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  • the_faye_adams 5d

    My wish for you

    I hope you find everything your heart desires
    everything you truly want
    the things people have told you were unrealistic
    the passions you've given up on
    because you are no longer a child
    the passions forgotten
    the things that set fire to your spark
    I hope you fulfill them all.
    I hope you realize that they are important
    because they mean something to you
    and you are important
    your happiness, your contentment, what you're yet to accomplish, your spark
    is important.
    Above all my wish for you is you find love,
    a love within yourself, within your surroundings, within your soul and within another.

  • the_faye_adams 5d

    That's the thing about people,
    we are constantly moving,
    whether it's in or out of people lives
    whether it's moving on after someone has left us
    or moving on to something better when someone has wronged us.
    We are always in motion.
    From this life to another.
    No one is guaranteed a place in your life for eternity.

    #mirakeewriters #miraquil #writersofmirakee #lettinggo #healingjourney #movingon

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    The inevitable void

    I didn't picture myself losing him
    I didn't want to
    I believed he was for me
    and I was for him.


  • queeniedoll1924 1w


    So close was the course, you took it by force...It wasn't I who made the choice. You live in remorse. I listen to it in the words you speak although you contradict words you said when you were weak... When you were angry and hurt, you blurt....then regret and think back..."I shouldn't have said that" that's what you told me. One day your touch ran so very hot and then you go cold. This merry go round love it became a tapestry worn and old. You couldn't decide my love would set you free, your idea of freedom was infidelity. I could've loved you until you buried me wearing jewels that you gifted as you watched me bleed. All I wanted was to belong to you, to touch your lips, to feel your hands upon my hips before you carried me off to bed. Now it's over colder and colder time has passed and I have learned to let you go, I thought I wanted more from you but I don't even want the closure.

  • caffpsy 1w

    The Subtle Art of Letting Go

    The pain was real,
    It lasted many a years,
    Unlike the milk that goes bad with time,
    This one aged well, stronger like wine.
    Many a back and forth plead continued,
    Someone gave up and the other just struggled.
    The days were reminders of the mistakes,
    The nights were cries for forgiveness.
    Frequencies changed from a day to a week,
    But forgiveness was far fetched,
    the pain stung hard.

    And then one fine morning mid day of a week,
    The other just woke up to a feeling of numbness,
    A day with no emotions, an introspection to lost happiness.
    The other felt free, with no idea as to how or why.
    And then there was next day and it continued every other day,
    Maybe the dawn of reality or just sinking in the truth,
    Because the pain just vanished and someone just faded.
    Maybe like art, took years for this moment,
    But the other started smiling ,
    the heart felt full without someone else first time after a very long time.
    Maybe the art, that reached perfection, the master craft of sleepless night and pain,
    The Subtle Art of Letting Go,
    Took its own fair time, but life felt..

    Being full of life again

  • dreamersneverlearn 1w

    Love doesn't just die

    Some days it brings me comfort to know
    You'll never stop loving me
    Sometimes it gives me strength
    To remember i walked away
    Then i realize
    It goes both ways
    I'll never stop loving you
    You're truly always with me
    Trying to move on from something you cant have
    To fill this gaping hole
    My prior plans must be put on hold
    The need to forget you is now my only goal

  • cutie_hedgehog 3w

    Letting go

    I was too afraid of losing you and doing stupid things. But finally I realized, letting go of you made me find the love that was lost. Self-love


  • the_faye_adams 3w

    At first it might feel like the end of the world but you'll realize soon enough that you deserved better than what they gave you and how they treated you.

    #love #lettinggo #youdeservebetter #selflove #movingon #healingjourney #forgiveness #miraquil #mirakeewriters #writersofmirakee

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  • selenophilic_873 3w

    Letting go

    // "sometimes in amidst of process of letting go you'll lose many things from past but at the end it'll lead you to discover yourself" //

    'Letting go' a concept which is always adviced and preached but never really talked about. It's been a tradition that whenever you are going through problems people advice you to let it go. Today I felt to write about the effort one needs to make while letting go someone or something which he or she has loved unconditionally.

