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    #random thoughts
    #this writer is back
    #writer within me died months back
    #lets see
    #no judgements

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    Petition to ban words 'Sorry' and 'Thankyou'.
    Just because saying sorry cannot recover the damage done and saying thankyou can not justify the amount of efforts made by a person.

  • wawa08 26w

    #GOOD NIGHT FOR YOU (it was night at mY place)
    #STAY SAFE ��������

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    The Day You Lose Everything is the Day you BECOME STRONGER ~❤️❤️

  • ursanonymous_ 37w

    #lets serve for humanity

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    I wonder in complete suspension,
    If I die tomorrow, will any body be in tension?

    I doubt if I have made memories or not,
    But you all made me happy ,so thanks a lot.

    Some people might hate it or some might love it,
    It's doesn't matter much, for the loved ones will curse it.

    I regret if I have ever hurt you,
    Please, it's a sorry from me and I really respect you.

    My intentions weren't bad , just actions were cruel,
    I wish you accept the apology before my body finish it's fuel.

    I was really not angry just a little mad,
    To tolerate it thanks mom and dad.

    And yes, I have friends who are rare,
    I trusted them and with me they all were fair.

    I am thankful to god to let me see today's sunrise,
    Yahh! I am not afraid to accept, if tomorrow my soul dies.

    I am proud that I did all my karmas,
    Proud to be the one who followed all the dharmas.

    Hoping all to accept if it's reality, but don't spread the sorrow,
    Cause it's just a mystery , what if I die tomorrow?

  • ursanonymous_ 37w

    #lets be brave .

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    I am not fine..

    Hey there, ever felt like screaming loud in the air?
    You must have wished it but there's no one who care.

    You must have felt that you are sad,
    But expecting someone to make you happy is like being a mad.

    Ever felt the essence of your own peace?
    Then forget this world who enjoys you as a broken piece.

    You must have desired to have wings after being pissed,
    Getting lost in the skies is always you wished.

    One day you will sense your loneliness,
    But enjoy it cause there's no body to harm your selflessness.

    Feeling defeated for ever is normal today,
    But one day you will tell, "what a joke it was yesterday!!"

    Ever thought of running to a far of land?
    Then remember in this fight you are alone who stand.

    Reminded yourself of breaking this filthy fence?
    Then you must be ready for your own defence.

    Ever asked god to take you in divine?
    Tell him that people hurt and you are not fine...

  • pranalishah 49w

    - Let’s -

    Let's flip a page or two,
    Fall on our backs and
    lie clumsily on the floor...
    Share some thoughts
    while observing the monsoon rains,
    Playing rhythms on the window panes,
    A song of nature inviting sweet aromas,
    While watching the play of crickets
    and dancing canes.

    Let's watch the dews make patterns today,
    And skip Netflix & Chill and the usuals for the day...
    Brewing some of your coffee you await,
    while I wait for the tea to brim yet again,
    Amidst that I'm not sure of the cheeky smiles
    and sneaky stares you share,
    while teasing and messing my hair again...

    "Is it you observing my insane knacks or
    Am I looking like a little menace again?"
    I add, feeling a small flutter in my tummy again.
    As I watch you chuckle at my bewilderedness...

    Let's be lazy and order some takeout.
    Is it Pasta or Lebanese we're calling for today?
    You flip the coin and I decide,
    "What's wrong with pizzas, anyway?
    Why not the usual stuffed crust?" You ask away.
    I chuckle and smile at the baby face you make,
    "I think, I’d like that!” I say right away...

    Let’s just hope things stay this way,
    And if they change, only for the better, I’d pray,
    But I want us to remain the absolute constant,
    No matter what’s written in fate,
    In thoughts I stay, while you smile away,
    Watching Netflix play our favourite comedy over again,
    I kiss your forehead out of nowhere,
    Hoping this remained,
    Hoping impromptus like these
    would happen more often,
    Hoping it is what may...


