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    Ranjana B.

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    A #letter to the #dusk the dainty dame of #nature.

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    Dear Dainty Dusk

    Dear dusk,
    Mother of the white moon,
    Daddy of the bright dots.

    Dear dusk,
    Slayer of the bright sun,
    Maker of the moonlight.

    Dear dusk,
    Succor of the sleeper,
    Reason for the rester.

  • a_diary_of_a_young_girl 4d

    Dear Overthinking

    Everyone blamed you for some or other reason.
    They say-
    You are the reason why they feel disappointed
    You are the reason why they feel anxious
    You are the reason why they feel depressed.
    You are the reason why they feel anything which is not positive.
    But I want to thank you today.

    Thank you because you made me a writer.
    Thank you because you made me think about society
    Thank you because you are the reason why I am working for good.
    Thank you because you made me happy when outer world was fucked up.
    Thank you because you made him mine,atleast in thoughts.

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    कैसे !

    दिल की ख़लिश को, दबाएँगे कैसे
    बहुत हैं इरादे, जताएँगे कैसे

    ज़िंदगी में ख़ुद मसरूफ़ियत, कई हैं
    फ़ुरसत के लम्हे, लाएँगे कैसे

    तुम्हारी है अपनी, परेशानियाँ कुछ
    हमें भी हैं तकलीफ़, बताएँगे कैसे

    गज़ब है ये दुनिया, राहें कठिन हैं
    मंज़िल तक हम पहुँच, पाएँगे कैसे

    चलो यूँ करें कि, इरादा बदल दें
    बहानों में ख़ुद को, छिपाएँगे कैसे ।

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    Dear someone, can you hear my voice?
    Did you read the letters that I've wrote?
    Have you ever seen all of my poems?
    Did you even tried to listen to my songs?

    I've wrote all of my letters to confess my feelings;
    Thus, I can prove my genuine love is pure and real.
    This heart of my mine shouts my beloved's name.
    My heart's beat in an abnormal pace when you appear in my dream.

    The flames of my love cast an eerie glow;
    I am frightened to love you more and more;
    I can't even remember how my feelings grow;
    It feels surreal, yet my sanity says I'm in trouble.

    You're the reason why I still manage to smile.
    Nevertheless, it is you who make me feel this pain.
    You're the reason why I shed so much agony ang tears;
    You're the sole reason why my stubborn heart aches.

    Do I sound crazy to even think that I'm in love?
    I didn't even know you, so how come it become love?
    You're just a man who appears in my dream every night;
    A man who makes my day complete and gives me reason to fight.

    Why do I'm still dreaming that someday you'll be here by my side?
    Yes, I am wishing that someday I'll be embraced by your arms;
    Someday, you'll be with me and I can be able to hold your hands;
    Someday, I am not wishing nor dreaming and begging for your love.

    Someday... just maybe.

    #confession #heartsconfession #love #hope #desires #letter #message #miraquill #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod

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    My Heart's Confession


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    मिलकर तुमसे कभी, मुस्कुरा लूँ ज़रा
    हँसी को तेरी सहारा, बना लूँ ज़रा

    यूँ तो हैं रंजिशें, और ग़म भी बहुत
    भूलकर सब कुछ मैं, चैन पा लूँ ज़रा

    फ़क़त अपने अंधेरों में हूँ, बहुत गुम
    तेरे नूर की रोशनी में, नहा लूँ ज़रा

    नही ये भी हासिल, तो भी ग़म नही
    चलो दिल को फ़िर मैं, मना लूँ ज़रा ।
    Ranjana B.(15/6/21)

  • angeljohn 1w

    A Cry, Far-Far Away..

    A deep-seated dilemma-
    is an artist's far-cry-Voila,
    tightened within an artistic-energy
    but, the similar-twin is tuned rarely..
    Cause an artistic-boon, is no moon..
    It demands, an acute-audition to frame-
    " A brass-bound, self-trust."

    Beyond a doubt, it is the artistic-formula,
    anchored deep within a character's aura
    that entirely formulate one's art,
    to win each audience's supportive heart..
    Hence, spectator's endless applause,
    is an adequate answer; for the far-cry
    of each ambitious-personality.

