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    मदहोश जरूर हूँ
    पर बेहोश में नहीं।
    मदहोशी में सही
    जी रहा हूँ मै कहीं।।
    ना रोकना मुझे
    इस मदहोशी से तुम।
    घुम न हो जाऊ
    इस ज़िन्दगी में मै कहीं
    घुम न हो जाऊ
    इस ज़िन्दगी में मै कहीं।।

  • davi925 2w

    Yin and yang

    Back to the drawing board its beginning to not be so cold anymore being that chair when legs are tired, that support so your back dont hurt, that chair that lost its shine smells like dust and muck oh this isnt a furnished garage anymore ha gas can.

    Its dangerous that heart is fire that soul sparkles pretty colors ha gas can ignite that garage in ambrosia you are yin she is yang flaming currents they feel good but we don't realize the pain shall we stay no silly but we will ahh cozy warm blanket.

    We laugh together but shes not laughing with me the stains on that princes armor shes laughing at it she couldn't find it that perfect human two paths a kingdom and a graveyard tattered soul she thought was good "jacuzzi" uoo bubbles ...

    Yin and yang followed the graveyard ain't it funny the dark I go yang goes home safety first! Yin where did they go uoo worms the dark feels comfortable is it the unknown is it the hug from the dark no the silence it feels refreshing the comforting of my tears make a pool my reflection brings tranquility a ghost oh wait its just my soul.

    Hi my old friend where did you go ?;adventure" your eyes they seem cold your skin how it has aged I didn't know you liked prunes..years my son time ticked I still have my grandfather clock time to come home yin the kingdom calls..

    But yang is in my pool hearts synchronize the water is hot. Steam shes gone ..

  • mynam3 6w

    Siting in the dark on a deck on a cold night, breathing in and out the fresh air. A glass of orange juice to my right, my joint in the left, the cold air against my skin, while I listen to my music. The feeling of the weed, calming my nerves for the stressful week I had, as I wonder though my thoughts.

    As I wonder, I ponder on the fact that I have to come to terms with who people truly are. The fact that I have to deal with it or lose it all. The fact that things will never be the same ever again.

    I take a puff of my joint, holding my breath for a few moments, then breath out a sigh watching as the smoke disappear, as i fear that I may lose it all.

  • mynam3 6w

    You're all I think about.

    You're all I think about.

    You're kind, sweet, caring, funny and loving. You are many things and there are many ways I could tell you why you are on my mind. I will not say all of the reasons why you're on my mind, I will only tell you just a little bit of why you're on my mind.

    Your all I think about

    One, you're on my mind because you make me smile when I tell you that I'm having a bad day. Two, you make me laugh when I'm sad or feeling down, when I tell you that you made me laugh, you can't help by smiling.

    You're all I think about

    This may sound strange but your on my mind and I don't know why, I try not to keep you on my mind but the one thing I love is how you make me smile. I thank you for making me smile because not many people can make me crack a smile, thank you for making me smile.

    You're on my mind

    Most times its hard to find good friends even if you haven't known them for a long time every day we meet new people and as we talk, we start to make a bond with them and then we become friends. This is how we make friends.

  • mynam3 7w

    I Know.

    I know a secret, I know a few. People don't realize they tell me their secrets all the time.. I know things that could ruin everything. I keep their secrets because I love them. But lately it seems that no one wants me around.. what do I do with the things I know? I know to much... I feel lost..

  • mynam3 7w

    Sorry for the rant...

    I started smokimg Marijuana again, I guess I did it to help with my mental health, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. Before you ask, yes i take medication to help with everything, my point is, when I'm not smoking I don't notice anything around me that isn't important, all the small things I dont see but when I smoke, I realize the small things around me, I pay more attention to everything and see what I haven't seen before. My heart is broken know, because I realize how everyone is. My friends are not truly my friends, my family... my everything... it hurts me... I see the lies, I feel hurt... and I can't say anything because... there all I have... I'm truly broken now.. I can't trust anyone now.... I'm.. what can I do now? Guess I have to deal with it.. least the Marijuana helps my nerves.

  • pandichitra_r 8w

    Late nights

    Breathing deep sighs,
    Menaced in traps of Desires and Passion
    Yet remaining Undiscovered
    Staying late upto night,
    To dissolve the words in me,
    To untangle the thoughts,
    Reflecting the Mercurial voices
    Not to rust,
    I'm closing my eyes every night to see different weaves of Mawkish World!

  • jaasmin 28w

    Nobody's like you!!

    Nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's make me cry like you do...
    I have Weeped, whined, depressed for u..
    I have felt joy,smile , happy, childish with u..
    Nobody's gonna gonna be crazy like you...
    Nobody's make me wonder than you...
    I wet the pillow covers with endless tears..
    I have waited all night for one phone call...
    God knows how many nights went by thinking all night of u....
    But, nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's gonna be as crazy as you..

  • nishtha14 32w

    Old Memories

    My old memories still sleep with me each night
    They make faces if I try to move aside
    They eat my pain and drink my tears each night
    When I lay my head on pillow
    They grab me by my neck so tight
    They just destroy everything in my life
    They turn my rights into wrongs
    And force me to wave goodbyes


  • rohitrajwani 39w

    Hum rooh ki chahat me uspar marte rhe..
    Wo jism ki chahat me kisi or par mar bethe..


