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  • ckeerthana 2w

    Oh, it had been a big year
    People go around telling stories
    "How amazing was the whole year"
    Some get excited how it's
    going to be tomorrow
    Some wish around for the new year
    Some try taking resolutions
    Some tell how the whole year
    went in fraction of time
    But wait,
    I am also a day
    With same 24 hours
    Also a part of the year
    But I come at last
    People on my day talk about
    Their past journey
    Or discuss about their future plan
    But hold on!!!!!
    I do have a value of time like other days
    But I am never counted as a big part
    I am just that day where memories get
    Shuttled before & after
    But hey listen
    I am the current present
    So please enjoy with me
    And get excited for new year
    Living a life is important
    But living in present has a great value
    Okay guys!!!Have a great year from tomorrow

    #31stdec #newyear #2021 #lastpost #emotion #happiness #present #memories

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    What if 31st dec had a voice???

  • rohanauddy 18w

    Last dance.

    The regret of a broken promise outweighs the desire to keep trying.

    Life isn't worth anything when you're done trying.

    The music stops. You sway for a while. And then everything turns grey. Eventually, you stay still.

    I tried.
    A lot.
    Just couldn't figure out one puzzle - Life.


  • ritesh18 31w

    13-06-21 1:20 A.M.

    आज जब हम Mirakee App से बाहर निकलेंगें तो खो जायेंगे दुनिया के लिए, यादों की गलियों में या शायद दुनिया के मशहूर और अंजान लोगों के बीच।
    ये किरदार जो कि मिलने आते रहे आपसे लेखन के द्वारा यूँ नही निकलेंगें आपकी ज़िंदगी से।।
    " "
    सफ़र ख़त्म नही हुआ है, बस एक पड़ाव है छोटा सा, इस उम्मीद के साथ कि Mirakee के सफर में जल्दी ही हम फिर मिलेंगे।।
    .... ...!!!

    "एक और कक्षा" का समय हो गया।।

  • santosh_sk 32w


    The Fact is,
    One Day I Just Woke UP
    And I Did Not Miss U,
    Ur Name Didn't Hurt
    And I Didn't Even Stalked To You,
    I Guess I Moved Onn.
    And I Am Really Happy
    In Case If You Are Watching This,
    Don't Come Back To My Life Again,
    I Don't Want You Anymore...

    And I am Really Happy Without You❤️


  • u_and_me 36w

    झरने के पास
    होते हैं
    जहां तुम हो

    समन्दर के किनारे
    होती है
    जहां मैं हूं

    हम में
    अब सिर्फ
    एक समानता है

    समन्दर का स्त्रोत
    नदी का स्त्रोत

    हमारा मिलन
    कठिन है
    असंभव नहीं


  • smartyyyyyyyyy 39w

    My Last(Lost) Post

    Bye guys. See ya' soon

  • carefree_07 53w

    Bye bye y'all, I had so much fun in mirakee, spending time with you guys, meeting you guys, it was really fun! I am glad I met you all,
    I am going, I have to.

    For those who use to read my post:
    Thank you reading them, I am glad you all liked them, take care of yourself, do your best!

    For those who used to read my novel:
    I am really glad you read all my novel, thankyou for reading and liking them,
    And sorry, I couldn't write the next novel, forgive me, do your best!

    For those who are my friends:
    Forgive me, but I have to go, sorry for not being a good friend and a constant readers, I am busy with studies and all, I will miss y'all, sorry and thank you for being my friend. I am glad I met y'all, and do your best!

    Hey otakus, bye bye y'all, take care, it was really fun with you guys, it was really nice meeting guys who watches anime!
    I really had fun with you all, take care! Have fun! Do your best!