    Nevertheless, the reality is that, it remains,
    indistinguishable from a murder-exotic..
    Cause an artistic-boon, is no moon..
    This truth rests and we, own many clues..
    Despite of nurturing hopes and
    marking attendance at multiple-spotlights;
    plural-individuals, remain undiscovered..

    As an aftermath, the gifted-artisans lose;
    their brass-bound self-trust and
    are slaughtered, by the world forever,
    without citing their cry far-far away!

  • guru22 1w

    A little context before you read this:

    There are two orphans Rohan and Ananya, Ananya is deaf and Rohan is blind.....They are always together. Now Ananya can hear with a machine, slightly, but Rohan is completely blind. Ananya is a freelance programmer and rohan is a writer and musician. This is a part of a big story of how they meet and how things blossom and how they eventually fall in love. This is a part where Ananya is gone to a competition in Dehradun, and stuck there due to lockdown, while Rohan is all alone in Kerala. She cannot talk, as there's no network at her place, and she finally resorts to writing him a letter in braille....

    Let me know what do you think!!
    #letter #lockdown #epistolary

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    Sight and Sound

    I know you're angry with me,
    Enough to hit me left and right,
    Try to get down the anger tree,
    But if you want, we can fight...

    I know you can't read this letter,
    You can just feel the emotion,
    Hope this makes you feel better,
    We've been through a lot of commotion...

    It's been long, since we properly talked,
    In our language of the heart,
    We could have done something amazing as we walked,
    But the lockdown made us part ...

    As you know, I came here for my competition,
    Where everyone was astonished,
    How special people who need help to even write a petition,
    My 3200 line long program, left them baffled...

    But as I wanted to come back,
    To make you feel my achievement,
    Everything was closed as the cure we lack,
    I was made to live in containment...

    It was painful for me,
    To leave you in utter darkness,
    People here can backchat for free,
    Without you, I feel helpless ....

    I remember our plans,
    To climb the Sinhagad Fort on the steep mountain,
    I would describe the peacock's dance,
    While you describe the sound of the rain, as we have cooked plantain....

    I hope Sister Mary is taking care of you,
    She is a woman with god's grace,
    People like her are very rare and few,
    She always has a smiling face...

    Something worries me,
    There's a strong feeling in my gut,
    I hope you didn't fall and bruise your ankle and knee...

    You know what,
    People treat me here as a terrible piece of disgrace,
    With anger of the reservations for us and that dirty thought,
    They abuse me at the back, and frown at my face...

    I just want you here,
    As you would give them strong replies,
    With you, the night sounds I want to hear,
    While I show you the fireflies...

    Being together,
    I never realised my disability,
    I think we complimented each other,
    People here question my ability...

    I suffered days of humiliation,
    But I just focussed on my contest,
    Winning the competition for me was not a difficult question,
    To put up with their insult with a smile was the real test...

    I couldn't contact you,
    As there's no network here,
    There are people a few,
    Who make me cry, as I cannot hear...

    Through every insult and pain,
    I overcame them with your piece,
    You wrote about my hamster, my flower, and my fat gain,
    It made me sleep at night with peace...

    I just hope my audios were to some good,
    I know you love my voice,
    Without me you never had your food,
    I guess destiny didn't leave us with a choice...

    But I read that soon things will get better,
    And the transportation will commence,
    I will try to reach soon after this letter,
    Then we will talk about our world of nonsense...

    It is hard for both of us,
    To survive alone,
    As we are mature, let's not create fuss,
    Soon we will again be each other's backbone...

    Things will be fine soon,
    As Ananya will finally come back to Rohan,
    Two disabled orphans will again watch the moon,
    While having amazing amounts of fun...

    Please take care,
    As I return at the earliest,
    I expect to come before you grow your nasty hair,
    Or else for me it will be a scissors fest...

    I can't wait to read,
    Your poems in that open playground,
    We will compliment each other till the dead,
    Creating our enchanted world, of Sight and Sound...

    Let us never have lust,
    As we believe in someone above,
    In Rohan, Ananya has her trust,
    She believes in their strong bond of deaf and blind love...