  • phorict 41w

    #latenights #selflove

    It's freaking 2:02 am, still can't sleep #insomnia

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    I'm enough

    The world is a dark and cruel place.
    From my existence on this earth, I have come to an understanding that no one is ever good enough, in any way imagined.

    With the darkness roaming around, draining each of our energy.
    I've well thought about it, and I'll be my light.

    Because I am enough no Matter what they say.

  • phorict 41w


    Laying here in the silence
    Every night I prey on my insecurities
    Everything comes falling down

    I wonder why I can't be like everyone else, but I do this to myself knowing the outcome.

    Happiness is far from my reach, that much I know is true.
    The one that comforts me is the pain everyone left before.


  • azfar181 54w

    For me, late nights are better than early mornings

  • nusratjahan123 64w


    Just think nd sleep...far away a boy is madly deeply in love with u....nd he'll come to take u one day...nd gonna make ur life beautiful...

  • shamli_mali 64w

    Late night conversations
    that end with "Good Morning"
    are beautiful❣️


  • devpriya_02 66w

    A sleepless late night
    There comes a butterfly
    Sitting on my book
    Giving a peaceful look
    Taking me to bed
    Pixie dust all over spread
    Blue, golden and red!!

  • poetic_catastrophe 68w


    Just sometimes in the middle of the night when I am curled up in a ball, bitter and cold, with pangs in the pit of stomach; I like to think I'm hungry and not the overbearing anxiety crushing my bones. In the middle of those night, oh how I wish I could curl further, get smaller and disappear just to feel safe.


  • crickett 68w

    Late at night it's hard to sleep if you're a lost soul..different feelings come when you're thinking about different situations..guess that's why it's a roller coaster..I hate it, it makes me feel like I'm at the top of the ride and then BOOM!! just fall straight to the ground, or as if I'm driving 100 Miles per hour around the town mind never resting..lost souls live in depression, anxiety, whatever you want to diagnose us with..laughing while we take pills that's supposed to be medicine but makes us worse, why is that funny?. Oh they are making money off of us..of course. I just started thinking about my friends I have lost..don't wanna touch that topic so let me move on..dark room, cold air..looking into a screen hoping my words make it somewhere across the world..only cause I feel like the people on here can somehow understand or maybe never understand..but as I lay down thinking what a lost soul I am..i think to myself will this thinking ever end? I just want some company maybe a few friends..

  • ghazaali 75w

    Out of the bar.

    After office, irritated and pissed , brought my lazy ass in the bar
    Ordered my regular while being deeply drown in worries of future.
    As i focused out of my mind focused on a charming stranger who were looking at me for god knows how long.
    We exchanged sight and smile and by the next moment we are talking bout how shittt this life is. Soon after we finished drinks, i decided to take my leave as i got a meeting tomorrow with a very important client.
    He insisted to stay longer , charmed by his chiseled physic and alluring smile , my inner vixen was pretty woke.
    With rock on my heart i said sorry , sometime else . And as i moved away he held my wrist and stood , we started to walk into the parking . I searched my bag for keys and that con already unlocked my car ..
    Not to mention he was not just hot but chivalrous too , he opened my car door and made me sit , closed the door and then bent to the car window.
    I asked him , what do you intend.
    And i realize i shouldn't have asked him this quest bcz in a blink what i know is we were locking lips , and that was so intense , i jumped on the back seat and he came right in , we were smooching like teenagers so wild, so frantic , nibbling neck and rubbing body , felt his hands were growing all over my boobs and he unhooked my bra. Trust me , all i wanted was to feel his touch on my body
    We were so much into the moment of heat that we dont even know how fast i slide my panties down and sat on his laps .
    He was fondling my boobs and squeezing my body from every possible angle.
    For a blink our eyes met , and there was this string of saliva connected in his and my mouth , that was the moment we knew its not just gonna be first base.
    I kissed him intensly and he managed to rub my clit , reaching down to wet hole made him crazy , he grabbed my butt and made a way for his dick to get in..
    God knows how many of ppl have witnessed the jumping back of my car.
    It really did not lasted for very long , but that was blazing experience for me to have.
    As we get relaxed and managed to catch out breath we dressed up (it was so difficult).
    We smiled at each others faces and he kissed my forehead before leaving .
    I drove back home, deeply drowned (yes again) on the flashback of how things happened in snap , and i slept like a baby that night.
    Next morning , i put that guy off my head because of this very important meeting . Dressed like a lady , put the brightest red lispstick and left house.
    Reached meeting hall and i was stunned to see my quick hook being the invester client i am suppose have meeting with.

    World's round. I buy it.

  • versos_rayadas31 75w

    Slaying Dragons

    I wish you would have stayed around long enough to slay dragons for me.
    My gratitude for your bravery would not be remiss.
    I thank you for coming into my life, and cherish every moment given to me.
    I wish you hadn't given up.
    My dragons must have been too big for you to slay.
    I was willing to tag team...
    and slay yours too.
    @versos.rayadas on IG