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    "The summer of love- a path to destiny"

    (Last part)

    A year passed but both were trying to get over their pain. The impact was jarring. Unexpected. Yash never thought something like this would happen and on that side, even after thousands of efforts, Driti was not able to forget Yash. Ayan had tried hard to instill hatred for Yash in Driti's heart. He also succeeded to some extent but somewhere he knew that she still has love for Yash in her heart.

    Driti left the city and went to US for studies. she was fed up with all these hassles. she wanted to make a fresh start. She got busy with her studies and life there, she didn't have time to think about Yash. And on that side, Yash once thought of talking to Driti, then he went to her house to talk to her, there he came to know that she had gone to US a few days ago. He felt that he had lost everything. He was distressed at the news of his departure.

    Two more years passed. Ayan used to talk to her every day and after talking to her Ayan started feeling that Driti has now moved ahead in life. He was very happy. One day she calls Ayan and says that her exams are over and she is coming to India soon. He was overjoyed to hear this and thought that he would propose her again after she returned and thought that this time she would definitely say yes. He had made all the preparations two days before her arrival. He also went to the airport to pick her up and told her to go to dinner with him the next day, there is a surprise for her.

    She went home and lay down in the bed to rest, and as soon as she closed her eyes, suddenly she started remembering all the things of the past one after the other. Every day she remembered the same things that bothered her. And on the flip side, Ayan, who was eagerly waiting for that day to propose Driti, had to go out of town for some work.

    It was summer, Driti was sitting on the bank of the same lake to relieve her stress, problems and anxiety for a few moment. Since Driti left, Yash used to sit there every day and that day also he went there. He did not see Driti before but when he sat next to her, he became very happy to see her there. She was also happy to see him, but the very next moment she remembered the old things and a look of anger came on her face. Yash thought that he would clear everything that was in his heart today, so he asked her why she said that day that he had broken her heart. She thought for a while and then in a fit of rage, she told all the things that happened before Yash's arrival and her feelings for him , which brought tears to her eyes. Seeing her crying he went up to her, wiped her tears and hugged her. And then told all those things to Driti which Ayan had told him that day, that how Ayan does not want them to be together. Hearing his words, Driti realized that she had committed a blunder by mistaking Yash and trusting Ayan.

    Yash always kept a note in his pocket which he was about to give to Driti that day when he went there to propose her. He somehow knew that she liked Shakespeare's writings a lot. Yash thought what better place to propose Driti than on the lakeside where they met for the first time. He plucked a flower from a nearby tree and kneeling down gave her that flower and told her "Because every long lost road, led me to where you are; others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars, guiding me on my way, into your loving arms, this much I know is true. God bless the broken road that led me straight to you." He gave her that note. She got emotional after reading it. It contained a quote from Shakespeare, "Silence is the perfectest herald of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much.—Lady, as you are mine, I am yours. I give away myself for you and dote upon the exchange.” She immediately hugged him. And then both of them held each other's hand and kept watching the setting sun there for some time.
    Ayan could not succeed in separating them and love triumphs over his evilness.

    They met by fate but destined to love like that of sun and moon.Their love was true and all difficulties are forced to bow down to true love.


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    কখনো রাতে, কখনো দিনে...
    কোথাও পাথরের হৃদয়, আবার কোথাও হৃদয়ে পাথর দেখেছি...
    কখনো বাস্তবতা, কখনো দেখেছি পরিবর্তন...
    এখানে প্রতিটি মানুষের মুখোশ দেখেছি...
    ইচ্ছে, শরীর, তারপর দেখলাম ছলনা,
    এখানে ভালোবাসার নামে শুধু সুযোগ দেখেছি...
    বেঁচে থাকতে এই সব দেখা বাকি ছিল,
    আজ তাকেও দেখেছি, অন্য কারো হতে ।

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    De do kuch pal
    Taki sudhar loon
    Mai apna kal
    Jahan na ho apno aur gairo ka dar
    Jahan na ho duniya ke rasmo
    Aur riwajo ka dar
    Taki jee loon mai
    Apna aane wala pal
    Jahan naa ho
    Kisi ka daar

    Mai hi kyu jao
    Chor apna ghar
    Mai hi kyu jao
    Chor apna ghar
    - Arya Mehta

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    No sooner she was told the truth. Knowing that, she started to hate her mum.
    She had become mature before her age. Nobody could ever tell a lie to her.
    She had stopped interacting with all of us. Like a mature adult she would
    reply whenever we asked something to her. There came a moment when she seemed like a stranger. I was really worried. I thought that was all because of my fault. But I come to know that it was because she come to know about the truth by the one whom she was very close to.

