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  • rukky_toro 52m

    It is never too late to say
    It is never too late to
    Never it is too late to
    But it might be too late to repent.

  • logophilew7 18h

    Night Owl Difficulty !!!

    I find it so hard to sleep late at night , my mind keeps on disturbing me with thoughts and ideas ... like if you have the same ..

  • saikiranetha 1w

    It is never too late

    It is never too late
    Yes this is me and this is my story, when i finally found my true love at the age of 65
    It was summer, i was at a beach enjoying sunrise it is right after a month divorce with my wife.

    I just layed down on the sand and thinking how my life would be if i married the woman i love 'it doesn't matter now' i said myself. After some time i saw a pretty old lady of my age who look familiar 'i think god listened to my voice' i blush.
    And now she was coming towards me my heart was raising with tension she come to me and said he ram remember? Me? Sita here your senior batch (inner me : how could i forget) yeh yehh a little, i said we talked hours and hours later she was asking me about my family 'i siad yes! One child named rosy she got married.
    Sita : What about your wife?
    Ram: i got divorce
    Sita was sorry, its ok; ram said.
    So i was asking the same questions about her family
    Sita : Yes one son mikhel
    Ram : what about husband
    Sita :he died
    I'm so sorry ram said
    It's ok; said sita

    And suddenly my little finger was slightly touching her little finger, i could feel the warmth of her

    So here it goes i told her i had a huge crush on you in our college days and i still do, and luckily sita said really, because i do have same feeling but i was waiting you to open up for me at collage but i thought you don't like me.

    Ram :
    So at that moment i decided and i proposed her on the sand while water are reaching at our feet and we kissed and started a new life ❤️


  • sanketspeaks 1w


    Life is surely a long party, but if you don't want to leave the celebration in the middle, you should carouse at your own cost, even if it makes you late for the party....


  • juju321 4w


    Every morning have power to fulfill your dreams
    And every night have power to give you dreams
    It only depends upon your choice.

  • meri_kahani_alfaaz 4w

    #Happy w��men's day


    Drop❤️ if you relate or agree!

    Share my post if you like them��

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    नारी के सौंदर्य के बारे में जानते क्या हो तुम..!!
    जीवन के हर मोड़ पर,
    उसके अधिकार छिने गए।
    जीवन के हर रास्ते पर,
    उसके तिस्कार किए गए।
    इस मतलब भरी दुनिया में
    उसके इस्तेमाल किए गया।

    कभी उसकी खुशियां को गिराया गया,
    तो कभी उसकी सपनों को हराया गया।
    कभी उसे जिस्मो के लिए खेल समझा गया,
    तो कभी उसे खुद की ज़रूरत के लिए सामन समझा गया।
    कभी उसे खरीदा गया,तो कभी उसे बेचा गया।
    जीवन के हर कदम पर उसका अपमान किया गया।
    कभी वह अपने परिवार के लिए चुप रही
    तो कहीं वह अपने सम्मान के लिए चुप रही।

    अतः इन पहलुओं के बावजूद ,उसने खुद का इतिहास रचा।
    इस जिम्मेदारी के तले उसने खुद को निखारा।
    नारी कभी मा लक्ष्मी के रूप में दिखी
    तो कभी झांसी के रानी के रूप में।
    इतना ही नहीं माता का मान,पिता का
    सम्मान ,पति की इज्जत एयम
    रिश्तों की शान बनी!!
    खुद से दूर होकर भी ,सब के करीब रही।
    नारी ही जीवन का आधार है,खुद को कर
    बलिदान संजोती घर - परिवार है।।
    हर युग में नारी बनी बलिदानों की आन
    खुद को अर्पित कर,किया सबका उत्थान..!!

    ....सपनों में भागती एक स्त्री का पीछा करते
    कभी देखा है तुमने उसे रिश्तों के कुरुक्षेत्र में
    अपने आपसे लड़ते...।।।।
    ऐसे ही है नारी की एक पहचान,
    जो बनी हमारी देश की एक मिसाल..!!!!!