  • devilfish 1w


    I'm rhymic
    Like a bomb of volatile ticks
    That contort my body like ropes my tendons
    As they rip

    In the manner that my body dances
    Before it breaks
    I could even out each bone
    And assemble a new face

    I'm rhymic
    Grinding against metal shards
    To breathe through a narrow straw
    I don't think I can
    But I move forward because my will
    Will never break
    There's not an ache that could chip my Determined state

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

    -Anthony Aaron Musto

  • tamanna3 1w

    Dear her,

    As I write another letter today, only to be added to the huge unsent pile eyeing my trembling fingers over the screen, I can't care more, coz you aren't here and a lot of things still here don't matter anymore. How you sat on wishbones to talk with god, how you started a 90s movement in your heart, how you bought sunflowers and traded them for smiles are all so fresh in my mind, but you aren't here to see them survive. Your absence felt like a curse, yet the more I think of why you left, the more I see it turn into a warning, and then a blessing in disguise. I wonder if you still think of this still-not-grown-enough person in whom you said you saw your teenage self. I'd rather not wish you remember me, coz I don't want you to suffer the past. I hope you never come back again because it takes a lot to leave, and I don't want you to go through it again. I know you never will, coz you never really stayed. Every arrival of you was bound to an inevitable farewell. The rope of attachment you talked about, one end of which you lend me, is still tucked in my hand. I see it lengthening with the creases of my palm and I know, you've let go of the other end long back, but I still keep mine intact. I seem to preserve keepsakes better than people I love. I wish you didn't, but you faded into curvature time just like that. But your poems will be preserved in this heart's soil. I don't need them blooming into sunflowers but to merge with the memorabilia I'd shed, borrowing some drops from the Aquarius smiling above. The moon knows our story, so it hangs in there every night, until the river reaches to you so you'd drown in it, coz you never wanted to swim. And I'd rather write incomplete letters to you, coz unlike you, I haven't yet learned the art of fading.

  • sizzuu 1w

    Jun 11 2021

    I am not good at writing letters at least I never was. But this day I can't stop myself from uttering this messy thoughts out loud. Caged within me is this strange aroma of negativity and I wanna set it free now what's the best way to do it other than writing about it.

    Nothing feels the same. The helplessness is driving our belief down the hill. Sun keeps on rising but never does the hope. Another day starts from the mournful prayers and the scent of the dying flowers. Again the same feeling of fear demeaning the faith. Angles wearing white aprons trying to weave the life strings out of their wings is the most heartwarming view. All that we hear are numbers, rising day by day reaching the peak. Life became a delicate water bubble rupturing at the single touch of extraneous particle.

    Some people were provided time to sit back and explore themselves while others were running out if it. Some people were left isolated from their love ones while most felt isolated from themselves. A disaster of despair hit mind of every individual. The circle of negativity kept going on repeat for most of the time. Some found poetry to rain down on their deserted hearts. Some still struggling to keep up with the situation. A loss unprecedented left many devasted with nothing to hold on to. Hands whose warmth can't be felt again , a heart which cannot beat for loved ones again, eyes which cannot flow the ocean of tears again was left.

    Every hardship have something simple to learn from. Such an ungrateful person I was taking things for granted. Maybe a prideful one who thought what I have cannot be taken away from me. Such a foolish of me to think that. But now everything is shattered and I can see crystal clear how it doesn't take a while to put your world upside down. We are just an accident waiting to be happened.
    We all have been running after happiness all our life and now is the time it's the most deficient. We have been searching for the source of happiness all our life but maybe now we know it, it's when we overcome misery. There is a happy place waiting for us we just need to be brave, we just need to believe, we just need to keep holding on just a little longer. Surely, there is the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Someone who


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    There is a happy place waiting for us we just need to be brave, we just need to believe, we just need to keep holding on just a little longer.


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    तुम्हें क्या करना

    छोटी हो, शांत रहो ना
    बाहर जाकर खेलो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    लड़की हो, वही बनकर रहो ना
    घर का काम सीखो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    औरत हो, परिवार का ध्यान रखो ना
    अपनी रसोई सम्भालो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    माँ हो, plz बीच में मत पड़ो ना
    काम से काम रखो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    नौकरीशुदा हो, जो कहा करो ना
    पुरुषों से मत उलझो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    बहू हो, बीच में मत बोलो ना
    सबकी सेवा करो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    सास हो, निबाह कर चलो ना
    जमाने के साथ बदलो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    सबकुछ तो मिला, औरों को देखो ना
    भगवान को भजो !
    तुम्हें क्या करना ?
    Ranjana B.