    Another fact:
    I recently wrote a bio,
    In which this was written:
    "~bye bye y'all~
    Nobody cares I guess"

    To which only one person replied, that persons replied was quite lovely...
    Well, I considered many as my friends,
    And I guess nobody noticed, well, I deleted my post, no one replies to it, well, it's ok tho, since I am going anyways,
    And people might read this many days later or something cz I am not tagging anyone, well,
    Whoever is reading this, take care, write beautiful post, do your best!
    Try to remember me...
    Those who haven't read my novel... Read it... I hope you will have great time reading it!
    Well, I guess this is farewell,
    Bye bye!
    Take care, have fun!
    Maybe... I will come here again... One day...!

    And I am not deleting this account...!

    So, bye bye everyone! Take care, have fun,
    Good bye ❤️��

    #lastpost #my_original_content_

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    Bye bye

  • maahi_writes_official 60w

    Nhi Reh Sakta.....❤️

    Subah Uthta Hun To Pehla Khayaal,
    Mann Main Tera Hi Aata Hai,
    Tujhe Le Chalu Apne Saath,
    Mann Bas Yhi To Chahta Hai,
    Dekhu Jidhar, Nazar Chehra,
    Bs Mujhe Tera Hi Aata Hai,
    Tu Na Dikhe Jo Ikk Din,
    Mera Mann Ghabrata Hai,
    Dunga Sabko Ikk Din Jawaab,
    Jo Jo Humpe Sawaal Uthata Hai,
    Ab Nhi Reh Sakta Ikk Pal Bhi Tere Bin,
    Maahi Tujhe Itna Chahta Hai.
    - Maahi.


  • tehminbhat_ 66w

    Two Years Of Togetherness

    Today is our special day 2yrs ago our relationship started and last year we were not able to celebrate because of article370, and this year we were much excited to celebrate this day together but perhaps its my bad luck that we are not together Maybe we'll never be together again. It is the day when people who are apart get to see each other again
    Everything between them gets resolved but you have decided that we can no longer be together.I also did preparation but all got in vain Today has become a day of mourning for me
    I just pray that you will always be happy wherever you are

  • maahi_writes_official 70w

    Na Jaane.....❤️

    Na Jaane Log Kese Kisi Se Naraaz Reh Lete Hain,
    Ek Hum Hain Jo Zra Bhi Gussa Krne Se Drte Hain,
    Na Jaane Kese Koi Kisi Ko Itna Sab Keh Deta Hai,
    Ek Hum Jo Sab Ka Sab Bs Dil Main Dabaye Rakhte Hain,
    Na Jaane Koi Kese Kisi Ko Apna Kehke Bhul Jaata Hai,
    Ek Hum Hain Jo Sab Ko Pal Bhar Main Khaas Bana Lete Hain.


