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    Love is a feeling with a vibe, bond and a pure blissful joy

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    "The last call"

    Was it real or am I dreaming?(*In shock*)
    It must be a dream, She never calls…I thought!
    I continue to stare at the screen, as my phone continue to buzz..."my heart goes shala la lala".
    (She never calls but she did that day).

    I was literally trembling as I readied myself to pick the call.
    I said he..he..llo.(*stammering*)
    From the other side, I could hear a not so familiar but sweet voice. And then some disturbing electronic sounds…tot toott thooooot....
    It was the signal again, you know how the signal works in Nagaland.

    I said hello again…now in a firm voice.
    Can you hear me? She said.
    Her voice reminded of my childhood school principal whose voice was very clear and sharp. It scares me a bit.
    But with full courage, I said yes yes...…after two to three coughing.
    Yeah I can hear you…I said *not very convincingly*
    How are you these days? I hope you're doing fine? She said.
    I wish I could tell her, I lost my job and I'm struggling to find a new job.(just to get some sympathy…you know).

    But I said..…yeah I'm doing quite well. What about you...How are you?

    I'm doing better than before, fortunately my baking business is running well again. Thanks for asking she replied.
    As she was about to speak again. I interrupted her…your cup cakes are delicious…I exclaimed! Even though I don't remember the taste of it.
    (*Your call has been put on hold*)

    It has been two years since I have actually tasted her cup cakes. I remember the day when she gave me six little cute cup cakes and some dozen dunnuts on my journey way back to capitol. I remember the day when she stood by the road side waiting for me to hand over those goodies. That was the first time I have seen her, since her parents left the place were we grew up together. (She moves to a city and I stayed back in the same small town).
    She looks amazingly beautiful that day…the same old curly hairstyles which help me to recognise her. I remember how she smiles at me when she gently handover the paper bags loaded with full of goods. Apart from saying 'thank you' I don't remember saying anything. I was not myself that day...I was completely lost, like I always do whenever I see her. As I was returning back to the taxi, I heard her saying enjoy the cup cakes, I personally make those for you. I look back and replied(with a red face)...for sure; bishi thanks de and rush hurriedly towards the taxi. As I reach for the front door, all my co -passengers gave me a weird smiley looks. Our driver gave me a even more smiley looks and murmured…aji kali laga bachan khan tu nahovo. I just wanted to replied back, I'm not a kid anymore. Anyway as we drove away I could see her walking down the alley until the tall buildings block my views. Hoishe emaan hi savi(the driver exclaimed laughingly). I heard some voice from the back…apnivi nah Sathi ke emaan hi torture kurivi aro concentrate on your driving.
    (*The line is back*)
    Hello hello hello….Are you there? She squeal.
    Yeah yeah…I'm still here, waiting for you like I always do. Just kidding I laugh.

    (*After a short pause*) You and your silly jokes, anyway sorry for letting you wait. That was my mom on the line and you know how mom's talk...She said.
    It's okaaay…I replied.
    She: Your were talking about my cup cakes right? So tell me how does it taste like?
    Me: It taste reaaaaally good...Bishi bhal thakishe( I wish I could say more, but that's all I could lie).
    She: You can still remember the taste of it...misa?(*laugh*) Bishi diri hoishe aro(*sarcastically*)
    I responded(*not knowing what to say*)... yeah but it was so gooood. (*Cough*)

    *As I continue to cough*
    She told me she want to tell me something.
    (I also wanted to tell her that I'm really sorry for not coming to see her while she was admitted in the hospital. I wanted to tell how I wish I could meet her, when she came to my town but I couldn't. I wanted to tell her how I've missed her when she left for another city. Actually I wanted to tell her many things.)

    I said sure…what is it?
    She said I met a guy during a lockdown, who has helped me a lot while I was struggling with my business. He help me find a proper network and a credit to finance my business. Now he wants to meet me like a friends(date actually) and not just like two business entity. He is such a great guy, who is always ready to help anyone. He is well mannered and matured as well as very understanding. But I'm still confused because I have personal priorities like my business, my family's etc etc. You know, I can hardly leave my mother alone. Are you getting what I'm saying?
    I said...Yes.
    This is really confusing... Please suggest me something? Nobel advisor Mr Denis.(*the way she calls my name…wow*)
    I was in a 'wow state' after hearing the way she calls my name but at the same time my brian was slowly shutting down.
    I thought this is the moment...I should give her some best advices, like I did before but I couldn't alter a word.
    You there? She said.
    Me: yeeaaah....
    But before I could further say anything. I heard my sister screaming my name Den Den...get up you lazy bum. Go and fetch some water, if not, you ain't getting...no water to take bath for a week.(I just wanted to scream back at my sister but couldn't since DK was on the line)
    So I softly said...I have to go, I'm sorry. My sister is calling me.