    It takes every bit of us to let go the person we have loved the most. To give up even a thought that you have endured for life is so difficult. Certain times we have to let go things without any choice. Letting go the one thing you have fallen for! It's scary. We are left in dilemma with nothing left to do. We are clueless. Just imagining that the person with whom you have pictured your happily ever after is no more with you or has drifted apart feels so burdensome.

    Even if we think about dreams that you have held in your eyes forever, or even a ray of hope that you have always admired all shatters in a moment. And people ask you to Take a deep breathe and let it go as if we are unknown to that concept but what about the heart that's bleeding. What about the hope that is broken into thousand pieces. What about memories that are going to haunt you through night and day. What about those broken dreams. And again there is no answer

    Lets be honest. Forgiving is easy but forgetting isn't. It takes years to forget the pain. Even if it feels toxic we can't stop what heart wants cause it wants what it wants. Then starts the constant urge of denial to the feeling. Always thinking that it's just a phase but believe me every emotion every feeling is not a phase its indeed you, your thought process which makes you builds you.

    So instead of just asking yourself to let it go. Start admiring your broken self. It's hard but not impossible. There are gonna a be times when you will feel like nothing but once you heal you will discover your inner strength. Strength to overcome your emotions. And at end you'll discover yourself.

    Rather then convincing yourself it was never meant to be. Let's accept it didn't happen as you planned it but atleast it happened. And see how you get hope to stand once again
    To love once again even to believe and dream again.

    Just don't let it go! Admire every part of it cause healing is a gradual process which can't be achieved by denying or by running away from things.

  • _clara_ 4w

    I am letting the ship sail far away,
    And I got no more words to say;
    I am leaving the past alone,
    And moving to a new wide world;
    I said my farewells and I am ready to move on,
    I planned a new life for me, where I can finally spend my happy years.

    I just wish that was all true,
    But these are lies I keep telling myself;
    Just so I feel like I belong somewhere,
    Without pretending to be someone else;

    I got a new house,
    But how come I can't call it home?

    During the day I hide in my room,
    Afraid to get burned by the sun;
    And when the moon finally shines,
    I disguise under my sheets,
    Trying to hush the loud voices inside of me.

    I am trying to face my new reality,
    But I keep wanting my old one back;
    I am just tired of the way things are,
    But I know if I jumped in a pool right now,
    I would hold my breath all the way down;

    I know that it is not hopeless,
    It is just that my hope is hard to find;
    And it is true that I live in a world,
    Where I can only hear the beatings of my heart;
    But there will be a time when I will finally realize,
    That I have to almost lose it,
    To remember what I left behind;

    So I won't wait for the ending,
    Until my last breath starts to leave;
    Before I finally remember how much I like to breathe...

  • mairinquinn 4w

    Please don't go

    Please give me more time.
    I've been prepared to let you go.
    A long time ago.
    I know that what we have is only temporary.
    There's no future for us.
    But still.

    Can I hold you just a little longer?

  • the_scribbles 4w

    'Love you more... ', she replied.
    I smiled completely unaware of the fact that my dad was right there beside me, perusing the dailies, through his big round foggy goggles.
    'Girlfriend! Ah? ', he queried.
    'Yes, dad', I responded sheepishly.
    'Ah! Hmm.'
    'What dad? I do love her'
    'What?', I asked perplexed.
    'Son, let me get this straight for you. Falling in love is a great feeling, probably exhilarating. But at some juncture of every relationship there comes a point when she is more happier with something or mostly someone than she's with you. Well then, if your love's true and pure, you must be willing to let her go. Her happiness must be what that matters to you the most.'
    Eight years later, I realised he was right. I hope she's more happy and satisfied with him.

  • cutie_hedgehog 4w

    Last Gift

    Letting you go,is my last gift for you
    Be good... Be happy...