  • sarfira_ 72w

    तेरा ये मुस्कुराता चेहरा करें लाखों दर्द का पहरा


  • dear_comrade 75w

    New write-up hopefully on Feb I'll post
    ഞാൻ നിന്നെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു"♥️
    నేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను'♥️
    انا احبك.♥️
    मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हु!♥️
    I love you unconditionally .♥️
    seni seviyorum♥️
    te amo♥️
    I call you my love in seven language, you're mine in my seven life! ��
    I only truly loving you Jaan, I can't able to see another one my lover! You reserved that place... No one replace you. I kiss you before last breath of my beating heart ♥��
    Shizukanobita♥️ ♥️
    ♥️Open letter For you dear_comrade��
    Read Every stanza can you feel my pain
    A letter to Me :- my Dear_comrade����������
    Dear I appreciate you in very manner Way :-
    You just Great Pyramid infront of His hate for you and you still Love Him infinity and beyond the Universe,yes I'm waiting for you Baby and I know that my sickness not allowing me to put more strees on me, Whenever I miss you badly,
    I felt weaknesses, anxiety.... Blood in my Eyes,
    I had Breathing problem ! and Low Blood pressure Health issues!♥️after miss you Badly
    It's Difficult to Take another Breath!
    I just countinously Punch My hand on the wall
    After see Blood in my fingers Across my wrist touch Red Blood like Red Rose ,your Rose in pain dear_comrade . I can't describe how much Pain in my Heart Bleed without you♡Then I stop Punching And Hurt me, coz missing you more Painful that's why I Hurt,I Gave pain myself
    Damm it's painful!
    I want to talk to you only few minutes!
    But you Busy for killed yourself for someone ,shit
    Again I'm Attached to you!
    I know that soon you no more ��
    You should Be stay safe and Healthy for me na Dear_Rockstar my!
    The Day also I'm No more Baby!
    I know that someone leave you,
    You're my Everything, I know Everything about you without your told me!
    Baby please Don't gave punishment yourself, for few Days spend with her!
    I'm still stand where you Left me alone. ♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥my last night Talk for myself ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I Think I'm never forget you!
    But Everyone say me forget that person!
    But how and why I forgot my favorite voice!
    How I forgot my Favorite person Picture ?
    My one of friend told me pls close your Eyes and just lose him from your mind!
    But Doll how I lose him... When I close my eyes na
    He's Already there like Crystal clear image on my Eyes! Yes you Shizuka Best friend♥️Yes he's all Time in my Heart ♡ !
    I can't forget my innocent Tears!
    Who falling Down for see him!
    I Can't afford to lose you Baby! ♥
    But Everyone Hurt from me.
    All are saying I'm your well wisher! How and why?
    If Everyone my well wisher so why I forgot about my Smile, my Happy Day's, my innocent love for him.
    Why Everyone falling our happiness on me!
    Without knowing on me Every pain falling down.
    I Don't want for another one I send My Heart Emoji!
    I Don't want I awake all night for chatting with anyone!
    I Don't want lose his memories in my Heart.. :(
    Pain ful but it's my life Harsh Reality I'm not able to love second person.... I always Truly love him that's my life Next level pain! ����
    All night I cry hard and remain our Passing Days when we're smile Together!
    I fill pillow in my mouth coz if papa asked me why you're cry in midnight after 3:am
    I have no answer that's why I wait for you and try to console myself alone!
    I Promise you Baby I forget you
    After Three Thousands Day's!
    Because jaan I love you Three Thousands ❤
    And I'm Damm sure I'm not love someone else.
    Truly like I Truly love you !
    And no one love you like I Truly And Honestly love you . I miss you Badly Baby, and you know tat I only call you Baby in this Whole World ♥
    That's why love need for wait for his come back to me na Baby!
    And yeah I love another one but the another one is your Baby Girl your Daughter .
    Yes Baby I forget you na after three Thousand's day's Either I prefer forget you my last morning♥
    You know tat why I forgot you after 3 Thousand's Day's coz I falling love with you after meet our Third minutes ago ! Shit I Do Truly love an a man who Still in our past... Dammit I'm wrong here.
    Okay fine I'm still waiting for you Baby!
    I found you in my Heart after third minutes.
    First minute after meet you see me!
    Second minute we connected Truly and unconditionaly...
    Third minutes I saw Mistakly in your innocent Eyes ♡ and fairy falling in love with your innocent Heart ♥
    ♥ya jism kisi ka bhi hou jaey Rohh par Sirf tumhara hakk Hai!,Sukoon tha app♥
    My sunshine you're, my Favorite voice is you♥️
    The person first follow me here, who Unfollow me last still he's my Favorite person! His one ����following Forme like Billion people appreciate ♡������He's sunshine That's why he's not withme
    Someone love you Don't know how precious you're, Can I Kiss your Eyes just once! Baby.
    Yes Baby I promise to you I Forgot you after Three Thousand's Day's of mylife... Before I just want to Die with you jaan����I'm proves that love is Beautiful unconditional Feeling's Don't need to be a relationship yes I'm sure I'm Truly Bless that's why I meet you in my life. it's painful we're not Together But thaNks for Angel who gave some memories In my Heart and my face it's smile and your pictures in my Heart ❤����
    IN picture Everything Withme, you withme, You wear my Favorite Black shirt and you gave me my favorite Red Rose������and our moon with us����Sorry forme! It's Only Dream project panda
    Your Sincerely Farheen :,(

