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    I read a prose piece back at my high school about a prince who was all happy in his lifetime,
    there was a big wall in his palace
    to shield him from the sorrows of this world,

    So he couldn't in his lifetime saw anyone suffering
    Neither he felt any pains and miseries of this world for being unaware of a world
    beyond his vision which is suffering

    But after he left his mortal being
    and as a statue he was being sculpted
    in the middle of his city
    he could see everything
    and for the first time he felt pain
    and this left him to intospect
    that he failed as a human

    It filled him with void
    and he felt to redeem
    And he decided to help some beings
    as per his might

    The story goes like how he helped
    three human beings
    with the help of some birds I think
    I just couldn't remember
    the whole prose
    but the gist is that

    Are we realizing the significance of being born
    and our lives' purposes?

    One and foremost of them
    is being a human
    for not just human
    but for one and all

    It leaves me numb
    when I see this world
    has bifurcation
    into so many worlds,
    unequal and unjust

    Might be we can't help all
    Sometimes we can't even help ourselves too

    But yet as long as we are breathing
    we can try to be human
    and be humane to this world around

    To share Lord's light

    For all would not get an opportunity
    as that prince of my prose
    who after his mortal life tried
    to share some lights in others' darknesses

    Till we are here

    Let's be humans
    and try to
    make it
    one world just and equal
    for all beings alike.

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    In this one world
    Under the same open sky
    and above this ground

    I find so many contrasts why lord
    Can you answer?

    That mother with her infant
    was wandering here and there
    for search of some few morsels
    if the world could provide her
    with some mercy

    No shelter to shield them
    No proper clothes to wrap their being
    No currency to meet their utmost needs
    No certainty to survive safe
    and secured with some dignity
    in this world

    This world considers them beggars
    Irritating them for seeking
    some help to survive

    It lefts numb my lord
    You provided ample amounts
    of morsels
    yet many are still hungry
    and thirsty why?

    You gave everything
    which this world needs
    to live in just balance

    But yet there's so much inequalities

    Why lord


    Human being is your answers to mine

    Yes lord
    You made humans
    and I know
    yet we failed you many where

    Give us another chance to revive

    There are only a few might be

    But we would try to promise you this

    that till we are here
    We will try to make your world
    a better place
    with all our sincere efforts ,
    in all our might
    to repay the debt of yours
    to give us this human birth

    Lord please throw some light
    in these darknesses

    So we can hope and try
    to enlighten each others' lives
    in this world
    to make it
    a one world just and equal
    for all beings alike

    O lord send some light
    Send some hope
    to revive