    She was nurtured by her grandparents who never failed to make her happy.
    But still absence of her mother was affecting her. She was in touch with her
    father but there was no sign of her mother. As soon as her Grandparents
    started visiting us often, she began to interact with us like she used to.
    But no doubt, there was a change in her. I didn't feel like she's younger than me. She was behaving like a teen though she hadn't reached that phase till then.

    Days passed, months passed, year passed.... and she finally turned 11.
    A family get together was arranged one day when we were supposed
    to do a lot of fun together. So we decided to play treasure hunt first.
    After playing that we got so tired that we sat on the sofa lying in the drawing room. Then it was time for the lunch and therefore our aunt came and asked
    us for the lunch. All of us except one had our lunch and was ready to play
    the game once again. The one who hadn't had his lunch among us was
    called upon by his mother but he didn't go coz he didn't want to miss the game. So his mother came finally and told him for having lunch. He refused it.
    And his mother continuously insisted him.

    All of us there were laughing thinking that it happens to everyone and every day. Meanwhile one voice came that "At least you have your mum who cares for you and ask you for everything. You are so lucky to have such a lovely mother. Look! I don't have a mum to treat me like your mother does".
    We all became silent at that moment and then my aunt said "who said you don't have a mum? I'm your mum too. So don't you say that again".
    She smiled and hugged her. What a heart touching moment it was!

    Few months passed and one day her grandpa whom she used to call "Baba",
    fell I'll and so she was sent to me to take care of. But I didn't know about her grandpa's illness coz I was lost in my own world thinking about my past, present and future. I was unaware of the circumstances happening around me.
    But when she spoke to me, I listened her carefully. Whenever it comes to her,
    I don't ignore but pay attention on her more carefully.

    I asked to my mum about grandpa and she said that this time he isn't alright.
    Doctors have already told that he might.......
    I was shocked. I told her that the day before yesterday only we saw him doing his work so actively, then how is this possible? She told that she also could believe that. The clock struck 9:30 and our aunt and mum told us to eat and sleep. But everyone told that it's been so long since we have met so we've decided not to sleep this night Then they told me to eat and sleep coz they knew that if I do so perhaps other children would do so too. Both of them seemed worried and I knew why. So I decided to sleep, but no one else came with me.

    I went inside the room where my mother was. I asked her what happened. She told that condition of grandpa isn't really good. Suddenly her phone rung and we come to know that he is no more. Both of us started to weep. All I was thinking then was about the girl of 11 he has left behind. My mother told to to wipe tears coz I've to handle my sis. We decided not to inform any child about this and hence I went back to them so I could make them sleep. I went there and somehow I made them sleep. But I couldn't sleep that night.

    At midnight all elders of our home went to Grandpa and I sat on the swing continuously thinking about my sis. Early in the morning, my phone rung and I was told to wake everyone up....the car has been sent to receive us. I woke up everyone and made them ready. I told everyone that we all are going to grandpa's home and stay there whole day. Everyone is already there waiting for us. I didn't know how "she" is gonna react.....but I hoped everything to be okay.

    Reaching there, she asked me what's happening. I stood there numb. When She came to know about her Baba's death, she scattered everything in her home and hugged her grandpa saying "Baba please wake up". He was the one who was her world. More than her granny he loved her and do everything for her himself. I wasn't able to handle her this time. I couldn't stop myself crying. After 3 hours of crying she asked me if I knew about this, I said "NO". One more lie I had to say.......!
    After some time, she again asked me if this time her mother comes!
    I was speechless this time. After many years there's still hope lying in her

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    It's not just a story!

    PART – 3(LAST ONE)

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    Aaj Firse Wo Hi Waali Baat Uthata Hun,
    Chlo Mohabbat Ki Baaki Dikkatein Bhi Ginaata Hun,
    Aksar Jab Do Dil Ikk Duje Ke Ho Jaate Hain,
    Tab Haalat Or Parivaar Unko Bht State Hain,
    Kbhi Shakk Krke, Kbhi Taane Maar Ke,
    Unke Mann Main Duriyon Ka Darr Jagaate Hain,
    Wo Krna To Chahte Hain Bhla Apne Ghar Ke Sadasya Ka,
    Par Jaane Anjane Us Sadasya Ko Hi Thes Pohnchate Hain,
    Baat Krne Se Bhi Rokte Hain,
    Milne Jaane Ko Niklo To Tokte Hain,
    Shi Fikr Krte Hain Wo Hamari Uss Waqt,
    Par Mohabbat Ke Nazariye Se Glt Ho Jaate Hain,
    Hamare Hain Hamara Glt Nhi Sochte Kbhi,
    Wo Wohi Mohabbat Dekh Paate Hain Jo Log Dikhate Hain,
    Unhe Darr Hai Uss Saajish Or Takleef Ka,
    Jinke Baare Main Roz Roz Ye Akhbaar Btate Hain,
    Shayad Likhne Lga Hai Kuch Kaam Ki Baatein,
    Tbhi Log Ab Maahi Ko Bhi Shayar Bulaate Hain.


