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  • bhumee1970 1w


    looking at me
    while assistance from others
    shout alone at my deathbed
    looking for a door,
    I want to wake up
    from this asymmetrical World,
    taking a fully breath
    and my heart pound
    atleast I am alive,
    now stop being sad
    don't fade away
    the half of you
    & let it go......

  • cassiopeia_sky 1w

    Just Let It Go

    So many ups and downs you have been used and abused...

    Just let it go

    One Day you will see the mircales bestowed upon thee...

    Just let it go

    Closed your heart but you fell apart...

    Just let it go

    Dont wait for that apology or amends that seems to never end...

    Free yourself from the chains that bond your soul for all eternity...Just let it go

  • angels_halo_shines 5w

    “LET IT GO”

    I know I said I was taking a break.

    The case of Gabby Petito it’s hard for me to stay quiet about. Her family needs peace, Gabby needs peace.
    For anyone going through so much clutter in your mind. In your life. Remember Gabby’s tattoo....

    LET IT GO 🙏🙏🙏 Let it go.
    For you let it go.
    For them let it go.
    Forever let it go.

    I am working on letting it go now.
    It’s not easy, eventually I have to.
    Let it go.
    A shame it took Gabby to make me realize this. She paid dearly for such a simple message to get through. May she rest. May she Rest In Peace.

  • peppy_writing 6w


    There are many things in Life
    That you can't control
    That just happen the way it has to
    Whether you accept it or not
    That thing will happen when it is meant to be
    So,It is better to just let it go

  • ullrikarishma 9w

    In our life temporary people has two effects.
    Either we get blessings or lessons.
    Both are necessary, to grow in our life.
    So let it come and go
    If it's meant to be yours it will.
    So just go with the flow and experience everything.
    Life will be beautiful.

    Please follow my account and my Instagram account for more inspirational words.

    My Instagram account: the_cutie_poet

    #once #wod #letitgo #temporarypeople #passingcloud #love #grow #life #

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Passing Cloud

    You once told me,
    Let them go baby
    They are just passing clouds.
    But I do not know,
    You're that passing cloud.

  • cassiopeia_sky 12w

    Let it Go

    Let it Go yesterday is done all words that were spoken and the feelings that were intensely felt with an aching desire to move forward with the wisdom of all lessons learned...

  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    * 27.8.2021; 3.30 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 595th post; 83 posts till 678th (Target)

    * Crushing can crushed us deep inside. The crushes, they just 'don't have the balls' to accept us. It make us feel like we cannot be loved. They just doesn't feel loved by us.

    #Crush #Crushing #PokemonGo #Pokemon #Go #LetItGo


    Go; Ball ~

    Catching a crush
    is like playing
    Pokemon Go.

    A pokemon that
    don't get caught
    in a pokeball.

    Ones tend to avoid
    catching feeling,
    as if it is like
    a dodgeball.

    We have to
    move on.
    Just let the
    person go.

    We can be happy
    by ourselves.
    Have fun @
    have a ball.

    Give ourselves
    a chance to shine.
    Dance as if we
    are in a ball.

    Be our
    best selves.
    "Let it go" ��

    ©️ Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    Go; Ball ~

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  • devilgodwin 14w

    Let it go.

    Learn to, let it go.
    when something is
    bothering you,
    you want to make amends
    in the past,but you know you can't.

    when you
    curse yourself for the
    situation you are in.
    Learn to , Let it go.

    Take deep breath and understand,
    You are in illusion, nothing
    here stands
    It is only the illusion that dies
    not the Life, we are in.

    So, Let it go.
    Mistakes happened, so what
    If happend one more time ,
    or long time ago

    Let it go, and breath
    Don't invite the night, before
    It's time to sleep

  • subliminalthoughts0 15w

    These heartaches are constant , this abrupt race of heart beat , becoming anxious about the changes occurring in your life , But they are real and you can't stop them, you want to cry out loud , ask any one to help you , you couldn't , You're so tired to utter a single word , You're done with everything , You're done with people and yourself too....
    Sometimes life test us from where it want us to grow , to get over it or let it go but,
    ..... I'm done

  • tonie222 19w

    Let It Go

    I let many things go in a number of ways 

    I do not associate with people who do not benefit my happiness 

    Cutting off those who feel as though 

    I had to be their company while they are lingering in misery 

    Lurking around waiting fot me to slip up 

    I let go the fear that I have to subjectify myself to people's ignorance 

    Whether family or not 

    That my life is mine to live and not someone else's 

    Me, I am the main character of my own story 

    Letting go isn't easy 

    Coming from experience and learning the hard way 

    The notion for letting go was the fact that I had to let go off my foolish pride 

    The same pride that made me Egotistical and Arrogant 

    I learned. No. Still learning to Let Go 

    Of materialistic things that mean nothing and only weigh me down 

    Within a broken past. 