  • lovesunflower20 2w

    I don't believe in soulmates but...

    A small gratitude letter to my Angel's

    I felt like I could convey my memories inside of this letter that i wrote here,
    "I love you"
    And just like that I'm gonna write smoothly with all my love of you guys so that me and you can be connected to happiness,
    When you're received it....
    The day i met you i saw the Caterpillar becoming butterfly...with beautiful wings coloured yellow,
    I had a wonderful premonition inside my heart it's our beautiful friendship,
    The first time we talked i realized how kind you can be you procure my faith,
    For a long time I've watched you from far..but now my feelings will ride on the sun to reached you,
    "I love you"
    I'll meet you someday...
    In a moses basket i knitted with kindness
    So that if you're distant or near i can protect you,
    Your my irrepressible treasure of cheerfulness
    The unseen Bond that we shared together...,
    Our friendship is blooming, let's meet in our dream world, in that dream world we can fly together,
    Crying and smiling we hold hands visually unusual fragrance in the wind
    Even though we never saw each other's i always smile whenever i heard your name,
    I always watch after you it seemed like as i grew older my fondness for you became stronger,
    Your love for me filled with kind word's believe me it's means so much
    There was something i wanted to convey to my Angel's
    There are some day's when we don't talk and things didn't necessarily work in our favour,
    Don't ever forget that your sunflower is here, I'll always be there for you please remember,
    How happy i was when i talked about you and just like that i cherished our friendship,
    You guys are here in my heart!
    And I'm trying to saying thank you and i love you
    I can't reach you....even though i want to
    It's all about our friendship,
    Don't mind me sometime I'm clumsy what should i do when it comes to you I'm the happiest
    We walk without a road,
    Sing song without a note,
    I want to spell my feelings to this ungrateful letter i want to say
    "Thank you"
    "I'm so happy that i met y'all"
    "I love you"
    I'm so thankful to each and all of my Angel's

    "When we meet my heart was torn apart,
    Because i always felt like a outsider
    Cause I'm really bad at making friends
    The scars of friendships i thought I'd unremembered suddenly weakened in pain,
    That's why today i tell you how much you guy's means to me i love you"
    In a way that suits me the most,
    It started without me knowing it that's how my friendship with you
    The moment we became friend's a goolm sunflower bloom,
    Even the feelings
    I can't put into words in this letter,
    Will become a honest part of my gratitude.

    @tamanna3 @hafzikr @the_muted_voice (words cannot Express how grateful i am just to know you gays,
    May God bless y'all as you have blessed me.
    Thank you for being my wonderful friends, i love you all so very much T^T
    Take good care of yourself my dear friends)

    #gratitude ��
    #letter ��

    P.S: sorry guys for this mess that i wrote, it's not something big but believe me when i say this i love you:)

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    A letter to my Angel's


  • daffodilpearlzz 2w


    (Two poets are writing letters to each other. Neither of them know each other, where they live, who they are, what they love and what poetry is for them. Here's a part of one of their daily letters.)

    Dear poet/poetess,

    I oar a boat sailing on the tranquil ocean of violent turbulence with the waves hitting back-forth between my melancholy and your smiles. Each time your tears hidden in your words, like dew drops on gossamers, wet the nadir of my heart, I set out for a voyage to find the rarest of the metaphors in this milky way; you're a raconteur whose biography paints a waterfall of vehemences in me and I end up being a nubivagant itinerant in your skies.

    I have preserved all the letters you wrote in my memories and I become a numinous sonder. Hadn't we presumed of living in our smultronställe? Was it afloat on the waves of a lake, on the clouds, on laps of tender green leaves or on laps of brown vintage paper?

    Today, I held the moon as the mirror and I saw some bruises on its surface which reformed into a young immortal rabbit with creamy white fur. The mangata commanded me to write you a letter of gratitude and here I'm, staring at the dustiness of abandoned paper and reading the anecdotes from your eyes. Aside the paper, there's a broken quill lying on its death bed, my wooden table, and I somehow end up conveying condolences to it, as I realize that no more will poetry bloom within this room; forever detachment from the beloved is the most painful sonnet ever.

