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  • dkurup_03 1d

    Someone significant in my life but won't ever see this,

    Memories wrapped in a box
    I've kept in my closet for so long
    Life not being that way anymore
    Just feels so wrong
    I opened it last night
    What a surprising sight!
    Our laughs and our fights,
    We were every colour of the light
    Now it's all just black and white
    Saved in photos that might
    Just burn away into golden ashes
    For I remember the beautiful days of fun
    A friendship so beautiful seen by none
    And it's been a while since we last talked
    You still got that smile in all the pictures I've stalked-
    About you, and I wonder if life were different
    Do you think we'd still be friends?
    I don't regret choosing my path
    But I've framed the nostalgia from before we fell apart
    I hope you're happier with your new life and new skies
    I'm happy too with my free heart and curious eyes
    This is a letter to let you know
    As we walk and as we grow
    I'll remember you wherever I go
    For you showed me sparkles on my days blue
    And I've never felt a friendship so true
    You were a beautiful memory, I could never forget you
    And I wish sometimes you remember me too...

    An old friend.
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    An unsent letter

    We were every colour of the light
    Now it's all just black and white
    Saved in photos that might
    Just burn away into golden ashes...

  • themoonandthesun 4d

    A poem to Letters

    The bold words, silhouette on a
    Colorless grey
    Or a dapple page doodles
    Like spaghetti on a platter
    Nevertheless enjoyment,
    Fragrance perfumed by the beloved
    Or stamped by in post office

    Letters are to be stored
    For philately and/or
    Even when the white page turns yellow
    Raw emotions drawn up
    By bleached rottenly fresh memories

    Be a formal application
    Or a symbol of love
    Be it a heartfelt apology,
    Resignation or complaint
    A small paper filled with gratitude
    Or a death announcement
    Be it a hope for elopement
    Or an official breakup

    In this digital era, the smell
    Of postcards forgotten
    In this era of messenger apps
    Unable to write letters, Save for exams..
    The lame repetitive version
    Fumbling with the chest of drawers
    I take out emails, terrible write-ups

    Unable to write letters
    I pen poetry with emotions parallel
    Messages similar
    Letters in form of poetry
    Formless, lack structure
    Date and division strict
    So is the salutation, memories
    I pen poems to make for
    The letter-shaped lack.

    Here, a letter in form of poem
    An apology from my kind
    A poem to letters…

    #letters #wod

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    A Poem to Letters

    Unable to write letters
    I pen poetry with emotions parallel
    Messages similar
    Letters in form of poetry
    Formless, lack structure
    Date and division strict
    So is the salutation, memories
    I pen poems to make for
    The letter-shaped lack.

    Here, a letter in form of poem
    An apology from my kind
    A poem to letters…

  • daffodilpearlzz 4d


    (Two poets are writing letters to each other. Neither of them know each other, where they live, who they are, what they love and what poetry is for them. Here's a part of one of their daily letters.)

    Dear poet/poetess,

    I oar a boat sailing on the tranquil ocean of violent turbulence with the waves hitting back-forth between my melancholy and your smiles. Each time your tears hidden in your words, like dew drops on gossamers, wet the nadir of my heart, I set out for a voyage to find the rarest of the metaphors in this milky way; you're a raconteur whose biography paints a waterfall of vehemences in me and I end up being a nubivagant itinerant in your skies.

    I have preserved all the letters you wrote in my memories and I become a numinous sonder. Hadn't we presumed of living in our smultronställe? Was it afloat on the waves of a lake, on the clouds, on laps of tender green leaves or on laps of brown vintage paper?

    Today, I held the moon as the mirror and I saw some bruises on its surface which reformed into a young immortal rabbit with creamy white fur. The mangata commanded me to write you a letter of gratitude and here I'm, staring at the dustiness of abandoned paper and reading the anecdotes from your eyes. Aside the paper, there's a broken quill lying on its death bed, my wooden table, and I somehow end up conveying condolences to it, as I realize that no more will poetry bloom within this room; forever detachment from the beloved is the most painful sonnet ever.

    Thank you - two words, two syllables, which eternally wind into each other. They settle the chaos in the minds of a perplexed traveller, haven't you written to me? You had added that they were the drops of regret which fell on your arms from the flowers of poetry bloomed in your garden and burnt your skin. So here I'm, letting my tercets shed drops of repentance and gratitude on you, but this time, to heal your wounds.

    To begin with, you are the most humble passenger I met in my journey, you climbed on to my cart when I was down with desolation. You touched my soul and wiped off my tears. You cried to hell when I was injured and let the pain ooze away from me; you poured it into you.

    Thank you for being my one-member family when all I was left with was a pen to write with and a paper to write upon. Thank you for being my friend who came as the moon-light when darkness evaded my days and the sunrays which lit by dark nights of life.