  • lachimolalaaa 20w


    the pieces you lost in the journey
    were never needed!


  • soulo_scribbles 21w


    Can't you cut some slack ?
    You, not cut to the chase ?
    Cause life's too short,
    And I find it hard.
    There's so much to
    Learn, love and live for.
    So I'll push my pedal
    And learn to lackadaisical.
    Cheering my hustled accomplishments.
    Grounded in wallflower embellishments.


  • raazu_khadka 21w

    Let it go

    The ghouls of the souls
    May haunt your selfless heart.
    But! let it go.
    Let it go as it was never yours
    If it was meant to be
    It will be back.
    With the band of drums.
    And you shall rejoice.
    So be clam.
    And let it go with smile.

  • sugandh_ankahi 23w

    In the moment

    Day was gone in a haze
    And night's passing by
    Million moments are lost
    Millions yet to arrive
    Hope is sitting on my shoulder
    Like this shining firefly
    Let me pause a little in now
    To look up at bright sky
    N to sing to my old soul
    A poem and a lullaby


  • nothingleftsoiwrite 24w

    Glued to You

    Too easily attached
    Hoping for the most
    When I know for a fact
    I need to let go
    I have to act fast
    Before I'm too low
    From where I can't come back
    But I am far too slow

    I'm not exaggerating this infatuation,
    got me exasperating over my lack of patience with myself,
    I'm just a sad creation, an empty book on a shelf


  • words_worth_life 25w

    Always learn how to be strong alone.


  • words_worth_life 25w

    In the world of Muting and Blocking,
    Find someone who pins you on top of their list.


  • dreamersneverlearn 25w

    Learn from the pain

    Loving someone who doesn't love themselves is not only pointless,
    But causes the most horrific pain I have ever endured

  • harsher_than_thou 25w


    I can still see you
    don't hide under the bed
    the rat is still undead,
    I am the ghost
    that haunts you still,
    I don't mean to scare
    I just want to play,
    and tell you a tale of
    how I came to haunt
    your malleable head.


    Can you hear me still,
    hiding behind those
    slender wooden doors?
    I wonder what makes you think
    your secrets are safe inside
    these suffocating closet rooms.

    Heed my warning,
    my ugly duckling-
    I am the darkness,
    your eternal harness.
    I am your shadow,
    I am aware of
    your impetuous actions.
    Throw out your white flag,
    before it turns
    darker than black-
    this has been enough
    of a long dull drag.

    oh sinless offender,
    these demons you
    cover needlessly under,
    are leashed and spread asunder.


    I hear your sobs,
    your wavering thoughts,
    what are you
    really afraid of?

    Oh dear!
    My dear,
    Rest assured,
    your conscience is
    pure and clear.
    I am the fiend
    that hovers
    dangerously near.
    I am no brute,
    I'll let you flee-
    nobody likes hearing
    the wail of a banshee.


    Are you ready to run?
    I can hear you hum
    a lullaby-
    the one you sang
    while playing
    under the light of the sun.

    I'll let you leave,
    get some reprieve
    from the demons
    who refuse
    to bow and heel.


    The time has come,
    for me to drum
    the rhythmic beat-
    A monstrous one.
    You can't hide forever,
    my dainty wallflower-
    you aren't yet a ghost
    that can invisibly hover.


    Can you hear the knock
    on the tactless clock,
    that tells you it can soon see
    the hem of your floral frock.

    Up, my dear Hitchcock!
    enough of suspense,
    time to find your way out.

    I am trapped in your head,
    please let me out,
    can you not feel the throb
    in your fragile head?
    Its me learning
    to fight back and shout.


    Now, let me go.
    I am but an imaginary foe,
    created to harness
    your spreading darkness.

    Freedom is here,
    just a happy thought away.
    All you need to do
    is open your eyes
    and see the day.

    That's all it takes,
    for me to take
    your darkness
    far, far away.


    #pod #peekaboo #ghoststhathaunt #letitgo

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    Ghosts that Haunt


    I can still see you
    don't hide under the bed
    the rat is still undead,
    I am the ghost
    that haunts you still,
    I don't mean to scare
    I just want to play,
    and tell you a tale of
    how I came to haunt
    your malleable head.


  • sruthikaliyaperumal 26w

    Love matters!
    Friends matter!
    But, Not at the cost of your Self-Respect!