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  • inside_out 18w

    Dear younger me

    Dear younger me

    Hold on she's coming.


  • reena14 31w

    Dear me,

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry that you tried so desperately to fix others, when your own hands were shaking. I'm sorry that I didn't give you enough time to heal, that I let you seal the wounds of everyone else while you're own were bleeding. I'm sorry that there were days when smiling hurt but you forced yourself to laugh so that no one had to worry about you. I'm sorry that you gave all of your time and efforts to people that didn't gave the same amount back. I'm sorry there were nights when you cried yourself to sleep and no one bothered to understand why. And I'm sorry that I did not love you, like you deserved to be loved.


  • _juhisharma 38w

    Dear old self,

    Dear old self,
    If they ever make you feel that you're not strong enough then tell them

    The number of times you were scared of walking alone but you gathered all your might in taking those10-20 steps

    The number of times when you waited in the bathroom for your eyes to dry up to normal so that noone notices teary eyes and you can fake a smile once again

    The number of times you cooked your favourite meals to please youself when you weren't having even enough energy to fetch a glasss of water

    The number of times when you when your throat was badly choked by gulping down those tears but you still spoke up for yourself

    The number of times you closed your eyes on midnights, hugged a pillow and convinced yourself " these are just dreams" when you were hit by nightmares

    Tell those people around you that you're pretty much stronger and braver than they think you are

    Your Stronger self.


  • ice_adonis 62w

    To the future me:

    Dear self,

    I wish you're good and you do good.
    That you learn to ride your fears,
    tame your sorrows and spread your wings.
    I know you desperately want to be accepted
    and I accept you, flaws and all.
    I know you can't recreate the past and right wrongs, but you can own the future
    cause you're me and I'm awesome
    I am the younger you, the mute,
    I wish that you talk and the world listens.

    I have conjured images of freedom, shattered every restraints.
    I have built for us, a castle, one where we rule and live,
    free from the worries of this cosmos.
    Own it.

    Finally, you probably wouldn't listen to me
    but I've see men fall and so I know,
    To truly live:
    Make your mistakes and own them.
    Learn from them.
    Find you.
    Do you.
    Be you.

    Love, always
    The younger you.


  • paint_d_world 105w

    Dear me,
    You aren't the only one who stay awake till 4 am, thinking about your complicated relationship or your complicated life.
    Life is hard. For everyone.
    Cry. Scream. Shout. Hit. But.
    Don't pity yourself.
    Don't expect sympathy from people.
    You are not weak. You are making yourself feel weak.
    Look at the priorities in your life.
    Work towards your future and present. Be productive.
    Make yourself happy.
    Love yourself.
    Only then you can make others happy.
    And things will change.
    For good.

    Yours loving
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    Dear me,

    Make yourself happy.
    Love yourself.
    Only then you can make others happy.
    And things will change.
    For good.

    Yours loving♥️

  • serenachapters 118w

    A letter to me

    I know how much you cry, how much you want to die, how you want a positive change from in your life but you don't know how to try. I know you want to experience that first kiss, that nerve racking touch. To live life in a bliss, neon flashing lights with beautiful gifts. I know you feel like a waste of space, a born mistake. I know you feel like the world hates, even though you're paranoid, you feel like it's really true. You say that you're ugly even though you're beautiful, a precious flower in bloom, and no I'm not cynical. I know you hope, despite being partly depressed, you hope. I know everything about you, your traits, abilities and gifts. The problem is I don't know how to help you fix it, seeing that I am you. I simply don't know how to help me.

  • abeeha_akhtar 148w

    Letter to me

    Hey Abeeha
    It's been long time since I last heard from you I heard about your situation and was sad just like you but remember men will be men they just love you for a certain amount of time and when it's time to say goodbye they act like they don't even know you remember you really love you won't just tell you that he will actually bring you happiness and joy he will make you believe that he loves you remember this word Brave you have to be brave and strong to pass all the obstacles in your life cause you never know what's next

