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  • rayhannahere 4d

    #obituary #wod @mirakee @mirakeeworld #StopAbuse #LatePost

    I've got name and picture different. Stop assumptions, it's my dumped past, long gone. Now, risen like Phoenix ��
    Teach child to be safe whether within family or outside.

    No wonder I could relate to Bible verse, Matthew 5:4,
    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.."

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  • boxempty 4d

    An #obituary . Giving up control .

    Well its a #latepost . I was busy commenting with @annamariyajames .
    But here's my 2 cents. Enjoy the #poetry .
    I seldom post them

    Cursive eyelashes lay submissive on fairy face ;
    How much can your patience take more of my barbaric ways .
    We all try to hide pain ; But you do it twice well .
    Why smell of perfume when sadness got you covered.
    Your heart beats until its size swells.
    You lay on your stomach to keep up ; Your knees are weak .
    You can barely speak up .
    If you want more of this kink ; Keep bent , don't think .

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  • past_dweller 5d

    My Impossible Solution

    Like an impossible solution,
    Deciding to choose you every time
    over our serious fights,
    Because you are the band-aid to my mind,
    and you light up my mood like a floodlight.

    Like a constant variable,
    seeking flawlessness in
    varying complexity that comes
    after the gap,
    I want you to be my constant even if act like a little crap.

    Like a glass that can be called half-filled or half-empty
    I am looking to fill that remaining ullage between us,
    because whenever I am wigged out in this arid hinterland,
    you will always be my person on this stranded island.


  • paakhii 1w


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    रंगो से भरीं आयीं टोली
    आओ सब चले,खेलें होली
    ख़ुशीयो से भरीं रहे सबकी झोली
    बस हर गली रहें हंसी ठिठोली।❤

  • rayhannahere 2w

    #beauty #LatePost #was #wod #PositivityVibes @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    People, "Stay perfectly imperfect beautiful, inside out!" ��������

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    "Beauty is in eye of beholder is sooo 18th century quote.
    Quote of the millennium should be, everything is beautiful, as it's your imperfections that attracts opposite person.."


  • by2_coffee 2w

    Befriend Thy Shadow

    If not for dark,
    Light wouldn't be.
    Much of light,
    Can also be blinding.
    Balance is the key;
    Thus, Cosmos breathes.


  • bagdi_kanya 5w


    अन्नदाता थे तब तक बहुत किया तुम्हारा सम्मान
    क्यों देश कि आन बान को हाथ लगाते नहीं डोला तेरा ईमान।
    सत्ता से लड़ाई में साथ तेरे था पूरा हिंदुस्तान
    फिर क्यूं तूने गिराया देश का आत्मसम्मान।
    सुनते आए थे बचपन से जय जवान जय किसान
    जवानों पे कोई प्रश्न नहीं कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक,
    उन पर है समूचे भारत को अभिमान।
    किसान की उस दिन परीक्षा थी पर क्या सच में यही था वो किसान??

    कैसा है छाया देश में कोहराम,
    ये किस डगर पर चल दिया हिंदुस्तान..
    दो बेटे है भारत माता के एक जवान, दूजा किसान।

    वो रक्त से सींचते इस धारा को और यहाँ पसीने का होता बलिदान दोनों ही अनमोल रत्न है।
    तो कैसे मान लूं वो झुका देंगे मां का स्वाभिमान..
    मां के आंचल को दाग लगाया मुझ पर नागवार है यह इल्ज़ाम।

    भारत मां के दोनों बेटों में 26 जनवरी को मचा था संग्राम यहाँ, 138 करोड़ देशवासियों की गरिमा को धाराशायी कर गया कौन था वो शख्स वहाँ??

    जी नहीं माफ कीजिएगा लाल किले पर जो चढ़ा था..वो नहीं था मेरे देश का किसान।

    जाते जाते ये भी कहुगी तिरंगे से बड़ा नहीं यहाँ कोई निशान
    हिन्दू मुस्लिम सिख ईसाई हम सब से ही बना ये देश महान।
    तिरंगे से ही विश्व में है हमारी पहचान
    उससे ऊपर नहीं इस देश में कोई इंसान।

    जय हिन्द
    जय जवान जय किसान

  • writer_namz 5w

    Who teaches you?

    - 03/03/2021

  • ibthinking 12w

    Beauty is in
    Eye of the bee
    Holder you know this
    I'm her keeper like goalie

    Keeping my focus
    If you don't me
    Get from around me
    This is my sweet heart
    She is my brownie

    She is my 1st
    And right now my only
    Used to be lonely
    Now im just hungry

    She gone eat wit me
    My baby got munchies
    My chunky monkey
    Joke if you want to

  • feehabenazir 12w

    Dear 2021,
    Please be Kind.
    Let us unload the baggage,
    And let us get realigned.
    Let us unwind for a while,
    And let us get ourselves redefined.

