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  • aaru0811 2d

    A letter to my Son..

    एक जिम्मेदारी समझोगे तो बोझ लगेगा
    हमसफर मानोगे उसे तो आसान लगेगा
    उसके लिए ये घर नया है लोग अजनबी है
    तुम उसे अपनों का हिस्सा बनाना
    जिम्मेदारीयां वो सारे संभाल लेगी
    तुम उसे उसके हक़ भी बताना
    वो अपने घर की लाडली थी
    उसके कुछ नखरे तुम भी उठाना
    बड़े बनने की नसीहत सभी देंगे उसे
    तुम उसका बचपन उसे लौटाना
    गलतियां तो बहुत होगी उससे
    डांटेंगे सभी तुम उसे प्यार से समझाना
    वो अपने पंख छोड़ कर आएगी
    तुम उसे उड़ना सीखाना
    वो सबका ख्याल रखेगी
    तुम उसका ख्याल रखना ना भूल जाना
    वो तुम्हारे परिवार का हिस्सा बनेगी
    तुम भी उसके परिवार का हिस्सा बन जाना
    वो अपनी जिंदिगी छोड़ कर आएगी तुम्हारे लिए
    तुम उसके लिए अपनी कुछ आदते छोड़ आना

  • addietriestowrite 2d

    good with words

    She was never good with words,
    Would always screw up,
    From vocabulary to grammar,
    The words never stuck.

    No lucid nor fastidious,
    Was found when she spoke,
    When simple things worked,
    With her friends and her folks.

    "Why bother?" She'd say,
    When her point was made clear,
    With simpler words,
    That were easy on ears.

    So when she wrote letters,
    To her boyfriend abroad,
    She couldn't write much,
    Every word was so flawed.

    For how many times,
    Can one say "miss you so much",
    Before it sounds redundant,
    Repeated and such.

    So she'll stick with her words,
    And hope with smile,
    That he'll know she means more,
    When she says he's "worthwhile".


  • the_un_heard 3d

    खो रहे है तेरे टुकड़े अब
    तू खुदको ढूँढने अब मत आना।

    मैंने बड़ी मुश्किल से सम्भाला है होश फिरसे
    तुमसे दरख्वास्त है तुम लौट के मत आना।

    वो जो बेशुमार मोहोब्बत लुटाई है तुम पर
    इतना चाहता हू किसी पर इसका एक कतरा भी खर्च मत आना।

    मैं तो जो टूटा, बिखरा, अब सब ठीक है,
    किसी और के जहां में यूँ बारूद बन कर मत जाना।

    खो रहे है तेरे टुकड़े अब
    तू खुदको ढूँढने अब मत आना।


  • tamanna3 3d

    Dear you,

    How far can you be so as to nullify the numerals dictating some countable miles between us?
    I've begun every letter to you with a question and ended with yet another. Maybe I've fallen for unanswered prayers while falling prey to the rule of getting used to them. I've resisted absences until my last decision and the time that followed, has been forever. What time is it on your land, do hours run shorter there than here? I could wish for a time machine or a wormhole, but physics doesn't work for me as much as it did for Stephen Hawking. And I'm as much an ordinary man as he was. The last time you were in my thoughts, was a twenty milliseconds before I started pinning a hope on the possibility of equalising our cosmic numbers, but you're that pole star who never belonged to my universe. Do you know why I still look up to you? I might not have an answer that sounds too convincing to be true, but your light has been the one I've always wanted to follow, and it has led me too, to where I've always wanted to go. It is that simple and yet I've never been able to solve the equation that'd define the trajectory to that one possibility. People in my world say that's how it's supposed to be, but I'd rather not believe them, coz the concept of 'no boundaries' is too tempting and I'm ready to risk it all, even if it means counting on the last numeral denoting a probability that doesn't reduce it to null. Yes, I'm counting on equations which my field of study has abandoned long back, coz hope is a word that sounds convincing in all languages and I'm willing to be naive enough to sail that boat, even if the last nail is on the verge on giving up. What if I reach the bank before it drowns?


  • ink_leaker 4d

    Melodies of the trees

    I am staring
    at the sun under
    a big tree
    between leaves
    It is telling me there are
    more greens
    more virtues
    more fleets
    I'm clinching
    on the branches
    the wind is soothing me
    If I was a tree
    I would let your nest
    on top of me
    you rest
    on top of my shoulders
    we lunch and branch
    again and again.


