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  • bonitasarahbabu 22w

    The day you left, before the call,
    The heart knew you were gone.
    Before the shock encompassed the body,
    She relived all the shattered dreams and hopes.
    The day you left,
    Her a part of her died as well.
    On that day,
    She shut herself off because the pain debilitated her.
    She wakes up with thoughts of you,
    And she sleeps with thoughts of you.
    The day you left,
    She lost her bearings.

  • anush18 23w

    #juneisboon @writersbay #leftc

    I always sleep my pain, so that when it aches, I don't feel it

    The second line is from this song "I had an antidote"

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    The day you left, I am grieving for my soul.
    I had an antidote, And my body left my soul.
    The friction of ache constantly reminds me of the intergalactic sounds inside my body.
    This hollowed part of mine is not less than the spirals of Andromeda, I'm remembering myself, and I ask every single person to take me to the Church and leave my mysteries behind. My absurd life where I had no hint of what is happening in my life has come to an end. I miss and I dismiss.

  • gaurangig 24w

    The day you left...
    I sat on the footpath
    Like a homeless tramp!
    The world flew past,
    Blurred and crazy
    The curtain of tears,
    Making everything hazy!
    I wanted to shout,
    To stop you from leaving
    But all I did was sit there
    My heavy heart heaving!
    I wanted to run,
    To hold on to you
    But my feet felt too heavy!
    I sat there, by the roadside
    Till the day turned to night.
    I could see you in my mind
    Even when you were out of sight!
    I stayed there till late,
    Couldn't gather the courage,
    I did not trust my feet
    Across the world's stage!
    Finally as the skies
    Turned lighter in the east
    I dragged myself up,
    And headed to my nest.
    Just then, I heard shouting,
    I turned around to look,
    At the sight I saw,
    My whole soul shook!
    My body lay on the footpath,
    My eyes closed forever,
    Because, the day you left
    You promised to see me.... Never!

    #writersbay #leftc #mirakee #writersnetwork

    This is such a late night rant!! ����

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    The day you left

    The day you left
    My heart was hacked to pieces,
    The crimson fragments of my heart
    Carried far and wide...

    The day you left
    My scarlet blood boiled,
    The anger was scalding,
    Oh! How my heart cried!

    The day you left
    My soul left my body,
    In the Vermillion mist of dawn,
    I cast my life aside!


  • _firefly 24w

    The day you left it rained heavily and I was barefoot, dancing all my pain out on the electric wires with a mere wish to die than to stay far from you. My golden skies suddenly turned dark, covered with obscure clouds and hopeless cries as soon as you took a step to walk out. But the memories you gave, never for a single moment betrayed me. Every night as I struggled with sleep, they knocked my window as a gentle breeze and helped me sleep by calming the tormented voids of my soul. I sang my pain to the moon who warned me enough times before falling for you, yet ended up comforting me in derelict times. My existence was nothing but wrapped beneath all those metaphors and parallels I wrote for our little 'forever'. Your face kept resurfacing my mind and I couldn't let go of all the love residing in my bare bones enchanting your name. And as the church bells tolled to mark the beginning of a new day I reminded myself how I was stuck in the horizon between atrocious always and futile forevers. I wish it was easy to forget you, I wish it was easy to describe pain, just the way it was easy for you to walk away.


    @writersnetwork #leftc

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  • bclark2681 24w

    The Leaving

    The day you left, I mourned
    My existence turned to storm
    You were my natural everything
    And oh so beautifully ravishing
    My idiocy neglected your value
    And my soul failed to love you
    Now I'm alone, misery devoured
    From my lack of ambitious fire

  • serrated_ink 24w

    Tears rolling down the cheeks
    Dark circles circling the brown eyes
    Skin pealing off from the lips..

    Voice from the throat feeling caged
    Ribs been chocked by the grief
    Heart bleeding out with agony..

    Abandoned, by own soul
    LOVE, flit away from the body..


  • anshika_winks 24w

    The day you left,
    I started living my life
    With just I, me and myself

  • loves_passion 24w

    Abandoned dream of being one

    The day you left, I felt like I didn't lose you, but I lost the part of mine. Which had makes promises of fantasy to be always mine, has left me alone in the dream of being together in an abandoned house, with the nightmares.