    Thank you for watering the sapling of poetry I sent you and thank you for gifting me back, its full-fledged flowers. Thank you for being in place of my parents and giving birth to poetry in me when I was stuck in a blackhole of sorrows at a time.

    Thank poetry, thank you.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Fri 11 June 2021
    Image credits to the original owner
    Smultronställe : A special place discovered for solace and relaxation.

    #letters #letter #gratitude
    PS : I should've posted this for yesterday's challenge xd #poesy_daffs

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  • nehalgupta 5d

    Dear Maa,

    Hope you are busy pampering us around this time. After all, you have been the mountain that pushes the waves to the other side.

    I am writing to tell you ( only if I had the courage to show you ) that you are more than the word "special". From being the alarm clock to serving us with the savory-rich breakfasts, the world would go upside down without you.

    The way you pull up your hair after waking up and start filling the house with all of the warmth speaks of your care. You carry a whole of a universe in you when you put us forth over and above you. It is exhausting to find you working as we care only good for you but always fail to express.

    Sorting the best for us and not complaint about your desires make me question about your strength. Though when I take a day to express my love, I hate finding you busy round the clock. But the moment I pull away only to find you hugging me melts me into a rainy cloud.

    I love the way you carry yourself and pushes me to do only the best. I love how you argue and never take my side in my wrongs. I love how you play the role of a mother that not only love but also shows me the world from both side.

    From being the superwoman to being the best friend, you hit the tunes that speaks of our favorite songs. Your eyes are something that I look upto as eyes never lie. In those eyes, I find your soul that says me a thousand words left unsaid but hold secrets that you hide.

    This day, I, your daughter, is feeling highly indebted and would like to pay my heartful love for your every little gestures.

    Your daughter


  • thepoetrysprinkler 1w

    Unwritten letters

    Those letters are locked
    In the cupboard. Blocked
    From my life, behind
    The dusty shelves I never touch.
    The shelves where I keep
    All the flowers I used to weep
    For to parch their needs.
    I don't look at them now.
    I'm stronger than their
    Parasite-like howls.

    But I remember
    Each letter of that letter,
    Which sits behind the dust,
    Shining in my heart.
    Something should must
    Strike my head with wit,
    For I dry my rivers of ink
    For the letters I never
    Got or read.
    For the letters I never got,
    I keep a space in the dusty place,
    For I know their presence will just
    Show me how I hate them.

  • cradleofemotions 1w

    सुनो ,
    मुझे आज भी खतों पर भरोसा है!


  • nuances_in_life 2w

    The moment when you are crush replies �� wink emoji, or ❤������these you start blushing ��immediately. When someone appreciates ������those also mean a lot. The moment your friend sends ���� your heart breaks. Sometimes these emoji speak louder than words
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    Emoji speaks louder than words.
    -Yamuna Devi


  • sandeep_indraganti 2w


    You know you have moved on
    When their name becomes
    Just a collection of letters rather than
    A Lava of Emotions and a Fountain of Memories.

    ©sandeep indraganti

  • yasasvee_varsha 3w

    Writing tools

    Stylographs create,"my form of magic"
    They read minds, have that power,
    To convert simple thoughts in to strong words
    The words which set,
    A magical story,even the air pervades...!!


  • thefrozenwords 3w

    Letters are among the most
    a person can leave behind them ❤️
    चिट्ठी भेजो तो सही
    जवाब ना आए... ऐसा होगा नही ।
    #letters #letterstojuliet #letterstoromeo
    #chithi #khat #tum

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  • thepoojaakarthik 4w

    PS : The letter is about Olivia, an orphan who loves the gran in a nearby Oldage Home. After being adopted by a family, she writes a letter to show her feelings to her gran!

    PPS: I wish I could write a reply letter from the child to gran :)) ��❤

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #letters #granny #orphan #oldagehome @writersnetwork

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    The bond between Orphanage and Old Age Home