    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writersofmirakee #wod #writersnetwork #valentine #love #couplegoals #couples #romance #lets

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    - Let’s -

    Let's flip a page or two,
    Fall on our backs and
    lie clumsily on the floor...
    Share some thoughts while
    observing the monsoon rains,
    Playing rhythms on the window panes,
    A song of nature inviting sweet aromas,
    While watching the play of crickets
    and dancing canes.

    (rest in caption)

  • mercileie_zealeaous01 51w

    ©mercileie_zealeaous01, definitely rude sometimes very quickly but not at all times ,because I believed to work for a cause not for applause ,#noble,naive,and gentle !!! Be just not be a man ,but a gentleman tooo .... With regards ,#lets drive a positive impact,change ,and be a reason for someone's smiles because it's easy to made every one cry but it's difficult to made a smile on someone's face ,#Mindit �� #PKZ!!
    Don't tried to being report by being doing report !! So kindly just report to me !!!

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    About me - An Introduction.....

    I Am Hot as an Ice inside ,
    But as freezing cold from the outside ,
    Rest depends upon you what you got ,iam as angry like mad horse,
    but iam as pleasant as;
    One of the coolest minds and with a stable soul (Mind too) .....
    Rest it depends upon you and the conditions


  • mercileie_zealeaous01 53w

    Pritzkahn 01 , merceilious 01 ! #duos, #lets deep dive into the oceans of the knowledge of something expensives's things present on the earth ����
    #current affairs #2021 Jan , @examwarriors2020 , #Pritzkhan #Merciliousoeiginals , #Mercileie_Zealeaous01 officially. #Testbook.com

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    World's expensives's

  • ankaheebaatein 55w

    Digital India ka Daur hai jaha ...

    Online milo to Lambi hoti hai Batiyaan
    Aur Offline milo to ye lete hai bas Selfiyaan

    ~Anjali Singh ~

  • official_mysterious_devil 55w

    बहुत कुछ खोया है ,लोगो ने बीते साल में,
    वो तकलीफ में आज भी है,
    चलो उनका दर्द बांटते है
    अपने लिए तो बहुत कुछ मांगते है हम सब ,
    चलो आज उन सब के लिए भी खुशियों की दुआ मांगते है ।

  • fizuaa 58w

    #lets talk
    #reasons why we need female writers

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    Let's talk about periods

    Periods is nothing but a flow
    For five days or so
    But only guys think so
    Because you people don't go through
    What we women face
    It seems like a punishment given by mother nature
    "Oh wait a second,
    I've stained my skirt"
    "Oh so funny"
    "This isn't funny"
    "I feel like crying"
    " Mom you're so annoying"
    "The world is so fucking"
    "Gosh I've run out of pads"
    "Wait I can't go out today"
    So all this was mood swings and problems it carries along
    If you still think it's just a flow
    "How long will you sleep"
    "Don't you need to work"
    My mom says so
    When I'm on my periods
    Which I try to ignore
    But unfortunately
    I use cuss words
    Which my mom shouldn't be aware of
    So I drag myself into a new bunch of trouble

  • aymanismail123 58w

    Distract the distractions
    U can u will u have to
    U actually mean it
    U ought to do dis


  • catitude86 58w


    If life is a book,
    Let's turn the page......

  • healerr 59w

    Life is all about not giving up

  • hilary 72w

    #change the world
    #lets help others through it all

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    Many are the trials and temptations we face
    Many face the trail of choosing to stay faithful to their partners
    Some the trial of doing what is right
    You may think being young is easy
    Maybe it's because of where you are
    Even the young ones have battles today
    The temptation of sex
    The poison of peer pressure
    The influence of television
    And some even the challenge of pleasing their parents
    All these are going on
    If your child doesn't show any signs
    Doesn't mean it isn't there
    Occasionally it's a friend they need
    Not a parent, be their first best friend
    Before the others come in
    God didn't just drop us down here
    He placed two persons here to take care of us
    Let's help the young ones, Let's understand them
    If they fall, lets get them back on their feet
    Show them the understanding love that
    Leaves a mark that ascertains a change
    That the next generation learn how to fight whatever may come their way.