    She: Okay
    That was the last thing I heard from her..."Okay".


  • shamilirajan 48w

    "love at First Sight

    As I sat preoccupied in my thoughts
    sixteen year old me trying to be sane
    A gentle pat I felt
    Which startled me with fear

    That moment my mind fell into place
    Those shining eyes brighter than the moon
    The voice nice and clear
    The skin gleaming with masculinity

    My eyes met his turning to a soft gaze
    Lost in the moment,we froze
    We admired each other
    Like we knew for ages

    My cheeks blushed with coy
    That's when I saw him smile
    Those beautiful dimples sparkled

    I sat there confused
    That's when he winked at me
    I couldn't help but smile
    That's when I knew
    "It's nothing but love at first sight"

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    वक़्त काटने के लिए कलम का सहारा ले लिया है,
    हम वो नहीं जो तुझे याद करके अश्क बहाएंगे ।।

    तुझे याद भी करेंगे,
    और तेरी यादों को लिखते जाएंगे ।।

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    A walk to remember


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    तालीम ए इश्क़


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    #fromtheheart# broken# strongandfierce #learningtowrite

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    Her Mistake???

    With every little or huge fight they had,
    there used to be late night sessions of her..
    Thinking about it again and again, finally ending up to find her own mistakes , somewhere it wasn't...
    Her love for you , did make her to take the blames
    Even you lied, and all your lies she knew...
    Even after your huge mistakes she forgave you all the time
    She came back to you with full love again n again...
    She thought was this her Mistake?

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    #वीरता को शत-शत नमन #surgical#strike#2
    #जय जवान #श्रद्धांजलि #शहादत #mirakee #Hindi #hindiwriters #india #poetrytofollow #like #share #shabdanchal #learningtowrite

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    इतिहास के पन्नों में दर्ज हुई
    आज एक नई शौर्य गाथा है

    आतंकवाद के मुँह पर ये
    एक कड़ा तमाचा है

    सदा सौहार्द का संदेश
    हमसे ही विश्व तक जाता है

    किंतु शहादत का बदला
    लेना हमको भी आता है


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    Whenever I feel lonely, I go back to the ruins of my memory because that's where you left me.

  • asma 152w

    Tujhsay hi mukammal har shab
    Tujhsay hi shuru har subah
    Aankhon ka nasha tu hi
    Chehray ki raunak tu hi
    Ley lay mujhey apni muhabbat kay aaghosh mai
    Ki bhool jao mai dunia apni


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    I fear the dark
    Not the darkness outside
    But the darkness inside
    The darkness that engulfs the light within

    May the mind take over my heart
    And Cast the spell of forgetfulness
    Let the mind forget the dark
    And the light shine bright

    Let the light of hope shine
    And the fear whine

  • asma 156w

    Amongst the millions, why me
    Wouldn’t hurt a fly, why me
    Gutted with the thought as I lay
    There is a voice that say

    Amongst the millions, its not just you
    See the world around you
    Fight the sorrow inside you
    Find the strength within you
    Chase the essence in you
    Be the best of you


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    Amateur Writer

    I am a little amateur but I'd like to write pure,
    It's ok to be amateur but I'm learning even more,
    Every time I read and learn little more,
    Trying hard to make me perfect and mature.

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    My memories

    My memories are all about who I am today,
    Bad memories shaped me,
    Good memories motivated me,
    To become a good human being,
    Of course.


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    How would you feel
    If all my cravings was for you
    How would you feel if your sweet dreams were just real
    Tell me how would you feel
    if we never have to say goodbye
    But how would you feel if these pen works were witherward


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    New start alwayz comes after end of era... so let's start this day with positive vibes n positive attitude
    #goodmrng #learningtowrite
    #newstart #hopeforbest

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    Start of the day..!!

    They say "good Morning" but what is actually good about morning....it's the same as the last one n definitely will be the same like coming ahead ...but a new hope of searching that good in Morning n making it actually good is all about making a good start of the day...!!

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    "Why do you love me so much?"

    "Because I can't help it, loving you is like breathing, If I stop, I die"

    "You deserve someone much better than me"

    "I've stopped looking for better things the moment I found you"