    Turquoise Adoption Centre,
    Canada - 72

    To my Adorable cute-wrinkled gran,
    I know you have been feeling neglected lately, I am pretty sure you will feel better when I am with you. I felt like you are a part of my family, when you used to visit our orphanage at times. Many a days I have lamented to myself, that I don't have a family. I have felt isolated. Even orphans of my own orphanage used to avoid me and I felt isolated all of the times! My warden is the strict-est of all humans existing. She used to keep on cornering me, and I have always been got nice scolding and slaps from her, for no reason. I used to question my own existence, those times. But today, I am happy that it won't happen any time again.
    I want to share a happy news with you gran. I know you would be the happiest, if you hear this. Today, warden came to me and told me that a family has wanted to adopt me, adoring my nature. Actually, right now am waiting out here in the adoption centre, I wanted to quickly jot down my happy moments in this letter to you. I jumped out of happiness and happy tears flowed from my eyes, when I heard this. Moreover, you have any idea about who the family is? Do you remember I always used to praise about a NGO volunteer didi, who always took utmost care for me. She was the one who taught me singing. I know my life hereafter with her is going to be jouous. Never in my dreams I thought someone would adopt me. I thought my whole life would end up lamenting and crying loud in washroom, with this cruel warden. Thank god, My wailings didn't go in vain, god has heard me and he is taking me to a new abode.
    Thank you so much gran for all the gifts. Life for you has already been so difficult , you lost your son, grandpa died in an heart attack. I know you have no one, But I don't want you to tell this another time. Erase this thought off your mind. I AM THERE FOR YOU ANYTIME. I am like your unbiological daughter. You have always been a best friend for me here. I'll always cherish being the times with you. Those festive days and weekends, you always comforted me with your happiness. Irrespective of being a 60 year old lady, you would transform into a 6 year old ladki and make me smile every moment, wanting me not to sob over the family who threw me away. You always wanted to me learn something innovative, and you were the one who spotted hidden talents of mine. One thing gran, Never think I would forget you once I find a new family. Never. You are my first mother, before anyone. Though I don't talk with you daily, but still yeah. Take your medicines ont time. Don't sleep without having dimmer as you would do before. You are getting old, and putnyourneye drops daily. You might not have someone to put it for you, Don't worry I'll make you a part of my family, I have asked my maa too, she agreed. I'll take you soon gran. As I would say always, Don't cry over the son who left, I am there for you, I will be there for you. I will meet you daily, hereafter. Soon, I'll come and take you to my new home gran, we'll live together then. I love you granny.

    The child who resembles your son,


    Lilly Old Age Home,
    Canada - 78

    To my pretty munchkin baccha,
    I am so extremely glad to hear that your pain and laments has about to come to an end baccha. I have heard you bewails, and thank god for hearing it right away and taking you to a whole new world. I hope your favorite didi will take care of you. Oops not didi, call her "maa", I know you would never leave me alone and you'll keep on reaching me, just to make all the plates of pain stacked in my heart, to fly away. I still remember the way you smiled at me, for the first time, that reminded me of my beloved son.
    I have told you n number of times that you resemble my beloved son. All those cute notorious stuffs you do, was also did by him. I never used to either scold or beat him. I grew him up with all the love i could possibly shower on him. When he was 8, he always used to tell me that he'll take care of me in future and would never leave me alone any moment, and today he left to the sky even before me with this dad. Okay, I don't wanna ruin your happy vibes telling my stories.
    I have learnt so much from you. Though you are really really young than me. You are my mentor darling. You taught me the importance of smile, rather than crying over people who left me. Being a little kiddo, you act matured. Today, I still remember the moment he told me he is giving me a surprise and took me here. I don't want to curse him. I respect his decision or else I wouldn't have found a cutie pie like you. Okay, Now I hope you will study hereafter sincerely. My hairs have already turned cantitude, and I don't know how much more days I am gonna live, But as long as I do, I love you just like my own daughter kiddo. All those days, when you want to listen to my bedtime tales, or if you want kachori, come straight away to me, you'll receive all of them, a lot. Don't trouble your mumma, asking to take me with you, No don't do that. I'll take care of myself. hope your new mumma will take care of you. I don't want to you to regret anymore on the family who threw you. Embrace your new mumma and dad. Blessings of this old gran always stays with you. Love you baccha. God bless you. Sending you love to you and your new family. I'll miss you. Meet me daily cherry.

    With lots of tears,
    The lady with cantitude hair


  • thepoojaakarthik 5w

    A letter to my comforter: Solitude

    To my sweet solitude,
    Hey there best friend! I am sorry for not writing this earlier. I have always admired you, The bond between us grows each day stronger. There goes an endless list if I start to praise you. I ain't sure if this letter is all enough to show my gratitude for being with me, but still yeah. I literally am indebted to you, for always being with me. Everything feels so light when I spend time being alone. To be honest, I came to know so much about myself only when I spoke to you. Only when it comes to you, my heart speaks the truth. Shattered by the words of human, my whole self is complete only when I converse with you, my champ!
    You are like that blanket that comforts me. You are like that spotify playlist I would always listen to. You are like that Spring flower everyone awaits to witness. You are like that hue that completes coloring the entire me, and no matter how many similes I write for you it ain't enough to describe the days you put me onto sleep when I used to overthink about people who backstabbed me. From blooming flowers to withering leaves to carrying frosts to enjoying petrichor, seasons changed, People did too, but you never. Humans may come and go, but you are the only constant human for me!
    Be it on a misty dawn or dewy dusk, you always make everything exquisite. When I used to be alone and weep, my eyes was only able to see things monochromatic, a pretty tragedy maybe? Nah. I call it pretty right? It's a beautiful tragedy that made me stick onto solitude and kept me away from fakeness. Everyday when troubles tortures me away, you comforted me like my mother's lap. Even in my dreams I want you to come, and the moment I open my eyes, be there for me, solitude. In my mother's womb you were born with me, and until my last breathe you will be with me. Much obliged to you for embracing me through my hardest times. And for the last time, here's my heartfelt thank you to you. My sweet solitude :)

    One who has realized,
    Solitude is also beautiful.