  • misanthrope_3110 1w


    People who write often are either really passionate about writing or else they are just trying to weep silently through the words. Trying to bleed out the bad blood which may eventually toxicate them even more as the time elapses.

  • imlovewriter 1w

    Letter Vala Love ❤❤

    वो चिट्ठीयों का प्यार भी,
    क्या गजब होता है,
    जब एक - दूजे को मिलने का,
    इंतज़ार होता है |

    Instagram : PahadiSonu_2005
    Facebook Page : Dil Ke Baatein
    YouTube : Pahadi Sonu

  • kosibah 1w

    Letter To Poetry

    Dear poetry,
    Am sorry I left you out in the cold when you came knocking in my head last night, find a place in your Art to forgive me
    Yours Sincerely,

  • naqsaif 1w

    I am too tired to add tags��

    Dedicated to a lost friend......

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    To sunlight,

    I drown in your hope
    With your rays I elope
    And find myself once again
    Under your illuminated reign
    My love, to the cosmos I pray
    To drown in you every dawning day
    For night arrives way too soon....
    The drowning moon.


  • ink_leaker 2w

    Better but Bitter

    And I want
    no shari (swahili)
    I think I conquered
    my mind
    or I'm simply fine,
    solidifying comparably
    may be
    you think I'm dust to you
    like the clouds
    guts of the land on hiccups
    and they smiled a lot
    your art be not resisting
    to all the pencils down
    trust is significant.

    Yours truly,

  • jan_balan 2w


    Once Tom whispered,
    Grab a pencil
    While the pain
    Kissing each sell
    Scribble through letter
    Close it once done
    Post it to me.
    Pencil signs me
    It's fills pain
    Pick words of happiness
    Not a problem
    Pencil always mean pain.

    Innocently I questioned
    What about happiness?
    If happiness covers you,
    Letter is not necessary
    I know,
    You enjoy the moment
    Still, you wish?
    Grab a pen,
    Write them
    Once done
    Post them
    I know
    It's bundle of joy
    Carrying yoy high.

    Our letters
    Message us
    Sibling love
    Encourage us
    Momentary sharing
    One day memory of letters.

  • pallavi4 2w

    Letter to future self

    I hope that
    From being a cup full to the brim
    Filled with immense pain and sorrow
    You’ve managed to conquer some of your demons
    And look towards a brighter tomorrow

    I hope that
    You are no longer troubled by people’s intentions
    And harmed by their ability to hurt you
    You’ve come out of your shell a little
    And to yourself managed remain true

    I hope that
    You’ve learnt forgetfulness and forgiveness
    And let petty things that don’t matter slide
    Stood up to others when they are wrong
    Understood that by some rules you too must abide

    I hope that
    You are happy and comfortable being yourself
    That yourself you’ve finally accepted fully
    That you’ve made space for another in your life
    To love and cherish again truly

    I hope that
    You’ve traversed the world more than before
    And recognised your purpose as a part of a clan
    That you dream of things you’d like to achieve
    To learn new things and plot and plan

    I hope that
    All you wanted has come to pass
    That life has been nothing but fair
    Recognised that you are much more being yourself
    Than a half of a supposed pair

    I hope that
    You are joyful and healthy
    And that your every move is towards the light
    That you no longer feel the need to cry
    And feel alone in the middle of the night

    I hope that
    You never stop hoping ever
    That you compel others to grow and learn
    That no longer are you defined by your weakness
    And for a brighter future you always yearn


    8th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Ink stippling in black and white by Rostislaw Tsarenco

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  • alakta 2w

    My love,

    If you were day and me night, let's both unite under the vibrant shades of dawn and dusk...

  • beware 2w

    Letter for you



    ' , ' .