    ~प्रियंका कुमारी

  • ckeerthana 4w

    It's been 3 months
    But still somewhere it hurts
    I was not your fan
    Nor watched your series
    But your death made me
    To feel about you
    You played many characters
    But for me your
    Personal character was
    amazing of all
    A girl with so many dreams
    A girl with multi talents
    A girl next door
    A girl with enchanting smile
    A girl with so much passion
    A girl so loved by all!!!!
    It's not easy for a girl
    To build a house for her parent's
    It not easy for a women
    to achieve her dreams
    It not easy for a girl to be an all rounder in all
    You proved everything!!!!
    Whenever I see the date 14
    Ssr will come in mind
    And whenever I see the date 9
    You come In my mind
    Pure souls go to God first
    Hope you are safe in god's hand
    Your physical body would have destroyed
    But your soul& memories live for ever
    You are an inspiration and
    You will always be remembered
    #rip#ssr#chithuvj#late post#9thdec2020

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  • nbtasnim 5w

    You and Him

    Written on: 08.03.2021

    It hurts, it hurts so much I wana cry.
    But it was me who pushed you away.
    So why am I hurting this much?
    It was me who told you to leave,
    Then why did I want you to stay?
    I felt guilty, you are everything I ever wanted.
    You were right about everything except,
    You were too late, too late.
    I'm already obliged to someone else.
    That person has done a lot for me,
    No matter how much I hurt him,
    He never left.
    I told him everything about me,
    He loves me a lot.
    I know I can't love at the same wavelength
    I wanted to break it off,
    But he has been trying his best to live for me,
    Saving money to have me with him,
    Even though his health is so poor
    That he can't get a proper job.
    So tell me how can I bear to abandon him?
    Tell me, how can I ever leave him
    All alone?
    How can I be this ungrateful?
    I cannot.
    That's why I have to choose between you and him,
    And I chose him.
    I would rather be destroyed
    Waiting for him to take me out of my cage
    Than give my heart to you.
    He loves me too deep,
    Cherishes me too much.
    I can't leave him.
    I'm at a difficult position,
    That's why I said I never wanted a relationship.
    But you didn't listen.
    I am sorry I hurt you,
    But I have no other choice.

  • shubhangitiwari_ 6w

    #इश्क़ #lovewrites #late-night_thought

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    बेहिसाब गर्मियों की हसीन शाम है इश्क़
    मशरूफ सी ज़िन्दगी में जैसे आराम है इश्क़
    एक शहर है जिसमें सिर्फ तुम और मैं रहते है
    उस शहर का मुक्कमल एक नाम है इश्क़


  • jeevan_krish 7w

    Late today

    Clock is ticking so fastly,
    Mom is screaming to wake up so rashly,
    I'm freeze I'm freeze
    Like I'm resting in peace,
    Waking up like a Bird hatching,
    Rushing to college and praying to be in time,
    But even late today as usual,
    Sorry madam forgive me please,
    I was stuck in traffic for an hour atleast,
    you say same reason everyday,
    If not in time tomorrow
    you can take permanent holiday,
    Ok madam I promise this will not repeat
    This will not repeat...


  • grv_d_singh 7w

    Jinke pass hai bf usko happy valentine
    Jinka Nahi hai Uske liye hu Mai online

  • victoriaibukun 8w

    Last two weeks we got some new workers and they are terrifying and behaved like kids.

    I just think it is worse than when the weight was on me but it really isn't true because I just have to deal with the mental weight.

    The cleaniness of the pen is fine and ventilation is okay. Their health has improved and they let me touch them for a longer time now.

    Have you ever heard someone say chickens are cute? Well, ours are.

    The flush of colour on their back is back which makes me giddy with unfocused happiness every time I talk to them.

    One of the previous times I was caught speaking to them and I was thought to be mad by my sister. The snake came on Wednesday but the loss was not too bad.


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    My tired brain couldn't say what exactly caused the chicken unusual illness.


  • still_fragile 9w

    will you search for me when I disappear?
    maybe you will, maybe you won't
    but i'll be gone and it will be too late
    and one day when we meet again you'll confront me "why did you leave so unexpectedly?"
    well darlin, I planned it long before I'll reply as I'll disappear into the dark and you'll see me never again.