  • thedeadink 6w

    Frayed up silk, it was winter time
    Candles burned, you were my December card
    Keys folded behind those back drawers
    I found your letters and they smelt like those lost love stories!
    Sitting under the cold chandelier,
    I walked through the vincent cities we once travelled!
    The leaves rushed,
    it reminded me of the sea seamlessly trying to figure out it's velocity.
    Lavender slipped from this letters,
    Just like the way our gravity discharged silence!
    I found a salmon coloured pen,
    with spoiled ink inside
    It took me back to the pistachio lawn
    and silvered art of sunsets and beaches!
    This half crumbled last page,
    narrated me about the nights we would spent
    to shuffle words like these
    which we would write for each other.
    The dawns which faded in the name of regrets,
    transformed into irrelevant melancholies
    when I reminisced, you,
    holding my hands through this letters.
    Oh, this letters, they still smell like your cologne
    Seems like my breath, it found a rhythm!
    Capsulated with your entropy
    I still get choked by pillars of random voices,
    but this letters, they starve me to not end me.
    It negotiates with the Pacific running relentlessly
    to get sangfroid just because,
    I'll find you garden fresh in this letters,
    no matter if decades passed, I'll still tear apart reading you!


    PC: Pinterest

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #lovestories #letters #love #mirakee #poetry #you #stories

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    Lavenders slipped from this letters,
    just like the way our gravity discharged silence!

  • _disha_jn_ 6w

    Torn love letters

    I stand here
    With all these letters in my hand
    All the ones I wrote to you,
    Now these are just a mess of ink
    Smeared all the way and
    Redecorated by my tears

    I look up to the open night sky
    Searching for your answers
    Thinking that maybe,
    You'd talk to me through the stars
    But the night was dark and empty
    As if to honour every broken soul's scar
    It was an unlit night, and a sky without stars

    You didn't realise what you were saying
    But your words had hurt me to my core.
    I thought of every happy song
    The stars had sung to me before
    I raised my shaking hands
    But now, a small smile I wore
    I was somehow reminded
    Of the truth of the matter
    And when I looked at my hands, all that lay there,
    Was the remnants of my torn love letters.

  • hamallaxmi 6w

    Day 30

    /Letter to the world/


    There is something a miss about you. Things have changed to the greatest heights. I know you are not to be blamed for everything is happening in the earth. But whom do I blame? Maybe our own shelves? because blaming the GoVt or the politicians is the humongous crime and breach of law. Isn't it? Something rushes towards my blood I am not sure what it is, the nation is crying. Ever where there is this news of crying, screaming, shouting, begging for help yet We the people failed to be their for them who is struggling with pain in chest who is struggling to gasp for oxygen. Many couldn't meet their loved ones for that one last hug, one last good bye.
    And couldn't do one last ritual.

    After losing everything you had is the worst feeling in the world maybe.
    There is nothing you can take with you when you leave the world. Not even your own breath. So there is no point in having the huge success, being wealthy, and peace if there is no one to share with you your happiness and your sorrows on this earth.

    All you can do is be there for people around you, your love, care and prayers is all they need.

    "Baantne se khushiyaan badhti he"

    Love over hate,
    #napowrimo #naoowrimo2021 #napowrimosilverleaf
    #silverleafpoetry #poetrycommunity #poemofig #poems #april #Day30 #poemsaday
    #poetry #letters #lettertotheworld

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    This is the letter to the world


  • nighty 7w

    I'm back guys........ Thanks for all the love you are showing towards my soul letters.....I love you all❤️

    #mirakee #love #poetry #poem #arspoetica #writersnetwork #india #indian #broken #art #artofpoetry #golden #heart #ice #tundra #roots #hurt #trapped #lost #soul #letters #wod #pod #english

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    As insignificant as a whisper in a wind storm,
    I recline and relax, as I gaze upon the billows that wash upon my soul,
    Carrying away the broken pieces of my heart,
    The golden tundra, that is held hostage inside the broken cage,
    That is I.

  • scribbled_letters 7w

    Brothers are born
    To tease their sisters.

    Sisters are born
    To torture their brothers.


  • scribbled_letters 7w

    I love you not
    only for what
    you are, but for
    What I am when
    I am with you.


  • scribbled_letters 7w

    Work for a cause
    Not for applause.

    Live Life to express
    Not to impress.


  • amanak47 7w

    Happy English language day guys❤️
    And today we have birthday of our idol , the legend William Shakespeare