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    I forget you after Three Thousand's Day's I Promise you MYlove ♡


  • dear_comrade 76w

    #HappyFriendshipDay My second family
    But not Happy for me!
    I disconnect with my treasure of friendship that's all !??????❤#Shizukanobita#Jaan#Baby
    .........2/8/20.......Everyone left me and it's necessary you also left me,I hate Word of friendship coz he killed me before he call me Friend
    #yourpanda #miss you Nobita #lastpost
    Yahi tou Taklif hai Na #maeraDost ����������

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    Jaan ♥

    Sabna sath chorr Diya!
    Tera bhi jaana jarroori tha kya!
    Nafrat hougaey hai Dosti sabad sa!
    Tera maera katal karna ♥ Aey Dost kahna ka baad jarrori tha kya!

  • maahi_writes_official 77w


    Ve Bandeya Je Tu Hasna Ae,
    Na Kise Nu Rooh De Paas Rakhi,
    Koi Khaduga Tera Banke Kade,
    Na Duniya To Eh Jhuthi Aas Rakhi,
    Ethe Nitt Badalde Lok Channa,
    Na Kise Nu Aapna Khaas Rakhi,
    Je Kalla Ae Kadi Rovi Na,
    Bhull Ke Vi Kise Da Hovi Na,
    Je Kise Da Banna Chavenga,
    Tan Theda Changa Khaavenga,
    Fer Mud Ke Ehi Pachtavenga,
    Ki Kyu Maahi Di Gal Na Yaad Rakhi,
    Ve Bandeya Je Tu Hasna Ae,
    Te Na Kise To Koi V Aas Rakhi.


  • maahi_writes_official 81w

    Kese Reh Paunga.....

    Wo Milna Ab Na Hoga Unse,
    Jinse Roz Baatein Hua Karti Thi,
    Kabhi Natkhat Si Shararatein Hoti Thi,
    To Kbhi Bin Baat Ruswaiyan Hua Karti Thi,
    Jab Puchu Hua Kya Hai Unhe,
    To Bs Jhat Se Gle Wo Lag Jaati Thi,
    Ab Unka Yun Hakk Jatana Na Hua Karega,
    Bina Wajah Mujhe Gle Lagana Na Hua Karega,
    Wo Pehle Jese Meri god Main Hi So Jaana,
    Or Jab Main Bistar Par Sulau Unko,
    To Kuch Der Or Kehke Mujhse Firse Lipat Jaana,
    Ab in Baanho Main Unka Wo Ehsas Na Hua Karega,
    Ab Pehle Jesa Unka Saath Naa Hua Karega,
    Ye Sab Yaadein Bhala Ab Main Kahan Dabaunga,
    Khudko Tumko Chahne Se Kese Rok Paunga,
    Jis Andhere Se Nikla Tha Fir Wnhi Chala Jaunga,
    Tum Hi Btao Tumse Dur Mai Kese Reh Paunga.

  • maahi_writes_official 81w

    Kahan Tum Chale Gye.....

    Hum Abhi Abhi To Mile Hi The,
    Bandishon Ke Aage Khule Hi The.
    Mera Abhi Abhi Hi Dil Sudhra Tha,
    Apni Har Burayi Se Mukra Tha,
    Tumhe Isi Dil Main To Sajana Tha,
    Na Meri Khushi Ka Koi Bhi Thikana Tha,
    Ikk Duje Ko Abhi Hi Pehchana Tha,
    Abhi To Bohat Lamba Saath Nibhana Tha,
    Tune Abhi To Dikhaya Ujala Tha,
    Mujhe Andhere Se Bahar Nikala Tha,
    Din Bure Khatam Hone Ko The,
    Samay Karwat Badalne Waala Tha,
    Ese Main Tanha Mujhe Chorh Kar,
    Mere Sapno Ke Mehel Ko Tod Kar,
    Meri Rooh Andar Tak Jhakjhor Kar,
    Jaane Kahan Tum Chale Gye.