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    She is afraid
    Of people and the world around her
    So she wrap her heart
    Protecting it from breaking
    But sometimes she fear,
    Who would like the girl like her..?!
    She is a simple girl
    With a wondrous mind

  • dreamworldstories 183w


    Suresh- Raj, will u please pick the call. I'm driving.

    Raj didn't gave any response. Suresh insisted Raj again to pick the call but Raj didn't responded.

    Suresh- Bro, why don't you say anything. I don't wanna stop here, look how frightening road it is and you know I'm afraid of Dark.

    At Last, Suresh stopped the bike at sideway and picked the call.

    Caller- Did you reached there?
    Suresh- whose this?
    Caller- Its me, Raj. You still didn't saved my new no.?

  • abhilashi 190w

    एक प्रेम कहानी

    बेरोक बेझिझक सब कहने वाली, उसकी बात होते ही बात घुमाया करती थी,
    कोई रिश्ता जब पूछ ले तो, "वो तो बस दोस्त है" ये कह टाल जाया करती थी,
    हाँ, उनका रिश्ता जग जाहिर न था, न ही उन्होंने उसे नाम दिया था,
    पर वो प्रेम को सीखने वाले, वो प्रेम में प्रेम को जीने वाले,
    बस अपनी ही दुनिया में जिया करते थे,
    वो दोनों आज भी प्रेम में जिया करते हैं, दोनों एक दूसरे में खो कर, खुद को जिया करते हैं

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    'Accidents' - a short story
    #LastPart #MysteriousEnding #LoveGames #Part6 #terrifiq

    Ps: The narrator is a guy
    Also, I couldn't justify how this story ends because I am afraid of endings. Yeah, that's crazy and impossible to be eternal but I guess you can interpret the story in any way you like.

    @one_of_like_ you

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    Accidents-Pt 6

    I soon realised why she felt so broken when she lost her guy. But I have no idea how she changed this man in me. For me love didn’t matter much. I was lost the way just like how she was initially. You know it hurts a lot when I think that how that girl couldn’t get married in her entire life. She actually deserved something more than marriage but she didn’t deserve this death. She made me develop into a better human being. She was as bright as the morning star and her thoughts as deep as the Mariana trench. If you ever met her even you’d fell for those pretty dimples and wavy hair she had and her personality was a bonus.

    Until yesterday I was lost in her thoughts. I was so immensely lost in her thoughts that I actually left the ring in the restaurant and didn’t realise it until today morning. This morning someone knocked over my door.

    “ I feel sorry for you but you actually left this ring behind last week in the town square restaurant, you were so careless you ran there without the ring. If it wasn’t for me, you’d lose the ring too.”

    “ I lost the most precious thing in my life. This is just a mere piece of a precious metal for me now. Why did you even come here with it?”

    “ Because you own it and it should’ve come back to you.”

    “I owned her too, now, can she come back again?”

  • _amaglam_ 205w

    Little LostStar

    Dear little Loststar, Can you come home?
    Dear little Loststar, do you dream about us?
    Dear little Loststar, we love you. do you love us?
    Dear little Loststar, we're going to get you

    Dear Family, I can't come home
    Dear Family, I do dream about you
    Dear Family, I.. I love you a lot
    Dear Family, Take me back home please

  • let_out_feelings 209w

    The start - 6

    Those encounters
    Make wonders
    To a frozen body
    Filled with sweet honey

  • let_out_feelings 209w

    The start - 5

    My heart skips a beat
    Everytime we meet
    Hoping you will look at me
    With feelings only I will see.

  • let_out_feelings 209w

    The start - 4

    I'm wondering why I'm doing this
    Feeling it's pure bliss
    I know you're hard to please
    And I also know you're the type to tease.

  • let_out_feelings 209w

    The start - 3

    I just figured out his eyes are sparkling
    And his smile is shining
    Like the stars at night
    And the way the sun shines so bright.

  • let_out_feelings 210w

    The Start -2

    Sitting on a chair
    Feeling the love in the air
    Writing this poem
    For someone solemn

  • let_out_feelings 210w

    The start

    At first I thought it was impossible
    But here I am responsible
    For what I'm writing
    An impossible pairing

  • let_out_feelings 210w

    Get ready for I will be posting continuous romance poem that I had written before and it will be the last part of TBTML

  • hasrat_e_ishq 215w

    सुनो,तुम ठीक हो न?

    पार्ट - 8 (d)

    The End....


  • yarnofwords 225w

    Three grounds at once
    The past, present and future
    I bow and stand tall.

  • 100mia 272w


    On a silent night I see you coming,
    Breaking the silence loudly singing,
    You made me promise that I'll always smile,
    And sunk into infinity in the next while.