  • aurorahunter 9w

    Last Night Call

    I asked nothing
    But time to think
    Yet you give me a call
    To live in my inn
    Can't you see my head is clouded
    Can't you see my heart is in despair
    Why you came into my life when I was free
    Why you came to my life to plant a tree
    The roots are going deeper than I thought
    The flowers are flourishing faster than I thought
    My heart is rushing tham tham tham
    I feel like a child afraid to jump
    From the cliff in the valley of fear
    Wearing pearls made of tear


  • xerxis 11w


    Jab jab umar ki ginti aati hai
    Mayusi chaa jaati hai
    Naa jeevan me aage badh paata hoon
    Naa piche mud ke dekh sakta hoon

    Dono bhi mere he wajah se hai
    Kal ki sochta hoon
    Toh aaj jee nahi paata hoon
    Jab aaj jeena chahta hoon
    Toh kal ki soch pareshaan karti hai

    Dard bada hai seene me
    Kyun cheeze samay pe nahi samjhi
    Samjh li hoti toh
    Aaj shaarab ke sang
    Akele Gamm me naaa dooba hota...

  • imhsar 12w

    It's hard to stop relying on you
    I look up at that star
    Aligning it with my loneliness
    Fairytale should have an impressive beginning regardless of its ending❤
    #rashmikayanquote #mirakee #life #Will #be #late #but #it #will #be #right@mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Your piercing voice
    Your voice whispers endlessly
    It's always been a pain in the chest,
    like this everyday.
    I keep it in my heart and
    living like this.
    I'm still on you,
    because I didn't stop missing you
    You say I love you,
    and you turn around and
    you don't know what I'm thinking.
    You say Forget it and move on,
    How can I unfeel love once I've felt it?
    With all my strength
    It doesn't matter if it's regret or hurt
    I'll reach out and go to you
    The place I should be All my love
    In my heart
    Even if this heart breaks and collapses

  • drtjeckleburg 12w

    cascades down from
    foggy misting canopies,

    Under which a traveler makes their way home
    Mile by mile.

    Song by commercial by song
    Intermixed with the gps quietly and eloquently chirping away.

    In the distance, a red halo illuminates a familiar mustardy clamshell...

    Tire tracks talk dirt behind my back and rain sputters and sloshes across my windshield.

    Orbs of Light enter and exit my peripheral,

  • shayne366 12w

    I've seen darker years
    As they left me in tears
    Their Sending me away far
    But I didn't do anything wrong
    I wanted to tell the truth
    But it's already too late
    I got sent back to the ghetto
    Where people use you as bait

  • ct_and_skylines 13w

    There are bigger things to fret over in the world.

    You and I are not one of them.
    Where you put your eyes and hands is not a matter of importance to me.
    No longer will I cry about the pretty girls body in a brazier on your screen.
    She’s so pretty I feel mean.
    She’s a body.
    I’m a body.
    You want quantity not quality and I can’t keep up.
    I’m not a number or coin at your disposal.
    You’d sooner have a dime,
    you told me I was fine
    damn and those eyes grabbed me all the time.
    I’m a lucky penny. An angels trail at the sole of your shoe.
    I’m not a dime to everyone. I’m an angel to many.
    I’m quality I don’t cost a thing.
    If you choose me my love comes too, it’s a given
    I’m here to love you.
    But I won’t love you
    while you love her, and her
    and her too.
    I’m not your object of desire.
    I ain’t here to light your fire.
    You can step back and claim your past.
    There’s a reason we leave, our love isn’t received.
    Yours is not always what it seems.
    Love lies when we justify why we need more than one fuck.
    It wasn’t love after all.
    It was lust and it’s okay to be hungry in this world but gluttony and greed is a sin.
    Lusting is having greed for skin.
    A cute Christian boy’s sin.
    You want the world so you
    take it all in.
    Forgetting those by your side will remember the way you dispose of them.
    It hurts.
    The way you sin.
    You lie to me using sweet phrases.
    Close in my ear you whisper that you are staying right here. Here to stay and I cringe and wish you’d stop saying that to me as if it’s it meant to soothe my heart.
    You don’t turn me on.
    Your secrets are catching up and they are the pressure at the base of your throat.
    Keep it there.
    I don’t care to hear that you are human and to human is to err or whatever..
    I get it.
    It drives us all into the fire. Burned by passion. I don’t know what else to say, other than I’m okay with never sleeping in your bed again.


  • thendral 16w

    #Late post! #Just for thoughts

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    தொலைத்தது என் இதயத்தையல்ல
    என் தன்மானத்தை!