  • mar9iech 4w

    If You Love Me So

    You know,
    if you love me so,
    please let me go

    I know
    I can never
    look into your eyes
    and beg for more goodbyes,
    I can never
    say it loud enough
    and stand tough

    Don't just hold me
    and hold your peace
    like nothing is wrong;
    Why won't you ask me,
    "Why all the tears,
    what's wrong?"

    If you love me so,
    Don't even question
    if it's just another joke
    And no, it's not an illusion;
    Hear me as these tears flow,
    Watch me scream while I choke
    as I've fallen
    all silent

    I know,
    you love me so
    let me go.

    Feb 15, 2009

  • april_daffodil 4w

    You can’t keep holding on to someone who is long gone.
    Learn to let go.


  • dreamersneverlearn 6w


    I dont want to forget you
    I dont want to remember
    All the cruel things you've done and said
    Are used to fuel my indignation
    I came home to a locked door and furniture on the street
    You were nowhere to be seen
    But your strong presence haunts me still
    I wish i could of understood back then
    The guilt eats me alive
    My mother alone with her broken mind
    This, I now understand for i am my mothers child with an illness we share
    She had to escape from all the eyes and noise
    To write her own song
    My lingering resentment mom,
    You didn't think to bring me along

  • dreamersneverlearn 6w

    Baltimore refugee

    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby
    Hand in hand
    All you false jokers, leave you all behind
    Banish your cruel words from my mind
    Apathetic people trying to be so cool
    Sacrifice your own integrity
    You all look like fools
    Constantly trying to drag us down ,
    Gain more likes on the web
    Maybe try making a real friend instead?
    But that requires loyalty and trust
    Something toxic people always do lack
    I can't wait to escape this town
    Me and my baby on the right track
    Hand in hand never looking back

  • marysew 6w

    I flew for the first time today,
    I had always dreamed of touching clouds,
    The transformation took place,
    First as trembling,
    A shiver that only comes from,
    The shattering of stagnancy,
    And I did stretch,
    I did expand,
    Broadening my horizons,
    Until the top of a house,
    Was no larger than the tip of a pin,
    And a vehicle was no faster,
    Than a piece of lint afloat.
    And I floated in the sky,
    Wings outstretched as clouds did go by,
    And I rested on the banks of wind,
    As one floats on the currents of water,
    Unafraid of anything,
    Except the fact that, eventually,
    I'd have to once again,
    Kiss the ground with my feet,
    And let flight flow from these feathers,
    For another day.
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • marysew 6w

    What I have found is that when the past pops up again, it is a learning lesson and/or an opportunity to let go. ��️ #lettinggo #lifelessons #life #experiences #letitgo #letitflow #dontholdontoit #dontforget #befree #Writersnetwork #writing #writtenword #poetry #poem #poet #writerscommunity #poetscommunity @writersnetwork

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  • mariateresa 7w

    May is mental health awareness month. Crying is your body's way of signaling it's time to release energy. It's our human way of to soothe ourselves. Not crying traps energy eventually causing blocks and internal issues. Go ahead my friends, please cry when you need to!

    #feelingishealing #crying #cryitout #soulhealing #traumahealing #humanity #feelings #energywork #release #lettinggo #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Go ahead, please cry

    Why do we say, oh don't cry?
    It's healthy to release and to cease fighting what lies inside
    Go ahead, please cry

    Humans are magnificent beings with the ability to express
    Consciously we relate to the world letting go of any distress
    Go ahead, please cry

    Naturally we grow to shed our skin
    Beginning once more and finding grace from within
    Go ahead, please cry

    Stop hesitating or hiding from the feelings in your body
    Feeling them is healing for myself and everybody
    Go ahead, please cry

    The next time someone tells you not to cry, don't listen
    Allow your tears to fall, soothing fears that christen
    Celebrate your humanity and aliveness
    Go ahead, please cry

  • heyoka_warrior 167w


    Is not doing whatever you like,
    being whoever you want,
    or having everything that you wish for.

    It's letting go of the pain and anger,
    healing the wounds,
    forgiving others and yourself,
    rising from the ashes,
    appreciating life and living love,
    flying away from chaos to peace.

    It's heavenly, not worldly.