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  • angels_halo_shines 23w

    Wars Inside Me

    Protection for myself, battles no one could have a nightmare of.
    All the time trying to keep myself together. Pushing myself. Catching myself, I found out early on, there would be nobody around to help me rise up. I fought & I fought like Hell each time a war ignited. It was me against me, over & over, repeat. Each time I faced all of them head on. I knew I had to. Something inside of me gave me strength, cuz to be quite honest I have no other explanation. Wars are constantly trying to hold me down, I don't give up easily. So, each one I fight harder than I ever have. An obsessive behavior. I learned I can't let whatever it was win. It HAD to be ME. Always. Wars are meant to have an ending.
    I see the wars deep inside of me, are waiting their turn. And here I am, I can't help but wonder if I am the only one like this. I figure I'm not alone. Wars, are meant to be lost or won, no in between. Trying to find a way to win each one, is difficult. Like I said, I win most, not all. The wars lost, are the lessons for me to learn. Sometimes again. And again. And again. There is no happy ending. Not this time. I continue to fight even if it's me against myself. I never know what the next war will be, just know I am ready. As for peace, maybe one day, but not any time soon.

  • kaylynnicole 122w

    @mirakee @mrgrey @robertwjeter @raven63 @writersnetwork #rbf #learnedlessons
    I could tell a thousand stories in these short (soon to be) 28 years of life. I feel I'm passed the worst of it...that is until my kids are teens ��

    Also, do yall have any suggestions on who else to follow?

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    Learned Lessons

    I remember how nice I used to be
    I was raised for that to be normal to me
    But I soon Iearned rather quickly
    You cant live this life with such naivety
    I always thought to be good and good things will come
    That's the way Karma works, right?
    But being that nice makes you numb
    It doesnt take long for thoughts to turn to night
    And I dont just mean the depression
    The darkness, the voids - merely expressions
    A hatred and angst begins to brew
    And those morbid dark things help you get through
    Coming to terms with your own humanity
    Embracing what comes next after the insanity
    Pushing the barrier in which you've built
    Until it all collapses and is flooded with guilt
    Faking a smile while feeling the hurt
    It has to last for a while, bring you down to the dirt
    And you start building again, stronger, more reserved
    Now, putting up with nothing less than what you deserve

  • poetik_justz 209w

    My first ever hand written poem i put up on my instagram. #pastdefeats #learnedlessons #liveandlearn #life #lifepoems #failure #wisdom #tbt

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    Let failure be what failure be
    in the eye of the beholder.

    For as a youth, was once defeat
    becomes knowledge when grown older.

    The bitter lessons, the doubtful questions
    are often hard to swallow.

    On bended knees, uncertainty..
    the mind becomes so fragile.

    Its wishful plots, its guarded thoughts..
    are leashed and caged at distance.

    The battle wounds, I carry deep
    with stumble through my heavy feet.

    And if I fail, so let it be.
    Lessons learned, hurdling over past defeats.