  • sunn12 148w

    A letter to me

    Here it goes
    Baby I know you don't see it yet
    You're only 18
    You're supposed to see everything so clearly
    that's what the world will have believe
    But please remember to breath
    I know things are hard right now
    But just slow down
    Take it easy
    You have your whole life to worry
    I am you
    And you are me
    So please love more
    And open doors where walls used to be
    And look in the mirror
    And be happy about something You see
    Anything you see
    Because it's this body you'll die in
    So stop trying to change it
    It's this body you cried in when you were a size 2
    When you were a size 10
    Before you wrote this
    And as your reading it
    So learn to love it
    Fucking give a shit
    About anything
    Set goals
    And aspirations
    Take more vacations
    Travel the world
    You have your whole life to settle
    Baby girl.
    Please don't destroy us
    Were finally growing up
    But I know it's not enough to ask you to stay
    But I will anyway
    Because his was written
    At your lowest of lows
    Which means I'm giving us time to grow.
    I love you

  • sidhislnair 149w


    Hey ,
    You have few friends..
    May be you are an introvert..
    But you always wanted many...
    You choosed for few..
    Among them some left you..
    Others are waiting to leave..
    One day you will be left with one..
    That's you the only you
    May the friendship with yourself heal your loneliness

  • ultimatefanatic 169w

    Letter to my young self

    Believe in yourself cause no one else is gonna do that for u...even when the drums of sadness are beating on your heart try to get past those noises... Remember your loved ones are always on your side.... When things get tough don't run away...stay and solve them... Else there are no worries life is good.... It's gonna bless u with beautiful things... Accept them with a wide heart and remember to not go with the flow cause only dead fish go with the flow...


  • thecoa 174w

    Letter to Me

    You see, for the longest time.... I'd just sit down and get into my own psyche and look at myself... And damn.... I really hate what I see... From the way I look like to the way I talk.... And the worst part is.... I don't know how to change.... I try... Like a lot... Putting in time, putting in work and so much effort.... And it just seems I'm stuck this way.... In Fact I think the deranged parts of me likes the feeling of the hate, of the pain.... But there are days where they do hurt... Where it becomes unbearable.... And you know what?.... Me... I'm sorry for hating you... You are not the best right now... But you will be better... I can't say when... I Don't know when it will happen.... But you will be awesome....So try and Let go of the hate... Let the scars heal.... I love you, Me

  • writtlove2013 177w

    Dear Girl I Used To Be,

    I'm sorry I couldn't
    The value that you bring
    To the melody I sing.
    It's just that
    I've been busy
    Falling in and out
    Of love
    And failing with
    My attempts to
    My insecurities
    And flaws
    Through the open
    I tried to give them
    All of me
    Never trying to
    The girl you always
    Told me to be.
    The unique and
    Flawed beauty.

    Broken as I am
    Fearful I may be
    I swear that
    I'll never ever slam
    The door of your

    She Who Loved And Lost

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    I've been busy
    Falling in and out
    Of love
    And failing with
    My attempts to
    My insecurities
    And flaws
    Through the open

  • nivethavaradharajan 182w

    My Dear Future Lady

    Hola, My Dear Future Lady
    You'll be the best Mom one day
    You'll be the best wife one day
    You'll be the best daughter and daughter in law too one day
    But Listen! Who are you? What is your identity?
    My lady once you dreamt of to be the Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Entrepreneur?!
    But where are those dreams?!
    Yes you are going through a lot! Yes the World knows!
    You have to waft like birds
    Fly high My lady
    You will be the Doctor one day, when you look after sick people
    You will be the Teacher one day,when you
    Educate poor people
    You will be the Engineer one day,when you
    Help needy people
    Remember My Lady You're WOMAN, Manly WOMAN
    Act like an armor
    Live young
    Spread Smile like a Kid
    Achieve your Aim(s)
    Wear your Invisible Scars as your Visible Crown My dear
    Make the world to Suffocate when your shining eyes shed a drop of tear
    Your identity is Humanity
    Your identity is to Love and to be Loved
    Rather than a materialistic product
    Be a Worthy Woman, remember you're a WOMANNivetha!


  • __owln 206w

    Dear Me,

    Im writing this letter to
    the person I used to me
    I'm sorry I embraced you
    for that person who didn't
    deserve your love
    I hurted you , locked you in
    a empty room...
    this end made me realize
    you was the only me I could be