, "छोड़ देना " ¡¡¡


  • _flow_of_words_ 1d

    You flew away from me..!

    I was working as if it was just another day, but today, when I called my kitty cat happily, I felt my eyes getting wet and realized that I was hurt after you told me that you had moved on. How can I run away from reality when the reality is right in front of me? Yes, you are free to move on, but I was still stuck somewhere in the past, holding myself from moving on because it hurts to let you go away from me, but I have to, even if it rips my heart out. And there you are! Flying away from me, and now, I know it's the end because this time, you won't come back to me when the night falls. And the silence of the night will start creeping me, leaving behind the void who knows that I had lost myself while finding someone who will stay!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 Sept, 2021 @14:25 hrs IST

  • majhdhaar 4w

    I've learnt it the hard way, but you can't always blame the other person or even yourself when something doesn't work, be it anything. Everybody has their own reasons for what they do and have done and it's not possible for us to understand or relate to their's every single time. Somethings are just not meant to be. So let go and live on.
    #self-love #lettinggo #findinghappiness #liveforyourselftoo

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    Kami nahi thi koi ussme
    Aur na hi tha mai kuch kam
    Bas woh waqt nahi tha humara
    Warna koshish karte karte toh zameer ghis chala.


  • cariedkhar 5w

    #Rest in peace Pa������

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    A loving husband & a wonderful father!
    The man of the house, a gem like no other.
    How our hearts crave,we have just a little while longer;
    But heaven decided it's time & we couldn't go any further.

    Only fond memories remain-
    To help us through this heartache & pain,
    Our journey together has come to an end!
    We'll miss you PA till we meet again.


  • redishbrown 5w


    Like the sun that hides behind two mountains
    I will cover my face with secrets
    For all the emotions I should've contained
    No more explanation for myself


  • barbietocatwoman 6w

    My first love is someone I never actually loved.

    You're already lost, aren't you? Don't worry. I'll explain as soon as I can. The day I understand myself. Someone who was once the closest I ever let myself get to a person, is now the most distant from me.

    He's the only crush that ever mattered. The love I felt before I knew what love was. But you see, his heart attack at the very thought told me how bad it would be. To fall down that road is to upend everything. And I was too young to make such a tumultuous decision; hence the older I got the more I understood the stance I took, and how it was the right one.

    He was akin to family.

    And uhm....so much more older than me.


    Hey! It's not as bad as you think. I was the pursuer and he, the insect trapped in my weaving. You would find that impossible by normal standards, yes. The truth is, I was not the child you wanted in your head. I was the child that bored into your life and stole your valuables while you weren't "aware". And by the time I was old enough to be with him, I was as interested as a blonde in a chemistry lab.

    And so my first love is the man I never desired.

    Then again, I never said it was that sort of relationship.

    There are many stories before this one; of things that transpired.

    I'm just not too sure about the whole "writing being therapeutic" and "letting go".


  • redishbrown 6w

    Until when

    I said I will wait for you... but should I continue waiting even though you're with another man now?

  • moonwarrior8033 7w

    My Prision

    I sit and stare at these walls around me, slowly they are closing in with the fear of you being all I see
    I have fallen apart afraid and alone, how can this ever be a place I call home
    Was I crazy to believe you don't see it, I bring it up all the time but you don't care not even a bit
    Its like the prison you built with the freedom to come and go, pain and lies from you is all I know
    You tell me you will try and make it a happier place.. please don't sit and lie to my face
    This is my prison, you a place of loneliness and fear. You have no idea how much I truly hate it here.

  • dreamersneverlearn 8w

    I bid farewell

    Years of yearning , wanting and needing change
    Finally, i walk down the right path
    Anxiety tries to smother it
    Memories hold me at gun point
    To remain arrested in the same place
    But I've never been one to give in so easily
    I will break the cage
    I will escape this horrific past
    Happiness, will be mine at last

    So dear friend , i must let you go
    I can't hold on any longer
    You're in my thoughts everyday
    Soon we will be miles apart
    And i will embark on my fresh new start
    I must let you go...

    Still , we're broken in the same way
    I hate myself for wondering if we'll meet again some day

  • midnightalksx__ 10w

    Sometimes things need to be let if of!
    If its meant to be, you'll find each other again


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    Once you realize,
    You deserve better
    Letting go will be the best decision ever.


  • wind_in_the_hairs 11w

    Does my teardrop ever fall back at your place as a raindrop?