  • maahi_writes_official 82w

    Happy Father's Day.....❤️

    Haan Kabhi Kabhi Meri Nadani Se,
    Wo Naraaz Zaroor Ho Jaate Hain,
    Mere Bachkane Faislon Par Bhi,
    Wo Aksar Gussa Dikhate Hain,
    Par Iss Duniya Ke Fareb Se Har Daffa,
    Mujhe Papa Hi To Bachate Hain.


  • khwahishaan 83w

    सुनो, उन हिस्सों को ना देखो
    बदले बीते किस्सो को ना देखो
    मरहम, वो वक्त ही तुम्हें देगा
    बीते खुशनुमा किस्सों को भी देखो

    #rip #inspirational #journey #lifequotes #life #mistakes #emotions #frustration #sad #news #loveyou #sushantsinghrajput #mirakeeworld #mirakeeindia #rekhta #tweeter #lastpost #suicide #instagram #khwahishaan

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  • maahi_writes_official 85w

    Ishq Se Mulakaat.....❤️

    Wo Saath The To Bhi Sab Acha Tha,
    Wo Chle Gye Tab Bhi Kuch Badla Nhi,
    Aansuon Main Dubi To Thi Kuch Raate,
    Pr Fir Bhi Kuch Zyada Badla Nhi,
    Wo Kehti Thi Badal Jaoge To Chali Jaungi,
    Saath Tumhara Chorh Jaungi,
    Isliye Shayed Main Kabhi Badla Nhi,
    Kabhi Akele Baith Uski Tasviron Ko Gle Lagata Hun,
    Prr Ab Kabhi Usko Paas Bulata Nahi,
    Faisla Uska Tha Qadr Ki Maine,
    Saath Chorhna Tha Usko,
    Isiliye Tod Di Saari Bandishe Maine,
    Ab Aksar Subah Khud Hi Chai Bana Leta Hun,
    Kisi Ke Intezaar Main Ek Cup Aur Bana Deta Hun,
    Hoti To Hain Aaj Bhi Baatein Thodi Bht,
    Pr Ab Wo Pehle Jesi Koi Baat Nahi,
    Kisi Se Ab Mujhe Koi Shikwa Nahi,
    Khushi Se Rehta Hun Ab Itni Koi Chinta Nahi,
    Bas Khuda Ka Shukr Guzaar Hun,
    Meri Usne Ishq Se Mulakaat Karwai Thi,
    Jisne Zindagi Ki Ek Alag Ehmiyat Batai Thi.

  • blackphoenix 87w

    Thanks a lot to all the writers here who encouraged my every meaningless post. I was going through a very low phase when I joined mirakee but writing and mirakee, helped me heal and get through that phase.

    Somehow I have formed an unsaid bond with so many fellow writers here, so it is a bit difficult to part ways. Tagging the ones who were always around to appreciate and helped me improvise. I know some of them are not around or go by different names, but I can't thank all of you enough for all the support.

    I wanted to stay on this platform forever but since I am unable to install the app now, I would, unfortunately, need to switch to some other writing platform. I have tried reaching out to admins on Insta, FB, and even on Mirakee's support but didn't receive any response. I do understand the technical challenges and limitations, so I have no complaints but I am just full of gratitude and wish that mirakee reaches the heights, it was designed for.

    Hoping to be back one day again.
    All the very best to all of you! Keep writing and inspiring!

    @rashmi_jha @orianawilder @writeforjoy @tezpallabdas @maxis_bell @sksfantasy_girl @odysseus @writeforjoy @d_stranger7 @julietscorner @ceesreposts @mann_se_ @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli @lovenotes_from_carolyn @zia_shah @atticoftheheart @ovais43 @robertwjeter @crogers180 @wandering_soul9 @ak_anjali_dreamzz @harshad09 @hridaya @grifffindork