    Yours Truly,

  • pallavi4 3w


    Dear September ,

    Your whispers are getting stronger everyday
    Ready to take on the whole world
    In the kisses of your budding flowers
    I watch you slowly, majestically unfurl
    Closeted in your arms are wide wings
    To help you fly against the torrential rains
    In your lap awaiting lies the amber autumn
    Primed to earthy dominance obtain
    Soon you with wither away, so will the flighty fall
    And of your raindrops I will be deprived
    I will miss your mild and moderate temperament for
    Almost immediately the frigid winter will arrive



    3rd of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “September Skies” by Sara Winters

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  • anantay_12 4w

    Ahsaas is the diary where I talk to my heart...The unknowable thoughts..

    Exactly at 6:21 I call my someone special❤️. His ' Hello' and I was like "or kyaa he chiye anaya"....Silence speak more than our words in taht 6 min conversation.. It's not the first time happend to us but this time it feels like it may be the last time...
    Sometimes it's really hard for me to control my emotions.And sometimes it's hard to express....
    And when it comes to him I really can't uh understand what to say how to say...

    It's been 11 months and 5 days to be each other's best friends till now he doesn't understood that how much I love him...

    #moody #letter #feelings #emotions #Tnny #Someone

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    The Phone call!

    I am loving you, like I am cursed...

  • brokengypsysoul 4w

    Dear universe

    Have I done wrong?
    Am I not a good enough person?
    Why so many trials?
    Why so many obstacles?
    When will it end?
    I think I'm making progress then get knocked back down
    Do you not see me trying?
    Every time I think I've hit rock bottom...
    You show me it can get worse
    Don't say because you know I can handle it
    That it's to make me stronger
    That's a bunch of bullshit
    Why though?
    Do you see something in me that I don't?
    Am I really not worthy of a break?
    I thought I was a good person; am I not?
    Now I'm questioning myself
    What have I done to deserve this?


  • devilfish 4w


    Is poetry
    My pain
    But instead of heaven and it's grace
    I'm faced with one single perspective
    In a wooden frame
    So delicately placed so that my pain would not surface in an ugly bitter traces in art and it's velvet lace


  • kitlang 4w

    Dear Esper,

    Since the beginning, you've proven the world of your courage. You're a brave soul cased in a body of a woman. Although you lack grace, you're full of strength. You lend a hand without minding who you'll reach for. You have shown me countless acts of kindness and how it resonate to the world. Like a droplet of water kissed the ocean, you caused a ripple that could travel miles. You may not feel the vibration of your acts but rest assured that it reached the people surrounding you. I hope everytime you doubt yourself, at least one wave would go back to you and reminds you of how you've affected countless lives positively. May you always have that power until the end of your time.


  • _teal_ 4w

    To my unknown,

    A une époque, you asked me, what is it that I would compare a relationship to, then I looked at you and my mind was completely blank. I was at a loss but now I know what I should have said, is it too late to reply? God I hope not.

    Because, I came to the understanding that I could relate relationships to sleeping. How? You may ask. Let me tell you.

    If you have ever tried to sleep on a mattress with no bedsheets, you know how uncomfortable it is, it's a rough surface, so unknown you can't wait to get away from. That could resemble the first days you meet the one you might date, the anxiety of a first date, the lack of comfort when you eat, almost like some brain cells are lost. You can't even remember the right utensils to use.

    Now, let's try sleeping in warm clean bedsheets covering the hard, rigid surface. That is the honeymoon phase, the period you can't say no and your partner can do no wrong in your eyes, it is the moment of bliss, inside jokes, partying and phenomenal sex.

    But when you drift to sleep in that comfort it is a mark, the end of an era, the honeymoon phase if you may please. The dreams you experience in that sleep with be the reality of your relationship. Depending on how you built it, you will experience nightmares or a wonderful world.

    The nightmares will be the lack of communication, the arguments with a sole purpose of scoring more than growing, the selfish choices. The wonderful dreams, will be working as a team because you both understand that you are one. And meant to build a loving partnership.

    Morning come when you wake up, it will be a wake up call literally, it will be the moment to decide if you pray away the nightmare through a break up or if you rejoice the merry dream in a commitment.

    Oh! Before I forget, the interrupted sleep the person who wakes you up before time, that is the cheating. The reason a relationship is interrupted before it's timely end or happy ever after.

    I hope with this, I get to explain relationships to you more clearly dear one.

    Yours truly,


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    24th. August. 2021 day 1 of the challenge

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    A relationship is like sleep and just like sleep it has it's stages that proves its success or failure.