  • preranarathi 72w


    लोगों की इस दुनिया में, महफ़िलें तो हर रोज जमती हैं,
    अकेले रह जाते हैं हम, दुनिया देख कर हंसती है।
    कल तक जो हमारे साथ थे, आज वो किसी और की महफ़िल का सितारा है,
    अब हमारा साथ, कहाँ किसी को गवारा है।
    इंसान के रंगों के आगे, प्रकृति के रंग भी फिके पड जाते हैं,
    यहाँ मौसम से पहले इंसान बदल जाते हैं।
    आज यहाँ, तो कल वहाँ, जमेगी लोगों की महफ़िल,
    पर साथ निभाएँ जो जिंदगी भर, कहाँ हैं ऐसा साहिल।
    हम तो इन महफ़िलों से अब दूर ही रहते हैं,
    क्योंकि इन महफ़िलों में अक्सर, बस दिल ही टूटते हैं।
    कभी किसी टूटे हुएँ दिल के साथ महफ़िल जमा कर देखो जनाब,
    दुनिया का कोई भी रंग, न आएँगा फिर तुमको रास।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • anunknownwriter 74w

    #lets #roll #bitch
    By unknown writer

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    Forever trust in who
    we are


  • hiya04 79w

    #blue_dear #pod #pride #lgbtcommunity #lets #stand #for #them #equality #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakee
    @bluepuppy01 @cyan_rose

    Dear someone
    You are an extraordinary gift of God. You are beautiful & unique the way you are. Never think less of yourself. You have survived this far while others are asking for a chance. Remember, you are precious!!!

    I know sometimes you have to go through a lot . You may feel abandoned & useless.Mostly questioning your existence.Your parents & society may not support u. But don't let these thought let You down.

    Yes you may be attracted to people of the same gender or both.But that doesn't define your abilities & qualities. You can be far better than the others. Nowadays what actually matters is the humanity in you. Coz some of the people who call them "real man" sadly lack in morality.

    Society may doomed you for being yourself. But that should not stop you from being the real you. Yes society is changing a bit , appreciating & embracing people of all communities. But I'm sure there are still places which lacks it. You may lack the support. But keep in mind there are also people who'll support you. Try asking for help .Nope actually demand for your rights. You are a child of God, a citizen of your country and you deserve your human rights .

    Don't give up! Not now or in the future. You are unique. Don't be ashamed of it. Embrace & Fight for it. We are always there for you.


    (Pic Credit: Pinterest)

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    Dear Someone

    Don't give up!!!
    Not now or in the future
    You are unique
    A beautiful creation of God
    Take pride in it
    You deserve your rights
    Your identity
    Fight for it !!

  • mackruis 81w

    Whats loneliness?
    An emotion that's been spoke with self when you find except your shadow to talk, that to often let's you in dark!
    staying in this lonely path is also amazing, which lets you stop blinking and start thinking!


  • flamesfrommind 83w

    Living is not enough..I happen to wish to LIVE LIFE.

  • nimishasrivastava 84w

    Haan Main Galat..
    Galat Meri Baatein,
    Galat Hi Shahi...
    Duniya Bani...
    Poora Shahi Koyi Nahi Hai...
    Le Le Meri Chetavni...

    @mirakee #mirakee #readwriteunity
    #whyshy??? #lets #talk #about #our galti ..
    #mineis''love''.. #urs????????
    @_parinda ..

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    गलती तो थी....
    जो उसकी दोस्ती को प्यार समझ बैठी ।
    जो उसकी मुस्कान को अपना घर-बार समझ बैठी ।।
    जो उसकी सुबह रूमानी करते-करते अपनी सुबह नीलाम कर बैठी ।
    जो उसकी इज़्ज़त के लिए अपना स्वाभिमान खो बैठी ।।
    हां गलती ही तो थी जो अपने ख़्वाबों में उसका संसार सजा बैठी।।।।।