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  • liepa_malijauskaite 3w


    Listen to a voice,
    Like a forgotten moment,
    Long lost wish,
    Leaving one and coming to another.


  • charvee 8w


    Something has happened to earth .
    Someone have ego some have attitude.
    Some have happiness but some have sadness.
    Why you wanna do breakup I don't understand.
    Why you people have this much apoplectic.
    Why just, why do take wrong decision.
    It's just that they can't handle a relationship.
    It's just that they are mad but there love is not ended.
    It's just that they are frustrated with there pin thinking.

  • mysteriousgirl3 8w

    It matters

    It matters when a person who used to talk to you daily is now not talking to you for a single minute❤️

  • charveekoyada 16w


    Something has happened to earth.
    Someone have ego some have attitude.
    Some have happiness but some have sadness.
    Why you wanna do breakup I don't understand.
    Why you people have this much apoplectic.
    Why just why do they take wrong decision.
    It's Just that they can't handle a relationship.
    It's Just that they are mad but there love is not ended.
    It's Just that they are frustrated with own thinking.

  • bclark2681 25w

    The Leaving

    The day you left, I mourned
    My existence turned to storm
    You were my natural everything
    And oh so beautifully ravishing
    My idiocy neglected your value
    And my soul failed to love you
    Now I'm alone, misery devoured
    From my lack of ambitious fire

  • porcupine 25w

    People leave


    Maybe they are afraid of being left first
    So they save themselves the pain
    A pre-emptive strike you could say

  • sheikh_huzaifa 26w

    Kyun tum humaray pyar ko samajh tay nahi
    Kyun kartay ho phir dosti
    Jab nibhayi nahi jati tum say!
    Yu toh khayal rakhnay k liyai kayi aapnai hotay hai
    Dostt say dosti karna khali yai nahi hota
    Jab kaam hoga taab baat karay
    Ya aapnai matlab k waqt baat karay
    Dosti woh hoti hai jis mai aik dusray ka haal chaal ponchay, khayal rakhay, pyar karay
    Taki jiski misaal hum mai kayim rahay.....

  • its_me_luki 33w

    And I'm slowly seeing you #leaving
    Leaving me with thousands #question
    Makes me #doubt myself and my #importance
    Would you please tell me what I did wrong
    #give me chance to fix myself to be your best

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    I'm trying to be fine
    Seeing your ignorance, everytime
    I know I'm not wanted anymore
    Begging you to stay here,
    just give me pain more and more
    I have to let you go
    I'm never be ready tho
    But keep insisting you to love me,
    Give me more feeling of sorrow

    I'm not wanted anymore, I know
    You've found someone better,
    And that always scares me
    Forgotten, unloved and left by you
    However, everything.changes
    This is your turn, your feeling has changed
    And I can't do anything, just acceptance


  • dandilion_dilema 35w

    This is you

    This box. Full of wisdom free from fear.
    All you've known has been right here. Your daydreams dancing on the wall.
    Memories bouncing like a ball.
    Dreams covering the ceiling, where are they to go?
    Every dirty secret these walls will surely know.
    All the questions that you have are right outside the door.
    Then your find your wondering what your leaving for.
    The clock is heavy with the time that it kept for you..
    the scratches in the closet door shows how much you grew.
    This is everybody. There will always be goodbye.
    Growing up is something that nobody can deny.

  • ayayrunsblog 35w

    Leaving My Home Behind

    There's no place like home, that's what they say,
    The place you return to after a very long day.
    I can see it now as I pack up my stuff,
    My blanket and pillows, my mattress now feels rough.
    I pack my shoes that I used to journey out and into the house,
    My final steps on the creeky wooden floor, squeaking like a mouse.
    I pass my hands along the corridor of familiar walls,
    The rooms now almost empty, for each sound, an echo calls.
    I sit on my couch for the very last time,
    As I turn a new leaf and leave everything behind.
    This is scarier than I thought, as I gazed through my glass windows,
    Knowingly one last peak as my eyes well and my eyebrows furrow.
    I walk to the end of the hall, and I take off the lights.
    Inhale; Exhale, I guess this is goodnight.

  • geethunandhuzzzz 35w

    Leaving my home

    The windows teach me,
    How to watch scenery.
    The doors teach me,
    How to step out my problems.
    The pillars teach me,
    How to be strong.
    The glasses teach me,
    How to see others life.
    Living without you,
    Is impossible!
    As a woman I should leave you.
    Wherever I'm ,my mind and thoughts,
    Will be with my sweet home.


  • _the_ones_you_left_behind_ 39w

    Maturity enters when the world opens up in front of you . You are clueless when Reality comes with Maturity & you can't simply let go off the person you were holding onto from days !


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    ... shukriya

    Is letting go so difficult ?..