  • wilmaneels1 24w

    The day you left
    You probably thought you removed all of your stuff
    So why do I still smell you?
    Why do I still feel you?
    Why am I expecting you to walk through that door again?

    What happened to the clean break you mentioned?
    Couldn't you take your fragrance with you?
    It's been months
    I can't get rid of your stuff

    Especially the memories

  • preetkanwal 24w

    #leftc #mirakee #writersbay
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    The day you left
    I drank sea of loneliness .
    On the sands of time now, are scattered,
    shells of your reminiscence .
    Drained n’ thirsty, words wander
    in the desert of emptiness,
    sipping dry metaphors
    my parched heart takes refuge
    //in an oasis of poetry in your absence //


  • sou_scribbles_ 24w

    The day you left,
    My soul was cracked.
    Little did I know that
    The crack would let in a new light.

    The day you left,
    Your unfaithfulness had burnt me alive.
    Little did I know that
    Life would teach me to rise again, like a phoenix.

    The day you left,
    My heart was shattered into pieces.
    Little did I know that
    A new me would be concieved from those very pieces.

    The day you left,
    Time had seemed to screech to a sudden halt.
    Little did I know that
    It was just the beginning of my new journey.

    The day you left,
    My life had started seeming like a never ending darkness.
    Little did I know that
    It was just the prelude to a new dawn.

    The day you left,
    I had felt like the loneliest person in the Earth.
    Little did I know
    That I always had MYSELF!!

    #selflove #poetry #leftc #writersbay #wod
    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

    (Image courtesy goes to the rightful owner)

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    The day you left...

    The day you left,
    I had felt like the loneliest person in the Earth.
    Little did I know
    That I always had MYSELF!!

  • bellemoon99 24w

    #writersbay #leftc

    The day you left my heart became a globet of tears.
    My enemies drank from it delighted and you used it as a mirror.
    Was it your or my vanity that led us here?
    Forgive me. Or better yet, forget me.
    I'm now but a humble ghost repeating old tales.
    If you ever feel cold, then you'll know... you'll know.

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  • serrated_ink 24w

    I had colors in my palette
    They tinted every emotions of mine
    Different from one another
    Vibrant like the rainbow in the sky..

    Red painted my Love
    From which I raised my pride..
    Blue tinted my Soul
    From which I met the power of divine..
    Black painted my Melancholy
    From which I realized my ardour..
    White tinted my Belief
    From which I learned how to be kind..

    Inking down the colors of my life
    I realize,
    My poetries has all of them
    As I carve them with my passion
    And dye them into other's soul..

    Inking down the colors of my life
    I remember,
    The day you left,
    I lost the Yellow - the color of my Faith
    I lost the Green - the color of my Joy
    I found Grey - the color of Neutrality
    I found Lavender - the color of Elegance and Grace..

    I found the shades of PINK
    Which resembles the colors of SELF_LOVE..��

    #ink #leftc #wod #pod #lalawrites #colors #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #miraquill

    Pic credit ti the rightful owner..♥


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    Inking down the colors of my life
    I realized,
    My poetries has all of them
    As I carve them with my passion
    And dye them into other's soul..


  • writers_ink_ 24w

    The day you left,
    my body just got numb
    I didn't know what to do...

    When I realized I was never
    going to see you again
    my thoughts haunted me...
    I was stuck in between reality and fiction
    I couldn't move I couldn't breathe

    I just wanted to see you
    Hold you tight and tell
    What you meant to me
    But I can't because you
    "left me behind tearing apart"
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Left me behind
    tearing apart

  • waitaminute 24w

    When you left, it wasn't easy let you go.
    It felt like you are taking a part of me with you.
    And though you were not there always,but you were there always. Half of my mind was chasing you and other half was making me believe what reality was. Time passed it still pass but it feels like everything is happening again and again in my mind. Outside I won't agree with anybody that i miss you ,
    But my heart and also my mind knows that i never let you go. Its easy to pretend and move on. But sometimes I feel like i should move back and fix everything.
    It just happened, we can't control. Fights and odds they test us. So, I just wanted to tell my past self that dont be pissed off at someone for long because when they leave it hurts and friendships break, bonds break.