    Thank you - two words, two syllables, which eternally wind into each other. They settle the chaos in the minds of a perplexed traveller, haven't you written to me? You had added that they were the drops of regret which fell on your arms from the flowers of poetry bloomed in your garden and burnt your skin. So here I'm, letting my tercets shed drops of repentance and gratitude on you, but this time, to heal your wounds.

    To begin with, you are the most humble passenger I met in my journey, you climbed on to my cart when I was down with desolation. You touched my soul and wiped off my tears. You cried to hell when I was injured and let the pain ooze away from me; you poured it into you.

    Thank you for being my one-member family when all I was left with was a pen to write with and a paper to write upon. Thank you for being my friend who came as the moon-light when darkness evaded my days and the sunrays which lit by dark nights of life.

    Thank you for watering the sapling of poetry I sent you and thank you for gifting me back, its full-fledged flowers. Thank you for being in place of my parents and giving birth to poetry in me when I was stuck in a blackhole of sorrows at a time.

    Thank poetry, thank you.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Fri 11 June 2021
    Image credits to the original owner
    Smultronställe : A special place discovered for solace and relaxation.

    #letters #letter #gratitude
    PS : I should've posted this for yesterday's challenge xd #poesy_daffs

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  • jazbat 3w


    मेरे शोना !
    आज से मैं तुम्हें ‘ मंत्रीजी ‘ कहूँगी
    फ़िर तुम झूठे वादे करते रहना और मैं
    कभी शिकायत नही करूँगी ।

    Ranjana B.

  • jazbat 4w

    एक और दिन देखने को मिला आज
    दीजिए इसी का धन्यवाद !

    Ranjana B.

  • jazbat 6w


  • jazbat 6w

    ईद मुबारक़

    हर घर में हो बरकत
    हर दिल हो ख़ुशहाल
    सुक़ून और सेहत से
    सब हों मालामाल
    इंसानों में नेक़नियती और
    प्यार बढ़ाए.. परवरदीग़ार ।

    Ranjana B.

  • misanthrope_3110 6w

    Well, I rarely post. Like once in a lifetime. I'm more of an explorer in this community. This post here is more of a whining than conveying my emotions. I never got the idea of posting this until one of my friends asked me to. If it was worth posting, I hope u enjoyed it. The worst part is, this is one of the pages from my diary and guess what it's full of utter despair ��.

    #wod #farcry #pod #letter #creativearena #writersofinstagram #writersnetwork #writer #writing #writerscommunity #writersofig #mirakeewriters #writersofmirakee #poetsofinstagram #writersofindia #poetsofindia #writersociety #mirakeeworld #passion #untaintedblood #mirakee_post

    #mirakee #mirakeeans #writers_paradise #emotionalworld

    #writersworld #mirakeewishpers #mirakeethoughts #mirakee_writes #mirakee_reposts #mirakee_writers

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    Standard Regression

    I wanna scream real badly, like letting it all out. A feeling of missing something, too complex to define. It might be the mixture of things I couldn't get to experience. I'm just afraid that it may break me little by little.

    Do I put up a front of being tough or do I lie to myself that I may get used to it as I go through it again and again? Regardless of what I have been trying to figure out, I'm always back to square one.

    The craving of being validated and negligence towards my constant progress in being incompetent towards almost everything has always been quite a toxic combination.

    Aaaaaahhh, wish I could keep myself busy well enough to distract myself from the voids of my life.

    Hmmm, do I sound dramatic? Might be. That's the last thing I wanna worry about. If there is one upside of all this overthinking, it's the realisation of knowing well enough when to not cross a line and the importance of things I couldn't get to experience.

    All this whining and not expressing most of the things out may implode me eventually. Yeah right, too much is at stake here .

  • jazbat 7w


    एक अदद सुराख़ ही काफ़ी है
    उसकी आमद को
    चाहे उम्मीद हो, इश्क़ हो
    या मुश्क हो
    दरारें देती हैं रास्ते आने- जाने को
    जिस रास्ते जाती है वफ़ा
    उसी से जफ़ा के आने को
    जहाँ से लगाती है पहरे दुनिया
    ख़्वाहिशों पर
    उसी जगह से राह बनाती है रोशनी
    उम्मीद जगाने को ।
    Ranjana B.