    #feehabenazirpoetry��️ #poetryandprose #mirakeeworld #latepost

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    Dear 2021,
    Please be Kind.
    Let's unload the baggage,
    And let's get realigned.
    Let's unwind for a while,
    And let's get ourselves redefined.

    © Feeha Benazir️ | 01.01.2021

  • wordsofmyheart 14w

    happy25thbirthdayV #latepost

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    I Purple You

    We are practically strangers,
    I see you from a far
    Virtually knowing you.
    I know a little of you
    And you know nothing
    Of my existence.

    Your smile and laugh
    The humor and thoughts
    That and all
    Are like the rainbow
    To my monochromatic life.

    The music you create,
    The lyrics you penned -
    Even with a language barrier
    Still soothes my soul,
    Warms and melts
    My heart and whole being.

    Your mere existence
    Is a gift and miracle -
    You are my sun
    That drives the clouds
    Full of rain away
    And brightens my day.


  • the_sketchyworld 15w

    Her love is so rare
    and all she's ever wanted
    was someone who
    understood that.....

  • thendral 16w


    விந்தையன்றோ இந்த மானுடப் பிறவி
    பிடித்ததை வெறுக்கிறோம்
    வெறுத்ததை மீண்டும் நேசிக்கின்றோம்!
    காலம் சென்றவுடன் தான்,
    விடையங்களெல்லாம் கண்களுக்குப் புலப்படும் போலும்;
    புலப்பட்ட விசயங்கள் அகமெட்ட ஏனோ அகப்பட்டுத் தவிக்கின்றன!
    காலம் வரும் வரை காத்திருப்போம் :)

  • maahi_writes_official 19w

    Nhi Reh Sakta.....❤️

    Subah Uthta Hun To Pehla Khayaal,
    Mann Main Tera Hi Aata Hai,
    Tujhe Le Chalu Apne Saath,
    Mann Bas Yhi To Chahta Hai,
    Dekhu Jidhar, Nazar Chehra,
    Bs Mujhe Tera Hi Aata Hai,
    Tu Na Dikhe Jo Ikk Din,
    Mera Mann Ghabrata Hai,
    Dunga Sabko Ikk Din Jawaab,
    Jo Jo Humpe Sawaal Uthata Hai,
    Ab Nhi Reh Sakta Ikk Pal Bhi Tere Bin,
    Maahi Tujhe Itna Chahta Hai.
    - Maahi.


  • abhipriyashrivastaw 20w


    दिवाली तो दिलवालों की है।
    रंग बिरंगे मतवालों की है।।

    झूमते गाते तरंगों की है।
    मन में बजते मृदंगों की है।।

    फुलझड़ी की फुहार है।
    पटाखे की लड़ी है।।

    सितारों की सितार है।
    घर-आँगन में बहार है।।

  • ibthinking 21w


    She asked me what i need i said every piece of you.  I should be counting sheep, i just tally frames of you. Every day it rains you drip your morning dew. You fix your morning doo with the grace of someone with no time to. And I love that look on you, like the mirror by the bed so I cam see that look ok you. I'm hooked on you. Every reel new feels like a pull from you

  • ibthinking 21w

    The cure

    Come Take a breather if you cannot endure.
    I'll be your pillar lean on me if you're sore.
    Ill be your pillow we both know its the cure.
    Ill leave my love with you to keep it secure.
    Her heart is pure and she pour it galore.
    My heart is filled I still go in for more.
    Hit cartwheels will I tumble some more.
    She in my hands I wont fumble no more

  • ibthinking 21w


    Im griping I'm loving I'm holding you tight
    My weapon my woman the love of my life
    Her skin new beauty in the moonlight
    Star bright make you think she Edward in the twilight. Light bars cause my baby coming with the highlights. Lights off feel like Miller living off the high life

  • dreamdarer 22w

    Hold fast to dreams
    As it's like a train
    The more you try to catch it
    The more it slips from your hand.

    Hold fast to dreams
    As it's the only rhythm of the peaceful parallel
    Which ends as soon as you open eyes
    And reality strikes you again.

  • alias_poetry 26w


    Happens to the best of us
    Without discrimination from the rest of us

    the gripping feeling
    the malignant illusory healing
    the truest of all
    the anticipated fall

    Fear seems unreal,
    Feels quite surreal,
    Unending taste of regret, like nothing happened
    but still felt,

    A useless emotion,
    surrounded by an intention,
    to act, yet do nothing
    Like it won't change a thing

    Living the same thing twice,
    every living human's vice,
    Like a paradox
    When loose it you can describe,
    When you have it you can't!