    May be you ain't coming back ever, not even littlest possibility, still a hope says someday you will knock at door by mistake , and your wrong decision can make things right between us.
    Your minie


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    The day you left and never turned back

  • monsteralive 24w

    The day you left me all alone
    In the middle of chaos all gone
    I wanted you to be with me
    But you left me like critical on bed
    I was the one who wanted not to be sad
    When you left i was alone
    When i turned behind you were long gone
    You thought your leaving will brake me
    You had no idea darling who you were dealing with.

  • dipsisri 24w

    "The day you left me my soul died,I was left just as a hollow body breathing through your memories and living with poetries, melancholy & sunsets.On that day I realised that heartache never leaves gradually it just becomes a part of yourself.The day you left there was no sunshine,the clouds were gloomy in shade of grey.It was raining seems like they were also crying with me.Sometimes I get too afraid that what if "one day you will just vanish from my memories too"?"What if one day I'll forget about our halcyon"?This is why darling I paint you with rhymes & words in vibrant verses of my poetries.This is why I write you in my every single word.It is my promise that I will write infinite poetries till my last breath.I just want one promise from you that the day you will read these poems, please just carry the redolence of my poems in pocket of that blue shirt I gifted you".

    -Dipsi Srivastava

    Bg:- Me

    Ps:- The last line is from one of my hindi write-up.And yes wrote something after long time don't know it makes sense or not.


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  • writers_ink_ 24w

    The day you left me I went back through all the pain you have caused and nothing reminded me of the good things you have done. Else I remembered how wrong I was ignoring your mistakes that you did all along ...and now I am sad not because you left but you took away a part of me with you which used to believe in love which used to trust and now when you're gone I realize how I lost and isolated myself in your love so much that I forgot the things I used to love...
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

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    Lost and isolated myself
    in your love so much that
    I forgot the things I used to love

  • pallavi4 24w


    The day you left I became incomplete again
    Because you forever took away a part of me
    I was blindsided by the excruciating pain
    That left me ruptured for an eternity

    You were the air in my lungs
    You were the love of my life
    You slowly encompassed all of me
    And became a thorn in my side

    I killed the very essence of me
    While trying to become someone you wanted
    You lauded every drop that I lost of me
    Took advantage of my trust and me for granted

    In changing into someone completely different
    From who I really was inside
    The will to get up everyday slowly faded
    The lust for life I had , died

    Everyday you cut me up in pieces
    With your tongue, a razor sharp knife
    With cruel words that you never minced
    Changed the course of my life

    I stopped looking at the mirror to see myself
    I now saw myself only through your eyes
    I was weak like a helpless plant and when
    I protested there was no one to hear my cries

    Lacerated by the gashes you made
    Stripped me slowly of my soul
    I lost track of who I was in the woods of mistrust
    Strayed far away from my aims and goals

    I was unable to object while you stood proudly
    Glad that a wreck I had become
    I was left with no friends to call my own
    I was now a stranger to everyone

    My emotional dependence on you hurt me
    Just like my broken spirit that I brushed aside
    You went on with your life like nothing was wrong
    Weaving a complex web of lies

    The day I got rid of you
    You made me feel shame and guilt alike
    At least now I no longer feel like the rose you cut up
    Just so you could feel good inside


    8th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Writersbay

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  • kin_jo 66w

    That night when you walked away
    I was filled with ecstasy and pain
    My body filled with sheer ecstasy of betrayal
    But heart, submerged under intense pain.

    That night when you walked away
    Light was no where to be found
    Moons radiance faded in dismay
    My vision once clear, now sundowned

    That night when you walked away
    Everything changed impetuously
    The poems once sealed inside the chambers of my anguish
    Flowed out bitter flood of tears
    Shined on my verses like string of pearls
    Forcing my pain to emerge
    Bound in broken melody of ecstasy

    That night..!

    #writersnetwork #ecstasyc #pod #leftc @writersnetwork #writersbay #ceesreposts

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    That night...!