  • sins_of_creation 11w

    Limerence is your name
    I watched you fall
    From high above
    And down you came

    Limerence is your name
    Etched inside my brain
    All those times wasted
    Just to be your fool
    A broken tool

    And you criticize
    And demonize
    The swollen eyes
    Of your pain

    Limerence is your name
    And I let you go
    I let you go


  • wind_in_the_hairs 12w

    Whenever you think of taking back someone into your life,
    With whom you ended things a while ago..
    Think of a chewing gum..
    Would you eat the same chewing gum twice?

    You stopped chewing on it because it stopped tasting good, right?
    It would be a task to keep chewing on a tasteless thing.

    Why then would you want to torture yourself by wasting your chewing energy on a tasteless gum?


  • tenderkisses 12w

    She lost him and don't know what to do with herself, feels despondent. She just wants to find him not let go. To hold him close, cry and share her heart. But he despises her and wants her to hurt and would gladly watch her burn..


  • happypenning_sad 13w

    This popped out in my mind randomly, I felt this in one way but yeah I think its a fact that most of you may agree with #love #life #lettinggo @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Letting go your love

    It is not because I still love you, but because I am struggling to find one reason to hate you that is making it hard for me to let you go!

  • psychedgeek 13w

    Slowly Fading: A Poem About Love and Letting Go

    Slowly fading
    Like the fragrance of the flower that withered
    Like the waves of the sea going calm
    Like the sunset in the west
    Like this pain inside my chest

    This love may not be permanent
    But it did made me weak
    Tears stream down my cheeks
    Feeling my life is incomplete

    It may fade away
    Yet it was a good memory
    Where happiness was found
    In little things around

    It did made me a fool
    But it was worth it I say
    The love I felt for you
    Is now fading away


  • better_44 14w


    If you want to let go of certain emotions
    first you have to understand and
    experience that particular emotion which
    emotion you don't want to experience.
    © Anmol

  • the_faye_adams 14w

    My wish for you

    I hope you find everything your heart desires
    everything you truly want
    the things people have told you were unrealistic
    the passions you've given up on
    because you are no longer a child
    the passions forgotten
    the things that set fire to your spark
    I hope you fulfill them all.
    I hope you realize that they are important
    because they mean something to you
    and you are important
    your happiness, your contentment, what you're yet to accomplish, your spark
    is important.
    Above all my wish for you is you find love,
    a love within yourself, within your surroundings, within your soul and within another.

  • the_faye_adams 14w

    That's the thing about people,
    we are constantly moving,
    whether it's in or out of people lives
    whether it's moving on after someone has left us
    or moving on to something better when someone has wronged us.
    We are always in motion.
    From this life to another.
    No one is guaranteed a place in your life for eternity.

    #mirakeewriters #miraquil #writersofmirakee #lettinggo #healingjourney #movingon

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    The inevitable void

    I didn't picture myself losing him
    I didn't want to
    I believed he was for me
    and I was for him.


  • babypanda_dante 20w


    all these words never said
    and the happy songs that
    turned sad in my head
    i should have given up by now

    but you know how i am

    i have no more a larger piece of your life
    than that which you give me and
    this is just another worn out story
    in a series of worn out stories recycled

    like a threadbare carpet that cushioned the feet of the passing years

    the world is just a collection
    of the same stories (the same)
    and as i gaze at the repeated sunset
    i drink this bitter medicine (like it's ambrosia)

    it has me feeling like burnt fingerprints, a washed out photo

    (it has me feeling like a grainy headshot with the face blurred)

    this is not the first of its kind
    and neither will it be the last
    it has happened to many people
    and will happen to many more

    it's just the same story
    the same, the same
    the same as how i
    see your eyes when i close mine
    it's just the same
    the same (the same)
    different faces, different times
    but the same (just the same)

    if we can't have things
    the way we want
    one day i hope
    we'll meet in the ocean
    as ashes, burnt and tired
    just like how we said
    we wanted to die

    we'll lament over the living
    as we did when we were alive
    and you would smile
    the way i always wanted to see
    carefree, free and wild (young and wild)

    maybe only after death
    can we be free of this cursed narrative
    this eternal rehash of overused cliches
    and i'll finally see you laugh (finally)

    and in the shimmering sunset over
    a glittering sea
    we will pass each other by, and
    in the ephemeral dusky hour
    our stories, however heavy
    will end, as the sunset
    dips over the horizon
    for the last time