    Never crossing the minds of adolescents with such an impeccable question
    Two immature souls unaware of the consequences
    Laughing together in the glimpse of joy
    Taking destiny not too seriously
    Started on a journey flooded with savoury ..
    While every single day life became harsh on them.. One of them challenged, "Watch me dear life .. " and bid shukriya
    Another insensible heart kept holding onto HER


  • soliquince 39w

    We had plans, but not like this

    For what it's worth,
    nothing said was meant.
    That I can't know what to believe;

    It unnerves me,
    you were worthy,
    and the hope is you'll see.

    It don't feel like it did,
    so many thoughts
    to forget.

    Monsters under the bed,
    but they're not there
    and I'm not here.

    It unnerves me,
    you're undeserving.
    The hope is you'll understand,
    a heart never falls as planned.

  • thefangirl 40w

    It's really hard to communicate and never easy to live with. The painful transformations hurts, it leave back a thousand worst memories of insults and madness which travel everyday with me. Whenever trigged with similar situations it develop and that pain equals to the wound made deeper with a knife in it. Yes I have a deeper wound with knife of chances being taken and to stab again in the same wound. Please don't hurt me anymore. Let me live.

    #Love #Pain #life #Depression #thoughts #Death
    #Diary #Friendship #School days #Teacher #Knowledge # Family #leaving

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    The Depressed Girl

    From my book flying around the desks
    for my classmates to copy my homeworks.
    To beg for one book from the collected book
    Bundle from my class leader I changed.
    From the first one to reach the class early
    To be the always late comer tag I changed.
    From proudly receiving an outstanding medal
    During the assembly with strong claps
    To wait in a line to sign the failed progress cards during every open House I changed.
    From performing wonderful dance steps
    To be the one with wrong moves I changed.
    From awesome seminars and appreciations
    To the least confident presentations I changed.
    From group of friends who inspire to study
    To the group of failed students I changed.
    From the girl of happiness and satisfaction
    To the girl of fear and stress I changed.
    From the good daughter and top five sstudent
    To the daughter gifting sadness and least scored student I changed

    Yes, I changed slowly being unaware of my problems I changed.
    Crying loud with pillows and praying with tears took me years with painful mornings.
    Finally being aware of my mental health issues I got relief that its not me but my mind plays the role who frightens me everyday.
    Understanding my faults doesn't come from laziness but by mental disorders gave me strength.
    From anxiety, depression, stress, Restless leg syndrome, allergy, irritable bowel syndrone I fight everyday morning to bed time to the strongest inner self.
    But the smile in my face hides the wounds in my heart heals the pain in my brain.
    No one knows sword of mental issues hurt me in every second and expect me to be normal
    Let me ask who likes to be a patient always
    Who likes to be unhappy always
    And who wants day and night to be with the war at mind lying on the bed.
    Dear people kindly don't say me everything lies in your hand. Kindly don't tell indirectly its my fault. Its all them the hormones and neurotransmitters. Let me live atleast with this pain. Please don't make me think of leaving this place forever.
    Let me live.
    Let me live with these issues
    Let me survive
    Let me move.

  • little_sad 40w

    Letting her go was never easy, I don't know if I'm really moving on yet or if I really let her go. Maybe I'm still waiting by the door with the same outfit or maybe I wasn't that "hard to leave" for her.


  • warriorofthenight 42w

    I Won't

    I'll miss the leaves when they fall to the ground
    I'll miss the silence when there's too much sound
    I'll miss the lilies when there's snow all around
    But I won't miss you.
    This is when my joy makes a debut
    This is when I will erase our I-love-yous
    I leave my regret and heal my bruises
    Because missing you is like a beach without sand
    Like a drink without water or writing without a hand
    It's pointless, my darling.
    I'll miss the cardinals when they leave in the spring
    I'll miss my freedom if I'm vowed with a ring
    I'll miss the details and innocence of everything
    But my love, we're through.
    Our roses have wilted, violets lost their navy blue
    My last goodbye, this friendly kiss,
    I won't miss dashing my heart trying to find what's amiss
    Because I'm through missing you on the nights you'd stay away
    I'll never again smile when I have something to say
    Gather these lilies, don't miss their bloom
    I hope someday you'll treat her better than you treated me
    I hope someday you'll stop missing our shadows together against the sea.

  • abhirami_harish 42w

    I wish to leave here.
    But a slight fear of missing this if I go there is holding me back,
    Longer than I should...


  • vmkhan7 44w


    It's is not injuries,
    Which is paining.
    It's the words,
    which you told before leaving


  • wmbanje 48w

    When you not
    the reason they're staying
    You're definitely
    the reason they're leaving
    -wes mbanje

  • lucent_muse 49w

    I have found in you a good thing. I can't let go.